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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:08 am

Note: This fanfic doesn't have anything to do with my ISS character of the same name. I will try to keep it up to date (Unlike my other two fanfics <_<).


Chapter 1

What could I say? I had arrived on the island a week ago: swiftly brought up to speed by the company's eccentric owner. Friendly though he was, I couldn't help but grimace every time he was around me. Another businessmen who could bullsh*t his way through anything...Hammond thought he was masking it all, but I knew better. I had dealt with his kind before. For now, I could only grin and bear it. Being the new guy, I had no room to make a fuss about the management. At least, not yet. I settled into my room shortly after my greeting, which wasn't much. A small 4 by 6 room with a bed, drawer, and a small TV. The rest of the facility seemed rather well-kept; I took particular interest in the game room down the hall. Hammond did say they "spared no expense"...except, apparently, for the personnel quarters. Whatever. It didn't matter. I was being paid, what did I care? I was hired as a technician, to help with maintenance of the production island...whatever that meant. What exactly can you produce on a tropical island off the coast of Costa Rica? Again, questions I didn't care enough to get answers for. I only knew what Hammond told me: That there were extremely complex systems on the island that needed tending to, and that access to the rest of the island was strictly prohibited. Considering my job dealt with the systems already inside, I had no intention of leaving the facility in the first place. The rest of the workers were a strange bunch; they seemed rather detached from each other, like they only cared about their work. Lets just say, a game room isn't very fun when its trapped in a perpetual awkward silence. After a few days, I started to grow attached to my hovel. Solitude, it seemed, was better then dealing with the androids that ran the facility. Perhaps that was why Hammond made the rest of the personal quarters so finely kept: he knew no one would use it. Work was as boring as usual, too boring to be worth mentioning. It took me a few days to realize just how complex the technology was in this place. With the company they kept, it was definitely unexpected. Super computers designed to monitor DNA sequences, hatcheries, and biological databases about animals I've never heard of. What the hell were they making here, monsters? Was I working for a company trying to play god and introduce new animals into the world? Was I going to be eaten next week by some twisted experiment? All very reasonable questions.

"Hey, what exactly is going on here?" I asked one day, while trying to block out the silence in the lounge.
"I was wonderin' when you'd ask. It usually takes 'em a few days for curiosity to overcome." said Garret, the janitor. Also known as: my one friend in the entire facility.
"I'd understand if you aren't exactly kept up to date."
"Nonsense! 'ave you ever kept quiet while a janitor was 'round? Most people don't." A valid point. "They be makin' animals here, ya know? I'm sure you been snoopin' around the offices while ya work. We all do it from time to time."
"I'd be lying if I said I didn't."
"But did ya ever take the time to Google dem names? They ain't no made up animals, that's for sure!" Unlimited wisdom, truly.
"So what are they? Enlighten me."
"They be dinosaurs, brother! InGen is bringin' back the past."
"...Right. Are you sure?" Excuse my skepticism.
"Positive! Google don't lie, boy. They be makin' velocer raptors and Teerano saurs." Yes, that is a space in between.
"I think I'll ask around about it."
"Dis exchange a information goes both way, son. You find anythin' juicy, you let me 'ear, alright?"
"Of course, Garret."

Not exactly convinced by the God-knows-how-old janitor I called my friend, I naturally set out to find a more reliable source. Though I knew no one, I had been there long enough, I suppose, to make them at least somewhat comfortable with my questions. Its not like information was kept secret from me...I just didn't use the power of Google like Garret. Dressed in only cargo shorts and a tee-shirt, I didn't exactly blend in with the other personal at the time, moving toward the laboratory section of the complex. What followed was quite a lot of guess work on my part, trying to determine who was the most suitable to ask. Those who raced past me were obviously too busy, and those who stared at me the entire time were obviously too afraid of me. Or were serial killers. I really couldn't tell which, by the way they were acting. Finally I came across one semi-normal individual: An Asian women who was in charge of the hatchery and its functions, or so I was told. She turned to face me as I approached, holding a clipboard.

