One Rebel, One Death

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One Rebel, One Death

Postby Hopeflower » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:24 pm

As I thought, the sequel to Divided Loyalties...

One Rebel, One Death



Leader- Dawnstar--pale ginger she-cat, amber eyes (Lives left: 9)
Deputy- Wildfire--bright ginger she-cat, blue eyes, white flame-shaped mark on head; can summon ice
Medicine Cat- Cinderflower--gray tabby she-cat, amber eyes
Apprentice, Fernpaw
Cobrafang--black she-cat, smoky gray tabby stripes, red eyes
Braveheart--white tom, dark green eyes
Fireclaw--bright ginger she-cat, blue eyes, one white front paw; can summon fire
Silentstrike--golden brown tom, markings that look like feathers, silver-blue eyes with crimson pupil
Apprentice, Starpaw
Robinfrost--black she-cat, dark ginger chest and forepaws, pale blue eyes
Apprentice, Foxpaw
Rainfall--dark gray (with lighter flecks) tom, blue eyes
Wingbreeze--light brown she-cat with bold black markings
Hawkfeather--smoky gray tom, ice blue eyes
Eagleflight--light brown tabby tom, green eyes

Fernpaw--tortoiseshell she-cat, blue eyes
Starpaw--bright ginger she-cat, amber eyes, white paws and chest
Foxpaw--handsome dark ginger tom, blue eyes, white star-shaped mark on chest

Angel--tortoiseshell she-cat with gray tabby markings and amber eyes, formerly a rogue

Darkheart--pure black she-cat, ice blue eyes. retired early due to badly broken foreleg that never healed fully


Leader- Flamestar--handsome dark ginger tom (Lives left: 9)
Deputy- Whitefeather--white she-cat, unusal violet eyes
Medicine Cat- Snowfur--white tom, green eyes
Apprentice, Rosepaw
Frostbite--pale ginger tom, ice-blue eyes
Sunstorm--black she-cat, blazing orange eyes
Tigerlily--dark gray she-cat, orange stripes on legs
Moonflower--white she-cat, bright blue eyes
Apprentice, Icepaw
Foxflame--pitch-black she-cat
Apprentice, Lynxpaw
Thundercloud--black she-cat, pale gray paws, underbelly and rings around tail
Owleyes--tawny and white tabby tom
Squirreltalon--dark ginger she-cat
Bramblestrike--dark brown tabby tom

Rosepaw--dark ginger she-cat, blue eyes
Icepaw--dark gray tom, pure white chest
Lynxpaw--pretty gray tabby she-cat, amber eyes

Shadowraven--black she-cat, amber eyes; can heal grevious injuries (mother of Flamestar's kits)

None as of late...


Leader- Tigerstar--dark brown tabby tom, white paws, amber eyes; can control water (Lives left: 9)
Deputy- Leopardclaw--golden brown tabby tom, emerald eyes
Medicine Cat- Hollyberry--black she-cat, green eyes
Apprentice, Badgerhollow
Feathercloud--slender silver tabby she-cat
Silverblood--dark gray tom
Rockstorm--orange tom
Darkfire--black she-cat
Apprentice, Stonepaw
Flashflood--white and ginger she-cat, green eyes
Apprentice, Starpaw
Breezetail--smoky gray she-cat
Nightheart--pitch-black she-cat
Ravenwing--raven-colored tom
Crowtail--smoky gray tom

Badgerhollow--black she-cat with a white stripe down her spine
Stonepaw--gray tom
Starpaw--black tom flecked with white

None as of late...

Bloodriver--very dark ginger she-cat, red eyes


Leader- Leafstar--pale tabby she-cat, green eyes
Deputy- Blacksoul--dark ginger tom, amber eyes, one black front paw; can hide extremely well in even the smallest


Medicine Cat- Yewleaf--pale brown tom
Apprentice, Applepaw
Stoneclaw--pale gray tom
Thrushwing--dark gray she-cat
Seafrost--white she-cat, blue-green eyes
Pinetrail--dark ginger tom
Apprentice, Graypaw
Bluesky--blue-gray tom
Apprentice, Leafpaw
Lionclaw--muscular golden tom
Rivermoon--blue gray tabby she-cat
Waterfall--gray tom
Whitefrost--white she-cat, amber eyes

Applepaw--dark ginger she-cat, green eyes.
Graypaw--long-furred solid gray tom
Leafpaw--dark brown tabby she-cat

Fireheart--beautiful dark ginger she-cat with a flame-colored pelt

Brambleberry--light brown she-cat; formerly the medicine cat, retired due to old age


The sun was setting over FireClan's territory. There was no sound aside from the gentle pawsteps of a single cat; a dark brown tabby tom. The hardened black lava flow seemed to be set ablaze by the dying sunlight's scarlet rays. Silence hung over the tom as he padded over what had been his home since he was kitted...he seemed to be deep in thought. Perhaps because of the odd actions of his deputy, Leopardclaw. The massive tom shook his head and unsheathed his claws, scraping them against the rock beneath his paws. What had been going on with Leopardclaw lately? First he had refused to believe that Wolfstar, the previous leader of FireClan, was dead. Now it seemed Leopardclaw was powerhungry, as though he'd gotten over his grief and was focused on becoming the Clan leader.

A swirling blue light distracted the dark tabby from his thoughts. He looked up, amber eyes illuminated by the sudden brightness. From the center of this light, something fell. Thinking it was a kitten, the dark brown tabby stretched his neck forward to sniff the motionless bundle of fur. Realizing it was a full-grown cat, he jerked back quickly.

The cat mewed pitifully, trying to get to its paws. It was a she-cat, the tom realized. Skinny, with a sleek, shiny pitch-black pelt. When she opened her eyes, they were a sparkling dark green. “T-tr-traitor,” she growled, glaring at the tabby tom.

“What? No, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I'm Tigerstar, the leader of FireClan.”

Traitor,” the she-cat repeated.

