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Re: My Decent Drawings

Postby Hopeflower » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:30 pm

One day came knocking and I completely forgot to upload any of them here shjdshfks

For context - these first two were more birthday gifts for KP, and they're all me being a silly sh*t and going nuts with trying new poses.


I love how tattoos are a thing. I get to think about how they'd compliment the body when someone asks for them. Pose referenced from this


Reffed from NOTHING, I had to completely improvise the poses. You might notice they look like they're wearing jeans. To which I say shhh, pants all have similar patterns anyway, pretend I wasn't being lazy.


Rowan getting ready to kick some ***. Reference here.


And one of several requests by CS. More of these to come. Pose reference heeeere.
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