Untitled Project

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Untitled Project

Postby Raptor Llama » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:17 am

Can't think of a name for this project, but, it's about, well, you'll find out, :wink: (it involves dinosaurs, the future, and human bodies.)

Please comment on this, I like to know what I'm doing write and what I'm messing up on.

Also, be sure to check out my other fanfics on this site! (and comment on them!)

And, without further ado (is that how you spell it?) I present you:


The year is 2300. Human technology has advanced to the point were what were extreme things are happening. The military base area 51 was conducting experinments involving nuclear content and travelling the speed of light. They have now created a craft that can travel through time by malnipulating nuclear technology to create the movement of the speed of light, but staying in one place. This has just been made; tons of other inventions have happened, such as much more dangerous guns, carbon-nano metal that is next to indestructable, and teleportation devises. In fact, the "time machine" uses some of the same technology as teleportation, and is also made with carbon nano metal. The machine's interior includes a lab, sleeping quarters, food, any other various items. It's about the size of a skyscraper that was flat, and it's now secretely being used by the US government. The first travellers include some scientist and the brains behind the device...

Chapter I:

"Hello, Bern." Jordan said. Jordan was a man in his mid thirties, with black eyes, brown hair and white clothing. He looked like some mad scientist with those clothes; they were the trademark scientist clothing. His perfessional name was Dr.Io, but he prefferred to be called Jordan. The man he was talking to was a college graduate that had a red beard with red, short hair. He had green eyes, and researched ancient cillivasations. He was exited when he learned of the device and wanted to see the ancient world for himself.

"Hello, Jordan." Bern said.
"Isn't it simply magnifisent?" Jordan said. He was reffering to the time machine , which they were presently in.
"Yes, it looks like a mansion." Bern said.
"Yes, I suppose it does. Now, enough chit-chat, let's go back in time."
"What time are we going back in?"
"Well, I'll let you chose."
"Hmm..." Bern said as he followed Jordan up the seemingly endless staircase. He would be the first human to travel through time, but what time would he travel to? He thought, then, as they were entering the poilot room, he said,
"How about 8000 b.c?" He said. He thought he'd see some fairly interesting things in that time period.
"Sound good to me." Jordan said. He walked into the rather small room, there was a red button, and a lever. Jordan pushed the button as a display came up on a screen, showing the date, right down to the millisecond. It was in a section that read Current time. Jordan touched the screen were it said Desired time, then clicked the numbers. He scolled down until he came to 8000 b.c, then changed it to go to the 27th on a monday of April at 12:00 noon at 0 seconds and 55 milliseconds. He pressed enter, then pushed up on the lever. He then said, "Quick, we only have 2 minetes to get to those seats were we can guaruntee we won't die!" They both ran over and got into black suit like things on a seat were they got in and sat down. After two minetes, a weird, ringing, buzzing sound could be heard, then an ear splitting high pitched sound. The two scientist probably wanted to throw up by now, as they felt a jerking movement, and then a sensation that all their body was shaking. It seemed to go on for infinity, yet it only lasted a few minuetes. They got out after the suits automaticly came off them, then they ran downstairs to the hallway. They weren't talking; they wanted to see the past as soon as possible. When they got outside, however, they saw something they weren't counting on.

Chapter II:

"Wwwwwater?" Bern said. "What the h*** is water doing here?"
"Let's use the teleport feature, shall we?" Jordan said, running back up to the poilot room. He ran up the stairs, Bern racing after him. The time machine had a raft, so they were floating. Bern ran into the room as he was pushed into the seat again, as he felt the same feeling again. Jordan rapidly spoke, uh, I guess a flood maybe? Possibly? Were going to the middle east, there, no matter how this Earth is, we should be fin-" he was cut off by the hum, then the momentum, like travveling through time, only they were teleporting. They got out, and raced downstairs. Bern was speechless. He then shouted, "Wait, if there's a flood, or water over there, is the North American continent even the-" what waited outside was even more breathtaking than water.
A far off structure of houses stood, but in front of that was a Tricerotops staring at the machine. Just staring there, looking. A breathtaking sight. But what was a trike doing in the current date?
"I think we should start considering other theories, Dr.Io." Bern said, using Dr.Io because of the situation.
"wha- I me- how-" Jordan blunted out.
The trike blew air out of his nostrils, then slowly approached the machine. It only moved a few paces when something massive busted out of the trees.
A massive, collosil beast.
Rows of Bannana sized teeth.
Black stripes with hazel, rugged flesh.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex roared at the trike, a roar so loud, it could startle Elephants.
People ran out of the huts in the backround, running for their lives.
Then, something else busted out of the foliage.
A foot long retractible claw.
A Megaraptor busted out, snarling at the rex.
The rex roared, coming in for a bite, but then dissapeared.
All of them dissapeared.
A whizzing noice sounded as a gun in the hands of Bern turned on a green light.
"These things are coming with us." Bern said.
We just shot a rift gun, a gun that shoots a black hole which brings its targets into the gun. It was the same line of technology as the time machine, only made much earlier. It was made for the cops, to put people in a different type of prison. A bug was found in testing that could only be avioded by transferring the person into human, which they already were. So it didn't really effect anything, except animals, in theory could not be transported. Because, in theory, they would be in human form.
Jordan knew this, and so did Bern.
"How do you plan on making them non-human?" Jordan said.
"This is a modified gun, I simply took that out." Bern said, smiling.
They entered a big room, four, huge doors on each side. They entered through one. Then he fired the gun in the center, then a rift appeared. It whizzed, then what came out was quite shocking.