Tigerstar blinked, confused. “Is that all you can say?” he mewed, helping the she-cat to sit up.

“S-Sh-Shad-ow...” the she-cat mewed. “M-my n-na-name Sh-Shadow...” She struggled to stand, something on her back shifting slightly when she flexed her shoulder muscles. Tigerstar assumed it was her fur, though he wasn't sure in the dying light.

When she tried to speak again, he realized Shadow didn't quite understand how to talk. Perhaps she'd been silent for most of her life.

“W-wh-where I?” Shadow mewed.

Before Tigerstar could reply, Shadow's eyes shone blue and she rasped, “One death...” The voice didn't seem to belong to her, and Tigerstar was horrified when Shadow closed her eyes and dropped to the ground, motionless.


Shadow opened her eyes and groaned. Every inch of her was throbbing, and when she tried to lift her head, her muscles screamed in protest. It must've been close to dawn by now, and the black she-cat pushed herself to her paws, despite her head pounding and sending searing waves of agony through her.

One paw was placed outside the small den, then another, and slowly Shadow pulled herself out of the confined area. She hissed at the sudden brightness and closed her eyes to let herself adjust. When she opened her eyes again, a furry face was peering at her.

“Morning, stranger!” the cat purred, the low voice suggesting it was a tom.

Shadow leapt backwards, hissing in terror. She'd never liked toms, not since...

“Hey, it's alright,” the tom meowed, taking a few steps forward. “I'm not gonna hurt you.”

The black she-cat hissed again, two objects on her back shifting slightly. When she figured out which muscles controlled them, she made them unfold to reveal two black bat wings, darker than the blackest of nights, each one tipped with black, shiny talons. Shadow snarled, spreading her wings as though to defend something behind her.

The dark gray tom stiffened when he saw the wings. Never had he seen a cat with such an amazing feature!

“Back off,” the she-cat snarled. “Traitor!”

With that, she was gone, running towards MidnightClan territory.

Silverblood was left behind, staring at where Shadow had just been. “Traitor?” he repeated.

“She's been saying that since she arrived,” Tigerstar meowed, padding up. “Perhaps something happened to drive her from her previous home, and she believes one of us is the one who did it.”

“But why call you or Silverblood a traitor, then?” Darkfire meowed, padding up beside Silverblood. Rockstorm was beside her, as usual.

“Maybe she's confused,” the dark tabby mewed. “Don't worry. I'm sure this has nothing more to do with FireClan.” He flicked his tail and led his warriors away, deeper into FireClan territory.

Meanwhile, Shadow was running, desperate to get away from the cats who had ruined her life. Her dark green eyes were wide open as she splashed through more marshy puddles, shivering as the water soaked her belly fur.

She was attacked by a ginger tom. She tried desperately to get out of the way, but her paws slipped in the mud. By the time she got running again, the tom was in front of her. He pinned her on the wet earth, his fangs glinting in the sunlight.

Shadow could feel mud seeping into her fur, and she shivered as she mewled pitifully. For a heartbeat, the tom's eyes softened in sympathy....then he snarled and the world went black.


Flamestar stared down at the black cat. Apparently it had could be a useful addition to MidnightClan. But could it even swim, or hunt? This cat looked half-starved. The ginger tom bared his fangs in a disgusted snarl. His opponent had been too easy to take down, too willing to give in. It was weak.

His mate, Shadowraven, stood at his shoulder, her belly swollen with unborn kits. Her amber eyes were narrowed as she stared at the much smaller she-cat. “She has no use here,” Shadowraven hissed. Flamestar nodded, curling his lip in disgust as he prodded the unconcious rogue with one curved claw.

At once, the cat lashed out with claws as sharp as blackthorns. Flamestar hissed in surprise and Shadowraven retaliated instictively with a swipe of her own, catching one of the stranger's eyes with her unusually long, sharp claws. As blood flowed out of the wound and the she-cat wailed in agony, the black MidnightClan warrior licked the sticky red liquid from her paw calmly. “Don't attack your superiors,” she snarled, glaring at the newcomer.

Snowfur appeared, staring at the injured cat. He blinked slowly, unusually calm among the intensity of the other two cats.

”What happened?”

“This rogue attacked me,” Flamestar hissed. “Shadowraven could heal her wound, but I doubt she wants to.”

“Of course not!” Shadowraven snapped. “She just tried to kill you!”

Calm down, Shadowraven. Perhaps this rogue can give us some vital information.”

The black queen merely snarled and refused to look at the medicine cat. “This is what I get for curing your blindness?” she hissed, almost too quietly to hear.

”It is for the best.” Snowfur was sniffing the rogue's fur curiously. ”I believe she can help us...even if she will be blind in one eye for the rest of her life.”

Shadowraven spat crossly. “She deserved it.”

Flamestar laid his tail across his mate's shoulders in an effort to calm her down. “Steady,” he mewed. “We will kick her out.”

”Not with her eye wounded like that. She will have no chance...and eventually die.”

“So?!” Shadowraven nearly yowled. “Like we care what happens to her! She is weak, the Clan cannot support softhearted fools!”

Snowfur's eyes widened. He was clearly shocked by Shadowraven's words. ”I was not implying that the Clan would be considered weak because we helped a cat in need.”

“Yes we would,” Flamestar hissed suddenly, startling Snowfur with the intensity in his eyes. “MidnightClan has never helped rogues before, so why should we start now? Ever since our great leader and founder, Midnightstar, we have always been a pure-blooded Clan. Taking in a rogue now would break the bloodline and risk spreading weakness into our Clan. Shadowraven is right. This rogue has no place here.”

The white medicine cat took a shaky step away from the rogue she-cat, who was now writhing and whimpering in pain. His green eyes were wide with shock and the intensity of his beliefs.

”She will die if I do not help her…”

“Why would we care?” Shadowraven meowed, pressing her flank against Flamestar's. Her black pelt mingled with his dark ginger fur. Clearly she was pleased he'd taken her side in the argument. “This cat is an outcast--she has wings, for StarClan's sake!”

