Lost: Isla Sorna

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Lost: Isla Sorna

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Lost: Isla Sorna
















Chapter 1

An amber eye opened, reflecting the dappled sunlight that streamed down between the leaves of the trees. Slowly, the dark figure sat up and groaned, ocean blue quills gleaming in the light as he got to his feet. In the distance he could hear screams.

Must’ve hit my head… Darkness thought. But the screams didn’t stop, and he became alarmed. Ignoring the throbbing pain from a wound in his side, he raced through the forest, limping slightly. Branches and leaves smacked him in the face, forcing him to keep his head low.

When he emerged from the trees, he was standing on a sandy stretch of land. Around him was scattered debris, from a huge tree it seemed. And everywhere, were terrified reptilian figures.

Darkness rushed forward, unable to believe this. He heard a feminine voice scream for help, and rushed to the side of a young off-white female. “What, what’s wrong?” he growled, eyes wide.

“I…I think my eggs are coming…” she gasped, almost doubled over in pain.

“Lie down!” Darkness commanded. Glancing around, he spotted a sand-colored raptor not far off. “You!” he barked. The sand-colored male came over. “Stay with her,” Darkness growled.

“Oh, no…you’ve got to be kidding me,” the male groaned, but he crouched beside the young female anyways. As Darkness started to leave, he suddenly shouted, “What’s your name?!” The dark raptor hesitated before calling back, “Darkness!”

Darkness rushed off at the sound of another cry for help. An elderly raptor’s leg was trapped beneath a heavy branch.

“Don’t panic,” the black raptor hissed frantically. He glanced around, spotting an auburn-colored male not far off. “HEY!” he barked. “Come help me! We have to get this guy out of here!”

After a few minutes, straining heavily, the two raptors managed to roll the branch off of the older raptor’s leg. “Get him out of here!” Darkness barked. At a sudden loud groaning, he looked up. A large branch was creaking dangerously, hanging over the off-white female raptor and the sand-colored male.

“MOVE! Get her out of there!” Darkness screeched, running forward and shoving the two raptors away from the falling branch. With a loud crunch and a ground-shaking thud, the branch landed right where the three had been standing moments before.

“Are you alright?” Darkness growled, looking at the sand-colored male.


“And you?” The black raptor looked at the off-white female.

She nodded, barely able to breathe.

“Stay with her!” Darkness commanded, running off again.

“Dude…I’m not going anywhere,” the sandy raptor shouted after him.

Suddenly Darkness stopped moving and just looked at the scene of mass panic and destruction. “I can’t believe this,” he rasped, shaking his head slowly.


Darkness was walking along farther up the beach. He heard the sandy raptor growl to the young female, “You alright? No more egg-stuff?”

The silvery female nodded, smiling faintly. “Yeah…I’m alright.”

The black male lay down in a patch of shade and examined the wound in his side. It was shallow, but it was long. He tried to reach it to lick it clean, but it was too far away for his neck to stretch.

He looked up and saw a young black and white striped female walking past.

“Excuse me,” he growled. “Have you ever, uh, ever cleaned a wound?”

She blinked bright red eyes, clearly confused. “Sorry?”

“Have you ever cleaned a wound?” Darkness repeated.

She hesitated before growling, “I…I’ve cleaned my own wounds once or twice.”

“That’s fantastic,” Darkness hissed. “Listen—can you, um, clean my wound for me? I’d do it myself but I just can’t reach it.”

Her eyes widened. “I don’t think—”

“Please,” the dark male growled, “you’d be doing me a huge favor.”

“Oh…um, alright.” She padded forward and crouched down to sniff his wound. “It doesn’t look bad.”

Darkness’ eyes met hers. “Thank you,” he growled.

On another part of the beach, a black and white male raptor was scratching idly in the sand with his claws, staring blankly at the ocean.

A black male raptor approached a dark tiger-striped male. “Hey you,” the black raptor growled, “what’s your name?”

The tiger-striped male looked up. “Rawclaw.”

“Rawclaw, come and help us. We’re starting to build a temporary home.”

Rawclaw nodded. “What’s your name?” he growled, getting up.

