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Postby Huntress » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:47 pm

The wolf howls to his mistress,
He cries his sadness,
His pain,
And his triumph,
He wishes,
To serve the beatiful moon,
To be with her in the night sky,
To hunt down all enimies of her to thier grave,
To be praised and remeber upon the next generation,
As the snow fall's around him,
He closes his eyes,
To be greeted by the moon,
He cries one more time,
Before leaping into the sky.
To be greeted by his one true love
People think wolves are nothing but evil creatures. Think they kill out of wickedness. They kill for food, for portection and those that kill are either afraid or diease ridden. They cry ro the moon to tell her all thier misseries and victories. They cry to each other to tell and warn. They ask her to bring them into her realm. To take them from this world of guns, traps, and wickedness of humans. Shame upon us. Shame that we strike them at full cry!!! How dare we!! Why do we do this?? Why must we kill!....... Tis god's will. We must always kill to live. Everything upon this earth that grows and moves has been killed by humans. And only some repay the Earth. Only some give to it. The wolves still cry. But for how much longer??
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Postby Tediz » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:56 am

Huh... I'm a wolf person myself... I really like it.. Psst....... Btw.... You're tagline. Mr. Jack Sparrow did not say "Wasn't much to follow tradition." ... It was "Never been much on tradition" .... I think. Maybe. Doesn't really matter lol. But yeah! Cool poem thing 8)
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