H+ , Youtube Digital Series?

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H+ , Youtube Digital Series?

Postby Zarov » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:08 pm


I saw an ad for it while watching videos on youtube

I guess the ad's claimed it was new but there is already at least 15 episodes (i say at least because thats how far i am)

The episodes are short much like the RvB series, only 5 minutes long

Theres a lot of back and forther lik 7 years before it happened
5 years before it happened
20 hours after it happened

It seems interesting and it definately sucked me in to watch and figure out what exactly happened and what it is.

Anyway take a swing at it, at least the first episode, if you have thoughts on it i'd love to hear it.

It's one of those conspiracy type things
Sort of like terminator with skynet, but obviously not terminator
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