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Postby C S » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:17 am

We used to look upon each other
Putting off this fight from one day to another
But now its clear as day
There is no other way
That this time we look upon each other
We will not be together
And our connection we will sever
And this is how it will be forever
Because we were doomed from the start
Destined to depart
And as long as one of us has a beating heart
This stalemate will never end

Which is funny because we were more than friends
The many rules that we would bend
On each other we can depend
How long has it been this way?
What were the things that you wanted to say?
To whom did you pray
To bring us to a better day?

We knew it wouldnt end any different
But still we went along with it
And now here we are
Like the dim light of a dying star
We face each other
Like day and night
Like black and white
I dont hate you
You dont hate me
But how can this be
We contrast so drastically
And we were meant to be enemies

So we take a heavy sigh
Knowing that the end is nigh
We look upon each other
And put this fight off to another date
and continue on in our stalemate
Because you and I both know
That its the differences that draw us together
And no matter how much we want to dismember
We will both be remembered
You in my heart
And I in yours
Thats just how this cycle goes
It will never end
Because of the rules we bend
And here we are in this cycle that will receprocate
Our never ending stalemate

A fight that wants to begin
Gets drowned in our sin
So here we go again
Though this poem may stop
You just have to take it from the top
And this issue wont drop
"Saturn was NOT a Single Lady." - Unknown
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