Paleo Park - InGen Project

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Paleo Park - InGen Project

Postby Dr. Dromaeosaurus » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:26 am

Paleo Park - InGen Project

Section 1: Paleo Park

Richard Levine stood at the front of the Main Gates that lead to Paleo Park's Guest Area. He looked for a moment at the top of the Main Gate's that read the words 'Paleo Park', at the top of the gate in an African-styled font. He looked out at the Guest Area, took a breath of air, and stepped insode the Guest Area. Inside the Guest Area were a wide variety of buildings, like Food Stand's, Gift Shop's and Rest Room's. He also saw in the distance a complex of Cleaner Stations, lined next to each other, being separated by a path. Speaking of the Cleaner Station's, among the guests, he also saw men in gray shirt's with the Paleo Park logo on the shirts. The men also held yellow "backpacks" on their backs and they carried leaf blowers. He assumed that they were the Cleaner's which all came from a Cleaner Station. He looked around, and he also saw tall, 24 foot tall electrical fences, with double barbed wire on the top. On some of the fences, there were Viewing Vent's, where guests would pay for admission, walk into the vent's, and view the dinosaurs. On most of the fences, instead of Viewing Vent's, he saw Viewing Platform's, which were about 25 feet high. He continued walking until he heard a loud roar, like a lion mixed with a trumpet, coming from a paddock right next to him. He quickly turned around and he saw a 15 foot tall, 42 foot long Male Allosaurus Maximus, eating a large goat. He quickly ran to a Viewing Platoform, paid for admission, and went to the top of the Tower. Up on top, he saw 6 Allosaurus individuals. The 2 big ones were a male and a female. He saw 4 juveniles, each different sizes. Some were drinking from the lagoon, some were resting, the others were eating. "Look at 'em go at the carcass, huh Richard?" said a man. Richard slowly turned around, and he saw Alan Grant, a famous paleontologist. "Alan, hey, what are you doing here?" he said with a smile. Grant was about to speak when Henry Wu appeared, and greeted the two. "Hey boys, i'm Henry Wu, Paleo Park's chief geneticist. Dr. Hammond told me that you to would show up, and he told me to give you a personal tour. Let's go, shall we?" he said politley. Grant and Richard looked at each other for a moment, and they nodded heads. They followed Wu to the nfirst exhibit of Paleo Park.

Section 2: Spinosaurus Paddock

Richard and Grant walked behind Wu as they went to the Safari Adventure Tour. Richard noticed that as they walked, the paths had cast fossils of dinosaur skulls, entire skeletons, and also fossil plants and leaves. It also had fossil Ammonites, to look like there was once a sea where they were standing. Then Wu stopped at an enclosure, lableled 'Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus". Grant's eyes widened at the sight. Grant tapped on Richard's shoulder, and Richard looked at the enclosure. His eyes widened at the sight. The Spinosaurus was 65 feet long, 26 feet tall counting the 8 foot sail on the back. At Richard's estimate, the Spinosaurus was about 8 to 9 tons. The Spinosaurus walked around, then a second one approached from the jungle. There was 2 Spinosaurus individuals, one male and one female. Richard frowned. There were male and female dinosaurs in Paleo Park? It didnt make sense. He turned to Wu. "I see that there are male and female individuals in the paddock, tell me. Did you clone male and female Spinosaurus's on puropse?' he asked. Wu laughed, and pointed at the Spinosaurus. "Well, this park is different from any other Jurassic Park made, because we allow are dinosaurs to mate. If they breed too much, we take a baby or two and put them in a petting zoo for a while, then when it grows up, we put them in a paddock. We control their breeding population. Spared no expense." Wu said with a smile. He then suddenly remembered something, and he spoke. "Before we go on the Car tour, we will go to the petting zoo, then to the Dromaeosaurus containment paddock, and then we will go to the Tour, and after that we will go on the River Adventure, where you will se a variety of herbivores, and lastly, we will go on the Balloon Tour, where you will see quite a few of the small carnivores. Let's go." he said. They all continued to the Petting Zoo.

