Shadows Short Stories

Have you got a game, book or movie you'd like to make a story out of? Want to expand on a story or plot that stopped? Have an original idea for a story that you want to post somewhere? Here's where to do it. Basically an RPG where one player controls ALL characters in the story.

Shadows Short Stories

Postby Shadow » Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:58 am

and some not so short =P

I found these when I was browsing through the files on my Eee PC, and decided to show yuo guys them.

Battle Of The Beasts

The dawn sun crept up from below the horizon, shining weakly, giving the surroundings a warm orange glow. But the calm was about to be broken. Very,very violently.

The ground rumbled and shook as the mighty hooves pounded the ground, fierce snorting and grunting noises were the threats of battle. The two competitors watched each other warily, chestnut eyes glinting in the weak sun. And then, without warning, they charged. Hooves smashed into the ground, a wild, screech rang in the air, and the two beasts locked antlers with eachother. Their muscular bodies rippled with the impact, their lips curled into vicious snarls as they pushed one another, striving to beat the other into submission. It was deadly.

A death grip. Neither of the stags backed down, until the deathlock broke, freeing the beasts only to slam into eachother once more, it must have been for only a second, but the wild animals seemed to glare at eachother with malice. And that, was what broke the tension. A blur of red fur and the snort of a stag, and it was over. The smaller beast was forced to back down, limping slowly as it went.

The victor, however stamped its hoof on the ground,and let out a booming call into the air. This was his day, and nothing was about to change that.

The Realm Of The Wolf(Prologue)

Note: this was just something I whipped up =P


The moon pierced the night sky, a white orb in a sea of black. It cast twisted shadows onto the rockface, dancing with glee. Trees spiraled trunks blocked out the moon, these leafless branches would only be useful for one thing. Fear. All was deathly silent. Maybe that's what it was, maybe death was in the air, we just didn't know it. Until now. A twig snapped. Snap. Grass rustled ever so gently,giving the slightest hint of movement. There it was again. Snap. But where was it coming from? It was impossible to tell. It seemed to be everywhere. Snap. snap. snap. It was true...fear does reside in the Realm of the Wolf.....

Chapter 1
Jack yawned, heaving his back onto his mattress. He stared at his ceiling, The blue walls pained his eyes. He couldn't look. He couldn't be bothered to look. All he could do was get up. So he did. Jack threw back the covers, swinging his legs onto the cold wooden floor. He retracted them instantly, placing them down again seconds later, wincing as opposites touched. He slowly lifted himself onto his feet, and stretched as far as his arms would allow. He stumbled over to the wardrobe, eyes still half open. As he knocked into the wardrobe, he mumbled a curse. Jack began to actually open his eyes to see where he was going. The blue walls still pained his eyes, but he focused on getting dressed.
“Breakfast!” a voice shouted up. The warm, cosy smell of butter on toast with coffee was almost irresistible to him. He glanced at his clock. 8:20. The perfect time for breakfast on a Saturday morning in the holidays! What could be better? Discovering their ancient past, related to a hero? Fulfill their dreams? Jack didn't think so. As he raced down the stairs, the aroma became increasingly stronger with each step he overcame.

The Hunt

All was quiet by the river, the fish swam along, and the birds happily called to eachother and fed their young. But one Ospreys mind was not on conversation. Its mind was intent on one thing. Food. And that would remain a fact until her hunger had subsided.

Her eyes scanned the river, searching for any signs of potential prey, a ripple, or a dark shape beneath the surface, both things were sure signs of mature fish. She waited, and waited,and waited, until her hunger overcame her patience. Now she was desperate. Her eyes frantically darted in all directions, she flapped her wings, hoping that it would somehow attract food. Until, by what seemed to be a miracle, it did. A large, dark shape slowly moving about near the surface caught her eye and she was not about to let this go.

She pinpointed in advance where the fish would be after a few seconds and tensed her muscles, she pushed off the branch, gaining an impressive boost and immediately began to flap her wings, she was homing in on her unsuspecting target. In an instant, it was over. her sharp talons closed around her prey, like a cage. Her feet stopped the fish from escaping, as hard as it tried, it would not get free. The only indication of the event that had very recently taken place was simply a slight Disturbance on the waters surface. And that was all.

That's all for now ^-^
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Postby raptor33 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:26 pm


Xlth, once again you suprise me.

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Postby Godzilla Forever » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:49 pm

That was cool, and I think this is great idea, Shad!!!
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