Snowfur curled his lip and turned away. ”If my leader and his mate agree, I cannot argue.” His voice was oddly cold as it sounded in the two warrior's heads. ”But I believe you will regret not helping her.” With that, he flicked his tail and padded away into the forest, obviously searching for herbs.

Shadowraven hissed after him and snuggled closer to Flamestar. There was no doubt in their minds that Snowfur was beginning to doubt where his loyalties lay.

“What am I gonna do with him,” Flamestar sighed. Shadowraven nuzzled him lovingly.

“Give him time; perhaps his age is starting to get to him,” she meowed. Snowfur was one of the oldest cats in MidnightClan. Old enough, perhaps, to start considering retiring and joining the elders. “Maybe he should join the elders.”

“Elders,” the dark ginger tom beside her repeated. “'re right. I'd forgotten a Clan could have elders.” For the past few moons, the elder's den had been empty. “It is time for Snowfur to pass the last of his knowledge on to Rosepaw and give her her full medicine cat name. It is clear he can no longer care for MidnightClan as he used to.”


Dawnstar led the sunhigh patrol with Wildfire, Fireclaw and Thundercloud. The four she-cats wove easily through the brambles until they reached the border. “A StreamClan patrol must've just passed through here,” Fireclaw meowed, sniffing the fresh scent markers. Dawnstar nodded. “Come on,” she mewed. “We should hunt before we return to the camp.” The others nodded and split up, knowing that the abundant mice in their territory were not going to leap into their jaws and wait to be killed.

Fireclaw started stalking an unusually plump mouse, her lithe body slipping easily through the thorny bushes. She took all of her weight onto her haunches to keep her steps light as she slowly drew herself forward. One leap, and she had it. Find. Stalk. Leap. Catch. Kill. Eat. she thought, running through the routine in her mind with an amused expression. She kicked dirt over her catch so she could pick it up later. Not long afterward, she found another mouse. She settled into the hunting crouch, but the mouse heard something else make a few bushes rattle noisily and scurried away.

Find. Stalk. Leap. FAILURE, Fireclaw thought, her tail twitching as her keen eyes tracked whatever was making so much noise. When it was close enough, Fireclaw sprang onto its back, her battle cry ringing in the air. “Grrr-ARR!”

“Ambush! Murr-ow!” the cat beneath her spat, leaping straight up into the air.

“Uh...Thundercloud?” Fireclaw meowed, finally recognizing her old friend. She didn't loosen her grip though. Thundercloud rolled onto her back, trying to get what she thought was an attacker off.

“Ow! Thundercloud, it's me! Fireclaw!” the bright ginger she-cat cried, struggling free and sheathing her claws.

“What were you doing, you great lump?” Thundercloud growled, getting up and shaking her thick gray fur.

“I thought you were an enemy warrior,” Fireclaw meowed, smoothing her bristling pelt with a few swift licks.

“It feels like it,” Thundercloud complained. “You’ve raked me to shreds!” She started tending to the scratches Fireclaw had given her.

“Sorry,” Fireclaw meowed. “But what was I supposed to think, with you creeping up on me like that?”

“Creeping up!” Thundercloud's eyes widened with indignation. “That was my best stealth crouch!”

“Stealth! You stalk like a lopsided badger,” Fireclaw teased.

Thundercloud flattened her ears and let out a playful hiss. “I’ll show you lopsided!”

Meanwhile, Shadow had gotten up and strayed into StreamClan territory, one eye blinded until the day she died and mewling pathetically. She was on the verge of starvation when a blinding blue light engulfed her and she vanished from view. Not even her scent or any pawmarks remained.


Shadow reappeared in a strange place with a blank, cloudless black sky and bland square black buildings. She ruffled her wings and meowed, “Sparrow!” Her harsh, commanding voice cracked the silence. “Get your tail over here.”

“Keep your fur on,” a doglike voice snarled. “I’m coming.” Moments later, a wolf with a cream-colored pelt appeared, padding towards Shadow. His legs, tail and muzzle were brown, and his eyes were strangely violet. When the wolf reached Shadow, he sat down, the fur on his shoulders bristling. He was glaring at Shadow. “You know that is not my name,” he snarled.

Shadow’s paw moved so quickly, the wolf had no time to pull away as her thorn-sharp claws raked across his muzzle. He yelped in pain as bright blue blood spattered the ground, leaking from his wound.

“What in the Outland’s name was that for?!” the wolf snarled, glaring at Shadow with twice as much hatred as before.

“Show your superiors respect,” Shadow hissed, flattening her ears. “R-“

MY NAME IS NOT SPARROW!” The wolf howled furiously.

Shadow snarled. “I was going to say Raven.”

“Oh,” the wolf growled, sitting down. He looked embarrassed. “My apologies.”

“Keep them to yourself,” Shadow hissed angrily. “Did you get what I asked for?”

“Of course,” The wolf growled, flattening his ears and peeling his lips back in the beginnings of a snarl.

“Then give it here.”

Shadow held out one black paw, and Raven placed a small bag in it. In the bag, several objects glowed blue, black, red and orange. The black she-cat smirked. “Excellant,” she mewed. “Now to bring these to the Clans and let the chosen ones duke it out.”

“These are very valuable,” Raven snarled. “Don’t lose them. It took a lot to get those from Blackjack.”

Shadow chuckled. “One rebel, one death,” she meowed ominously, and vanished in another bright blue flash of light.


Blacksoul hadn't intended for this to happen. The kit had run the wrong way when he nipped at it. He only wanted to scare it away and make it stop annoying him. Leafstar’s only niece lay dead at his paws, cats around him caterwauling insults and challenges. The Clan leader herself was staring down at the tiny kitten in shocked disbelief.

“Leafstar, it's not what it...I-I didn't mean to...the kit ran the wrong way...” Blacksoul tried to explain. But Leafstar hardly seemed to hear him. The pale tabby was trembling, seeming to refuse to believe that the tiny tortoiseshell kit before her was dead.

