Song of the Brook

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Song of the Brook

Postby Hopeflower » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:08 pm

Some of this may not make sense at first, but it'll all be smoothed out towards the end.

Song of the Brook

Summary: Some say it’s just a fairy tale. Some say it’s the truth. But when a strange silver tabby appears in SkyClan territory, things start to go wrong. Warriors go missing left and right. The leader faces challenges no one before him has. And the biggest surprise of all may lie in the newcomer’s memory.



Leader, SKYSTAR—dark gray tom with pale blue eyes

Deputy, BIRDFLIGHT—brown and white she-cat

Medicine Cat, ECHOSONG—slender silver tabby with green eyes

Warriors (toms and she-cats not expecting or nursing kits)

SHARPCLAW—dark ginger tom
Apprentice, OWLPAW

LEAFDAPPLE—brown and cream tabby she-cat

FAWNSTEP—light brown tabby she-cat

BUZZARDTAIL—ginger tom with green eyes

CLOUDFLIGHT—pale gray tom with white patches and very pale blue eyes
Apprentice, CHERRYPAW

FERNPELT—dark brown tabby she-cat

MOUSEFANG—sandy-colored she-cat
Apprentice, SPARROWPAW

NIGHTFUR—black tom

PATCHFOOT—black and white tom

SHORTWHISKER—dark brown tabby tom

RAINFUR—light gray tom with dark gray flecks

Queens (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
CLOVERTAIL—light brown she-cat, white belly and legs

PETALNOSE—pale gray she-cat

Apprentices (toms and she-cats over six moons of age, in training to become warriors)

SPARROWPAW—dark brown tom

CHERRYPAW—tortoiseshell she-cat

OWLPAW—gray tabby tom

Kits (toms and she-cats under six moons of age, still being nursed by their mothers)

ROCKKIT—black tom

SAGEKIT—pale gray tom

MINTKIT—gray tabby she-cat

BOUNCEKIT—ginger tom

TINYKIT—small white she-cat

Rogues (toms and she-cats that live alone and defend their territories)

FOX—russet-colored tom; lives on the border of SkyClan territory

SCAR—silver tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes; currently lives close to the SkyClan camp

Loners (toms and she-cats that live alone, but don’t defend their territories)

STARSONG—pure white she-cat; chose to leave SkyClan for the life of a loner

WINTERSKY—pale gray tom; lives alone in a hollow tree beside the SkyClan border

Kittypets (cats that are owned and cared for by Twolegs)

SHADOW—black she-cat with amber eyes; lives in a Twoleg nest with Chloe

CHLOE—long-furred black she-cat; lives in a Twoleg nest with Shadow

STORM—very dark gray tom with dark blue eyes


The silence of the night is shattered by a low, rumbling yowl. “We gather here on the Skyrock to honor the traditions of our warrior ancestors as commanded by the truce of the full moon.” A dark gray tom lifted his head proudly and looked at his Clan. They had survived here in the gorge for countless seasons, and would continue living here for many more. “Have any of you news to share?” the tom went on.

Three cats are watching the Gathering with interest. A long-furred black she-cat, a short-furred black she-cat and a very dark gray tom sit shoulder to shoulder, their eyes bright with curiosity. They remained silent, not wanting to be noticed, as a dark ginger tom proudly meowed, “Owlpaw is doing remarkably well with his training.”

The first cat to speak nodded approvingly. “Good...does anyone else have something to add?”

A slender silver tabby got to her paws and mewed, “The frost has killed all of the herbs in our territory. I’ve had to look beyond our borders to find enough for my supplies.”

The leader nodded. “I see,” he murmured. “Perhaps it is time to-“

A voice cut him off. “Excuse me.” The tone of the voice suggests the newcomer is a she-cat. “Do you have to speak so loudly? You’re disturbing my sleep.”

All heads turned to look at the speaker, a silver tabby she-cat that looked fairly irritated. Murmuring broke out among the gathered cats, while the leader of the group and the she-cat lock eyes.

“Can we help you?” a cream and brown tabby she-cat asked, her voice edged with anger. The newcomer smirked.


The three cats on the ledge have, by now, turned and bolted to their Twoleg nests. The Clan cats kept glaring at the she-cat, who showed no sign of leaving.

“Speak, stranger,” the leader of SkyClan meowed. “We’ve no way of knowing your intentions if you remain silent.

“My intentions,” the she-cat echoed. “You might as well know my name first. I am Scar, and I have been here since the day I was born.”
“I am Skystar,” the dark gray tom mewed. “Now, why are you here?”

Scar’s dark amber eyes glinted in the moonlight as the first freezing snowfall of leaf-bare began. “I am here because this is my home,” she meowed. “And I will fight to defend it.”

Skystar’s blue eyes flashed. “This is SkyClan’s home now,” he growled. “Your options are to leave or join us.”

“Join you?” Scar meowed, the hint of a snarl in her voice. “After what your kind did to my mother? No.”

Surprised mews came from a few of the SkyClan cats. Scar turned and neatly leapt up the boulders that led out of the gorge. She stood there, her silver pelt turned to white by the eerie silver light, and meowed, “You have three sunrises to leave. If not, you will die.” With that, she was gone, padding away until she was swallowed up by the forest’s shadows.
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Postby dinoman666 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:15 pm

Doesn't look good for SkyClan, does it? Nice start.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:46 am

Great start, very interesting. Doesn't look good for SkyClan indeed.

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