The black raptor looked back, his eyes, the color of fire, slightly narrowed. “Fire,” he growled.

“Fire, I’m on it, Fire.”

Back with Darkness and the black and white female, Darkness was growling, “You let the fear take over, let it do its thing, but only for five seconds. So you count…one, two, three, four, and five. And it’s gone.”

The female nodded, and growled a bit teasingly, “I might throw up on you.” She didn’t bother to pause in cleaning the male’s wound.

“Nah,” he growled, “You’re doing fine. I’m Darkness, by the way,” he added.

“Steeltalon,” the female replied, not looking up from her work.

Rawclaw and Fire crouched side by side on the beach. “You’d think they would have realized we were missing by now,” Fire growled.

Rawclaw looked at him. “Who?”

“Anyone,” Fire muttered.

A navy blue male looked down at a younger, black male. “You warm enough?” he murmured.

The black male just nodded.

A young couple sat some distance from the others. “Don’t worry about the others,” the male hissed. “We’ll be fine on our own.”

His female companion nodded.

Darkness was crouched over a male raptor who had a large piece of wood stuck in his side.

“Do you think he’s gonna live?” Steeltalon asked.

Darkness looked up. “You know him?”

Her face paled a bit. “He was standing next to me,” she whispered.

The dark male looked down at the wounded male. “I can’t say for sure,” he growled.

Steeltalon nodded, her face hidden in shadow, making her expression unreadable.

Suddenly, a low sound came from the jungle. Like a wolf with damaged vocal cords. It sent shivers down the spines of every creature on the beach.

“What was that?” the silvery female growled worriedly.

“I don’t know,” Darkness hissed.

“Terrific,” Rawclaw snarled.

Chapter 2

The next morning, a dark gray male raptor walked up to a pale green female sunning herself on the beach. “Come on,” he growled. “We’re going through the wreckage to see if there are more survivors. You should help, Ruby.”

Ruby didn’t look at him. “Someone will come and find us,” she growled. “You need to relax, Darktalon.”

He rolled his eyes and gave up on her. Ruby turned to look at a relaxing silvery raptor. “I see you’re not as uptight as the rest,” she growled.

The silvery white raptor nodded, smiling faintly. “Yes…no point in panicking. The name’s Silver,” she added, nodding politely.

“I’m Ruby,” Ruby growled.

Meanwhile a deep black adolescent was exploring the tree line. Every now and then, he paused to sniff at something interesting.

“Hey!” A navy blue male raptor with a stripe of white down his spine raced to the young male’s side. “What did I tell you about the jungle?”

“I just thought—”

“I told you to stay on the beach, Night.”

“But this is really close to the beach, so I thought it’d be alright!” Night protested.

“Don’t…do that,” the older male hissed. He suddenly spotted a patch of blood on the ground. “What’s that?”

“I just found it,” Night growled.

Night’s father bent down and sniffed the blood. It was fresh, and tainted with terror, and a faint smell of mutant lingered around it. It seemed to form a trail…to where a limp shape laid; its throat cut open, eyes wide and glazed with panic.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” the blue and white male hissed suddenly, nudging Night towards the beach.

“What, what is it?” Night growled, trying to turn and look at when had caused this sudden reaction in his father.

“Move!” the older raptor snarled.


Further up the beach, Darkness and Rawclaw were attempting to pull a young black and white male off of Fire.

“Get off of me!” the black and white male snarled. “This guy’s conspiring against us!”

“Oh, yes tell them how I got us stranded on this island!” Fire snarled, attempting to lunge at the older male’s neck.

“STOP!” Steeltalon snarled loudly. “Now…I found some fresh water, close to the tree line. We can shelter here until we find a better place to stay, but with that thing out there, we’re not going to last very long if we stay in one place.”

Fire stepped forward and growled, “I can help round up the survivors.”

“Oh, YES!” the black and white male snarled. “Let’s trust this guy!”

Fire curled his lip angrily, but before he could retort, the sandy-colored raptor stepped in. “We’re all in this together, guys,” he growled. “We have to work together, or we’re going to die out here.”

“Oh, shut up,” the young male snarled.

Steeltalon snarled, “I told you to stop.”

