Pandion's past

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Pandion's past

Postby Huntress » Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:48 pm

The Begining Of It All

Deep within the earth, new life stirred from the fires. Terrible creatures arose from the ashes that still lay there of long dead kin. Pandion watched as more and more demons were born. She was the only one left of her kind, for once she had not been born of fire, but by a great power. She rolled her eyes at all the drama. "Its already crowded enough. The earth doesn't need more stuck-up know it alls running all over causing more havoc then there already is. Besides, if the world gets to much havoc then we're all doomed." She thought. She shurgged. "At least it'll give me something to do on Saturday nights." She turned and walked back to the surface to see if anything else was emerging from the ashes of the world. For it was a terrible barren place for now. Only demons had been here. But now came a new life, for the old life was slowly dieing away. "Not all of us are going to die. There will be some at the end of all this life. And I'll be one of them, but till that day comes I shall wait and watch till there's some fun to be done." And with that Pandion turned and dissapeared to where no one could tell you. Until she turned up once more at the beginings of the the Dark Ages.
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