My Little Pony RPG (April Fools)

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My Little Pony RPG (April Fools)

Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:55 am

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The RPG takes place in the fantasy realm of Equestria, where the primary residents are ponies of many types, such as earth ponies, unicorns, pegasi, and in special cases, unicorn pegasi. Humans are nonexistent, the word "body" at the end of certain words is blasphemy, and there is lots of friendship and magic up in this b*tch. So lets get to it.

Earth ponies: Physically strong because of their terrerstial existence.
Unicorns: Their single horn gives them powerful magical abilities.
Pegasi: They have wings, and use them to fly. Usually very fast.
Unicorn Pegasi (Off limits): Legendary combination only seen in Equestria's royalty. Immense power.

1: No killing off each others' characters without permission.
2: Don't be an *******.

Name: Obvious.
Age: Ponies can live to be quite old. 20 would be considered young adult, so comparable to humans.
Type: Unicorn, Pegasi, Earth.
Gender: DUR.
Description: What they look like. INCLUDES CUTIE MARK.
Personality: Who they are as a pony. Get used to the word pony, by the way.

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Re: My Little Pony RPG

Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:59 am

While the ponies of Ponyville went about their daily business, something was lurking in the shadows. Specifically in the shadow of a box. Under it. Solid Sparkle moved stealthily through the crowds of working ponies, rendered completely undetectable by his protective box. Although his stealth was perfect, he was on a mission. A mission of the utmost importance...and secrecy.

Re: My Little Pony RPG

Postby C S » Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:18 pm

Atomane watched the stacks of bubbling concoctions, each flask and beaker connected by intricate spiralling tubes that allowed the multicolored liquids to flow freely. "Ah yes, very good" The scientific pony said to himself, nodding with satisfaction. He had a white lab coat that draped off of his sides and large goggles strapped onto his head, the lenses making his green eyes look like they were bulging. Atomane was attentive to the mixtures, occasionally pouring in substances or pouring out, the fizzling liquids crackling in their containers. Before long, in one large beaker was a fluid that seemed to refract light all all angles, becomming a shimmering rainbow colored mix. "The essence of friendship!" Atomane exclaimed before breaking out into delighted laughter.

He pulled himself from his day dream just as he made a slip of his hoof, adding just a pinch too much of a purple substance that destabalized the mixture. The fluids within the containers were suddenly chaotic, jumping around like boiling water. A low hissing sound eminated from the flasks and beakers. Atomane backed up into the corner of his lab, watching the reaction. In the large beaker was a gray muck filled with slow moving air bubbles. Atomane sighed. "Its no essence of friendship...but at least it didnt explode"
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