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Fantasy RPG Lore

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The Knights of Marinus
The Knights of Marinus… Well, not so much Knights anymore.

The Knights of Marinus were King Delmorssa’s elite guard, comprised of warriors in tune with magic. Essentially, their weapons were just for show. Most of their duties were restricted to policing. Then of course, Delmorssa died and peace vanished. That was when they earned their name. Fighting in the name of King Damien, they slaughtered anyone who challenged the uneasy kingdom. A legion of over 900 men and women ready to do the bidding of their masters. Morals meant nothing to them. Honour only applied to other warriors. Their previously unused weapons became their only passions but then, Damien’s son, Acheron, went too far. To the horror of some and to the shock of everyone, magic was the one thing the Knights would never part with. The one thing they could not consent to obey was to become equal to the people they defended. As one, they all left. The entire legion simply walked out of Idillia. People tried to stop them, obviously, but after the first few attempting this were killed in overly brutal ways, the Industrialist nation saw it safer to just let them leave... Which they did…

The legion wandered throughout the land for nearly a year… They travelled as far as the desert at one point, trading and hunting to survive… They fitted nowhere, unable to settle into life as a whole. Their numbers dwindled, many joining the hundreds of small towns and cities they met on their travels. Then, they met the elves… A hunting party stumbled upon a group of elves locked in combat with a Troll. The battle was going badly, the forest Troll having already killed three of the elves. The hunters joined the battle, taking the troll by surprise and giving the elves a chance to fight back. The beast was quickly over whelmed and killed. It turned out that the leader of the elven group was actually King Caladorian… He was forever in the humans’ debt and invited the hunters to a banquet. When the hunters eventually returned to the Legions camp, they held stories of woods full of game, trees strong enough to hold the largest structure and of fabulous elven cities built almost entirely in the trees… Attracted by these stories, the Knights of Marinus wandered further into the forest, mimicking the elve’s way of life. Over the years, they spread out, finally settling down…

The knights’ title eventually fell into disuse…. It just didn’t apply anymore… Instead, the ever-expanding civilisation became known simply as the rangers, from their way of life.
The elves were delighted to have them there. Trading partners and allies in difficult times. But it didn’t last for long. It was obvious that war would eventually break out. No two cultures can co exist in a forest that used to support just one. It just needed a small push to get it started. That push was Bloodrose valley… The resulting hatreds and prejudices arising from that monumental catastrophe split the two races apart forever. Wars came and went. Lords taking territory from one another that they didn’t need. Perhaps, if they had put these differences aside, the elves wouldn’t have lost so much to the demons… regardless, the rangers live in fear of the demonic hordes sweeping through them…

The Industrialist accension

Steam! Steel! Hammer & Tongs!
Steam! Steel! Hammer & Tongs!
Those words, making up the beginning and ending of a work chant repeated over and over are quite possibly the most powerful non-magical words in Idillia. What is Idillia? A massive chunk of the known world covered in cities roads and farms. What makes it unique to everywhere else in the world? Not one tiny wisp of magical energy exists there. The Industrialists have found technology and hard work to be more than enough to compensate for its loss, but that doesn’t stop them from looking upon magical beings with envy.

The truth is, the humans of Idillia were just like every other civilisation at one point, in fact, pretty much every civilisation of humans branched out from Idillia. Most people were content to live in the shadow of debt to magical beings and wizards. Then Prince Acheron arrived. Named, by his father, King Damien, with intent on using the child as a ruthless general. But unlike his father, Acheron didn’t have any magical power. Damien ignored this fact, forcing Acheron to attempt spells and punished him for failing, believing the child’s only problem was weakness. Then came the time for Damien to inherit his fathers legendary power. Having held out until the death of the ancient king had dropped away from attention, he brought together every one of the alariel gems and then attempted to fuse them with himself. The result was horrific, and witnessed by Acheron. Barely 16 years old, Acheron witnessed the energies of the alariel gems surround his father, contorting his figure, bending his limbs around, deforming his face before finally tearing the king into pieces. A lack of magic had haunted the child his whole life, now it had taken his father.

