Fireeye's life

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Fireeye's life

Postby Huntress » Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:04 pm

I was always the one to get beat up by all the other kits. I was the smallest, the weakest, and the youngest. All the male kits were jerks to me!! And I could never play with any of the other kits. They'd just chase me off. I got kicked around so much I started to learn how to fight. I even came up with a trick to pull any cat's legs right out from under him. I started to do that on loan cats. The next thing I know their staying in a group and coming after me! So I finally gave up. Until Sunkit (Sunpelt) came and made peace between us. I finally got to be a kit. But it didn't last long.
I became an apprentice. I got the one cat that was a jerk. Dad didn't even care. Mom had died just after Sunpaw (Sunpelt) and I were born. He still morned, so the deputy had to pick mentors for us. The first day was nothing but work work work. Drill drill drill. I nearly screamed in agony. Yet I developed a sense of humor. Maybe because I needed to have some sort of friendlyness. I learned much from my mentor. even if he was a jerk. Then it all changed
The Wolves
We were attacked. Wolves came. They were every where. Plenty of cats had fled into trees. I saw Sunpaw (Sunpelt) laying on the ground with a gash to her head. I dragged her up into a tree. Then I turned back. I saw dad and Nightheart fighting. They took a wolf down together and turned to fight another. I leapt down to go help. I found dad. He lay there dieing. I couldn't do anything. He looked at me. "I'm sorry for... not taking care of you... and you sister." he gasped. "You just wanted her back." I whispered. Slowly his eyes dimmed and glazed. He looked at me. "Sunpelt is Leader now. I love you Fireeye and will never stop loving you." I looked at him and whispered "I love you too." And he died. I turned and lashed at the wolf that had killed him. I fought till the wolf lay died. But it had marked me. From my right ear all the way to my jaw was a gash that turned to the scar I now must have till I jion Starclan. I told Sunpelt everything. We morned for until full moon. Then Sunpelt took over the Tribe. Now all i do is train and fight. Protecting the tribe. All I want though is now gone.
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