Tribute To Torment

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Tribute To Torment

Postby C S » Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:43 am

Abandoned and alone
Unattentive parents, disowned
Grew up with his brothers
On an island that he knew
As he grew, he took what life threw
But soon it was too much
As if someone took a brush
His life was painted out
He never dared to stop and pout
This is where it all came out
Where he cracked under pressure
Where he became a cold blooded
Killer, slasher and all
Under his skin, memories crawl
In the blackness of his heart
He is known as Darkness...
His mind slipped through the cracks
Ready to pay life back
For all the hardships
For all the stupid sh*t
Love was his harness
A shadow is only a part of the Darkness...

The beginning of the end
Where he lost his brothers
And Fatalis, his friend
Lived with his pack until he was four years old
Until it all fell apart and left him in the cold
Something happened between the leader and a raptor named Sharpclaw
Sharpclaw left before it turned into a brawl
Darkness let out a sorrowful call, Sharpclaw was his really good friend
Life had no mercy, no mercy to lend
Because sometime later, the leader was dead
And the pitch black raptor wanted her head
For destroying his pack, Sharpclaw would pay
He would hunt her and cause her excruciating pain
He would never rest until she was slain
This was his mission
Fueled by determination
He set out on his quest, never taking a moment's rest
Making his skills the best.
Once found, Darkness put his plan in motion
He was going to cause one hell of a commotion
Cause Sharpclaw the pain he once felt
Destroying one of her eggs, attacking her pack leader
Oh the cards that he dealt.
He underestimated her leader, Scar
He and Darkness' skills were on par
Later he met Crusher, who to Darkness was nothing but a
Brute, a beast and bruiser.
Soon after fate would have him captured
Taken to the land of man
There he joined the pack
Then he was taken back to the island
Thats where he abandoned his plan.
He saw the error of his ways
"Goodbye" He said, before he started to tread
Wandering off, taking to his lonesome
His return would prove very grusome...

The second coming
His arrival impending
A raptor sentry dead
Filling the pack with dread
He would do the unthinkable
The ultimate act of defiance
Attacking Crusher
The thought alone unfathomable
Then his eyes set on Sharpclaw
Blood lust insatiable
He attacked
Vengence irresistable
His rampage came to an end
Thanks to Crusher and Scar
Watching with envy is how his time was spent
Soon enough he was taken once more
Among friends, normality, he adored
Until Onarus appeared again
Sweeping him up, Onarus taught Darkness sin
Telling him to inflict pain
Darkness was meant to be a monster
But then he turned on his master
Killed his brother
Attacked Crusher
The fight ended like it had before
The raptor couldnt take anymore
More fighting
More attacks
Slashing, gashing, gnawing
Darkness was the one suffering
Limping off, bleeding and alone
A glinting light, on the horizon shone
For Darkness, his time of reckoning had come to an end
And a present fate would bring
A wonderful thing
When he found Steeltalon, gears within gears turned
A new word he would learn

The new shadow
Slowly regaining his mellow
Though still shakey
Shakey like Jell-O
Started getting feelings
Bits of strange emotions
Attached to this Steeltalon
Then came Sandstorm
Turned everything into a maelstrom
Made Darkness wonder where he came from
Ready to beat him like a drum
But Steeltalon cared for him
Darkness couldn't think the same
He disappeared into shame
Feeling his heart quiver
Found out by a hatchling named Silver
His secret, she'd let everyone discover!
The situation, he tried to cover
But the word got out
Silver told Steeltalon about
it all
Into blackness, Darkness began to fall
Soon he was found
Steeltalon bound
Tried to speak but couldn't
Should he tell her, maybe he shouldn't
About his true feelings
Sandstorm bailed him out
Though inside, Darkness was reeling
He got his chance however
to tell her that he loved her
Indirectly of course
but it was better than the remoarse
of keeping secrets
and regrets
So what did this mean
Were they together?
The asnwer is yes
Though not forever
But Im getting ahead myself for this matter
Fate had one more suprise
Dished on a silver platter
Because later down the line Darkness would be a father
Soon they'd say goodbye to Silver
And Darkness would stay along Steeltalon
They spent everyday
What happened tomorrow? They wouldn't know
But the story would be told, through the eyes of the shadow

Because Darkness deserved some fan appreciation too
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Postby Doc 42 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:13 pm

One or two odd lines and a rogue comma here or there but otherwise quite good!
(Y <- *Doc sign of approval*
Last section(? no stanzas) was really good, pacing was done well.
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Postby C S » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:21 am

Goal reached

Poem done, summarizing Through The Eyes of The Shadow

Happy happy fun time!
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Postby Sheriff Hoyt » Tue May 25, 2010 11:03 pm

Wow. That is simply brilliant. I suddenly see you as a very mature individual.
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