Noble Demon

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Noble Demon

Postby Giratina93 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:18 am

Note: The following is a short story written for a class I am taking. Feedback and criticism is welcome. Feel free to tear it apart as you wish.


The bus slowly came to a stop, and the doors swung open, unleashing a sea of children that flooded out to the dry ground. Mulek sighed as she got out of the driver’s seat and walked out the bus. She looked out at the sky, at the low rolling clouds across the dusty plain, at the sun whose beams were barely piercing the blanket of clouds. “Class, remember to stick by me at all times. No one wander off now, we have to leave in 3 hours.” She shouted, her voice carrying out for the children to hear. Her long red hair flowed in the breeze, at times allowing the twin horns that sprouted from her head to be revealed to the world. Her crimson eyes looked out at the 5th graders who followed her friendly warning. It was nice having children like these listening to her.

After locking up the bus door, she walked toward the class, who stood facing her with their undivided attention. Tom and Brady poked at each other, and when not doing that, then at Delilah, who cringed away from the two. Mulek made a mental note of the situation as she looked at her class. 30 students, 13 male and 17 female, 8 with darker colored skin much like her own and 22 with more light skin, the shortest a mere 3ft 4 and the tallest 4ft 6. When all of them had their eyes and ears on her she cleared her throat. “Alright class. Here we are at the old mines. Please stay close by me at all times and don’t wander off. The mines are a twisting maze that sprawls for miles around, and if someone gets lost, there’s no guarantee you’re getting out alive. Either you can stay by me the entire time, or you can wait here at the bus. It is your choice.” She said, her voice carrying over the students gathered. The looks of worry that spread across their faces was a welcoming sign to her. Good, at least they were paying attention. If any of them weren’t, that wouldn’t help her out any. “Still remember though, that we are here to have fun and learn. We cannot be doing that if we do things risky and do not follow the rules. Is that understood to the class?”

The answer was a resounding, “YES!” from the students. Mulek let a slight smile spread across her face. These children, so eager to learn, and so eager to please, it made her happy to see that in them. The innocence and purity of youth, though speaking of that...

“Good then. Now everyone wait for me by the entrance to the mines, except Tom, Brady, and Delilah. I need to speak with the three of them at the moment.” She said, her tone dropping to emphasize the end. The three children in question didn’t seem to be paying attention to what Mulek had said, for Tom and Brady were once again picking on Delilah as the rest of the children went on their way.

“Stop it you two, stop it!” Delilah whimpered, trying to free herself from them.

“Nope, you give us your lunch money, and we’ll get you go. Don’t and you’ll die by ticking.” Tom snickered, with Brady laughing as well as they grabbed on her hair and tugged. “Lunch money or bust, lunch money or-“

“How about a third option, you two?”

The voice, accompanied by icy cold fingers wrapping up the hair of the boys alerted them too late as their heads lightly bopped into one another. The impact didn’t hurt, for it wasn’t meant to, but it did bring their attention off the girl, and onto Mulek, who was now looking both of them in the eyes her glasses resting on the ridge of her nose. “Now, did I not just say that for us to have fun, we need to follow the rules? If you cannot follow such simple rules, then I am afraid letters will be sent to both of your parents, and no one wants that, right?” Both boys nodded, as if sensing an aura of fear spreading from the teacher. “Good, now catch up with the rest of the class.” She said, and without a seconds delay, the two boys ran to catch up with the rest of the class. With that settled, she sat down, as if oblivious to the dirt getting onto her suit. Delilah, are you alright?” She asked the girl, who was glaring back at the boys.

“Stupid money grubbing jerks. Go pick on someone else with less money, or better, go die in a maggot hole.”

“I’m sorry, what was that you said?”

Here, Delilah finally noticed the teacher, and turned, eyes wide with surprise. “I’m so sorry. Please pretend you didn’t hear me say that.” She panicked, shaking in fear.

But to her surprise, Mulek simply reached over and patted her head. “It’s alright. Sometimes we need to let a little steam out and show what we really are underneath, but it’s best to do that in private where no one can see you.” She teased.

“Yeah, it is.” Delilah sighed letting out a weak chuckle. “If anyone were to hear me like that, they’d think I would have gotten it from you, the demon.”

