Dreams of the Damned

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Dreams of the Damned

Postby Tediz » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:39 pm


Jackson laughed and giggled as the Jester danced up on the stage, entertaining the small, ten year old boy, along with the rest of the crowd. The man's bell filled jester hat jingled as he moved, his yellow and green, colorful, poofy clothes gave him a silly appearance, and his black eyeliner and long pointed goatee made him look happy as ever as he hopped joyfully along the platform. To the left of Jackson the short, anthropomorphic, Stinky the Skunk started yelling out in a high pitched voice, "You've done that dance, already! Do a different one!" The Jester stopped, looking at the Skunk. He looked out along the Crowd, raising an eyebrow. He rose a hand, pinched his nose and waved in front of his face with the other one, as if trying to waft a smell away.

The crowd of assorted anthro' Teddy Bears and Pandas burst out laughing at this, as did Jackson. Behind Jackson, Smiley, the tall cloaked figure who wore a snazzy brown coat and a sharp tan duster hat grinned. Not that it mattered, the mouth was the only visible part of Smiley you could see through the darkness inside his clothes. Smiley turned to the Skunk, "Don't try to embarrass the Jester, Stinky. You'll never win." Jackson smiled as the two started to get into an argument, walking away from the stage as the Jester resumed his dancing and tricks, the crowd still laughing joyously. The boy strode out along the grass, walking inside the City's castle walls, alongside houses and buildings, looking at all the things the Town's fair had to offer today.

He saw chubby little Panda Bears and cute, short Teddy's running around, playing together in the green, green plants. He saw the Squirrels trying to sell various goods to other people, he saw Mrs. Granny passing out cookies to everyone. Jackson smiled and kept on walking to the open City gates. People stopped and smiled, waving at the boy as he passed, and he waved back, still going to the gate. When he got there, he ran into Mr. Clockwork.

The tall, 7', incredibly slender robot walked up to him. His cute gears, cogs, and wires were all moving, fully visible. The blue glass circle on his chest shone brightly, and the two large glass eyes shone an even brighter blue. Without a mouth, Mr. Clockwork spoke in his traditional, proper voice. "Ah, young Master Jackson. Where are you headed on this fine, fair day?"
Jackson smiled and replied back. "Oh, just looking for Theodore. Any idea where he is?"
Mr. Clockwork raised a long skinny hand, extending his even longer and skinnier fingers. "Oh, out by the river, over the hill Master Jackson. He's out there with Captain."

Jackson's smile grew larger. "Thank you Mr. Clockwork!" He took off in a happy run, out of the gates and into the long hilly green fields that occupied the outside of the city. Mr. Clockwork laughed and waved as he left, returning to the fair. As Jackson got to the top of the hill, he took a breath of fresh air, smiling as he looked down upon what was below, not even half a mile from the Castle.

There were more Teddys and Pandas here, the fluff filled creatures playing with the animals. They chased each other, played hide-and-go-seek, swam in the River that was below, climbed Trees, all sorts of things. Immediately, Jackson spotted his three friends. Captain, Bush Bush, and who he was actually looking for. Theodore.

He ran even faster now, almost tripping and rolling down the hill as he shouted out, "Theodore! Captain! Bush Bush!" The trio turned, looking out as Jackson came towards them. They all smiled, raising their hands as they waved. Theodore dropped down, holding out his arms. The small boy jumped into his arms, laughing. All the other Teddys and Pandas did not come over 5', but Theodore was a little over six. He was large, bigger than an average adult Human, incredibly chunky. He had the nicest face Jackson had ever seen, his fat head complete with a cute, black button nose and small ears.

He picked up Jackson and whirled him around, both of them laughing. Captain, the old bearded man who dressed and looked like a Nut Cracker, complete with a sword and rifle, simply smiled. Bush Bush, the hedgehog, pranced around and squealed happily. Jackson spoke, after Theodore sat him down. "My friends! What are you doing?"
Bush Bush spoke. "Oh, just talking about the fair. We were wondering where you were, Jackie!"
Theodore sat down under a tree, holding out an arm. "We were trying to convince Captain here to go into the City with us, but he prefers the River."
Jackson sat down next to Theodore, leaning against the large Teddy Bear. "Captain, won't you come with us, to the fair?"
The old man sighed, "I suppose, if you want me too..."
Bush Bush shouted out, "Aww, come on now Captain! Don't be boring!"

Theodore and Jackson laughed. The Captain glared at Bush Bush. "Don't tell me what to do, I've had more-"

The Captain was cut off as a loud explosive noise was heard. Everything was covered in a blinding light momentarily. Bush Bush squealed and jumped down, curling up. Captain drew his sword. Theodore rose up a fluffy paw, covering Jackson's face from the light.

When it died down, the four of them looked out, confused. The Teddys and Pandas around them rose up from where they had jumped down, and at the top of the hill more came from the City, wondering what had happened. On the other side of a narrow spot of the River, a large oval shaped, white and shiny thing hovered in the air. Around it, the grass was dead, replaced with fire now dying out on the black earth.
Jackson spoke. " Wh...what is it?"
Captain walked towards the river, motioning for the nearest pair of Teddys to come with him. Bush Bush rose up, his Quills lowering themselves slightly. "It... It...what is that, Theodore?"
The bear stood up, holding the small boy close to him. "I don't know. Stay here, Bush Bush. Let Captain figure it out."