Section 3: Dinosaur Petting Zoo

Wu opened the gates that lead to the Paleo Park Petting Zoo and they all walked inside. Inside the Petting Zoo were large sections, with barrier gates that separated the dinosaurs from the guests. Inside the barriers were small dinosaurs, or juvenile dinosaurs. One of the dinosaurs that Grant found interesting was the Mussasaurus, a small Triassic herbivore. There were 8 Mussasaurus individuals in the pen, 4 males and 4 females. The males were brightly colored, dark green with lighter green stripes. The females were a basic dull brown color. Richard noticed that the males were smaller than the females, giving evidence that the females were larger than the males in mating pairs. Wu stopped and pressed a button on a board facing away from the pen. A recorded voice began to speak. "Mussasaurus is one of the smallest dinosaurs of the Triassic Period, emerging about 200 million years ago, from the near end of the Triassic Period. Here at Paleo Park, Mussasaurus mating pairs are dominated by a female in the pair, the female being larger than the male." the recored voice said. "I knew it!!" Richard said aloud. Guests turned to RIchard and gave him a funny look. "Sorry." he said. The recored voice continued to talk about facts of Mussasaurus, and then the record ended. Wu and the pair of paleontologists moved on to the next pen, the Triceratops and Styracosaurus pen. Inside the Triceratops and Styracosaurus pen, were 4 Triceratops individuals, and 6 Styracosaurus individuals, each contained male and female individuals. One surprising thing is that all the ceratopsians in the pen were baby or small juvenile, none were fully grown yet. Most of the individuals scampered around, some were play-fighting, or some were either resting or eating on the plats that surrounded the barriers. Wu opened the gate that led inside the pen, and Grant and Richard went inside. Richard grabbed a plant from the ground, and he brought it close to one of the Triceratop's beak. The individual looked at Richard, and ate the plant happily. After eating it, it squeaked happily, and rubbed against Richard's leg. Grant, on the other had, had something else to worry about. A Styracosaurus baby was agitated with Grant, and it snorted angrily. Grant quickly got out of the situation, he stepped out of the enclosure, and then a brown man in overalls came to the pen. "Alright boys, you gotta go to your next exhibit." the man said. At this, both Richard and Grant stepped out of the pen, and quickly moved on to the next exhibit, the Dromaeosaurus paddock.

Section 3: Dromaeosaurus Paddock

Inside the paddock were 8 snarling, ferocious Dromaeosaurus individuals. Richard was fascinated by the raptors, and then a thought came into his mind; Did the Dromaeosaurus breed? He turned to Wu. "Wu, i have a question; Can the Dromaeosaur's breed?" he asked. Wu laughed. "Are you joking? On Isla Nublar, we had not 8 raptors, but 37, most of them were not created by us. The Costa Rican government bombed the island, and now we are sure almost no raptors are alive on the island. So, no, out raptors cant breed." he said, with a slight smile. Richard nodded and turned to the padddock. One juvenile dromaeosaur, about 3 feet long and 2 feet in height, hopped over to the fence and curiously stared at the pair of paleontologists. It squeaked at the people, and then it hopped away. It hopped into the forest, and started to stalk a goat. The goat started to drink from a stream, and then the attack came. The juvenile snarled as loud as it could, and leaped gracefully 6 feet into the air, and latched onto the side of the goat. Immediatly, the dinosaur bit into the neck, and instantly, the goat went down. After checking the area for other dromaeosaurs, it bit into the side, tearing at flesh. Richard and Grant stared, fascinated. "Excuse me fellows, but we must go on to the Main Tour, before darkness arrives." said Wu. Richard and Grant started to walk away, and Grant caught a last glimpse of the dromaeosaurus, which ate the goat, and squealed.

Section 4: Paleo Park Main Tour

Richard, Grant and Wu all got into one of the four cars that made a loop around the tracks that toured Paleo Park. The car's were painted yellow green and started at the top red paint appeared to fall down from the roof to the bottom. Inside there was a Interactive CD-ROM built on the dashboard, and on the screen the Paleo Park logo, which was a Allosaurus skeleton inside a yellow circle with the words 'Paleo Park' going through the circle, in an African style font. It was a cool looking car, but the inside was better. Inside, there were Night-Vision goggles, in all 4 of the glove compartments. The seats were made of soft leather, and were colored in a bage color, slightly tanned. Everyone got in the cars, and the tour initiated. The safari cars started up and rolled down the underground tracks. Up ahead, there was a large gate, that was closed by 2 huge, wooden gates. A voice was heard over the intercom, "You are now entering the lost world of the prehistoric past, a world of mighty creatues long gone from the face of the Earth, which you are privileged to see, for the first time. Welcome to Jurassic Park!". As the voice said it, the 4 cars entered through the gates dramatically. When the cars passed, the doors slowly closed, with a thunk. "Notice the remarkable plant life that surrounds you, those are cycads. Cycads were a favorite food of the hervbivorous dinosaurs. Paleo Park has spared no expense with this." the voice said. Richard looked out the window, and saw a 12 foot tall fence, which held 10,000 volts of electricity. "There, the animals you see are Parasaurolophus, and the usual Corythosaurus." the voice said. "What a sight, what a sight!!" Grant said to himself. Out the window, 8 Parasaurolophus and 4 Edmontosaurus were drinking from a pond. A few of the individuals were standing waist deep in the water, grazing upon the plants in the pond. "It has been thought that Parasaurolophus used it's 3 foot crest as a snorkel, and some thought that it was a fighting device, but Paleo Park scientists now know that it was used for communication, and also for display when they look for a mate." said the voice. One juvenile Edmontosaurus scampered around, and squeaked happily, poking for some of the vegitation. "The Parasaurolophus and the Edmontosaurus dont breed, the animals you see were introduced a few months ago, but still, the adults nurture them anyway." the voice said. The cars started up again, and this frightened some of the juveniles, causing a small stampede. The cars continued North through Paleo Park.

