Expendable: The life of a Colonial Marine

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Expendable: The life of a Colonial Marine

Postby InfernalAngel » Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:22 am

Note - I have begun writing this story, and will post more of Chapter One sometime this week, check back for updates if your interested in the story. Thanks, - IA

Introduction -

- The following is the story of the deceased Colonial Marine, Captain Ariel T. Straddler. This is not a regular story. The end, has been revealed already, the only mystery, is when the end comes. Captain Ariel died before rescue team "December - Eleven" had come to evacuate her Batallion from the mysterious Jungle-Planet, of BG-42. This is the story of her days spent on the planet, from the first moments she landed on planet, to her last stand. She was, above all, a soldier. And Soldiers fight, untill the last drop of blood leaves their veins.

Chapter: 1

Captain Ariel Straddler took a few steps out of the landing craft, flicked the safety off her pulse rifle, and turned the Heads-up-display on in her visor. She had been given a new squad of Marines, their names still not ground into her memory. Command had given her a simple order, secure the Kinetic Missle Research facility, known as "Gaurdian", on the ravaged Jungle-world, of BG-42. Turning a sharp ninety degrees to face her new squad, who was still gathering their ammunition and equipment, she began barking orders out, "Alright marines, as of right now, we need to link up with the eight other squads. Unfortunately, we're late to the party and where dropped off half an hour off-schedule. Wich means the rest of our batallion is waiting for us at the Forward Operating Base. Lets move out marines!" Each of the soldiers giveing the Captain a crisp salute and bellowing in unision, "Ooh-rah, Captain!"

Ariel waited untill all her men were off the landing craft. She then signaled the pilot to takeoff. Takeing up the rear position, she and her team left the landing platform, their boots clicking against the cold steel, and stepped onto the surface of BG-42. This was going to be one hell of a mission.

After sprinting fot about half an hour straight, the recruit without any combat experiance, Private First Class, Rick Sanders, aka "Rookie", froze in place, went down into a crouched position and aimed his pulse rifle. The rest of the team followed suite.

"What is going on here marines!", yelled Captain Straddler as she caught up with the group.

One of the three medics in her sqaud, Staff Seargent Eric Huntsman walked over to the Captain and after giveing her a quick salute, began speaking in an urgent tone. "It's Charlie team's Captain. He's dead on the ground over there, theres also the bodies of two mutilated marines, one's a demolitions expert."

Captain Straddler pushed the medic out of the way and jogged over to Private Sanders as he stood above the dead marines. The Captain had shot himself in the head, and the two marines who had been with him where both covered in laccerations, their dried blood covering the ground.
Ariel's heart raced. "What the hell happened here?", she thought to herself.

Just as she kneeled down to retreive the men's Dog-Tags, Private Sanders spoke up, "I thought we were takeing out some rebels and rescueing hostages! Not fighting," The traumatized man stopped talking and gestured at the bodies for a moment, 'Whatever the hell did this!"

Ariel stood up again and looked the Privte in the eyes. Before she said a word to him, someone in the squad, obviously a veteran, bellowed out, "Xenomorph!"

Captain Straddler's heart nearly stopped beating.
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Re: Expendable: The life of a Colonial Marine

Postby Doc 42 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:33 am

She doesn't know their names? One would think that'd be kinda important when your under fire and you need that-guy-with-the-mustache to cover you or when small-chubby-guy wanders into the open. :P

I always appreciate an Aliens fic, good luck.
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Re: Expendable: The life of a Colonial Marine

Postby Galaxia » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:53 pm

I love this fan fic and I'm probably not the only one,keep the chapters coming IA
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