Later that day, Steeltalon was standing, alone, by the water, allowing the waves to lap at her clawed feet. She twisted her head around to lick a deep but healing wound on her shoulder, and turned her attention to the rolling blue-green waves. Will we ever get home? She wondered.

“Your name’s Steeltalon, right?”

Steeltalon turned, surprised.

“Darkness is looking for you,” a white female with honey-colored claws growled.

Steeltalon nodded and padded up the beach, her feet leaving marks in the sand.

She found Darkness crouched beside the raptor she’d been standing beside. He looked up at her approach.

“I’ll have to pull the wood fragment out of his side,” the black raptor growled. “And I want you to help control the bleeding and keep the wound clean.”

Steeltalon’s eyes widened. “W-what?”

“You heard me,” Darkness hissed. “You’ll have to be quick and careful. You ready?”

The black and white female shook her head, her black quills gleaming in the sunlight. “No,” she growled shakily. “I can’t. I’m going with Fire to explore the island.”

Darkness looked up, surprised. “You’re what?” he growled.

“You heard,” Steeltalon retorted, turning and padding off to join Fire.

Ruby was sitting in front of a pure white raptor. “He wouldn’t let us stand at the front of the log,” she whispered. “He saved our lives.”

Darktalon, who was standing beside her, sighed. “Come on…we’re going to start clearing the wreckage. You should help…you’re just being useless over here.”

Ruby looked up at him. “I’m being what?” she hissed.

“Well what do you want me to say?” he snapped. “You’re sitting on your tail staring at bodies.”

“You know what,” Ruby snarled, standing suddenly, “it is so easy for you to make fun of me, isn’t it?”

“You are being useless over here, and yes, it is easy, Ruby!” Darktalon snarled.

Ruby glanced around, seeing Steeltalon and Fire nearby. “I’m going with them. To explore,” she snapped.

“What? No you’re not, Ruby.” He made a move to stop her, but she slipped around him and dashed to Fire’s side.

“I’d like to come with you,” Ruby growled, once she reached the two raptors.

“She’s not going,” Darktalon hissed.

“She can come if she likes,” Steeltalon growled. “We’re leaving now!”

In the jungle, Fire, Steeltalon, Ruby, Darktalon, and the young black and white male from before, split up into two groups.

“I’m surprised you came with us,” Steeltalon hissed.

“I’m a complex guy, sweetheart,” he growled in reply.

Suddenly, a tree some distance away was sent crashing to the ground, and the same sound as last night echoed around them. Steeltalon’s eyes widened, and Fire, Ruby and Darktalon came speeding towards them from the direction the noise came from.

“We should never have come along!” Ruby was screaming.

Only the black and white male stood his ground.

Steeltalon spun around and shrieked, “MOVE, you idiot!”

As a large shape exploded out of the undergrowth and lunged at the young male, he leaped forward to meet it, and the grass was stained with blood.

Ruby screamed, Darktalon let out a startled yell, and Fire and Steeltalon stared in shock.

The black and white raptor was standing over a large animal that was now lying on its side, bleeding from its throat and flank. It was covered in fur, and its deep orange eyes stared blankly at nothing.

“So what is it?” Steeltalon hissed.

“I’ll just call it a random monster,” Ruby growled, attempting to shelter behind Darktalon.

“It’s a jaguar,” the young male snarled, kicking his kill in the head. “But what’s it doing here?”

“I don’t know,” Steeltalon hissed, “but I suggest we get back to the beach. Now!”

Fire shook his head. “We can’t give up now,” he growled. “We have to keep going.”

And he led the group further into the trees, as the wolf-like call sounded again over the island.

Chapter 3

“What’re you doing?”

Fatalis turned from watching the waves to see who had spoken. It was a young raptor. Not a huge problem. Just a minor annoyance. “I’m thinking,” he replied, hoping that the other would go away.

Night cocked his head curiously. “About what?”

“About how life’s like a game,” Fatalis growled. “You always have two players – two sides. Both could just be trying to survive, and think of themselves as the ‘good’ guys. Yet, if they meet…one automatically becomes ‘darker’, ‘dangerous’, a ‘threat’ to the other.”