Chapter III:

There was three humans with no cloths on.
After the two looked away, Jordan whisper-shouted, "I thought you said you modified the gun!"
Bern whisper-shouted back, "I took the wrong one!"
Jordan shook his head, then heard screaming. He looked, and the dinosaurs in human form were attack each other.
Bern whispered, "Activate the intelligance proceder, please."
The intelligance procedure was used for teaching people who were either seperated from any humans at birth, or didn't learn anything some how. It was simple; a zap in the head and information pre-made enters the person's brain. It had its risks; every once in a while it makes the person go insane, or maybe some of the information is glitched. But it was better than having nude people killing each other in a room.
"Fine, fine." Jordan said, as he grabbed a rifle from another room. He switched a few nobs, then fired it at the human dinosaurs. After each one had the beam fired at, the people shortly covered their exposed parts, and stared at the two. Bern said, "This is the part were you give them clothes." Jordan said, "Right, right. Let's not dissapoint them, shall we?" Then Jordan grabbed clothes from another room, hustleing, then threw it at the people. The procedure only taught basic knowledge and a desired launguage (multiple launguages usually were very glitchy) , so it wasen't second nature for them to get their clothes on. After they did, Jordan and Bern walked in.
A tanned, young man with black hair stood there. He had a light moustache and blue eyes. He looked young. Besides him was a woman. Slightly older, she had black hair, blue eyes, and a little bit of a lighter tan. The third figuire was a tall, white man with brownish-black hair, a gotee, and green eyes. Jordan was trying to think who was who. He figuired he would shortly find out.
After a minute of staring, the young man glared at the tall man. He shouted, "Ssssso, yyou killed my pack! My family! And you plan to get away with it, Tyrant?"
The tall man glared back, then said, bitterly, "You should of shown some respect for something higher on the food chain!"
The girl shouted, "I protect my herd, but you two invade it! You tried to murder my young and you try to take my land for your expanding territory! Who do you think you are?"
Jordan and Bern saw that the female was the Tric, the Raptor was the young man, and the tall one was the rex.
"People, let go of-" Jordan started to say before he was slapped by the rex.
The rex shouted, "And who are you, to change our bodies, to make us pathetic beings? Go back to wherever you came from! I have had enough of your presence!"
Jordan got up, then shouted, "You can get off this vessel, as of now."
The rex grabbed Jordan by the neck, and squeezed. As Jordan chocked, the Raptor glared at the Rex, and the Tric just stood there, grinning. Bern ran off, searching for a weapon.
He searched, until he found a sword. Two swords. He grabbed both, than ran toward the location.
He ran in, both weilded, as he charged the rex.
The rex let go of his grasp as he lunged out of the way. Bern through the sword to Jordan, but the rex grabbed it first. Bern shouted, "Step down, rex." The Raptor shouted, "Kill the rex, creature. Kill him while he is still in his mortal sole. Then put me back in my true form and get me out of here!"
Bern shouted, "Look, there's a lot of explaining that needs to be done, but f-" He blocked a blow from the rex, then hit the blade far off, lunging at the rex's heart. The rex blocked the attack and brought the blade down on the rex. The rex swiped it away and lunged at Bern. Bern blocked the incoming blade, then lunged. But before he could, a whizzing sound could be heard, as he felt like he was falling. He could of died from travelling through time without the suit, but he knew it was not likely. As they travelled to Area 51 in the present, the sword blades fell, as things twisted, then finally, it ended. After Bern got up from a fall, the rex was gone. However, the Raptor and Tric were still there. He felt weird that he was talking to dinosaurs with a human body, but he knew that it would all be fine eventually. Shouting could be heard outside, as he and the dino-humans turned, what could be seen outside was a running, tall figuire, guns fireing, and people dying.
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Postby CRUSHER IS KING » Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:45 am

I like it so far, let me guess, your gonna make more of it arn't you :D :lol:
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Postby Raptor Llama » Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:13 pm

CRUSHER IS KING wrote:I like it so far, let me guess, your gonna make more of it arn't you :D :lol:

Yeps, :)

Chapter II, 2, two, zwei or dos is up.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:50 pm

Pretty sweet. Definately an interesting concept...

Nice work.

Postby Raptor Llama » Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:27 pm

Thanks, and now Chapter 3 is up, and weird things happen, kinda.
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