"What brings you down here, Nigel?" Oh sh*t she knows my name.
"Uh...well...not to be blunt, Miss Wu, but...what, exactly, is the purpose of this facility?" Success, I remembered her last name.
She smiled. "This is the production island, where the DNA is extracted, the eggs are nurtured, and the animals are kept. The tourist island is fitted with only minimal facilities, used to show the public how our systems work."
"Right...well, what exactly are the animals? I've been hearing some pretty weird-"
"You don't know? How silly of me." She laughed. "We breed dinosaurs, simply put." Holy sh*t. Now I know never to doubt Google.
"D-dinosaurs? Are you...serious?"
She laughed again. "Yes, its quite the accomplishment, what InGen has done."
"Can I...see one?" I couldn't help it.
Wu nodded. "Of course. I'll get one of the off-duty assistants to take you to the stage 2 care center." Stage 2?

The assistant arrived a few minutes later, and I was led-angrily might I add-through the laboratory into a long corridor. In order to get inside each of the rooms, one had to go through an air-lock system, where we were sterilized and isolated. Whatever was beyond, they didn't want to get them sick...or to let them out. When we finally got inside, I was told to be gentle. To a dinosaur. Somehow, it didn't sound right. The room inside was spotlessly white, no seams or cracks in sight. It was quite eerie. On the opposite side of the room was a very strange animal. Standing at about 2 feet tall, it looked like a lizard that stood on its hind feet...essentially, it was a dinosaur with puny arms. And considering its size, that was saying something. The dinosaur didn't seem to notice us when we entered, instead pushing around a fairly large ball with its head, then lunging at it with needle-like teeth as it rolled away. It was unbelievable.

"What...is it, exactly?" As if I knew anything about dinosaurs.
"Uh...Tyrannosaurus Rex." the assistant said, clearly annoyed, looking at his clip board to verify.
"Is it...can it...?"
"Yes and no. Its a carnivore, but it doesn't have the instinct to hunt yet. Its far too young."
"Somehow I don't find that very reassuring."

The dinosaur, alerted to our presence by now, stared at us wearily from across the room, standing in front of the ball, as if protecting it. After a few long seconds of staring at us in silence, it moved forward, inch by inch, curious but afraid. I wasn't exactly sure what to do. Should I put my hand out, like I was approaching a strange dog? Or should I keep my hands to myself, like if I in front of a shark tank? I decided to stick with the latter, though the assistant didn't seem any bit as hesitant as me. Go figure. After reaching but a few feet from us, the dinosaur suddenly lost interest. Poof. Just like that. It ran back to its ball, trying to pounce on the object, and failing miserably. I chuckled, amused, only for the creature to freeze, as if once again interrupted by a strange new force. The dinosaur turned back to us, staring at us in silence.

"What the hell?" I said aloud.
"It forgot we were here."
"No. Tyrannosaur vision is based on movement. It heard us talking, but it didn't know we were here."
"That is one stupid animal."

As if reacting to my statement, the dinosaur growled...not exactly threatening, coming from a two foot pipsqueak. Apparently, it now knew we were there, but I was already getting bored. Yes, with a dinosaur a few feet in front of me, I was bored. One of life's mysteries, I suppose. The assistant led me back into the airlock, which sealed shut behind us. As it did, the dinosaur charged, stopping a few inches from the door. When we turned back to face it, it completely changed attitude and ran back to the opposite side of the room. Selectively brave, apparently. With a smirk, I stepped out of the air-lock, thanking the assistant before heading back toward the lounge...

Chapter 2

By the time I got back to the lounge, Garret was there waiting for me. As I approached, he stood, grinning at me with discolored teeth.