Less then two years later, now King, Acheron took the first steps into ensuring that magic never ruin his, or anyone else’s lives again. He changed his name, shrugging off the name of power carried by the worlds most respected and powerful wizards (No one knows what it was. Acheron was ruthless in its removal) he adopted the surname “Steam” in honour of his grand plan. In an unexpected and shocking move, Acheron abolished all magic. Outrage ripped through Idillia. The Knights of Marinus, the elite guard, all left the kingdom rather than give up their magic. Many other wizards and mages flocked out as well, along with normal people who wanted to remain around magic. Many resisted, but after 20 respected wizards were publicly hanged, silence fell across Idillia. It looked like the world was to collapse. No healers and no magical tools. It seemed that everything from transport to construction would grind to a halt. Then, Acheron revealed his plans, bringing forth scientists who begun replacing lost magical services with non-magical ones, using ingenious mechanics to complete the tasks. No one had recognised the ‘fake-mages’ incredible potential except for Acheron.

Acheron continued his industrialisation, factories popped up, medicines were discovered to combat the loss of healers, forests were torn down for fuel and coal was excavated from the mountains. Industry outmatched magic. Idillia spread like never before, devastating weapons were taken up against anyone who opposed them. Even dragons, who were largely opposed to the industrialists spread of power, fell before them. Eventually, as the industrialists slowed their expansion, the resistance merely left, unwilling to combat such a destructive force. The dragons were pushed together, being forced to adopt communities to make up for loss of territory and furthermore, forced into setting up strong bonds with the other flights. This hit the Silver and Green Flights hardest.

The Industrialists marched into the cloud forests of the Fog ridge, tearing down trees and carting them away. The green dragons, treating the trees like they treat their own, were outraged and attacked the Industrialists in disorganised raids. Many involving only a few regular dragons were no match for the cannons and rifles of the industrialist invaders. By the time the dragons of nature had organised themselves, tons of dragon hide and claw were already being carted towards Idillia, being seen as resources rather than foes. The green dragons living in the cloud forest all formed up under the wings of an imperial named Gaiasus and attacked the Industrialists in a flurry of quakes and thorny roots. Hissing balls of acid launched from the maws of the emerald dragons melted through the strong armour of the industrialists. The quakes swallowed up their troops under the ground. The roots tore them apart and clung to the wheels of their vehicles. But that was nothing in comparison to what they faced. cannon balls whizzed into the sky, hammering through scale and flesh, dropping dragons in their tens, bullets rattled into scales and pierced wings, ballistae bolts impaled and impaired the green leviathans. They were massacred. They inflicted great casualties, but were unable to match the sheer lethality and numbers of the humans. Maybe if Gaiasus had gone to the local Silver dragons, things would have been different, but the likely hood of the Storm Weavers actually helping the greens was slim to none. Too much distrust existed between them for any sort of collaborative attack to be mounted. But then, The Silver Flight’s time came, the industrialists didn’t stop at the cloud forest, reaching high up into Fog Ridge and digging mineshafts into its surface. The Silvers never even got a chance to fight back properly. Aware of the severe threat poised by the dragons, the industrialists ambushed and slaughtered the most powerful of them before moving in. The remaining dragons either avoided the industrialists or just left…

Their Island Capital city grew to bursting point, huge walls erected around the city itself with smaller costal walls built around its beaches and ports. From there, the rulers of the Industrialist kingdom could march out and cover the entire land. Every single one has had the same ambition since Acheron’s time. Find the Silvering Falls. Wither to destroy it, as Acheron intended, and bring about a world without magic, or to claim it as their own, as other greedier kings wished, to restrict magic to their own fist and rule a boundless industrialist empire with it.