Section 5: Gallimimus and Homalocephale Paddock

The cars stopped at a corner, and on the left side of the cars, there was a 8 foot tall fence, with barbed wire at the top, which carried 10,000 volts of electricity. Grant and Richard looked out the window and stared out into the paddock. Inside the paddock, were 35 running Gallimimus Bullatus, and near the sides of the fence and in the ponds were Homalocephale Calathoceros. "Gallimimus and Homalocephale lived in the Late Cretaceous Period, around 68 million years ago, 3 million years before all the dinosaurs died out. Gallimimus is capable of running at ov er 42 Miles per Hour, as fast as a Jeep Wrangler on a dirt terrain. Homalocephale is believed to be a close relative of Pachycephalosaurus Wyomingensis, except Homalocephale has a flatter head than Pachycephalosaurus." the voice said. Richard saw one Gallimimus facing a Homalocephale, and they were both chirping. "If you see a Gallimimus and a Homalocephale chirping at each other, that means that they are communicating. Paleo Park scientists noted that the Gallimimus and the Homalocephale were possibly good friends in the Late Cretaceous Asia." the voice said. The cars started up again, and the tour continued. "We now continue to one of our main attractions, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!!" the tour voice said. The cars continued South now, going through Paleo Park.

Section 6: Tyrannosaurus Rex

"The mighty tyrannosaurs arose late in dinosaur history. Out of the entire time dinosaurs ruled the Earth, tyrannosaurs came around only for the last 18 million years before dinosaurs died." the voice said as the cars went to the Tyrannosaurus paddock. The cars approached a rise in the hill, and slowly, the cars went up the 12 foot tall man-made hill. The cars fully went up the hill, they drove a few yards, then stopped fully. Richard looked out of the window, and saw a cow emerge from the ground, in a small cage. The cow was tied to a metal chain, painted white. The cow heard a snarl, and immediatly began tugging frantically at the chain. Grant heard a loud roar, and he smelled the rotting flesh of the tyrannosaur. "Look!! There it is!" Richard said excitedly. Grant stared out into the distance, and immediatly saw the tyrannosaur. The tyrannosaurus was 25 feet tall, and dark green with even darker green stripes along the back and neck. The Tyrannosaurus opened and closed it jaws slowly. Suddenly, a second Tyrannosaurus emerged, but this one was different from the other one. This tyrannosaur was dark brown, with slightly purple stripes along the back and neck. After a moment, Richard realized that this was a female, with the partner. Richard turned to Wu. "You allowed Tyrannosaurus Rex to breed in Paleo Park? Why?" he asked frantically. Wu laughed and smiled slightly. "We have allowed our Tyrannosaur's to breed, but when they have bred more individuals than what we allow them to, we take any individuals, one male and one female, and we put them in a separate pen. When the adults die, we put the babies in the holding pen in the Rex pen, and any babies the adults bred, will be tranquilized, and sent to Isla Sorna, where we will care for them until they become lethal, or at least as long as a van, where we release the Rex's into the island, to fend on their own." he explained. "It's the best, cheapest and practically only way to replace carnivore stock at Paleo Park." he added. Richard nodded, and turned back to the Tyrannosaurus pair. The female looked at the cars, and took 4 large steps, and grabbed the cow in it's jaws, shaking it around. The female threw the cow to the ground, and the male immediatly began eating the cow, ripping at flesh, organs and bone. The female roared lightly, and the male stepped back, nuzzling the female. The female tore the head of the cow off the lifeless body, and ate it whole. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Tyrannosaurus Rex." the voice said. The cars started up again, and they continued on their tour.
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Re: Paleo Park - InGen Project

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I'll be interested to see if this goes somewhere. Is it just luck that the dinosaurs tend to go off and tear things to pieces infront of the visitors or is that set up specifically for them?
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