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Collab: Nanotech demo

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:56 pm
by Godzilla Forever
Alright, by UR's request, me and him are going to give out a demonstration of how his E-war idea works. As of now, however, treat it like a collab. peice.

1) Far to the north on a skyward asteroid, all was silent across the desolate wasteland. However, far below the crust of the mammoth artifact of the universe, the sounds of construction were hard at work. This is where colony EARTHSHAKER was, with nanobots specifically designed to cut through the strong rock asnd emtals that could be found far below the surface of the asteroid. SMASHER A1-26, a giant, multi purpose nanobot, was created by the hivemind not only to defend its kind alongside the tanks, but also to help out the drones if necessary. The ultimate in combat and homefront effectiveness. The hivemind knew fully well that it was not alone, so began to create copies of SMASHER; however, none of these clones could match the original perfection the hivemind so sought. The hivemind was worried, and felt that soon, the EARTHSHAKER hive would be in danger of conquest....

2) As the drones worked hard, SMASHER FB62-5000 recieved a message from the hivemind itself. It stated:



SMASHER FB62-5000 followed its orders without questioning, rallying the rest of its batch behind it as the squad drills up towards the surface...

Meanwhile, SMASHER A1-26 is busy clearing out materials below the surface with the majority of the other drones, gathering materials for the hivemind to make more nanobots to aid in their quest for perfection....

3) In an amazingly quick fashion, SMASHER FB62-5000 and the FB troop have made it to the surface. The builder units head towards the entrance to the underground, and, with incredible speed, begin to assemble twin sentry nanos, both of which are equipped with heavy duty lasers made to cut through titanium ore. SMASHER FB62-5000 and the other FB units stand guard in the meantime, hopnig that nothing coems to interrupt their progress...

Meanwhile, SMASHER A1-26 and CRUSHER B2-44 find a large cavern near the mining site. Curious, the two nanos activate their light sources and head in, curious as to what they will discover....

Re: Collab: Nanotech demo

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:18 pm
by UndeadRaptor
And now my part comes up! =D

On the surface of a neighboring astroid, hidden in total darkness, was the SUNSHADOW colony, where nanos were hard at work gathering minerals for uncreated brothers, and fixing up defences around the hivemind. They were still considered one of the "smaller" colonies despite having nearly 60,000 nanos already at the ready. EXPLORER B2-342, along with two of his bretheren from the same batch of scouting nanos, ROVER B2-32 and ADVENTURER B2-4563, were locked in air-tight pods which were being prepped to be fired off at the closest astroid to them under the words of the hivemind, to explore it. Unbeknownst to it or the nanos, it was already occupied by another colony.


Miners below the surface of the astroid were away digging out precious metals and minerals like gold for their hivemind. One of them, DIGGER C3-2125, was working alone with a couple of others. One of them tore though some rock using a gun-like machine on his back specifically for mining, which ran on quantanties of gold, silver and other minerals as well as a liquidy plasma-like substance near the core, which had been gathered in numerous amounts.. It fired focused super-heated plasma beams which could cut through the toughest of toughness in the blink of an eye, but was only used for mining no matter what. The miner nanobot cut out a chunk of rock large enough for the three to move in, though on the otherside was an unusual looking tunnel-like cave. They went in, one at a time, and found a large pool of the liquid substance used for their mining tools a bit ahead of where they landed. Quickly, one seemed to transform, unfolding the wings it had and now appeared as a VTOL mining nano. It shot up to the surface to inform others of what was just discovered. Back on the surface, the pod were getting launched off, one at a time. The three nanos were fired at the seemingly best time possible, though not all would make it to the astroid, or return for that matter from it.


Mere moments after the three pods were launched, only two were almost there. EXPLORER B2-342's pod was hit by a passing chunk of another astroid, and not a thing of the nano remained, but debris from his pod was scattered. The others' pods soon hit the surface slowly, thanks to the jet engines on either side of them. The doors slid open to make a ramp, and the treaded nanos begin to explore the astroid. DIGGER C3-2125 and his companion waited for the arrival of their comrades, whilst scooping up the almost water-like substances which was filled with ingredients to make actual plasma. Soon enough, atleast 9 more miner nanos, along with the one that had been with the two, came into the cave, and either gathered the plasma-like stuff from the lake, or explored other bits of the cave itself...

Re: Collab: Nanotech demo

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:59 am
by UndeadRaptor
Oh also just to let you guys know (thisisanupdateoninfoincaseyoumissedout) our newest chapters to this are up/coming up soon.