Short and Sweet

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Short and Sweet

Postby momo_girl » Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:55 am

((I wrote this just for fun. Please tell me if I some grammer should be fixed or spelling. Depending on if people like this at all I might elaborate on it. But if I do that I'll have to change the name. hehe.))

Short and Sweet

I'm always early so I wait outside. The wind was chilly and I swear it bit my skin through the three layers of thick clothes. Finally my sensei showed up and let me and one other kid into the class. The minute I walked through the door, I found myself in the usual bright room and found it really warm, it only took a minute to realize I was nearly sweating. It was just me and one other kid.

I got out my binder from my backpack. The papers where falling out in every section and I almost couldn't find my pencil pouch. I got out my colored pens and a pencil. I tried to sketch a rose with the pencil but I couldn't seem to get the petals right. I kept erasing them and trying again.

Suddenly the bell rang loudly. At the sound of the bell I jumped and skrewed up the entire page. I sighed and put the paper in the trash. As I was doing this the other students began to pile into the classroom. I took my place again. The kids sat around me. Two seats away, was the guy I'd been crushing on since I walked into this class. Everytime I saw him, my heart leapt for joy because I could see him and be near him.

I pulled my gaze away from him so he wouldn't see me looking at him. Turning to the window I saw the wind picking up leaves and tossing them this way and that. The leaves reminded me of the rose petals I tried to draw. They where dead because of present Autumn and coming Winter. My rose petals seemed to have no life. There was no real reason I was drawing a rose.

Suddenly, and idea came to me. I pulled out my pen again and my pencil. I also took out two pieces of paper. one was for my class notes and the other was so I could draw. I also took out last night's homework. My teacher took a stamp of a pink dragonfly around to everyone who did their homework. I showed her my homework and then set to work on my drawing.

I placed my pencil on the paper in careful and love-filled strokes. I drew a shell and four stumpy legs. I added a small tail and a long neck with a cute sorta cartoon-like head and big round eyes. It was a turtle. I had heard that the guy I liked loved turtles. This was for him.

At the end of class I placed it on his desk when he wasn't looking. I quickly retreated beack to my desk before anyone noticed I had put something on his desk. He looked down to his desk a second later and noticed it. As I watched him pick up the picture, I sat in my seat waiting for something to happen. He slowly and carefully folded it and put it in a pouch in his backpack.

My heart silently rejoiced. The bell rang again signaling that we could leave. My tounge messed with the rubberband in my braces, like I always do when I'm happy. I swear the piece of rubber nearly snapped because I was messing with it so much.

We all exited the class, him just before me. I was hungry so I pulled out the apple slices from my lunch. I placed a slice in my mouth and continued to walk. The wind was still blowing and my heart was still racing. I walked behind him for a while. I placed another apple slice in my mouth. Something on his backpack caught my eye. I looked down a little more and saw a tiny hot pink turtle keychain. I chuckled to myself.
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Postby Doc 42 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:49 pm

Well this was a delayed comment, but here goes;

I liked it. Your good at describeing feelings and emotions.
(unfortunately I have to put up with stuff like this from a freind of mine each week. It seems she ALWAYS has a crush on someone and you can never tell how long its going to last :/ So I found it kindve funny in that regard. )
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