USSC Sojourn

Have you got a game, book or movie you'd like to make a story out of? Want to expand on a story or plot that stopped? Have an original idea for a story that you want to post somewhere? Here's where to do it. Basically an RPG where one player controls ALL characters in the story.

USSC Sojourn

Postby Warlock93 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:10 am

Story I've been working on. Feedback appreciated!

Chapter One

"Morning, sir," the pilot barked as he stood and saluted along with the other men and women in the command deck.
"At, ease's she doin, Murphy?" A commanding man in a highly decorated United States Space Corps uniform responded.
"Running a diagnostic right now...she looks ship-shape. We're about 15 minutes out of the station, so could you have the comm-desk tell everyone to start securing anything loose?"
"Right away, Officer."
"And, hey, Tim?" Murphy called as the Captain was about to leave the control room.
"Yeah, Alex?"
"I don't mind telllin' you I'm a little nervous."
"Don't be. You're the best pilot in the Corps, old friend. You'll do fine."
"All right. " Alex replied as he saluted and turned back to the controls.

The transmission crackled as he flipped on the switch. A small light on the screen in front of him blipped and a soothing female voice promply stated, "Connection established. Galactic Transport Station Foxtrot recieving."

"This is the USSC Sojourn. Requesting jump."

Chapter Two

"Request Granted. Activating Molecular Momentum Accelrator rings now. "
The transmission crackled again. 8 giant rings lit up as their engines crawled to life. They rolled into perfect alignment, each singnaling with a flash of its caution lights. A thin film of bluish light oozed into the holes of each of the rings, creating an immensly amazing sight.
"Rings primed and ready to go.
The three will spread their blackened wings and be the vengeful striking hammer of God.
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