"Don't be holdin' out on me, boy!" He growled, lifting his mop.
"Easy! You were right. They're holding live dinosaurs back behind the labs." Some people don't understand how threatening a mop can be.
"I knew somethin' was goin' on! They neva let me clean around there."
"Wu said something about a tourist island-"
"Ha! You dun't know about that neither, hm?" Obviously not.
"They are makin' them animals for a 'musement park."
"An amusement park?! They are wasting millions of dollars on THAT?!" I said, maybe a bit too loud.
Garret nodded, unfazed by my anger. "One of the other islands is the place with them animals. From what old Garret has heard, they raise 'em here, and send 'em there."
"Great...so I was right. The whole 'I do it for the children' bullsh*t Hammond was feeding us. Its all for profit."
Garret smiled, exposing his bad teeth. "Of course. What else can ya expect from them business types?" Truer words were never spoken. "I also 'eard that the rest of the island is off limits because they let the dinosaurs wander about outside. Dun't want their personnel being food for the attractions, I suppose." Garret said, as if I was awaiting payment for the information I provided.
"Great...god forbid one of the little b*stards gets into the facility. We're all dead meat."
"What do ya mean 'little'? I've 'eard some of the boys talkin'...sayin' that there are already adults roamin' about outside." Oh jesus.
"Fantastic. What else have you heard, Garret?" Might as well cut to the chase.
"Hammond be angry about the progress so far. 'eard he dun't like how the dinosaurs are actin'. 'eard he wants to change 'em." Icing on the sh*t cake.
"You mean...genetically?"
Garret nodded. "Yep, he wants ta make 'em better for them tourists comin' to the island."
"This keeps getting better and better. I'm afraid to ask if you heard any more..."
"That's all ya get! Now go out and get somethin' interestin' for old Garret!"

Surrendering the lounge to Garret, I made my way back toward my hovel. When I arrived, I found a neat envelope placed on my bed. Snatching it up, I quickly ripped it open and took the message out inside. It was from Hammond. I was being assigned to a 'special program' in the facility. The rest was utter garbage; Hammond ranting about how revolutionary this project was, that they were doing something to further science and better the world. The usual bullsh*t he feeds us to mask his true intentions. The only truth to the message was that something was indeed going on, and it was important. At least, to Hammond. Hammond told me when I arrived that they were almost in the final stages of their operation, and said that they were requesting 'special guests' to come to one of the other islands, which I then assumed was this tourist island. And if Garret was to be believed, then they already had adult animals on the island. They were further along that I had originally thought, and soon the tourist island would be open to the public. But Hammond wasn't happy. Because bringing back extinct animals is never enough...No, he had to make them better. And that's exactly what the program was about.

I was herded along with a few others toward the laboratory the next day. It was only then that I realized the letter was not a request, but a demand: a number of the other personnel brought along didn't appear to be very happy about it. Though I was still uneasy from the information I acquired from Garret, I couldn't help my curiosity. Hammond and Wu brought us straight through the main lab and toward the back portion, where the airlocks were. At first I thought they were introducing us to the animals; perhaps these other individuals were as new as me? But I soon realized that wasn't the case. We were led through the corridor, to the opposite end. Through the air-lock doors I could vaguely make out shapes inside, some large, some small, but all still small enough to fit inside a 10 by 10 room. That must have been what Wuu meant by 'stage 2'; all these animals were infants. After an amazingly long walk, we reached the other side and passed through an large air-lock, capable of sterilizing large groups, rather then only one or two personnel at a time. From inside, I could vaguely make out the room beyond. It was definitely not like the others. Rather then a plain white room with a baby dinosaur inside, it was a large circular chamber filled with various gadgets. Extremely advanced technology across the walls, the low hum of thousands of electronics greeting us even before we entered. And at the center was a dark, metal covered cylinder that rose up from the ground and spanned all the way to the ceiling. Although it appeared to be solid metal, upon closer inspection, I heard the sound of liquid inside.

"Ladies and gentlemen...behold!" Hammond said with his obnoxious grin. "This...this, my friends, is why you were brought here. InGen's crowning achievement...science's...crowning achievement!"
His enthusiasm disgusted me. "What is it, sir?" I asked, biting back my annoyance.