The Captain jumped down into the river, wading through it. The pair of Teddys - and others who gave in to their curiosity - came behind him. The Captain stopped in the middle of the River, looking up at the shiny thing. A Teddy next to him spoke. "Captain? ...What is it?"
He shook his head. "I don't know. Just...just don't go any farther."
The Teddy bear nodded. "Well, whatever it is, they'd better bring some grass with them and fix that patch! Oh, but it's all right I suppose. What's a little grass in return for some new friends? I wonder how friendly they'll be. Think they'll like our food? I wonder if they have any new food. I love new friends, so much! Maybe they--"

The Teddy was cut off as something shot out of the Oval, landing in his head. The bear staggered for a bit as red tinged fluff peeked out of his forehead, and a red trickle ran down. He fell backwards, landing with a splash in the water. Captain looked down in shock at the sight of a circular blade sticking out of his head. He hesitated for only a moment before he turned back around, shouting out, "RUN!"

The Pandas and Teddys in the water immediately started to panic at the site of death, something they had never seen before. They turned around, trying to wade back through the water frantically. Another disk shot out, hitting a Panda in his chubby back. It did not stop him, not going all the way through his back. Or so he thought before he stopped, shouting out in pain as a buzzing noise was heard. Blood was seen spraying out of his back, then his front as the Disk cut through him, rocketing out into the sky. The Panda fell forward, landing like the Teddy did in the water.

To the ones on the hill that could not see the Disks, the site of blood rapidly spreading through the water was more than enough to get them to turn around. Captain had made it to the bank, not stopping as he kept on going, trying to get to the hill. Bush Bush panicked like the rest, running on all fours away from the Oval. Theodore gripped Jackson tightly, holding him as he ran.

All around them Teddys and Pandas trying to make it to the hill were being chopped, sliced, decapitated, and other things as more Disks shot out. Jackson watched in horror as the fluff of the Teddys and Pandas fell out, blood running from their bodies.

This went on for about ten seconds, before the Disks died down. Some of the Teddys and Pandas kept going for the city, others stopped long enough turn back to the Oval. Bush Bush ran past Captain and Theodore as he went on to the Castle. Putting Theodore down at the top of the hill, he looked at Captain. Teddys and Pandas were still trying to make it to the hill, and it seemed they would.

It seemed they would, before a pair of long, black tentacles shot out of the Oval. They grabbed the creatures by the legs. One lifted its Panda up and slammed it down repeatedly, smashing it until the Pandas fluff and blood stuck out in numerous places. The other tentacle threw the Panda down, raised up, and began to impale him in the torso. As they did this more tentacles shot out, reaching as far as the hill. Jackson was too afraid to move. Theodore yelled out, "Captain, get Jack out of here! Get him out, don't let him come back"

The Captain nodded and grabbed Jackson by the arm, who did not argue as he pulled him towards the City. Theodore grabbed a hold of the nearest Teddy, who had a tentacle around his chest. The Teddy bear started to cry and wail, bawling as the thing tugged at him. Theodore gripped on with both hands, his feet being slowly dragged along the ground as he tried to hold onto the poor thing. It seemed as if the Teddy was not going anywhere, until a *rip was heard, and all Theodore was holding onto the was the top half of a bleeding torso. He tossed it to the ground, turned around and tried to move towards the city.

One more tentacle shot out, grabbing Theodore by the leg. It started to drag him towards the Oval. The large bear shouted out, grabbing a hold of the grass as it pulled him in. Captain saw this. "Jackson, go! Go into the City and don't come back!"
Jackson was confused. "Do...don't come back?" Then he saw Theodore. "THEO!" He started to run down the hill before a passing Panda grabbed him, going back to the top and to the City.

Theodor was already to the river now, being pulled into the water as the Captain darted towards him. The large bear was pulled through the water, getting the blood in his face. The Captain made it to the edge, jumping in as he raced towards him. The bear was now out of the water, being drug on the black earth. The Captain made it to him, grabbing a hold of his hands. He held onto him tightly, refusing to let go. Still, Theodore was moving closer and closer to the portal.

Jackson watched this, tears in his eyes. Captain realized he was not strong enough to hold onto the bear. He let go, quickly running to the side. He raised up his sword, swinging it down towards the tentacle...

The sword hit bare ground as Theodore was jerked, screaming, into the Oval. Jackson burst into tears, yelling out.

When he woke up he raised up, yelling "THEODORE! THEODORE! THEODORE!" His Mom ran into the room, seeing her son crying in a sweaty, teary mess. She ran to him, trying to calm him down and tell him he just had a bad dream. Jackson hugged his knees, and the small boy cried and cried, unable to comprehend all that had just happened.

That was five years ago. Jackson has not returned to his self created world since.
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