Fallout: Out of the vault

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Fallout: Out of the vault

Postby UltraGrunt117 » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:34 am

"Thump" as the overseer Nobon fell to the floor as I slit his throat.
Thats it the Vault door! Liam ran as fast as he could only to be confronted by the entire remaining vault 117 security force. "Time to die A$$hole" shouted Rupert. Liam looked into the crates that looked like they adorned the halls, most of them empty but then he came across M134 Minigun :!: printed on the crate. He used his crowbar to open it and "POW" he had a brand new shining minigun plated with gold, he named it Avenger, The secruity force shook in terror and all ran and hid as the minigun's barrel started to spin. After a few minutes of sheer ownage by Liam he sheathed the "Avenger" and ran for the vault door controls he activated them half expecting the vault door to blow up but instead it slid perfectly and gave Liam what he wanted... The Wasteland. As he opened the badly crafted door he was almost blinded by the big light in the sky(The Sun) and the rough dirty ground had him confused and all WTF'd. In the distance he saw a large tower jutting up out of the ground, he headed towards this anomaly on high alert, this was it, he escaped!
"Were It so Easy"- The Arbiter

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