The Endless Oceans of the Blue Dragon flight

Over the course of history, the ebb and flow of Sea Dragons has been as unpredictable as the water itself... Old sooth sayers used to say the species was actually the manifestations of the Oceans intent. Complete garbage though, the real reason for their seemingly random fire aggression and compassion leads right down to the formation of their society. In the old days when the idea of Dragon flights and distinctive realms was unthought of, instead formed into much smaller and much more naturaly organised family clans. Due to their close knit relationship, often an entire clan would be united in anger or sympathy towards a settlement. In truth, the blue's were no more unpredictable than any other flight, it only apeared this way as the blue's clashed with the 'lower races' much more often. Along the coast lines of numerous fishing cities and villages thrived. Entire towns relying almost soley on the fruit of the sea.

Understandably enough, the notion of a ocean dwelling race of fish munching behmoths able to freeze a man solid wasn't very pleasant.

The Silver Flight

The Silver Dragons have always been an aggressive and unpredictable race. When Silver Dragons first settled into the mountains and formed their clan like society, there was only the Council of Storms. 7 of the most Powerful dragons, Imperial or Royal, would meet regularly to pass judgement and decide who was to be considered friend or foe. Originally it was just in place to make sure those who wish harm to them would have to face the entire race, a defence agreement between families. Though, through ever increasing amounts of territorial fights, it became clear that some form of law had to be put in place. Territorial fights were more frequently getting in the way of the well being of Silver dragons everywhere. The Council of Storms declared these laws to the rest of their flight. These included severe punishments for unprovoked attacks; the staple punishment for perpetrators was banishment from the flight for a variable time period, depending on the severity of the crime. This exile meant that after a week had passed, it was every Silver Dragons duty to attack the perpetrator on sight.

Silver dragon society stayed like this for centauries. There was no need to change it. Unlike most of the other dragon races, the Silvers had no wish to live amongst beauty. Life and a degree of power was enough to satisfy your average dragon, wither that power be through acquiring riches or magical ability. However, A lack of political place came with this. The Silver dragons weren't so much as concerned with what others thought of their race but merely of what others had already done to them, or planned to do. As such, the Council of Storms had little objection to a family of dragons raiding a dwarven mine and taking any gold they can find. Infact, it was almost encouraged. A dragon with a large horde of gold was considered powerful, through the fact that they had acquired such a wealth.

This links in with the age-old tension between the Green and Silver Flights. Green dragons, who at one point thrived in the mountains, living there to remain one with nature, eventually left out of persecution by the dwarves. Despite their attitude of tolerance and respect for the dwarven race, and a limited amount of co-operation, the dwarves largely held them in the same light as the silvers. Rather than constantly fight, the Greens eventually migrated away from the mountains to seek more peacefull territory. They largely held the Silvers in blame for this, and were perfectly right about it. Even if there were a few Silvers who treated the dwarves with respect, they were as rare as the Greens who treated the dwarves as pests.

The Silvers merely turned their noses up at this behavior, seeing the Greens as weak. Tension built up and tension stayed. Even if they co-exist in modern times, its always with a degree of mockery...

Considering this, the strong bond between The Silver and Red flights is strange. The Red dragons always co-existed with both the low land dwarves and elves, even helping each other and co-operating. The bond of distrust and hate simply just did not develop. The most plausible reason for this is the nature of the Red magic... Control over fire... One of the most destructive forces on the planet. The Silvers, while not respecting beauty or politics, hold an undying reverence for strength and power. The starting point of their good relations was introduced when the first Silver Emperess Dranaria found the Silver Alariel gem, defeating its owner and claiming its power as her own. Around that time, the council of storms had recognised the need for a more powerful single ruler, to match the emperors of the other flights. Decisions needed to be made faster and with more authority. After much bickering amongst the council, Dranaria quickly rose as the most fitting Dragon for the job. Originally there was argument over allowing a female to take the position from a mostly male dominated council but when the popular suspicion rose that the dragons responsible for the outcry simply wanted the position for themselves out of greed, they all backed down one by one and apologised to the new Empress. It was the red emperor who helped this process along considerably by urging Dranaria to go foreword and take the position as Empress. Upon finding and claiming the Silver Alariel, she went to him to learn more about its power, seeing as the Red ruling family of the time had been one of the first dragon lineages to claim an Alariel. He recognised the young dragons great power and once she had taken her rightful place as Empress, he supported her and the silver race in entering the order of Draconis and extending political relations further. True, they never went very far, being still very isolationist, but the gesture brought the races together and they stayed that way.