He turned his head, meeting the confused raptor’s eyes. “What’s your name?”


Suddenly getting an idea, Fatalis smiled at the young raptor. “Night…do you want to know a secret?”


Darkness was muttering to himself, having pulled the piece of wood out of the raptor’s side. He had asked Sandstorm to help, but, well… He shot a glance at the raptor, who had fainted after seeing the blood. “Damn it,” he snarled under his breath.

The raptor suddenly woke with a gasp, a clawed hand swinging out in a panicked motion towards the source of pain.

“You shouldn’t move–” Darkness began, but the raptor cut him off with a low hiss.



The stranded raptors had started to clean up the beach somewhat, tossing splintered pieces of wood from the destroyed log into the jungle. A few were dragging or carrying bodies to an area of the beach that was no good for resting or living on. Silver was helping a few others shift a large branch. Darkness was still crouched beside the injured raptor, trying not to let his jaw hit the sand. Where was…who?

“Don’t trust her,” the raptor went on, narrowing his eyes. “She’s dangerous.”

“Look, try not to move around,” Darkness tried again, but the injured raptor wasn’t listening.

“I have to find her…have to make sure she can’t hurt anyone…”

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that…” the black raptor muttered, shifting his weight and wincing as the wound on his side throbbed. “Every time I try to ask who you mean, you pass out on me again. And since you’re running a fever…I guess you don’t know who you’re talking about either.”

“She’s a white female,” the raptor breathed. “Black stripes. Gray claws. Red eyes.” He swallowed hard. “She’s bad news. Don’t…trust her.”

Darkness’ amber eyes went impossibly wide. What? An image flashed in his mind, of the female he’d asked for help with his wounds. Steeltalon, she’d said her name was. She was…that dangerous?


Steeltalon herself was still exploring the island with Ruby, Darktalon, Fire, and the black and white raptor. “It’s getting dark,” Darktalon observed.

“Pick up the pace,” the black and white raptor growled.

Darktalon snorted and muttered something uncomplimentary under his breath.

“A little louder?” The young male narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“We should make camp,” Fire decided.

Ruby halted. “What, here?”

“Yes, here,” The black male growled, fixing the female with his flame-colored gaze.

“I’m not stopping,” the black and white raptor snarled, not breaking stride. “You all have a nice rest.”

“Excellent idea,” Fire snarled, irritated. “Walk through the jungle in the dark.”

A snort was heard. “Ooooh, afraid the trees are gonna get us?”

“No,” Fire growled, narrowing his eyes. “Whatever we keep hearing will get you.”

“Well, since you’re so worried…” the young male growled. “Why not let me take the lead?”

“Would you use your head for once, you thickheaded male?” Steeltalon snarled. She cocked her head suddenly, realizing he had never given them his name.

“The names Zheja, sweetheart,” the raptor growled.

Steeltalon resisted the strong impulse to roll her eyes. “Well, Zheja, Fire’s right. If we keep walking we’ll never make it back to the beach.” When Zheja curled his lip in the beginnings of a snarl, she gave him a level stare. “Trust me.”


“So, you think it was it a Rex?” Sandstorm asked Darkness as they worked together to heave a long, thick branch off the beach.

“Did that noise sound like a Rex to you?” Darkness grunted, heaving backwards to drag the branch a bit further.

“No,” Sandstorm muttered. “But I don’t know what it did sound like.”

“Neither do I, Sandstorm. Neither do I.” Giving up on the branch for now, Darkness headed back to the injured raptor he was caring for. Sandstorm followed quietly, feeling a twinge of pity as he looked at the raptor.

“He looks like he’s…dying,” he said softly.

“He’s not gonna die,” Darkness growled, crouching beside the sleeping form.

“He smells like rotting flesh.”

“His wound’s infected,” the black raptor said with a touch of annoyance. “But he’ll fight it off.”

“What if he doesn’t?” Sandstorm growled.

“Then…he’ll shut down. Slowly.” Darkness stretched forward to sniff the wound, then drew away as the raptor made a low, pained growl in his sleep.

Sandstorm stood watching the pathetic sight. “That must hurt a lot,” he murmured.

