Aliens Alternate Version

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Aliens Alternate Version

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Summary: This story begins during the first alien attack in the alien nest. This story is going to differ majorly in terms of events and who survives

Chapter 1

The marines moved slowly through sub level 3, the walls were incrusted in a Resin like substance. The room was very hot and the floor was moist. As they got deeper into the hive the temperature increased, the marines sweated profusely under there armor.

" Christ it's hot in here" Private Frost commented as he moved alongside his fellow marines. He kept his eyes out for any sudden movement.

" Looks like Ripley's monster have been busy little bugs" Hudson joked.

Ripley, Newt, Burke and Lieutenant Gorman watched the marines inside the APC. They could see the images being sent from the marines helmet cameras on monitors inside the APC. Ripley heart pounded inside her chest as she watched the monitors, images of Dallas and Brett cocooned on the Nostromo filled her mind as she remember finding them while she was escaping. Her eyes began to tear up as she remember her deceased friends. Burke noticed this and asked " Ripley are you ok?"

She quickly wiped away a tear with her hand and then quietly answered him " I'm fine "

Burke looked at her unconvinced but quickly turned his attention back to the monitors. The marines where now deep inside the hive and began to come across open eggs and dead face huggers. Corporal Hicks picked up one of the dead face huggers with the muzzle of his pulse rifle. He held it closer to get a better look before dropping it to the ground.

" I think we found the colonist" Private Crowe said nervously.

The marines were now surrounded by the bodies of cocooned colonist, the bodies each had a hole in their chest, their ribs sticking out, the smell was unbearable. Private Wierzbowski held onto his flame thrower nervously, his face pale as he saw the bodies. He struggled not to vomit. As marines they had seen the horrors of war but even this was too much. The lifeless eyes of the dead colonist seemed to follow them as they passed. Ripley watched in horror, her worst fears had been confirmed. Private Vasquez and Private Drake brought up the rear with their SMART GUNS. Vasquez looked for any signs of movement, she didn't like to have to depend on the targeting computer in her SMART GUN to find targets, she liked being able to find ones on her own. The bodies had no effect on Vasquez. The grisly scene in front of her had no effect on her, she kept her cool.

" My God" Corporal Dietrich mumbled softly to herself as she viewed the scene in front of her. She had seen many grisly things in her time in the corps but nothing like this.

" Stay Frost" Sergeant Apone gruff voice commanded as he held his flamethrower scanning his surroundings.

" This is some ****** up **** man! " Hudson yelled, Apone quickly responded

" Hudson shut your mouth before I shut it for you! " Hudson became silent immediately.

Dietrich approached one of the cocooned colonist who was a women and slowly lifted the women's head. The women's eyes suddenly opened and she began to plead with the marines.

" Kill me!" she pleaded, her voice soft

" We got a live one sarge!" Dietrich yelled to her companions, " Don't worry were going to help you" Dietrich tried to reassure the women.

" Please kill me!" the women pleaded as the marines approached her. She then began to convulse violently.

" Convulsions!" Dietrich yelled as the women chest began to tear open.

Ripley watched in horror from inside the APC, she clutched her chest and began to cry. Memories of Kane's demise flooded back to her mind as she watched the women convulse on the screen. The women chest bursted open, blood flying everywhere, the marines watched in a mixture of horror and shock. A chest burster began squealing as it preyed itself from her chest.

" Flamethrower Now!" Apone yelled as Frost tossed him a flamethrower.

Apone fired the flamethrower at the women's body, engulfing the chest burster in flames. The chest burster squealed in agony as it burned alive. Hudson's motion tracker suddenly became alive with the readings of movement.

"I got signals!" He shouted as he looked at his motion tracker.

"Where?" Apone asked

"I got signals coming from front and behind" He said nervously his voice beginning to panic.

" Talk to me Hudson" Apone said as he scanned his surroundings, his flamethrower at the ready.

" Ah multiple signals" Hudson said as the trackers beeping became louder, "There's movement all over the place!"

Dietrich was scanning her surroundings when she suddenly noticed movement coming from behind her. She turned and fired just in time to engulf a warrior alien who was seconds from grabbing her. The warrior fell to the ground screeching loudly as it burned, it then became silent. Dietrich looked at it in shock and moved away from the wall

" What the **** is that thing!" Hudson shouted.

Apone noticed several more warriors climbing from the wall and began to open fire with his flamethrower. Two warrior Aliens were engulfed in flames while the others leaped out of the way. Hudson shot an alien directly in front of him, the alien was shot in half. The marines began to fall back to where they had entered.

" Let's move marines!" Apone shouted as Vasquez and Drake began to open fire with their SMART GUNS killing several aliens.

" Lets Rock!" Vasquez shouted as she and Drake opened fire

Hicks, Crowe, Frost, and Wierzbowski began to open fire as well with their flamethrowers and pulse rifles. The marines began to fall back to the APC, firing behind them. Vasquez and Drake provided covering fire.

Ripley, Burke and Gorman watched in the APC when Ripley suddenly got up from her sear and began to head towards the APC's controls. She sat in the drivers seat and began to drive towards the xenomorph hive, towards the marines.

" Ripley what the hell are you doing?!" Gorman shouted as he got up and tried to stop her but Burke managed to stop him.

The APC rolled down the hallways of the atmosphere processor, Ripley struggled to control the vehicle as it banged against wall after wall. It finally was approaching the nest and crashed through a wall. The marines spun around noticing that the APC was now closer.

" Alright marines lets move!" Apone shouted as the marines approached the APC.

Luckily none of the marines had been killed or taken by the aliens even with the chaos around then, Apone was thankful that his squad was still intact at the moment. The marines continued to fall back, Hicks had managed to score a couple of kills shooting aliens that had suddenly appeared from the sides and in front of them. They were now a couple of feet from the APC, Hudson, Hicks, Crowe, Frost, Wierzbowski, and Dietrich were the first to go inside the safety of the APC. Vasquez and Drake were a couple of feet behind Apone, they provided more covering fire killing several more aliens. Vasquez and Drake entered the APC and were soon followed by Apone, With all the marines now safely inside Hicks, Apone and Hudson closed the door to the APC and yelled to Ripely to go. Ripley drove the APC backwards from the hive and then started forwards. The APC rushed from the atmosphere processor and crashed through the opening gate and drove hastily across the surface of LV-426.
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