Short Battle #1

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Short Battle #1

Postby Kiryu Gwangi » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:25 pm

The shark slowly circled the docks, the fish searching for any food items. The Great White hadn't eaten in months, and was starving by this point. The shark had come to the docks in search of good enough prey, but could find nothing so far.

After a moment of searching, however, a scent filled the shark's nostrils. The Great White turned towards the scent, sensing potential food as he approached it.

The Grizzly Bear stood in the water, which reached his waist when he stood on his hind legs. The mammal had come down from the nearby forest to the docks, no humans around to have noticed him. The bear came to the beach to find that the water was salty, and could not be drinkable. The bear, frustrated with himself, was about to leave when he saw movement in the water. A dark shape moved beneath the waves, a shape unfamiliar to the bear. With a huff, the bear stood ready, seeing the shape as a potential threat.

The shark saw the unfamiliar creature standing in the water. The fish had never faced such an odd animal before, but he was too hungry(and unintelligent) to care. He would kill this creature, and satisfy his great hunger.

The bear walked further into the blackish water, baring his teeth as he watched the shape dart back and forth. Suddenly, the shark showed himself as he went straight at the bear and burst from the water. The bear reared back in surprise as the shark bit into his left arm, his serrated teeth cutting into the thick fur. The bear snarled, before slamming his paw upon the shark's head. The Great White refused to let go, though, as he began dragging the bear deeper into the water. The Grizzly roared, before beating away at the shark with multiple paw strikes. While ignoring the blows at first, the shark was soon forced to let go after several strikes to his sensitive snout. The shark dove back into the water, but the Grizzly followed. He was not about to end this battle just yet.

The bear wrapped his arms around the Great White's body, crushing him in a bearhug. The shark swam around the docks, slamming the bear into the beams supporting the docks and making the mammal release his grip. The shark turned and rammed the bear in the chest, before biting onto his chest and shaking his head, his teeth cutting into the flesh. In retaliation, the Grizzly bit the shark's head, blood filling the waters as the two bit one another. The bear grabbed the shark by his head and pulled him off, before tossing him through the water. The shark regained his focus, before circling the bear and ramming him from behind, slamming the bear into one of the wooden beams.

The shark then bit onto the bear's head, trying to crush the mammal's skull. The bear struggled, managing to shake off the Great White, before spinning around and backhanding the shark across the face. Stunned, the shark could do nothing as the bear bit onto his tail, slamming him into one of the wooden beams. The shark slashed at the bear's face with his pectoral fin, distracting the bear long enough for the shark to swat him in the head with his tail. The Grizzly backed off from the shark, before swimming up to the surface and quickly breathing in more air. The Great White took advantage of this and seized the bear's leg in his jaws, dragging him down underwater and slamming him into the seafloor. The Grizzly swatted the shark in the snout, making the fish let go, before the bear bit onto his head, lifting him up and shaking him violently, before slamming him into the seafloor.

The shark swam away from the bear, before turning and ramming the bear in the chest, pinning him to the seafloor as he bit the mammal's throat. The Grizzly gripped the shark's gills, before he swam up to the surface. As the two broke through the waves, the shark shook his head violently, his teeth cutting through the fur and flesh. The bear squeezed tightly, threating to crush the fish, before lifting him up, pulling the Great White's teeth away from his neck. The Grizzly then roared, before tossing the shark closer towards the beach. The shark sensed the presence of the shoreline and attempted to head into deeper water, but the Grizzly slammed into him, dragging him into the shallow part of the sea.

The Grizzly bit the shark's tail, lifting him up and swinging him around, before he slammed him down on the sand. Again and again he slammed him down, the shark too dazed to even try to breathe. The bear then tossed the shark onto the beach, before walking towards him. The shark flopped and gasped, looking up at the Grizzly with his black eyes. The Grizzly reared up to crush the shark, but the Great White lunged upwards, slamming into the bear with all his might, managing to knock the bear to the ground, before biting down on his neck. The Grizzly stood up, wrapping his arms around the shark and squeezing hard, this time beginning to crush the fish's body with ease.

The bear then tossed the shark onto the docks, running after him and pouncing on him, biting onto his head and digging his claws into the fish's sides. The Great White struggled, refusing to give up after going so far, before suddenly leaping into the water, bringing the bear down with him. The shark then slammed the bear into the seafloor, knocking the mammal off, before turning and biting his leg, slamming him into one of the wooden beams and swimming further away from the shore, carrying the bear into the deeper parts of the sea. The bear, even so, denied defeat as he kicked the shark again and again in the head, forcing the fish to let go and allowing the bear to slam his paws upon the fish's body.

The shark turned and rammed the bear, knocking him backwards through the water, before striking the bear across his body again and again, taking bites out of the bear's flesh and staining the waters red with blood. The bear swung around like a top, clotheslining the shark in the snout with his paw, before grabbing the shark and biting onto his nose, ripping off a sizable chunk. The shark thrashed his tail in rage and pain, before he bit the bear's arm, swinging him around faster and faster, and tossed him into an underwater boulder, rocks falling down to the abyss. The bear picked up a nearby rock, before he flung it at the shark, striking him in the skull and stunning him long enough for the bear to swim up, grab the fish's tail, swing him around, and slam him into the boulder, more rocks falling from the impact.

The shark swatted the bear away with his tail, before turning and ramming the bear hard, biting onto his shoulder and dragging him down deeper and deeper underwater, threating to drown him. The bear slammed his paws upon the shark's head again and again, but this time the shark resisted the blows and kept going, determined to earn himself a new meal. The bear swung his paw back, but this time stabbed his claws downward, nearly gouging out the shark's eye. The Great White released his prey in pain, and the bear pulled the fish into a bearhug, before he swam to the surface. The shark struggled, unable to do anything as the bear broke the surface, flinging the shark towards the shore, before lunging out of the water and bodyslamming the shark, pinning him to the shore.

The shark struggled, but was helpless as the bear rained down a hailstorm of blows. Again and again he struck, blood seeping out from many gashes and cuts, before he bit the shark's head, lifting him up and shaking him violently. The shark was now defenseless as the bear slammed him down upon the sand again and again, until with one last bite, the bear crushed the shark's head, ending the fish's life.

The bear reared up above the Great White's body, before he roared out triumphantly into the sky. The Grizzly then dragged the shark away from the water and began to feed, having earned this corpse well.


Just a short battle I decided to do. Might end up making more, or not depending on whether I feel like it. So what'cha think?
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