Mulek’s smile twisted to a frown. She stood up and sighed, rubbing her fingers against one of the two horns on her head. That was still a sensitive issue she had. A demon teaching human children… what an oddity it was in the natural order of things. Just landing this job as a teacher 5 months ago had been annoying with no one trusting her. In such a secular and science-driven world like this, her mere presence caused a massive stir amongst the populace, with severe headaches and more than a few quick conversions of fate and a lot of fearful parents and children as side effects. One of the parents had even threatened to bring in the Catholic Church to exercise her away. It had taken her finding a lost child of said parent and swearing an oath that she indeed meant to harm to anyone here for them to let her take the job, and even then with constant surveillance around the clock. But over the months she had proven herself to not be a danger at all with her cheerful personality, caring nature, and honesty, to the point where she could finally get to be alone with these dear children. And she didn’t want this opportunity to bond with them to go to waste. “It is rather ironic,” She chuckled. “But yeah, they would probably get the wrong idea. Sometimes, it’s better to keep some things secret, especially from those who would hurt from it, understand. I’ll make sure they don’t bully you anymore. Now, why don’t we go back to the group and let the fun start? “

“Alright, Miss… um, Miss-“

Mulek sighed. “Didn’t I tell you on the first day that I prefer to be simply called Mulek, and not Miss Lu? Now, let’s get going.” She said. She stood up, and holding Delilah’s hand, she took the child off toward the entrance of the mines. There, the rest of the class was waiting for them patiently, though Tom and Brady were still picking and poking at each other. The mine entrance was a large hole tilting downward into the ground, lanterns adorned the side of the opening and ran into its depths, lighting up the way through. There was an odd smell coming from within the mines that caught Mulek’s attention. It seemed… oddly familiar, like a mix of rotten eggs and death, but it was a faint smell, and she decided to ignore it for now as she lead the way down into the mines. Heading down into the depths, the air was cooler than it was up at the surface. Old abandoned mine tracks ran through the floor and led the way downward. The lanterns on the walls gave a gentle light casted across the tunnel. The rocks above and around them reflected the light, revealing the treasures hidden within. The school children looked around and gasped, amazed at what they saw.

“Look at all the shiny rocks! They’re beautiful!”

“Is that a fossil in there? It looks like a horn sticking out!”
“Yeah, I see bones in the rocks, and some of them are glittering! Are they covered in gold or something?”

“You are almost correct in that regard, Delilah. Yes, the fossils are covered in something, but it isn’t gold. It’s actually Fools Gold, or Pyrite.” Mulek said, addressing both the girl and the rest of the class as she led them downward. “This mine was set up over a hundred years ago when someone found the Pyrite and thought it was gold. Over the years the miners built these tunnels to try and get it out, and they came across other, more rare elements down here. But just as they began to tap into the mine’s true potential, it closed down. All the miners went missing one day, and the mine closed down. No one knows what happened. Some say they tapped a poisonous gas pocket that suffocated them. Others say they suffered a cave in at the far end. Now remember, we won’t be going the full length. We will go as far as the lanterns, and then turn back. The deepest parts of the mines are not lit, and simply aren’t feasible to navigate with a group like this. “

Water dripped down from the surface as they went downward. There was an eerie silence that permeated through the mines, a silence that disturbed Mulek. There should at least be some noise down here… bats chirping, mice scampering about, some noise other than their own feet trudging along the rocky floor, but as it was, there was simply nothing. It was as if nothing else lived down here… No doubt with the mine’s abandonment some desert animals had come to take refuge here, and yet, she couldn’t even pick up any other smell than that odd, almost burning odor that was getting stronger as they went down. A loud growl coming from her stomach cut her thoughts off. Some of the students tried to hide the oncoming tide of giggles that were coming up their throats, but they failed miserably at it and burst into laughter. Even Delilah chuckled abit at the stomach growling. “You forgot to bring a lunch for you to eat? We all brought ours, yet our demonic teacher left hers at home.” She teased, which caused a few more chuckles.

Mulek pretended to look upset, her eyebrows furrowing and her hands in her pockets. “So I forgot my lunch at home, so what? You should be thankful I’m not a fan of human flesh. Most other demons would enjoy such a delicacy.” She teased back, and then she stopped. The rest of the class stopped with her. Here, the lanterns ended. The very last lantern’s light faded off into the darkness ahead, and Mulek could see a turn in the tunnel ahead. “Alright, we have reached the end of the mines, so now we-“

At that moment, two things happened. The ground began to shake and tremble, but only for a moment, with dust and small pebbles falling from the ceiling. The other thing, however, was far more dire, as Delilah screamed out of the blue, and before Mulek could stop her, darted off into the darkness. As Mulek began to process what had happened, snickering behind her caught her attention, turning her head just enough to see what was going on out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Tom and Brady snickering … and the latter’s fingers dripping with blood. Suddenly, two and two were put together, and the image she got made her blood boil.

