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The HELLWOLF chronicles

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:05 pm
by Zephyr
The HELLWOLF chronicles: Lets see if anyone can figure this out

Prologue: Half-Conscious

Blackness...then ever so slowly light, then sight, confusion and lost thoughts racing through my mind...then a voice
Professor the experiment has awoken shall we continue with the procedure. I was dazed and weary layed flat on some kind of table. Off to my left i could here another voice. Yes continue with the procedure and let me know when you get the results.

There was a prick of a needle in my arm and then every thing went black for me again.

I awoke again unsure of how much time had passed, days i guessed

Professor the last test was a failure are you sure you want to keep going with this. Dont ask me questions just get it done. We will create the ultimate bio-weapon nowmatter how long it takes. A third voice called out, we are injecting the nanites now along with the replacement genes. This so called proffesor spoke up from my right, how is his tolerance to silver? Every test it gets better and better soon enough he can withstand a direct injection of it. Good, good. Darkness took me again.

Again day after day I was half-awake half-unconscious until i was fully awoken for the brief period of time where they would speak of me. Who are they?

He is going into cardiac arrest get the defibrilators. Charge...CLEAR. There was a jolt electricity shooting through me but i could not move heart racing and completely immoble. Charge... CLE--. WAIT, wait it's not a heart attack... *sigh* too late you already killed the nanites. Sir? one man queationed. I was told that this might happen and that he would be perfectly fine, but now we have to start the whole procedure over again... Every one get back to work.

I could hear everything going on in my half-conscious mind then darkness took me again.

It seemed like ages went by at a time, PROFESSOR! I think we've done it! Every thing is off the charts! Muscle growth has tripled, Heart rate beyond capacity and still alive, we've done it! After three weeks Project Hellwolf is a success! There was a set of applause as everyone congratulated the proffesor. Excellent take him back to his holding cell, we will see how he does for the next few days.

Once again darkness overtook me and light faded away...

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Hey, buddy you alive, a voice spoke to me. Then i was slapped across the face, and I jumped up startled. Hey you're alive after all, three weeks worth of trips to the lab, i think thats a record for anyone, the voice said. I looked around as my hazed sight cleared up and i could make out the outline of the man's face and his white uniform like outfit.

Who are you? He grinned to me, The name's Jacob. I know who I am the question is do you know who you are? I looked around the room as though i hadn't heard him. Hey!, buddy whats your name. Uhmm... uh... Desh, I'm Desh. I held my head with one hand trying to figure out what happened. Well nice to meet you Desh, now come on, he grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up to my feet. We have to hurry before the messhall gets to crowded for chowtime, here. He tossed a white uniform just like his and told me to put it on so i did. After, he pulled me to the door of the room which was unlocked and then gestured for me to follow, which I did when I regained my balance, then began running after him.

Soon enough we made it to a double door with a rusted sign hanging above, MESSHALL. I hope your hungry, Jacob said as he shoved both doors open, and walked in. I followed hesitantly but when i got in I was surprised to find at least a hundred other people there wearing white outfits like Jacob and me. As i stepped further inside all the chattering and laughing stopped and everyone began to stare at me.

Jacob grabbed my arm and dragged me along to the lunch line where everyone stopped staring and returned to what they were doing. After we got our meals I followed Jacob to an empty table. I sat opposite from him and leaned forward before i spoke up, Where am I? He looked up at me halfway into a bite. Your in the Biotech facility, as an honored guest so called. I looked down at my food thinking in my mind how i got hear but then i felt ill and refrained from asking any other questions...for now at least.

Chapter 2: New enemies and Lost memories

I awoke at what seemed to be fairly early in the morning. It had been a few days now since i was last in the lab, according to Jacob. The routine was the same as usual, eat breakfast, go to the gym which is probably my favorite time of the day. Some of us would go outside for sports, but something was strange, this place was like a prison. Why do they have armed guards? Oh well i cant figure it out but I can tell you one thing, this day would change my life at Biotech.

It was lunch time, and i hung out with Jacob like usual just sitting at an empty table across the messhall. Before i know it in the middle of the meal this huge guy walks up to me with a temper. Who are you? he glares at me like the question was taboo. My name isnt important to you pureblood, you just watch yourself, you're not wanted around here, and with that he stormed off, and what the hell did he mean by pureblood? Jacob sat there like nothing happened, while i pegged him with questions. Who was that guy, what was he talking about? He looked up from his meal and cleared his throat. Everyone around here calls him Bruto, just because it sounds better than Brutus, I dont know why. As for what he was talking about, I haven't got a clue. For some reason he seemed to twitch when he said that but i figure it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

About an hour later we headed outside to play basketball. What the hell? I stopped in the hall staring down one of the corridors. A pair of officers were taking one of the guests by force. Jacob told me to ignore it and that it happens everyday around the facility. It doesn't matter it doesnt seem all that important anyway.

We had been playing basketball for about a half-hour now and it was down to Jacob's final shot for the win. He played rough i admit, but that didn't prepare me for what happened when he knocked me on my back. First a sharp pain then a blur in my sight and a frightening event flashed before my eyes, someone was being ripped limb from limb by... me?

I had no idea i was unconscious until i woke up in our holding cell with a headache. Jacob turned to me from the corner of the room, Hey, you alright? I think so, i lied i wasnt about to tell him about a meaningless vision, or was it? I layed back down my head still hurting. Strange, i just think about it now and i realize, why cant i remember anything?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:57 pm
by Doc 42
I like it. Good bit of mystery in it. It wouldve made more sense if it was first person though.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:38 pm
by Zephyr
I adjusted it to first person and know chapter 1 is up

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:38 am
by Legendary Elite
I don't think the title needs to be changed honestly. Seriously Zephyr the title fits it nicely as far as I'm concerned. Prologue was fine. Chapter 1 could've been lengthened I think but hey, it's good. I look forward to the next chapter.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:04 am
by Anaclagon
Im assuming this is about Desh RPG guy from the super natural RPG just assuming, I only like skimmed through it.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:10 pm
by Zephyr
Chapter 2 up and yes its about Desh's escape from biotech before his appearance in Supernatural rpg

and the title does work it just seemed like when i said it out loud to myself it sounded cheesey