Hammond had been waiting for someone to ask. Personnel already inside began working furiously, a loud hiss emanating from the central structure as the metal parted into the ceiling and into the floor, revealing a large, cylindrical glass tank. And inside was what appeared to be a serpentine mass, devoid of any real features, floating in clear blue liquid. The best comparison I could make was to that of a wet noodle.

"This...is a breakthrough in cloning and genetics. Not only is it of prehistoric origin...but it is unlike anything the world has ever known. A completely unique animal...made from the genes of countless species, fused into one single being." Oh. Dear. God.
"Sir...I...why...why would you do this?!" I said, trying my best not to beat the madmen with the nearest blunt object.
Hammond ignored the anger in my voice, almost taking it as a compliment. "Because the animals we obtained through the first round of cloning were too dangerous...too unstable." God damn his dramatic nature. "We've got the public to consider, Mr. Rowe. We made some alterations with the next batch of animals...experimenting with their genetic structure, to add desired characteristics, and to take away unfavorable ones."
"But its a pretty big step, going from happy dinosaurs to...this!"
Hammond laughed, placing a hand on my shoulder. "This is the ultimate test of our abilities, Mr. Rowe! I'll admit...its rather sloppy. We needed to take from a large range of species in order to get the gene sequence right. But in the end, we succeeded. And now, we can make entirely new species, new additions to the park that the world knows nothing about. Have you ever wondered what a Tyrannosaur and a Spinosaur would look like if they had a baby, Mr. Rowe?" What the f*ck...
"I don't even know what those are, sir."
Hammond sighed, removing his hand. "Regardless, you will be stationed here for the next few days to make sure the system remains stable. With the park nearing completion, we are spreading ourselves too thin." So the people I was with...were actually as new as I was.

After assigning us our duties, Hammond left, along with most of the crew working inside. They had, according to Hammond, been maintaining this...thing for days, with minimal down time. We were brought in to relieve them, and when they were rested, we were allowed to leave. So basically, we were trapped with this abomination for 8 hours at a shot. A few members of the other team were left behind to monitor our work, to make sure we knew what to do. I decided to ask one of the head technicians a few questions.

"What...exactly...is that thing?"
The technician was surprised by the sudden question, but must've expected such things to come from us newbies. "It doesn't have a name. The operation is called 'Project Indigo', so we nicknamed the animal Indigo. That's the closest thing it has to a name."
"Right...well...why is it so...strange looking?" The thing was starting to freak me the f*ck out.
"Its growth is vastly accelerated, even by the modified animals' standards. A few days ago it was a pile of DNA." Holy. Sh*t.
"You'd think it would be a fetus or...something. Right?"
"Normally, yes. But because of its fast growth, the features seem to be...delayed. Its body is the size of the creature as if it were an infant, but its features haven't even grown in yet. Its strange, but the animal is alive and healthy, don't worry." Not what I was worrying about, brother.

And then I was back to mindless, complex work on the machines...the only thing that changed was the addition of the abomination in the center of the room. Despite what the technician said, I couldn't help but shudder at the sight of it, despite its almost deathly state...
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Postby raptor titanus3 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:23 pm

Pretty nice TT I just hope you keep your promise, this looks like it's going to be pretty interesting (I suspect that him and the T-rex aren't going to be friends)
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:50 pm

Thank ya.

Chapter Dos added.

Postby C S » Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:55 pm

Pretty sweet story, though the random hybrid thing is a bit off putting in a JP story. But then again, in JP3, ignoring the retardation of the movie, Grant did say "Makes you wonder what other things InGen was up to". Then you have the Chaos Theory TLW toy line
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lawl. wet noodle.

interesting story so far....will have to see where this goes...
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I agree. This is pretty cool!
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Re: Rapture

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Preservation bump (This is a good story so please TT keep workin' on it)
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Re: Rapture

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This story is disgusting.
I love it.
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Re: Rapture

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Ewww...... that's wrong....... yet awesome.
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