Liberation- my story about Nazi camps

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Liberation- my story about Nazi camps

Postby Godzilla Forever » Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:50 pm

Here's a story I wrote about the Nazi camps, following a soldier named Arthur O'Connell. It's not perfect, but I liked how it came out.

The year was 1944. It had been over a year since I’d landed in the heart of Europe, helping the French drive back the monstrous men known as the Nazis. My name is Arthur O’ Connell. The war has taken its toll on me, my squad, and pretty much everyone else involved in that abominable war. However, no one has suffered as much as those poor old Jews in the Nazi camps.

You see, the Nazis started way back over ten years ago keeping those Jews separate from the rest of the German society. They’re led by a man named Adolph Hitler, quite possibly the most evil man in recent history. He has recently been making these camps to either work the poor Jews to death or simply give them death in massive quantities. I was sent with the rest of my squad for one reason: to help liberate these poor people. I hadn’t seen one of these camps up close, but I am prepared to see just about anything these abominable people can throw at me. However, I did not expect to see the horrors that I will witness……

About halfway through 1944, my squad and I were sent deep into the heart of Nazi territory, along with about another 4 squads. Our mission was simple, yet almost impossible: liberate as many Nazi death and internment camps. When my squad got this mission, I said to myself, “What are the death and internment camps?” One of my squad members overheard me (my friend Cedric) and said, “I’ve heard that the Nazis supposedly hold Jews captive and work them to near death, and then Gas them.” I was very unsure as to what kinds of horrors I’d see at the first monstrous camp we’d liberate.

The days rolled by as we marched through Nazi territory. I was surprised that we had encountered almost no resistance. The days were bright, and the nights were very cold; I was very scared, unsure if a Nazi raiding party would jump out of the woods and ambush us as we slept. One day, while we stopped at a little spring, we were ambushed by a large platoon of Germans. We had to fall back into a nearby forest and pick off the attackers one by one. The Germans put up a good fight, but we managed to slay every last one of them. Unfortunately, we also lost some of our men. My friend, Cedric, had gotten killed during the battle. Two other men had gotten wounded, and one had lost sight in an eye to shrapnel from a stray grenade. I was disheartened by the loss of my dear friend, but my squad’s captain walked over to me and said, “I know you lost someone important to you, but we must keep moving. You’re a soldier, not some grieving yellow-belly! Come on- let’s move out.” I got to my feet and kept marching with my squad.

It was a very rainy day the day we reached the Nazi internment camp: perfect weather to spring an ambush on some unsuspecting evil men. My squad had to go to the left side of the compound, while two other squads had to go onto the right and rear, and the last squad took the main front gate. “When the Nazi guards would walk by,” our captain said, “take aim at their evil little heads and put them out of their misery.” As the captain said this, a Nazi guard walked on by. Taking aim with our M1 carbines, our squad put the man down without him even catching glimpse of us.

However, the sounds of gunshots alerted the rest of the Nazi guards, and an alarm siren was activated in the camp. I could see those abominable Nazis rounding up the poor old Jews, putting them into these little cabins. Suddenly, my focus on the Jews is broken, for a gunshot rattles through the rain. The Nazis were trying to shoot us through the fence! I took aim with my M1 carbine, and (with a stroke of luck), shot a Nazi straight through his head, killing him. One of my squad members tossed a grenade at the fence’s base, blowing up dirt and metal, sending iron shrapnel flying all over the place. A hole was made in the fence, allowing us to get inside. I was the first one to crawl through the fence, dodging fleeing Nazi bullets and grenades. I get up, helping a couple other squad members, while I hold off the Nazis with my pistol. While they go hold off the Nazis, I climb up a watch tower that happens to have the button to open the camp’s main gates. I press the button and all the gates open up, allowing my allies inside. After gunning down most of the Nazis, we are kind and let some of them escape into the middle of no where. The camp had been liberated, but I now see the horrors the Jews had endured.