The Silver flight looked towards Dranaria and her heirs as their new figureheads, rather than the council of storms. With their power restricted to local affairs, the Council of storms slowly descended into petty power squabbles between ageing dragons. To stress is lack of importance, Silver emperors in the past have considered it more as a place for young heirs to pick up political skills for later use.


The Red Dragons have always been a very proud race, ever since the days of old when they used to live in small groups, each group speaking of it's accomplishments and challenging the others. then one day, after a series of crippling wars had been fought with various other Races, the elders of each of the groups gathered. some creatures, such as Giants, actually started hunting the younger Red Dragons for food. this was unacceptable. however, the simple minded Giants couldn't be blamed, though some other Races pursued Red Dragons like prey, hunting them. and so the Elders decided that it was time the Red Dragons united. the mightiest of the Elders, the Red/Black Dragon Mortus, took command as their leader, after several arguments and tests over leadership were done to choose. he had been the one who faired best in all of the Elders' tests. he was chosen as the Emperor, and the Red Flight claimed the land surrounding all of the groups' as one collective Realm, under their rule. as wars occured among the various factions on the continent, Mortus decided the best move that could be made was to ally his flight to numerous factions. He looked to the humans, whose ingenuity was unmatched, they're highly talented minds capable of many things, were quite easily the most useful allies he could possibly gain. he swiftly made arrangements for gifts to be sent to their King, King Delmorssa, along with a messenger to represent the Red Flight. ties were soon made with the Humans, Mortus looking to the Elves and Dwarves next, each of the two factions having considerable power in the lands. the Elves at the time had been a peaceful Race, more into Diplomatic arrangements than War. that still didn't mean they weren't capable of defending themselves. At the time they had the second largest Army known to exist, falling behind the Humans...

After a few years of Diplomatic dealings with the Humans and Elves, the Dwarves were drawn into the Goblin War that eventually led to the Goblins trapping the Great Lords of the Dwarves in their Fortress. as the walls were about to be breeched, and the Goblin Hordes unleashed upon the remaining military forces within, the Red Dragons with Mortus at their head attacked, swiftly decimating the Goblin army and driving them back, eventually crushing their military potential and crippling them, forcing them to surrender to avoid absolute destruction at the hands of the Mighty Red Emperor. the Dwarves were in debt to the Reds, and, as such, turned one of their Old Mines into a magnificent Lair for the Emperor, who accepted it Gratefully and granted it as a gift to his Daughter, Fieras, to live in when she found a suitor worthy of her and of the title Emperor...

The Years went on and the Demons attacked, an ambitious new Lord at their head. Beliar. the Master of Demons and defeater of Lok, had plans to turn the world into a Demon's Paradise. summoning armies from the pits of Hades through a massive Realm Gate, he marched forward. with the Red Realm being on their borders, Mortus was among the first to find out about the Demonic Invasion. he immediately sent messengers throughout the land, one going to his allies among the Humans, while other went to the other Dragonflights, the Dwarves and Elves, as one more went to inform the Centaurs of the Woods, requesting they group with the Elves to help eliminate the threat...

after many long centuries of War, the Demons were driven back. in a desperate move, Beliar launched a head on offensive on the King of the Human Race, but was easily defeated when faced by the Emperors of the eight Dragonflights and several of the most powerful Dragons at the time. Beliar, Despite his daunting might, was swiftly crushed when faced with such power, King Delmorrsa himself nearly killing him with the use of the Stone of Power...

As the Years went on, the King of the humans, the single most powerful entity at the time, fell into the ailments accompanying old age, his death soon to follow. he had granted the Stone of Power to his son after he died. his final words were "Use it well, and protect the Lands. that is your King". the stone of power destroyed itself and the boy upon contact, the King's Heir having been unpure and unworthy of it's power, splitting itself into 8. the Red Gem, responsible for Fire, was acquired by Mortus, and he then vowed to make sure that it's power was used to ensure the Wellfair of the lands...but unfortunately, he was destined to turn on his vow. The Order of Draconus was formed at Mortus' suggestion, named after the First Dragon Emperor to fall in the war, the Black Dragon Emperor Draconus, who fell for his valiance in the battle against the Demons. and with it's formation was the start of a long lasting peace throughout the lands...which was to eventually the start of another Dark Age fell upon the world...