“TOM! BRADY!” She shouted, her voice blasting through the mines. Her hands began to crackle and fizz as they began to burn with anger, flames consuming them as she talked toward the two children. All other children stepped away from the resulting conflict, but neither of the bullies could find the will to run. They stood there, knees banging against one another and eyes wide with terror as the teacher grabbed them both by the throats and held them up. Even though the flames licked around them, they did not burn either of them, but the heat they gave off was being felt, and they were beginning to sweat already. “I told you both that following the rules is mandatory to having fun. All I wanted was to enjoy this lovely fieldtrip with each and every one of you, and yet you not only kept bullying another student and caused them to bleed, but she is now lost somewhere in these mines.” Mulek growled, one eye twitching as she kept both children within her grasp. “Let me assure you both that I will be having a talk with your parents on your hazardous behavior once we get back. I expect both of you to behave yourselves from now on, and if either of you do anything that further jeopardizes the wellbeing or safety of your classmates, there will be suspensions being handed out. Am I understood?”

The two boys, faces pale and drained of blood, meekly nodded once. Sensing that this time they were genuine in their reaction, she let them go, allowing them to fall on their feet, shaken and frightened, but unharmed. “W-w-we promise we will behave.” Tom blurted as rapidly as he could. “Ww-w-we were just having a little fun. We didn’t think she’d be such a crybaby.”

“Is that how you view it? How would you prefer if you two got picked on by me? Trust me, neither of you would fare much better than Delilah.” Mulek retorted, causing the two boys to look at the teacher, then back at each other, before gulping at the resulting image they came up with was one they didn’t like. Mulek sighed, taking a deep breath as she calmed down, the fires on her hands going out. There was no use getting any angrier at them now. There were more important issues to handle. “Now, everyone stay here. I will be going ahead to find and bring back Delilah. Once we come back, we will be heading back to the bus, understood?” She asked the class. This time, there was no resounding, “Yes”, but everyone simply nodding. It was settled then. Turning around, the teacher walked off into the darkness.

Without the lanterns on the wall to light the way, one would be forced to stick by the wall and feel their way through, but Mulek was able to see well enough even without the lights. The twisting tunnel went down further and further, and the odor was getting stronger. Now it was burning in her nostrils and was overwhelming. She could taste it on her tongue. Just what was this damn odor? It seemed way too familiar. The further down she went, the warmer it got.

And then, as she rounded yet another turn, she saw Delilah. She was huddled up against the wall of the tunnel, crying. There was a pinch mark on her back that had gone through her clothes and through her skin, for blood was still dripping from it. Aside from that, though, she seemed to be alright. She walked slowly toward her and placed her hand on the child’s head and ruffled it. “Delilah, why did you run away?” She asked.

The girl looked up, sniffling a tear as she stared up at the teacher. She wiped away the tears on her face. “Something bit me in the back. I thought it was a bat so I ran…” She shuddered and came close to the teacher. “Please keep them away from me, please…”

“It’s okay. It wasn’t a bat that hurt you. I already dealt with the troublemakers who hurt you. I’m simply thankful you didn’t run in deeper than you did.”

“I couldn’t go in deeper. There’s something big blocking the way.”

Mulek didn’t respond. She simply looked on deeper into the tunnel. Sure enough, there was something in the way… but it wasn’t a rock wall. The ground began to shake as the thing began to move. “Stay back against the wall and don’t move.” Mulek whispered to Delilah, who did just that. The thing rose up, 6 long arms impacting the ground, the clawed hands at the end igniting on fire. These flames illuminated the thing…

…And revealed a monster standing before Mulek. It was a giant serpentine creature with golden scales, with an upper body somewhat humanoid in shape, were it not for the 6 arms running down the body and the massive mouthful of dagger-like teeth lining its jaws. Its two eyes narrowed as they locked onto the teacher. Mulek took a step back, yet her face stayed calm, even before this demon that slowly advanced toward her, the ground trembling with each step of its hands, the massive snake-like body dragon behind it. “A demon… and a human, together.” The monstrosity rumbled as its gaze shifted to the shaking and terrified Delilah, before looking back at Mulek. “What purpose do you have here? This is the gateway to the Underworld, and Lord Persephone does not want intruders coming in. I do not recognize your scent. State your name, or be purged.”

Mulek stared right back at the hulking figure. A demon guarding the way to the Underworld? She had no idea this was the case. But something about what it said tugged at her mentally. “We are not intruders heading into Hell. I was simply heading this way to find this child and bring her back up. You have no need to worry. And, who is this Persephone you speak of?” She asked with genuine curiosity.