“ could you?”

The dark ginger deputy froze, turning to see the cat he'd secretly liked for some moons now. “Seafrost,” he mewed. “I didn’t...”

“Of course you didn’t,” a strange voice hissed coldly. A small black she-cat appeared from behind a large boulder, something grasped in her jaws. It looked like a rock, but it was glowing black. She set down the object and pushed it to Blacksoul with one paw. Two black bat wings on her back caught the attention of most of the Clan. “Take it,” she snarled. “The other chosen warriors are receiving something similar.”

Blacksoul prodded the rock with a paw, somewhat surprised when it glowed even more brightly. “What is it?” he meowed. But the she-cat had already padded out of the camp, carrying some small, strange pelt with her.

Something told the StreamClan deputy this stone was very powerful. “What’s it for?” he muttered, laying his paw on the stone. He gasped and gritted his teeth as he grew ice cold, followed by a burning pain. He felt as though his pelt was being ripped off! Suddenly, the pain stopped and Blacksoul removed his paw and examined his soft pink pad.

He gasped. His pad wasn't the usual color. It had turned black, but when he examined his other pads, they were still pink. And what was even stranger was that his chest and bellyfur had changed to black as well.

“What in StarClan’s name?” he mewed, startled as he padded over to the stream that ran through the camp and examined his reflection. His amber eyes had been changed to a piercing, brilliant blue, and when he unsheathed his claws, they were all black. “What just happened?” he asked, turning to look at the small black stone, still laying in the center of the clearing and glowing darker than the blackest of nights.

Meanwhile, Shadow was watching the events with a triumphant look. “Perfect,” she growled. As she grinned, all of her teeth were revealed to be pointed like her main fangs. “Soon the chosen five will fall.”


Shadow had gone back to the Outland, a world opposite the Earth. She confronted Raven and snarled, “As expected, StreamClan's chosen has become prisoner to the Shadow Crystal.”

Raven grinned like a madman. “Excellant,” he growled. “And the others?”

“I have yet to give them the proper Crystals,” Shadow hissed. “But I assume the reactions will be the same.”

“Ice, Shadow, Fire, Water and Healing...perfect,” Raven barked. “Soon the chosen five will fall to the Crystals.”

“Their power is to be mine alone,” Shadow snapped. “I want to test them out.” The wound above her blind eye seemed to shimmer slightly before returning to the slash it was. “I want this wound gone, and I want my enemies to burn alive for the wrongs they’ve done me.”

Raven curled his lip at Shadow's words. “So for getting the crystals, in return I get nothing?!” he snarled.

“Of course,” Shadow growled. “You’re nothing but a wolf.”

She flicked her tail and vanished in a blaze of light before the wolf had time to retaliate.


Shadow slipped into a dark hollow in the ground, and while no one was looking, swiped the Shadow Crystal she'd given StreamClan’s chosen. She felt its power flow into her, and when she padded through the forest’s shadows, she was hidden extremely well. The small winged cat let a happy snarl escape her, padding easily through a bramble thicket and arriving in front of a thick clump of the thorny plants. “Hello...” Shadow muttered, trying to force her way through. For all of her efforts, all she got was a narrow thorn embedded painfully in her shoulder.

And try as she might, she couldn’t get the stubborn thing out. She hissed as blood flowed in a small, sticky river from her shoulder to the ground. But the blood was not scarlet, like the other cats. No, Shadow’s blood was bright blue, like Raven’s.

“Need some help?” a voice breathed close to her ear.

“I’m fine,” Shadow snapped. “Where am I?”

“BrambleClan territory,” the cat meowed. “My name's Wildfire.”

Shadow froze. BrambleClan's chosen! But...where is the other warrior, the one with fire?

“Do you know where I could find a warrior by the name of Fireclaw?” Shadow mewed.

Wildfire's brilliant blue eyes widened. “No, I don’t know," she snarled. “She’s probably off somewhere with her friends.”

“I have something for her. Something extremely valuable.”

“I will give it to her,” Wildfire meowed coldly. “Give it here.”

“No! I,” Shadow growled. “I must give it to her, for reasons I must not say.”

Wildfire's fur bristled as she fixed Shadow with a furious glare. “There is nothing one sister cannot give another,” she snarled. “Give it to me!”

“Very well,” Shadow snapped, seeing her plans...all of her work...about to be ruined. She pulled out the Ice Crystal and shoved it at Wildfire with one paw. “Take it. Now where is Fireclaw?”

Wildfire curled her lip. “Take your rock. I don't want it.”

Shadow looked down in surprise. In the bag she was holding were ordinary stones. She snarled and turned away, bounding out of BrambleClan territory and vanishing in a flash of light. Little did she know she was being watched by a pair of brilliant blue eyes...


“Raven!” Shadow snarled, stalking toward the cream and brown wolf with her fur bristling. “What did you do with them?”

He looked bewildered. “Do with what?” he growled, meeting her dark emerald gaze evenly. Shadow unfolded her wings and hissed.

“The Crystals! Where did you hide them? When did you take them?!”

Raven's look turned ice cold. “Shadow, you've had them with you since I gave them to you,” he snarled.

The small black she-cat folded her wings again and growled, “But who else would take them?”

“Perhaps a certain FireClan leader?”

Shadow peeled her lips back in a snarl. “Where are they? I know you've got them, and I’m not leaving without them.”

Raven howled furiously. “Didn’t you hear me, foolish she-cat?! I don’t have the Crystals!”

Rage pounded through Shadow’s body. How dare Raven lie to her? How dare he try to conceal the Crystals from her? Wait...what if he was telling the truth? What if the FireClan chosen had taken her Crystals? Or maybe the StreamClan chosen had taken them. Even the BrambleClan chosen was a likely suspect. Shadow shook her head, snarled, and turned away from Raven. She had to think...who was the craftiest cat in the forest?