The Emerald Emperor and Mother Natures Flight

Green dragons are an odd flight. They are the one race almost universally regarded with compassion. The elves have come close to worshiping them, the Rangers avoid and respect them. The Gentle giants taking care of the forest and keeping things as they should be.

A long, long time ago... A great and powerful king, called King Delmorssa ruled the land. He was considered the most powerful magical being that ever lived. He was a kind, wise King, and the land was peaceful, his kingdom going through many years of prosperity during his reign. His son, Damien, was not as kind. he was greedy, and prayed for the day to come when his father would die so that he could take the power he had. When King Delmorssa sensed his life had come to an end, he released all his power into 8 Gems, later named the Alariel Gems, to be used by his son when he came to take his place. There was a white gem, a black gem, a purple gem, a red gem, a silver gem, a green gem, a blue gem, and a golden gem. when the day for Delmorssa's life to end came, the new King Damien attempted to infuse himself with the power of all the Alariel Gems combined, but was destroyed as the Alariels' protection fell into effect, before finally disappearing, becoming scattered throughout the lands. His son saw this, and then decided that magic was not safe for his people. Soon after, to replace the magic, the Industrial movement started and a new breed of technology was born. It was then that Beliar, the demon Lord of Hell rose. He started a campaign to enslave all life and initiate hell on earth; a paradise for demons. a barren fiery wasteland of pain and suffering for all non-demons. Salazar, the current industrial ruler wants to modernise the world, destroying the forests of the elves and thus furthering his control. The other races resisted the demon and industrialist empires, but fought petty wars among themselves: elves against human rangers, dragons against dwarves, orks raiding small towns and pirates sailing the sea... The world is a sad place filled with pointless loss of life, destruction and chaos.

During Delmorssa’s reign, his capital city was built on an Island just off the coast, a very large island. It was connected to the main land via a massive bridge leading across the channel. This City flourished as a trade centre, with ships sailing to all parts of the land.
After his death, Piracy increased dramatically. Countless Leviathan attacks were reported. Sea trade became less economic or safe, and land trade was harassed by the orks who came flooding out of the swamps in huge tribes. The Industrialist king brought about new weapons, cannons and ships to patrol the seas and keep sea trade alive. The endless ocean had become a sea of danger.

But no one had prepared for the worst. No one even considered the possibility of such a destructive force. While the industrialist demon war raged on land, with demons pushing the humans back toward their Island home, a demon Admiral named “Lord Baldretha” arrived with his massive demonic fleet. They attacked the industrialists with massive demon frigates and huge flaming projectiles bulleting through the sky. The Industrialists quickly adapted and sent their own super fleet. The titans clashed, wiping out most of each others ships. The demon admiral still sails the endless ocean, the industrialists still fight them. The ocean is no refuge, if anything the war is more wide spread there than anywhere else…

Meanwhile, In the land of Alcyeria, there lived an Elven King and Queen. King Caladorian and Queen Galadrien. The King and Queen were the leaders of a peaceful race, and never raged war on anyone. They bore a son and named his Falias...

In another land, the land of Galardor, there lived another king and queen. King Marcus and Queen Marina. They bore a daughter and named her Tarlina. The royal families from both lands came to an agreement one day, to marry their children, so that they would form a strong alliance. As the children grew older, they learned how to be respectful, loyal no matter what, and to obey their parents.

he grew and became the greatest archer and swordsman in the land, and became the leader of the mightiest army the world had ever seen. Tarlina became the best huntress known, and a singer and Harp Player unbeaten by any other, with even the elves enchanted by her voice and music. People said they were made for each other, that this marriage would solve all the problems between the two races. Later, they would learn that they had made a terrible mistake.

