Supersoldier: Dawning

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Supersoldier: Dawning

Postby Zephyr » Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:38 am

This is on another planet. Earth was no longer capable of sustaining human-life. Pioneers traveled through space and after many many years found several new planets similar to earth in many respects. They terraformed the planets then formed governments which soon became the great and powerful Alliance of Humanities Origins. Run by a powerful council and protected by militarised fronts on each planet, 15 in all. Extraterrestrial beings were never found but brutal human races who had access to space made constant attacks on the alliance worlds. Only recently has work begun on a new breed of soldier to protect the worlds. Supersoldiers, genetically altered to be superior to normal humans. Bred to do the bidding of the coucil and uphold peace until a fateful day when the coucils plans were revealed.

Prologue: Lost Journal

3 years after the incident...

Sir, you might want to see this, it will definetly spark your interest.
Well bring it here lets see it.

The officer brought over a small book he found in a pile of rubble of the abandoned warehouse.It was like a pocket journal... giving it to his CO, and the CO opened it flipping through pages which were all smudged out, except one. He looked at the bottom... no signature. Then he read it silently to himself.

I've always wanted to be the best, the best of the best in fact.
I volunteered for this so i could have what i desired.
I learn to late now that it comes with a price, when so many die by your hand
And when you are one of the few people who bring hope for humanity.
The worked on us, experimented, to make the ultimate warrior.
Muscular Enhancers, Adrenal Implants, the works
And yet being ordered around like a dog and slaughtering innocents when we were promised the strength to protect them.
Nobody uderstood, nobody except me and my partners
When we figured the true plans the government had, we rebelled, just the three of us.
Full on renegade we struckback whenever we could then slipped away again
They were good, sending the best of the best after us, but we were better.
This is the beginning of a revolution, and they wont stop us.

Chapter One: Beginning of a New Life

There was a cold splash on my face as i fell from my bunk.
Come on Gaige you lazy bum we're gonna touch down on Azaron in fifteen. I rubbed my face and opened my eyes in exhaustion. I looked up to see a dark-blonde haired man in his combat armor. What the hell Styx you couldnt give me five more minutes. Oh come on Gaige its your first mission i thought you would be excited. I got up from the floor and stretched. Fine, fine i'll get ready. I looked left across the room. Hey wheres Reon. He's in the messhall grabbing a snack before the drop.

Styx is my CO so to speak, hes the boss of me and Reon and he kind hearted always willing to help out. Reon on the other hand is the kind of the pain in the a** you cant live without.

I walked down the hall silently. Suddenly an arm wrapped around my throat. Hey Gaige, you really shouldnt leave your gaurd down. I struggled to free myself from his grip, Hey Reon, i managed to rasp out. Hey cut it out you two, Styx appeared down the hall. Instantly Reon let go of me and pushed me aside. Come on Styx we were just goofing. Well dont do it again. As soon as Styx left again Reon turned to me and made a mock imitation of our commander. Cut it out Reon lets just head to the dropship.

We went to the cruisers armory and put on our combat suits, a really light black vest with a layer of steel alloy within the fabric and bullet proof padding on the exterior, as well as carbon steel shoulder pads. I grabbed my assault rifle off the shelf and grabbed Reon's tossing it to him.

Styx came by to check on us but more than that to equip his prize possesion. He reached into his locker and pulled out a sword, the same sword he was given when he reached his officer ranking. Then he walked out with a grin. Dam, I cant wait to be an officer, to really be the best of the best, then i could have one of those. Reon laughed, yeah good luck with that, you dont have the muscle to be an officer, ha ha. I turned to him and shrugged, And you dont have the brains. Why you... get over here! He charged at me and a made a breakneck run to the dropships like it was somekind of game as i laughed the way there.

We reached the hangar in no time and we were both practically out of breath. Hey hurry it up you two lets go! A voice called. We ran over to the dropship and jumped into the passenger area. Rico, Chavez, Axle how you guys doing, Reon exclaimed rather loudly. I took my seat relaxing as the four of them began to talk on. A few minutes later Styx walked in and the pilot called over, Are we all set then or is there someone else we have to wait for. Thats it Jenson lets take it down. Styx said calmly.

There was a strong bump as the magnetic claws that held the dropships popped off dropping us through a hatch in the floor. It took several short moments to get everything running and we began our decent.

So whats the mission exactly? Styx glanced at me and then at everyone else. Its a quick infiltrate and destroy. You must understand you are not yet part of SOLDIER yes you all have the genetic alteration, muscle enhancements and adrenal implantations, but thats not what makes you a supersoldier. Skill, courage, and an undying resolve is what it takes. If you come out of this mission alive you will have entered the ranks of SOLDIER and be one of us for life.

Several minutes later there was a hard bump as we made contact with the planets surface. The rear hatch opened and in seconds we found ourselves marching out into a rainy night...
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Postby Doc 42 » Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:55 pm

Nice prologue. It has that "Red Faction" Feel to it, which I like.
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Postby Zephyr » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:37 am

Chapter 1 is up
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:08 am

Cool chapter...Reminds me of Starship Troopers for some reason.

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