"MidnightClan’s chosen," Shadow snarled out loud. But she’s a queen....and I wasn’t anywhere near their territory. It must’ve been StreamClan’s chosen.

“Yes...the little traitor,” Raven snarled quietly, as if reading the black she-cat’s mind. “The one who killed the little kit.” He came closer and whispered in Shadow’s ear, “Blacksoul...”

Shadow hissed and teleported back to Earth, right in the center of StreamClan’s camp. The dead kit was still there, and Blacksoul still looked as the crystal had intended him to, but this time Shadow’s intentions were different. She pounced on the StreamClan deputy and snarled, “Where are they?!”

A voice drawled behind her, “You mean these?”


Shadow turned to see what looked like a reflection of the small black she-cat. She did a double take and saw the other she-cat’s head held high in a menacing way, claws unsheathed. “ is you, who is MidnightClan’s chosen warrior,” Shadow growled.

“That’s right,” the bigger she-cat snarled. Her amber eyes flashed, and under one paw was a torn bag...the Crystals were spilling from a large rip beside one of the stranger's unusually long claws.

“And your name would be...”

“None of your concern.”

Shadow drew herself up to her full height and meowed smoothly, “Give me those rocks you have can’t possibly know what they can do.”

“Oh don’t I? I’m disappointed, Shadowfrost. You should know me better than that."

Shadow recoiled, snarling. “That is not my name,” she spat.

The other she-cat chuckled. “Then you might as well know my’s Nightraven.”

Shadow’s eyes widened. That name was so familiar...and yet, something about it was off.

”...raven, you shouldn't run off like this!” a much younger Shadow yowled after a bigger, stronger, departing she-cat. “What about our home? Our mother?”

The older she-cat looked back and meowed, “They are of no concern to me.” Then she turned, crossed a stream, and vanished into the depths of the pine forest.

Shadow watched her go, hurt and confused.

“Who are you really?” Shadow meowed, releasing Blacksoul. Nightraven's eyes flashed.

“I have told you all you need to know,” she meowed. Blacksoul scrambled to his paws and backed away, his brilliant blue eyes wide.

“You...” he mewed. “You’re the one who gave me that stone!” His confusion turned to rage. “Look what happened!” he unsheathed his claws, showing them to the stranger along with his black chest and belly fur.

Nightraven pressed one paw to the purple Crystal and gasped, retracting instinctively. But it had been enough. One pad had turned purple, and a blood red patch of fur had appeared on the black she-cat’s head, shaped like a star. Her eyes turned violet, and she started snarling at Blacksoul.

The StreamClan deputy launched himself at Nightraven, jaws wide in a challenging yowl and eyes glowing blue. Nightraven’s eyes began glowing violet as she responded with a loud snarl and unsheathed claws that were dark purple as well. The two began fighting, using their unusual abilities to gain an advantage.

Meanwhile, Shadow seized the Crystals and slipped into the undergrowth, leaving the two chosen warriors to duke it out.


Shadow slipped through muddy hollows until she was unrecognizable. The wound above her eye had vanished, leaving it working as well as before. Suddenly she stopped.

“What am I doing?" she mewed. “I’m getting these powers without even knowing why.” She lifted one paw, the center pad black and one of the toe pads purple. When she unsheathed her claws, the tips were violet and the bases were black.

”You’re getting revenge.” Raven's voice sounded in her ears. ”Remember? You were treated so badly...” you’re wrong! Shadow thought, fighting against the wolf's presence.

”What about your sister...abandoning you and your mother like that. Leaving you to die.”

“’re wrong,” Shadow snarled, turning around and running back to the StreamClan camp. “Stop!” she yowled, causing Nightraven and Blacksoul to pause and look at her. “You shouldn’t be fighting each other. There’s someone else you need to fight, alongside the other chosen cats.”

”Foolish she-cat. What do you think you’re doing?”

Shadow forced herself to ignore Raven's voice and mew, “Come with me. I need your help...desperately.”

“Why should we believe you?” Blacksoul hissed, his pupils returning.

“Yes...was it not your will for us to fight?” Nightraven growled. Her pupils returned as well, then retracted to slits as she added, “Or were you just doing this for your amusement?”

”Say's one word. SAY YES!”

“ I wasn’t,” Shadow rasped, finding it harder and harder to speak. “Come. We must get the Ice and Fire Crystals to BrambleClan's chosen cats...I must...must fight someone.”


Nightraven and Blacksoul exchanged a glance before the black she-cat meowed, “You should know my real name.”

“Later!” Shadow meowed as an explosion of pain made her head feel like it was about to be split open. “Come on!” She snatched up the bag with the Crystals in it and raced towards BrambleClan territory, the other two cats not far behind.


Fireclaw grunted as claws raked her cheek. “Coward!” she taunted, glaring at the cat opposite her in mock anger. Wildfire stared back, the ground surrounding her paws covered in ice. Flames were leaping around Fireclaw’s paws as the two sisters staged a mock battle, using their powers.

Suddenly, a small black shape cannoned into Wildfire and the ice vanished. Fireclaw stopped controlling the flames, shock gripping her as she saw that the newcomer had wings.

“You again,” Wildfire muttered, pushing the black cat off of her. “I’m busy.”

“Please!” the cat yowled, its voice high-pitched with desperation. Wildfire flinched, her expression softening for a few heartbeats. “You’ve got to believe me," the stranger went on, dark emerald eyes wild with fear. “Take’ve got to help me!” She groaned, sinking into a crouch as if in pain. Looking as though it was costing her a lot of effort, she pushed two glowing stones forward. One was red, the other ice-blue.

Fireclaw’s eyes shone. “What’re we supposed to do with these?”

“Put one pad on them,” the small she-cat rasped. She grunted as another wave of agony nearly overwhelmed her.

The sisters exchanged a glance before laying a pad on one of the stones. Burning pain tore up their legs as their pads, claws and eyes began changing to the color of their crystal.

