My Past, By: Shadelight

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My Past, By: Shadelight

Postby Shade » Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:02 pm

The Badger

I was born like all kits, but my mother died giving birth to me and my brother. My kithood was spent in the nursery and with my father's stories. My brother Wolfkit loved his stories, one day it all was destroyed. The camp was a running, yowling mess. I wanted to find my father and ask him what was happening, but then I heard a horrible mewling from the nursery, two of my den mates were caught in a badger's mouth, one of them was my brother. The badger lumbered away without too much diffuculty. My father ran after it and came back defeated. I've never seen my father so distraught, I wanted to rush over to him and tell him it would be alright, but my foster mother shooed me into the nursery and begged me to stay there.

My Apprenticeship

I was soon an apprentice and of course my father mentored me. He was tough, but not unfair and for that I was greatful. But I really didn't want to be a warrior, instead of fighting and hurting, possibly killing. I wanted to be a medicine cat, I wanted to help. My best friend Ravenpaw was always there for me and he listened like no other friend. We did everything together and of course we were never seen without each other. It was on a beautiful leaf-green day when it happened. My Father and I were training in an open area and I felt something above us. Suddenly my father was in the air hanging from a hawk's talons and I ran after him. I lost them after a while and went back to the camp to tell everyone what happened. It took me a few days to move on and a few more days for Willowhisper to convince me to be her apprentice, but she did. I've never been so happy to serve under Willowwhisper's guidance. Soon it was my warrior ceremony and my name was Shadelight.


After I was given my warrior name, I continued my duties as a medicine cat's apprentice. Of course Willowwhisper was very old and I knew she wouldn't live forever, but it was still earth-shaking to see my beloved mentor die. Her death shook the entire clan's roots. And I was overcome by grief. But I continued my duties with a calm mask and everyone thought I was taking it very well.
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