What she got was thunderous laughter from the demon, and before she could react, one of the hands came and smashed her against the wall, to Delilah’s horror. “Have you been living under a rock in this mortal plane? Persephone is the Ruler of all Demonkind, the Queen of Hell, and Lord of the Underworld. She has ruled for almost a thousand years. If you do not know of her, then perhaps you are but a spy sent by the humans… I have not eaten my own kind before, but there is a first time for everything.” The demon bellowed, a vicious smile spreading on its face as it’s tongue slithered between the teeth and licked Mulek’s face. The sticky, hot appendage left a trail of saliva that burnt on her skin.

And yet, she did not flinch, nor did she look afraid. Instead, her eyes drifted down to where Delilah was and she said, “Delilah, please head up to the rest of the class. I will be catching shortly.”


“DO IT NOW.” She hissed between clenched teeth. Deliah, sensing the urgency and seriousness in her tone, ran as fast as she could up the tunnel, trying her best not to stumble in the dark.

The demon smirked he watched the girl run away. “It is pointless to send her away to safety.” He rumbled. “I will simply catch up to her and-“

“Coteri serewat hebvaste soro detris rummave.”

The words spoken by Mulek caught the demon by surprise. It’s eyes widened as he let go of the teacher, who landed on the floor on both feet. “No… That tongue you speak. Only a mere handful from the Old Times know of it. None of us have spoken it since…”

“Since I left, correct?” Mulek said, a slight smirk worming its way on her face as she stepped forward. From her back sprouted two batlike wings, and her hands reignited. “Now tell me, does this sound familiar to you, Novetris?” She hissed. Her voice changed mid-sentence from the usual calm and feminine one she had, to a dry, malevolent one that sounded neither male nor female.

“No… it cannot be…” The demon, Novetris, gasped as it slowly backed up. Fear now spread across his face, his eyes wide with terror as the picture he came to was one that nearly made him insane. “Lord Lucifer, where have you been? You haven’t been seen in countless eons. Why do you live amongst these worthless humans, the very humans you instructed us to corrupt and destroy?

“I know. It has been a very long time. Many things have happened since I disappeared, but now I live a different life.” Here, Mulek paused, and then cast a glare on Novetris. “However, you have perked my interest. I didn’t think Hell would gain a ruler while I was gone, and from the sound of things, she is an incompetent one at that.” She walked toward the demon and flew up, her eyes locked into his own eyes. “I might be enjoying my time in the human realm, but I sense retirement coming to a close. I will be coming back to Hell now that my interest has been peaked. You will inform this Persephone that the Demon King of old wants her throne back, and that she better prepare herself for the fight of her existence. Do I make myself clear?” She said, one hand slashing into the side of the demon’s face, bringing molten blood spilling out.

The demon winced under the razor-sharp nails. “Yes, Lord Lucifer. I will head down there to do as you wish.”

“No need to rush. I’ll send you down there personally.”

With those words spoken, an orb of darkness flew from her other hand and splattered across Novetris’s hide. The dark energy spread across him, eating him apart. The demon howled as he tried to slash it off, but it was futile. Soon, his whole body was covered in darkness, which then slowly dissolved into ashes across the ground. Mulek descended to the floor of the tunnel, her wings retracting into her back and her flames dying. The suit she had on repaired itself, fixing the holes where the wings were. The sound of feet churning up dirt reached her ears, and she turned. There, peeking out behind the turn in the tunnel, was her class, many of them shaking in fear. Mulek sighed, and took a step forward. As she expected, she all stepped back, a few of them looking like they were about to run. Of course this was the case. No doubt they had heard what was going on, and watched the whole thing, and now they knew they were before the creator of all evil, Satan.

“Children, please listen to me. Yes, I will be leaving you, but it will not be to harm anyone you know, but to ensure you all a positive future. Yes, I was once a very, very evil person who wanted to make other people miserable, but I have changed after all these years.” A few tears ran down the side of her face, tears she didn’t realize were there as she closed her eyes” I wish to stay with you for now, to help you grow and learn, to help you all become responsible adults. The past is behind us. Let us ignore it and look forward to the future. Please, that is all that I ask for you to do, to look beyond the old Demon King and look at the teacher who wants your company.”

The children looked at her, then at each other. A few moments of silence lasted, and then, Delilah drew near and hugged Mulek. Then Tom and Brady did so as well, and the rest of the class followed suit. Mulek couldn’t stop the tears coming down her face. “Thank you. Thank you so much. Now, why don’t we head back to the bus and stop somewhere to get some ice cream?”

This was met with a loud wave of appraisal from the students, and Mulek, leading them on, began the trek back out of the mines and toward the surface.

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