Chronicles of Raptoria

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Chronicles of Raptoria

Postby raptor33 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:19 am

The first chapter is 3 pages in my notebook. Let's see what that turns out as in RPGTopia style...

"Hurry up Mike! You don't want to be late do you?" A voice called out into the night. The voice belong to Will, a young boy by age of 12. He was waiting for Mike, also a young boy of 12, to arrive."Mike, if you're not here in 10 seconds, I'm leaving you -" Will turned around. Mike was standing there, grinning. "- behind." Will smiled. Mike always did that, and Will always acted suprised.
"Did you think I'd let you have all the fun?" Mike kept his grin plastered on his face. He was excited. Tonight they would finally be initiated into The Pack. "We probably need to hurry. Bane's gonna toss us through the wall if we're late." He stopped grinning. He was dead serious.
"They why are you standing there talking to yourself?" Will smiled. Mike wasn't the only one who was sneaky.
"Same reason you always think you know where I am." Mike was behind Will again. "Did you forget our training?" Will stopped smiling and turned around, his pupils narrowed into slits.
"Don't remind me," he said in a threatening tone, "if you value your life." He stared at Mike.
"As if you could actually get one up on me..." Mike said, returning the look.
"That a challenge?" Will's eyes narrowed further.
"Why, yes, it is..." Now Mike's eyes narrowed.
"The bring it." Will ran for Mike who merely sidestepped the charge.
"That the best you've got?" Mike laughed, and promptly receiving a kick in the face, stumbled backwards before swinging his fist to connect with Will's stomach. Knocked back by the force of the blow, Will hit the ground and stayed there. Mike stood over Wil and laughed, but his expression changed to horror when Will grabbed his leg and pulled him down. Mike hit the ground and started punching Will.

The fight was over quickly, both combatants breathing heavily and bleeding profusely (they had pulled out knives during the fight). As the two lay on the ground exhausted, Bane walked into the clearing they were in. "Are you two going to lounge around all day or will you hurry up?" he said in a nice tone. Well, nice for him. Mike was the first to get up.
"Sorry, Mr. Bane, sir. We were in a fight and..."
"Mike, be glad about two things: one, you are my bosses son, and two, I like you. Now bring Will over here so we can get there today." And that was it. Mike helped Will to his feet and the two followed Bane to The Pack's compound farther into the jungle. Twice Will tripped over a root and twice he fell face-first into the mud.
"Why did we have to go to this compound? Why not the one inside the -" Will was cut short by Bane.
"If you finish that sentence, you'll get shot by security." As if on cue, a laser hit the tree beside Will, who jumped. "Exaclty. That could have been you."
"This place is crazy. Don't they know who we are?" Mike asked. Will wondered the same thing himself.
"No. They don't know who you are. The ones inside do though, which is why we're heading that way and passing the gates."
"So we duped security?" Mike asked.
"Mike, I am security." Was Bane's reply. "We're here." Bane went up to a rock and knocked twice. A large passageway appeared as the rock slid away. "Must be a few minutes late, they're probably getting really mad." The trio walked into the passage and found themselves inside a large security checkpoint with reinforced steel walls. Guards all aimed guns at them.
"Bane, you go in first. Let Mr. Calkins know his kids have arrived." Bane nodded and walked through a gate. Mike and Will said the same thing at the same time:
"Don't shoot us!"

"And they are here now?" Mr. Calkins asked.
"Yes, they're waiting for you now sir."
"Good. Bring them to me."
"Yes sir."
"Oh, and Bane?"
"Yes sir?"
"Drop the sir. We're friends, no need for formalities!"
"Okay Richie."
Mike and Will were taken through the gate and into the compound by Vabe. They passed two more security checkpoints before reaching Mr. Richmond Calkins' office. A tall woman stood by the door and greeted the group. "Good day to you Bane. And these are Mr. Calkins' little hatchlings?"
"Yes, they are Michael and William Calkins." Bane answered for them.
"Well Micheal and William, you dad is waiting for you. Go in." She was smiling as she said this.
"I don't like her..." Mike began.
"You shouldn't. She's been after my position for years, and she absolutely despises you two." Mr. Calkins answered Mike's unspoken question. "Come here you two. I missed you so much. How's your mother doing?"
"She's the President of the United Staes, so I assume she's doing well." Mike said this to Mr. Calkins. "Hey dad, I just noticed you are eyes are always narrowed."
"And yours aren't?" Bill said, staring at Mike, remembering the fight from earlier.
"Enough you two. You're Raptorians, remember?"
"What does -"
"It means you're part raptor." Mike and Will stared at him. "Don't give me that look."
"He's right you know. Nothing to fear. Unless you're afraid of dinosaurs."
Will managed to smile at that, showing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.
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