Shadowfang's past

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Shadowfang's past

Postby Iceking » Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:07 am

This fanfic will reveal shadowfang's past and what he had been before he changed into the cruel murderer he is now. This begins when spottedstar was leader of thunderclan and far before many of the cats in wrpg such as firestreak came to be

Chapter 1:From apprentice to warrior

In the camp of thunderclan, spottedstar and and a mentor by the name of dustfang looked at a cat, their gaze proud. The cat that they were looking at was Shadowpaw, a grey and black tom who had proved to be a skilled apprentice. The whole clan had gathered around for this and Spottedstar meowed to Shadowpaw:"We are very proud of you, Shadowpaw. You have proven to us that you will become a very good warrior from what dustfang has told me." Shadowpaw smiled at his leader, somewhat embaressed at the same time. Spottedstar meowed:"Shadowpaw, i hearby pronounce you as Shadowpaw no longer, but now Shadowfang." Shadowfang couldn't help but to smile once again. He was in a very happy modd now and one of the apprentices meowed to him:"Congratulations, Shadowfang." This was indeed a happy event for the clan that an apprentice became a warrior and When spottedstar had called the clan to inform them, he had sounded very happy. Shadowfang listened to another cat meow to him:"I'm very happy that you'r now a warrior, Shadowfang." This event would be one that few would forget. The sun was shining and the calls of birds could be heard in the air. It was almost as though this was one of the happiest days for thunderclan.
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