Fireclaw studied her claws, meowing, “Finally, my warrior name means something.” She turned over one paw and found the center pad to be red. Wildfire made some ice and Fireclaw melted it, and they gasped as one. Fireclaw’s eyes had turned blood red, while Wildfire’s had turned ice blue.

A black she-cat and a dark ginger tom appeared. Fireclaw recognised was Shadowraven and Blacksoul. “Can you tell us who this is?” Wildfire meowed, gesturing to the small cat that had asked for help.

Before either cat could reply, a flash of blue light nearly blinded them. When they opened their eyes, a cream and brown wolf stood before them. “Her name is Shadow,” it snarled. “And she is a traitor to all we have worked for.”

“Raven,” Shadow hissed coldly.

“Shadow...and Raven,” Fireclaw meowed, giving the black MidnightClan warrior a shocked look. Shadowraven, she thought, her eyes widening.

The wolf moved faster than any cat could. One minute he was sitting in front of the five cats calmly, the next he had his fangs in Shadow's throat. A second later, he was gone in a flash of light.

The only thing left of Raven's presence was a tuft of cream-colored fur snagged on a bramble.


Raven reappeared in the Outlands and dropped Shadow’s still form roughly to the ground. “Foolish waste,” he snarled. “Your sister must be very disappointed in you.”

Shadow coughed and struggled to her paws, healing her wound with a touch of one paw. “Shadowraven is my sister?” she hissed, unfolding her wings. “Impossible.”

“No, Shadow,” Raven growled. “It is not impossible.”

Flames sprang to life around Shadow’s paws, dancing in dangerous beauty. “It is! How can a warrior of MidnightClan, who is made of nothing but Clanborn cats, be related to me?”

“You don’t get it, do you?!” howled Raven, anger in his words. “You are a warrior of MidnightClan, descended from Midnightstar herself!”

The small black she-cat froze, memories threatening to overwhelm her as she became a kit once more. She was suckling from her mother’s belly, while her much older sister looked on fondly. “Midnightsky,” the young black she-cat meowed, “your daughter is beautiful.”

“She is your sister, Shadowraven,” purred Midnightsky, licking the tiny kit lovingly. “And for that reason, I name her Shadow, after her father.”

Shadowraven didn’t miss the look of uncertainty and rage that passed through Midnightsky’s dark blue eyes. “Mother?” she mewed. “Is something wrong?”

Midnightsky sighed. “Shadowraven,” she murmured, “can you keep the truth from Shadow?”

The black she-cat’s amber eyes widened slightly, but she nodded all the same. Midnightsky went on, “Your father is not a rogue named Shadow…but a wolf named Raven. He…took me as his mate in his cat form and told me to form a Clan of purebred cats.”

Shadowraven cried out in shock. “A wolf fathered us?!”

Her distress made Shadow start mewling in terror.

A few moons after that incident, Shadow was watching Shadowraven leave in confusion. “Shadowraven, you shouldn’t run off like this!” she yowled. Her eyes were wide with hurt and distress. “What about our home? Our mother?”

Shadow’s sister looked back and meowed, “They are of no concern to me.” With that, she turned, crossed a stream, and vanished into the depths of the pine forest the small family called home. The small black she-cat watched her go, hurt and confused.

Midnightsky joined her daughter. “Shadowraven isn’t coming back, is she?”

Shadow shook her head sadly. “Come,” her mother mewed. “We must follow her. Our future lies with MidnightClan.”

A flash of blue light stopped both she-cats, and a cream and brown wolf stood before them. “Actually,” he drawled, “Shadow’s future lies with me, Midnightsky. Remember our deal?”

Midnightsky drew in a pained breath. “I remember well,” she meowed shakily. She gently nudged Shadow towards Raven with one paw. “Go with your father, Shadow. And never forget your true home.”

Shadow winced in pain. I did forget, she thought bitterly. I forgot all about mother and Shadowraven…I forgot Raven was my father. And I forgot I belonged to MidnightClan by birth.

Raven was looking at her knowingly. “Has it all sunk in?” he growled, his voice smoothed by the affection of a father. “Have you realized the error of struggling against me?”

His form blurred, became distorted, and then he was sitting in front of her as a cream and brown cat. “Midnightsky was my precious,” he mewed. “I loved her…and then she left. Left for Earth and for the Clan she was destined to form.”

Shadow shook her head vigorously. “No…no, you’re wrong! You have to be wrong!”

“But I’m not wrong,” Raven meowed softly. “You are my daughter as much as Shadowraven is.” He stepped forward and added, “Now hand over the powers you’ve collected…like a good she-cat.”

Staring at him, Shadow didn’t know what to do.


Tigerstar sat in a circle with Wildfire, Blacksoul, Shadowraven, and Fireclaw. “Let me get this straight,” the dark tabby leader meowed. “You want me to take this rock because some cat you just met is in danger?”

“Her name was Shadow,” Wildfire mewed.

The FireClan leader’s eyes widened. “Shadow…” he murmured. “She was here.”

“When?” Shadowraven asked excitedly.

Tigerstar’s whiskers twitched in amusement. “At the beginning of this FanFic,” he meowed. “She called me a traitor.”

Blacksoul gave Tigerstar a confused look. “Wait a minute. Did you say Fan-“

“It doesn’t matter what I said,” the dark tabby muttered. “We’ve got to figure out how to help Shadow.”

Wildfire patted the glowing dark blue stone over to Tigerstar with one paw. “Here,” she meowed. “Maybe the powers will go directly to Shadow.”

Tigerstar placed one paw on the stone, gasped, and pulled away. His pad had turned dark blue, as had his eyes and claws.

Shadowraven sighed and looked down, unsheathing her purple claws and tracing a pattern in the lava field. “Healing,” she murmured, having drawn a star which was glowing violet against the black rock. Tigerstar drew a sliver of a moon with his dark blue claws, murmuring, “Water.” Fireclaw drew a flame which glowed blood red, hissing passionately, “Fire.” Her sister drew a circle that started glowing ice blue, snarling, “Ice.” Blacksoul pressed his paw against the earth, leaving a white outline of his pad and meowing, “Shadows.”