Corpses had been piled up in the corners of the camp, as if the Jews were like fire wood and needed to be burned. (Unbeknownst to me, this is why it became known as the Holocaust.) Jews had been piled up, and deadly contraptions were seen in the far reaches of the camps, ranging from great pyres to deadly rooms that appeared to have deadly gases within. I opened the doors to one of the cabins, and I was thoroughly shocked and horrified at what I found within. There were beds, but the conditions that the beds were in were terrible, cramped and decrepit. Withered ghosts of once healthy Jewish men were all over the cabin, the almost skeletal beings looking sad, weak and nearing a horrible demise. I help one of the poor, weakened men up to his feet.

Surprisingly, he seemed as light as my seven year old boy. I put him onto my shoulder while helping out most of them, a few staying behind to rest after a long day of work. I come out of the cabin, with the Jews and I see some of my squad members, also with some Jewish captives. I say to one of my squad members, “Jesus Christ! This is absolutely horrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such horrible things occur outside of war……” The very squad member replies, “The horrors that the Nazis have committed against these poor people is absolutely unforgivable. We must liberate them all, and slay all those abominable people responsible for this!” Our captain walks up to us. “I completely agree. I think we know what we must do: eliminate the Nazis!” All the soldiers cheer when the captain says this, and we move out with the Jews, calling in some backup to take the Jews to the shore so the transports can pick them up.

So we reached the coast of France again, ready for the US carriers to pick up the Jews we had recently rescued. As my captain radioed our coordinates to a nearby ship to pick us up, a shot rings through the area. Those Nazi cowards had chased us the whole way back to the coast! I turned and fired off my pistol, striking one of the Nazis in the forehead, killing the man instantly. “Well,” I said, “It looks like we’re not out of trouble yet.

The Nazis began charging our position, but many of them were gunned down by our M1 carbines and Thompson machine guns. The Nazi soldiers suddenly begin getting smart, taking cover behind some rocks along the beach. We continue pelting the area with bullets, but none of the Nazis budge. Suddenly, we stop firing, and many of the Nazis stick their heads out to fire. However, they are met with bullets into their brain cases. The rest of the Nazis fled, the evil men fleeing into the nearby forest. We never again were ambushed in France.

The ships manage to reach the shore of France, much to my relief. The Jews were carried away, hopefully healing completely from the horrible things they had endured. However, this was not the end of my adventure. Oh, not even close. My captain turned to me and said, “You know, we still have more camps to liberate.” My jaw dropped to my waist when he said this. “You mean that wasn’t the only one?” I say with an almost angry tone. My captain simply shot an angry look at me. I stopped complaining. When people got that look, bad things would happen to them……
We began our long march to liberate the nearest camp, Bergen-Belsen. The days rolled by and eventually turned into weeks. The weeks were long and torturous, since we were running low on food. Suddenly, we found the dreaded camp, Nazis marching in it. This time, we rushed towards the gate, throwing multiple grenades, blowing a hole in the fence. We charged inside, gunning Nazis down left and right, when I saw a little girl. She was walking through the camp, a Nazi getting ready to hit her in the back with his rifle’s butt. “No!” I shouted, firing my carbine into him. Suddenly, I felt a piercing pain in my leg. I looked down. I had been shot! I fell to the ground, wounded in my attempt to save the little Jewish girl. My allies grabbed me by the shoulders and began to drag me out of the line of fire. As they were doing this, I passed out cold.

I woke up in a nearby infirmary, where a nurse was checking how I was doing. I looked around, seeing multiple other soldiers in there, with wounds far worse than me. Suddenly, the radio next to me turned on. It said, “This just in! Nazi internment camps are being liberated throughout Europe! The camps have been destroyed and their Jewish captives have been freed. A total of about 10 camps have been liberated. The war is nearing a close, and the liberation of these camps is showing it!” The radio suddenly goes back to playing music. I smiled in the bed, with the nurse next to me. My mission had been accomplished. The Nazis were being eradicated, the camps were getting destroyed, and the Jews- the Jews were being liberated.
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