Darkness glanced back, his amber eyes glowing in the shadows. “…Yeah…” he sighed.


Zheja was woken when a curved claw brushed his side. He was on his feet in an instant. “What the hell are you going?” he snarled.

Darktalon looked down, surprised. “I’m going to take my watch.”

“Like hell! You were going to kill me, weren’t you?” the black and white male hissed, his voice rising. By now, Ruby, Fire and Steeltalon were awake as well.

“What’s going on?” Fire snarled.

“He was trying to murder me!”

“He doesn’t kill. He doesn’t believe in killing,” Ruby hissed.

“Listen, he was going to take the watch,” Fire growled softly. “He was supposed to go after me.”

“Oh, like I’ll believe either of you! His claw was practically at my throat!”

“Let her take the next watch, then,” Darktalon snarled, “if you don’t trust me.” He gestured to Steeltalon. Her eyes widened a bit.

There was silence for a moment. Then Ruby growled, “Yeah. Let Steeltalon stand guard.”

“Fine,” Fire hissed.

Darktalon looked away, nostrils flaring. It wasn’t like he’d meant to wake Zheja. Why did he have to take something as small as an accident and turn it into a murder conspiracy?


Around noon, Sandstorm came running up to Darkness, his eyes glittering. “They’re back,” he panted. “The group that went exploring is back.”

“Oh. Great. What’d they find?” Darkness growled, only half-paying attention.

“Nothing, mainly,” Sandstorm growled.

“Well, that’s depressing,” Darkness hissed. He jumped when Steeltalon’s voice growled, “Hi.”

He looked around and nodded a greeting. “Hey.” He was keeping in mind what the injured raptor had said – she was dangerous. He couldn’t trust her.

“…I want to talk to you.”

He blinked, surprised. “Okay.”

A few minutes later, they were padding down the beach, side by side. “How is he?” Steeltalon asked softly. “The raptor who had the splinter in his side?”

“He’s better than he was, I think.”

“Has he woken up yet?”

“…Only for a few seconds,” Darkness growled.

“Did he say anything?” Steeltalon growled.

Darkness hesitated. Should he tell her…? But he didn’t even know why that raptor was so convinced she was dangerous. Untrustworthy. He shook his head. “No.”


By the end of the day, the raptor was awake and letting out moans of pain. Darkness wanted to claw something out of frustration. The infection was getting worse, and earlier, the injured male had coughed up blood, as if he was hurt inside as well.

“Water,” he muttered, standing to go and get some. As he passed Ruby and Darktalon, he heard the female mutter, “I wish he would just die already.” Darktalon hissed something in reply, but Darkness tuned them out.

Fire approached him. “Anything I can do to help?” he offered.

Darkness glanced at him. “I’m good. Thanks,” he growled. Fire walked with him for a short distance.

“Everyone’s getting upset,” Fire muttered. “They want to know what’s going on with that male.”

Darkness resisted the urge to snap, and growled, “I’m trying to save his life.”

“Rumor has it you can’t,” Fire hissed, looking directly at Darkness as both male raptors stopped, staring at each other in silence.


The raptor was coughing, almost gasping for breath. Darkness was crouching beside him, frustrated that it seemed he was losing the fight to stay alive. He gave the wound a vigorous lick, trying to keep it from getting worse, and squeezed some drenched moss to that water dripped into the raptor’s mouth.

The injured male swallowed hard and whispered, “I need you…to listen to me…”

“You shouldn’t–” Darkness growled.

“Listen,” the raptor hissed sharply. “No matter what she does…no matter what she makes you feel…you can’t trust a word that she says. She will do anything…to keep what she did a secret.”

“What did she do?” Darkness growled.

“…I want to talk to her.”

“Tell me what she did!”

“I want to talk to her…alone.” Darkness hesitated. The raptor didn’t give him a chance to respond. He smiled, slowly. “…She got to you, too, huh…?” The injured male let out a laugh, which quickly turned into another series of coughs.


Steeltalon stood before her captor. They’d been silent for a few minutes now, so she jumped when he suddenly asked, “What was it you wanted?”

“What?” she growled, not sure what he meant.