A ferocious wind started up, pulling at the cat’s fur, and in the center of the symbols appeared a pair of glaring brilliant blue eyes.

”You DARE to interfere with my plans?!” a voice snarled. “You, the controllers of Fire, Ice, Water, Shadows and Healing think you can defeat me?”

“Of course!” Shadowraven yowled. “We’re not afraid of anything!”

“That’s right,” Fireclaw snarled. “You can’t scare us away! You’re holding Shadow prisoner, aren’t you?”

Blacksoul caterwauled, “We WILL free her!”

”Fools,” the wolf growled. “Shadow is my daughter and I will do with her as I see fit.”

“Liar!” Tigerstar snarled. His claws scraped the bare rock in his fury and his eyes started glowing dark blue. Shadowraven’s eyes had started glowing as well, her claws unsheathed.

Without warning, all five cats leapt forward and entered a strange portal.

Raven staggered back in shock as the five chosen landed in his world. “Impossible!” he snarled. Shadow was behind him, lying motionless.

“What have you done to her?!” Shadowraven screeched.
“I have shown her what she is,” Raven growled. “Your younger sister. One of the last living descendants of Midnightstar.”

Shadowraven yowled loudly, two objects appearing on her back. It took a little while for Raven to overcome his shock at what MidnightClan’s chosen now possessed.

The black she-cat, Midnightstar’s daughter, had grown wings of her own.


As one, the five chosen cats lunged at the enemy. Raven shook them off easily, and was pounced on by Shadow. The small black cat used everything she had—fire, ice, shadows and water. Even her wing talons proved useful, gouging large wounds in Raven’s sides.

Shadowraven joined the assault, slashing with her claws and wings, spilling bright blue blood onto the ground in large amounts.

Suddenly, Raven’s fangs were in Shadowraven’s throat. Try as she might, the black she-cat couldn’t free herself. She was flung a good distance away and laid where she fell, not moving.

“Shadowraven! No!” Tigerstar yowled.

“You’ll pay for this,” Blacksoul snarled. Fireclaw and Wildfire caterwauled as one, Shadow joining in with a promising hiss.

Raven looked bored at their threats. “She was merely in the way,” he snarled. “Did you think I would spare my daughter’s life?”

Shadowraven’s rasping yowl cut in. “I’m not dead yet!” She raced forward, sinking her teeth into Raven’s throat and pinning him with her wings. Raven struggled, attempting to rake the black she-cat’s stomach with his claws.

Suddenly the cream and brown wolf froze, staring at something over Shadowraven’s shoulder. Shadow turned to look and cried out in shock.



Midnightstar padded forward, her midnight-blue eyes narrowed to slits a she stared at Raven. “Hello, Shadowraven,” Midnightstar meowed. “I am here to guide you to StarClan.”

“Guide me to StarClan!” Shadowraven echoed, anger and sadness in her voice. “But—“

“It pains us all when a young cat is called to our ranks.”

“You can’t take Shadowraven!” Shadow burst out. “She has a destiny a-and kits to care for!” The small black she-cat gave her mother a despairing look. “Can’t you give her another chance?”

Midnightstar shook her head, starshine sparkling in her fur and eyes like leaf-bare’s first frost. “I’m sorry,” she mewed. Her blue-black fur shone, glossy like a raven’s feathers. “Even StarClan cannot turn aside the paws of destiny.”

“StarClan!” Raven barked mockingly. Shadow jumped, having forgotten the cream and brown wolf was there. “They do not walk these skies!”

“Then explain how I am here,” Midnightstar hissed, barely keeping a hold on her temper. Raven had no answer to that.

“You monster!” Tigerstar snarled, glaring at Raven. “You would kill your own daughter?”

The wolf froze, seeming to realize what he’d done. “Yes, I would,” he growled. “And I have.” A sick grin appeared on his black-rimmed maw. Shadow backed away from her father, unfolding her wings aggressively.

“TRAITOR!” she yowled.

“Ah, I remember,” Raven snarled, the fur on his neck and shoulders bristling angrily. “Shadow...the traitor.”

He had barely time to duck as a jet of flame shot over his head. The attack came, not from Fireclaw, but from Shadow. But he had no time to avoid a set of claws raking his cheek, spilling blood.

“ENOUGH!” Raven howled loudly, startling the cats into backing away from him. “This has gone on too long! You’re not worth my time!” He vanished into a swirling blue light and was gone a few seconds later. Midnightstar, Shadow realized with a jolt, was gone too.


Midnightstar glared at Raven. “You’re despicable,” she growled. “How did I ever fall in love with you?”

“Simple, Midnightstar,” Raven rumbled affectionately, the closest he could come to a purr. “You’re weak. You were no match for me.”

The black she-cat spat crossly. “Fight me, Raven,” she snarled. “One on one.” The clearing they were in was starry, but it was not StarClan’s hunting grounds. The trees were dark and forbidding. Every shadow seemed to burn with hatred.

Then, as one, cat and wolf lunged. Claws flashed, eyes blazed, challenging screams rang through the air, and blood spattered the ground and undergrowth, bright blue and red alike. Midnightstar dodged with an agility no living cat possessed, but Raven’s attacks were ferocious. The nimble she-cat flashed forward, one paw extended, but Raven easily batted her aside and she was sent sprawling into a tree. She was stunned briefly, but soon she was on her feet again. She growled and raced toward her enemy again, digging her claws into the ground and running faster and faster, until suddenly she collided with Raven’s flank. Several loud cracks were heard as some of the wolf’s ribs splintered, and he yelped in pain. Midnightstar backed up, and suddenly she was flying as Raven caught her by the leg. “You little wretch! I’ll beat you to death for that!” he snarled, slamming the former MidnightClan leader into the hard earth repeatedly. Suddenly, she flipped upright and slammed her head into Raven’s.

