Hunted: A short story

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Hunted: A short story

Postby Shadow » Tue May 05, 2009 7:05 pm

A short story


All was quiet. No insects, no birds, no nothing. That is, until the hum of the engines came. Gradually growing louder and louder.
Nothing else could be heard. Apart from the engines. Surely then, any cries of fear, screams of terror, would be drowned out. Not a sound…

Chapter 1

Jack was in the drivers seat, his head was throbbing. He had been driving for 7 whole hours. Seven hours of his life, wasted. What for? To witness the ‘rise of evolution’. “Better be good.” He thought to himself.
“ I don’t want to slave away in this truck for any longer than I have to.” Then he noticed something, something…small, pointless. The truck was shaking very gently. He assumed it was just the track, causing this movement. He could barely keep his eyes open, let alone think about things like that. He glanced to his right, Another soldier was lying out cold. Who would have thought it? A slight judder and he’s out. He was your average camo soldier. Green pants and shirt, green hat, black boots. Jack was dressed the same, minus the hat and the gun.
He tried to clear his head, focus on driving. But he couldn’t. Thud! The truck jolted threateningly forward, and Jack nearly knocked himself out cold. Then it happened again. Thud! He realised now, where he was. The metal casing protecting him from his cargo was severely dented. What looked like claw marks were scraped next to another, larger imprint. Twisted bumps and warped horns, it looked like a mask. A mask of death.
A bright light shone into the truck. As Jack put his foot down to brake, the lights became dimmer. The truck came to a halt with a light jolt. Jack groaned. Two soldiers armed with Machine Guns strode up to the vehicle. One of them, slightly taller than the other looked through the window at the ‘sleeping’ soldier. Then he transfixed his gaze to Jack. Several seconds passed. “What?” He exclaimed, glancing at the dent in the truck wall, “Better be careful mate.” And with that, he opened the door, got out and slammed it shut again. The soldier raised an eyebrow in surprise, then he nodded to the other, who got in, and turned the ignition. But, guns, useful as they are…are also a pain. Because as the soldier got in, the AK-47 knocked a switch. Click. The noise was almost silent. As the truck revved into life, one of the guards spotted something. Out of the back of the vehicle came a shadow. The guard squinted.

Then he screamed.

“The creatures! They’re loose!” He raised his gun and started loosing rounds of bullets, a terrified look on his face. The others did the same.
The two soldiers close to the transport ran for their lives. One of the creatures snarled, and leapt on top of the truck, its eyes glinting with malice. While the other, completely oblivious to the bullets being launched at it with considerable fury and terror, darted into a nearby fern. At the next second, a piercing scream rang through the air. One of the soldiers near the entrance was on the dirt, writhing in pain. Blood leaked out of his arm. It had been torn clean off. Then, the creature lunged. It’s four spiked tail had latched on to another guards head, and ripped it from the neck. The guards beheaded body fell to the floor. The creature on top of the truck moved like lightning, slitting one guards throat with deadly precision, while its tail dug it’s barbs deep into the remaining guards chest, tearing through his heart and ripping one of his lungs. It’s tail drew back and then…they were gone.

(Keep in mind it was meant for 600 words. I'm also currently working on a longer version.)
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