“Last thing you said to me before we crashed…was you wanted a favor.”
Her eyes widened as she remembered. Then they narrowed in a glare. “I wanted to make sure the one who turned me in got what he asked for.”

He laughed, which again turned into a cough. “Steeltalon…you really are…one of a kind.” He coughed again, and swallowed painfully. “You know, you would’ve gotten away…if he hadn’t found you. And now you make sure he got what he asked for?”

“Well…I got away anyway, didn’t I?” she growled.

He sobered a bit. “You don’t look free to me,” he growled softly. “Steeltalon…I’m going to die, right?” She nodded slowly. “Well…are you gonna do it…or what?”


Darkness was distracted from his brooding by a short screech of pain. He was on his feet in an instant, fearing the worst. He could smell blood. He could see Steeltalon backing away from the motionless form of the dying raptor. And standing over the body was Zheja.

“What did you do?!” Darkness snarled, running over.

Zheja met his furious gaze with an icy stare. “What you couldn’t.” Darkness’ expression turned murderous. “Look, I know you would’ve loved to see him up and running around again, but this is what he wanted. Hell, he asked me to do it!” As Darkness started past him, Zheja added, “I don’t like it any more than you do. But sometimes mercy killing is the only option.”

“It wasn’t the only option!” Darkness snarled.

Something had to be done!”

Darkness was stopped from striking the younger male by a choking, gasping sound. He froze, then he turned and sprinted to the injured raptor’s side, Zheja hot on his heels.

The raptor was choking up blood, his throat torn badly.

“You cut his throat?!”

“I thought he would die right away…” Zheja looked a little sickened.

“It doesn’t work that way!”

Zheja started to back away. “…I didn’t mean to–”

“Go away,” Darkness growled through clenched teeth. “And stay away.” He turned and glared at the black and white raptor, who had frozen. “Leave!”

Zheja backed away as fast as it was safe to do so. A few minutes later, the raptors death throes had died away, and Darkness got to his feet without a word. He brushed past the young male without looking at him, fearing if he did, he would try to kill him.


The following morning, Darkness was found sitting on the beach, just staring out at the ocean. Steeltalon approached slowly and crouched next to him, not quite sure what to say. She took a deep breath and growled softly, “I want to tell you…that you did your best.”

He nodded shortly, glancing at her. “I know,” he growled.

“No one could have done better,” she said. He nodded again. Darkness was silent for a moment before he spoke.

“I just want to…forget.”

“Forget what? Him?”

He lifted his gaze to the sky. “…Everything. Who I was before now. What I’ve done. None of it…matters any more.”

She smiled faintly. “I think I understand.”

Further down the beach, Sandstorm sat watching the waves break.

Riptide gently nuzzled Amberclaw’s cheek as she slept.

Darktalon settled next to Ruby, resting his muzzle against her neck for a moment.

Fire tossed something to Zheja with a flick of his head, who caught it in his jaws with a surprised look.

Rawclaw was perched on a boulder, watching a few seabirds fight over something quite a ways above his head. And not far from him, Silver rested sprawled out on a sun-warmed rock.

Night watched Whitestreak come closer, and allowed his father to settle next to him with a small smile on his face.

Fatalis sat apart from the rest of the group, watching father and son with an unreadable expression.

To Be Continued…
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This is actually really good. My favourite characters are Jack, Sawyer and Charlie (and the fat guy, I keep forgetting his name even though I watch every episode). I reckon the characters fit very nicely for this as they are representations of the original characters. Well done HF. :D 5/5!
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Thanks LE and everyone who commented in the Random Topic. Chapter 2 is up.
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

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Postby mega raptor » Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:44 am

Lost, re-enacted with dinosaurs-excellant idea. I like it.
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cool, i've barely even seen lost and i like it :D
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I finally kicked myself in the *** and got to writing the new chapter! XD (All aboard the failboat!)
"Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come."
"Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you're willing to practice, you can do." ~ Bob Ross

"The future is always uncertain and painful but it must be lived." ~ Unknown
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two things.

mega raptor wrote:It's you and me against the world. We attack at dawn.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper. - T.S. Eliot

two, Best. Idea. Ever.
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