Confused, the wolf let Midnightstar’s leg go, and she hit a tree hard. Her forehead had split open from her attack, and blood was running down both sides of her muzzle. She grunted at the feeling of bark tearing at her back, and quickly fell to the ground. She struggled up, her lips peeled back into an ugly snarl. Raven smirked. “Heh. Not bad for a cat,” he growled.

“And you’re a wretch of a wolf,” Midnightstar spat. Raven opened his jaws wide in a laugh.

“You flatter me so,” he snarled.

“Enough talk!” the black she-cat growled, sinking into a crouch. “What good did it ever do anyone?!” She sprang, landing in the middle of Raven’s back and digging her claws in. Blood gushed from his many wounds, and the ground was already drenched in bright blue and crimson liquid, but the fight was not over yet. It never would be, so long as one of the fighters remained standing.

“Ha,” Raven snorted. He reared up onto his hind legs, throwing Midnightstar off balance, but she refused to let go. She merely dug her claws in deeper and snarled out a laugh.

“You’re getting weaker, Raven! Not even a wolf can keep fighting like this forever!”

“I don’t have to.”

Startled by the wolf’s words, Midnightstar’s grip loosened, and that was all it took. Raven rolled over, nearly crushing the smaller animal with his weight, and stood up, planting a heavy paw on Midnightstar’s throat.

“I just have to kill you.” Raven opened his black-rimmed maw and laughed, his breathing heavy and ragged. “And so ends…the great Midnightstar,” he snarled, putting more pressure onto the paw that held Midnightstar down. The cat gasped and retched, struggling wildly as she fought for breath. “What’ll happen to your precious kits when you’re gone, Midnightstar?” Raven snarled. “Who’ll be there to look out for them? No one! I will kill them and all of their kits, and the chosen cats will at last be defeated!”

“Not if I can help it!”

“Huh?” Raven had barely time to look around before a snarling ball of fur latched itself onto his face, a screeching black whirlwind of teeth and claws. Soon others joined it, and suddenly the wolf was covered in writing, screaming cats. Fireclaw, Shadowraven, Shadow, Tigerstar, Blacksoul and Wildfire were all there, helping the founder of MidnightClan defeat the wolf that had stalked them for some moons now.

“We won’t let you die!” Shadowraven yowled.

“That’s right!” Shadow screamed. “You’re our mother and we have a duty to you!”

“No…go…get out of here!” Midnightstar choked, scrambling to her paws. “I can handle this!”

“Get off of me!” Raven howled, shaking himself, but all he did was anger the cats that clung to him. He screamed in agony as Shadow clawed one of his eyes, destroying his vision on the left side.

“Blind him, Shadow! Blind him!” Tigerstar yowled. He was flung from the wolf and hit a tree hard. He slid to the base of the trunk and lay there, stunned.

Another screech of pain signaled that Shadow had done her job. She leapt skillfully from Raven’s face and crouched beside her mother, her fangs bared in a snarl.

“I can’t see! I can’t see!” Raven wailed. He fell onto one side and stayed that way, breathing heavily.

“We’re done here,” Midnightstar meowed coldly. She padded over to Raven and unsheathed her claws. With a shriek, she plunged one paw into Raven’s chest and pulled out a glowing red and black sphere. With the skill of one who had done this many times, Midnightstar pushed on a dead tree, sending it crashing to the ground beside Raven and destroying the sphere. “There,” the black leader meowed coldly. “Now Raven can never bother us again.”
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Postby Doc 42 » Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:52 pm

Well that was... odd
Not your average walk in the woods for tigerstar

Great to see a new fanfic, I hope its as good as your other one
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Postby Iceking » Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:57 pm

this one sounds like it will be very enjoyable.
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Postby Hopeflower » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:56 pm

First chappie's up. -stretches-

Wow, I must've had writer's block or something...
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"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:01 pm

Very interesting chapter...

Cat with wings...odd...

Can't wait for more.

Postby Doc 42 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:41 pm

poor Shadow. Poor demonic winged cat. :cry:
Nice to see the Fan Fic underway, and nice to see you outve your writers block
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Next chappie's up, thanks for the comments peoples. :D
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby Doc 42 » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:46 pm

wow, Midnight clan is pretty stingy. It seems no one wants Shadow for now. Nice chapter.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:56 pm

Awesome chapter.

Poor Shadow.

As we say in internet language: "She got pwned in the face".

Can't wait for more :P

Postby Hopeflower » Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:26 pm

Next chappie is FINALLY up.

Thanks for the comments peoples.

-goes to work on a story for
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:04 am

Cool chapter.

Shows some insight in other characters.

Still, I'm most interested in the winged cat :P

Again, cool chapter, HF.

Postby Hopeflower » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:59 pm

Next chappie's up.

Things are getting weirder and weirder... :twisted:
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:04 pm

You did not lie. Very wierd, but awesome.

I didn't think of Shadow as evil, despite the wings...But now, I'm not sure.

Very interesting, HF. Great work.

Postby Doc 42 » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:36 pm

ohhh! Cool, sounds like some conspiracy! lol
Well thats just me. Nice chapter. cant wait to find out what these stones do.
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Postby Hopeflower » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:54 pm

I'm on a roll today! Next chappie's up, and working on the sixth one now.
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:38 pm


Creepy, yet awesome.

Evil stone of doom :P

Great work HF.

Postby Hopeflower » Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:40 pm

Yay next chappie! I think this one might be the last one for today.
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:41 pm


Once again, awesome, yet wierd.

Which makes it more awesome.

Very interesting FanFic, HF.

Postby Hopeflower » Wed Sep 26, 2007 8:08 pm

YAYNESS. Another chappie, and things are only getting weirder...

"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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Postby Doc 42 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 8:38 pm

Havnt checked this in a while, and... yay! evil stones/demon cats! but where did said stones go... O_o
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