Twas the night before Christmas..

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Twas the night before Christmas..

Postby C S » Thu Dec 25, 2008 11:46 am

Twas the night before Christmas
Or atleast I thought it was
Where Aircrest waited so patiently
For the fat man that will undoubtedly
go slide down the chiminey
To leave presents
Before leaving for cincinati
But Aircrest hated Santa
He really did
It was an unfortunate truth
I dare not kid
Aircrest had a smirk on his face
He had begun to pace
With armor and weapons on his end
The last Christmas eve that Santa will spend.
He slid down with ease. He looked about.
With a joyful shout
He let out "HOHOHO! With utmost glee
"Hello all! Happy Christmas eve!"
With a bellow of rage, Aircrest threw a punch
Hitting santa's stomach, almost making him throw up his lunch.
A round house kick to the side, a slash across the cheek
Aircrest thought of dumping him in a creek
"What in hell!? Whats going on!?" Santa yelled
Whats with the aggression, he could not tell
Aircrest launched himself to the air
eyes fixed on Saint.Nick with a glare
He kicked Santa's head on his descent
Aircrest barked "How's that for a present!?"
Santa yelled "I have to get out of here, to Cincinati and then Alberta!"
An elf could be heard "You psychotic killah!"
Unsheathing his swords with bountiful anger
Santa's life was is very grave danger.
Throwing a lump of coal
Santa crocuhed into the chiminey and jumped up to the cold.
Aircrest dodging the rock barked with merry "Ya you better run before I light the wood of cherry!"
Snowclaw mewing with disdain "Whats with all the noise?"
Aircrest barked "I made Old Saint Nick turn tail and take his toys"
Aircrest lit a match and threw it into the tinder, it turning fast into cinders
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Postby Tediz » Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:18 am

I dunno what half that stuff said, but it made me smirk lol.
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