There was a peasant elf, named Calaria. When Falias saw her in the gardens, he fell in love. Calaria was always in love with Falias, but tried to ignore her feelings, fearing what would happen should the Elven King and Queen learn of her feelings. She and the other elves knew about the marriage between him and Princess Tarlina. It was proven useless for the two to stay away from each other though. They started to secretly meet each other whenever they had the free time to do so. Tarlina was starting to get suspicious of her fiancee’s behaviour and hired spies to get some information about him. When she found out the news about the lovers’ rendezvous, she went into a temper and planned to kill both Falias and Calaria. The feeling of loathing and jealousy took over her mind as she thought about what the two could be doing. She found out that they were going to meet in a valley, full of roses in the evening to elope with each other. At this, she smirked, and made her own journey to the romantic valley with a knife in hand.

Calaria was the first to come to the valley, excited and wanting to get out as soon as possible to be with her lover. She called to her dear Falias, but no one answered. She tried again, her innocent voice ringing through the air like a songbird. There in the shadows, from behind her stood a figure concealed it black. It started to sneak up behind her, raising the knife little by little, the thought of bloodshed fulfilling its mind. The peasant elf started to feel uncomfortable. Her calls became more desperate as the figure started to get closer to her. Then, she ran and the figure followed. She tripped against a fallen log, and the figure was on her. By the time she turned around, she was stabbed, multiple times in the heart. After the deed was done, the figure hid the body in one of the rose bushes and waited for Falias.

He was the next to come on horseback. He swiftly got of the horse, and called to his lover just as she did before, but there was no answer. He tried again. Finally, he heard something, a sweet melodic voice. Could it be the voice of his beloved? There, he saw a figure in black. Her blonde curls were sticking out from underneath the hood. His Calaria had blonde curls…

She answered back, and started to walk toward him, hiding the knife behind her. She reached him and embraced him. It was at this time she drove the knife deep into his back. He gasped, coughed, spluttered blood and tried to look into the face of his beloved. The hood was pulled back, to reveal Tarlina. She smirked, took out the knife, and plunged into his heart next. Blood splattered on to her wardrobe, but she didn’t care. Bloodlust was a wonderful feeling to her. After he dropped dead, she let out a scream and drove the knife into her own heart. So ends the tale of the lovers’ quarrel and begins the tale of loathing for each other by the humans and the elves.

In the grand dwarven mines of Shagloth, there used to live a city of dwarves. It was an underground palace to them, filled with many valuable jewels and riches. The walls of the elegant palace were even made of solid gold. The dwarves cared for their precious jewels and mined them to make many things, such as jewelry and armor. The other races found out about the richness of the Shagloth mines and wished to have the jewels and the mines of their own.

One day, the dwarves made a deal with a dragon called Barakus, a royal green dragon to drive the other races who wished to steal from them out of their homeland. In return, Barakus would get some of the riches and a cave dug into the main mine. This greatly pleased the green beast. For a while he did to his job of driving out greedy humans and dream-wishing elves out of the dwarven fortress.

But as the days turned into weeks and week turned into months, Barakus had a change in him. He wanted the palace to himself. As it went into his second year of protecting the mines, he started to go into some planning. It would have to be the right day and the right time to drive out the dwarves, a day where they weren’t busy in the mines, a celebration day. The dwarves had such a holiday. It was to honor the great founder of the mines, Shagloth. They celebrated the founder once a year and would be too drunk and full of merriment to fight against him. It would be just the right moment to drive them out.

When the celebration of Shagloth came, the dwarves all gathered in the great hall. They drank fine ale, danced, sang, and ate. Little did they know what was about to come to them.

Barakus launched his attack on the dwarves, angering them, suprising them, and frightening them. They didn’t think that the dragon would even think of driving them out. They thought that they had paid him heavenly. They were all very wrong.

Many were killed, burnt, or were traped when Barakus attacked. The remaining few who did manage to escape the clutches of the jewel hungry dragon feared him, and didn’t dare go back into the mines again.

What used to be the grand place of Shagloth is now the lair of the dragon, Barakus. Even now, very few dare to enter the mines…

The Red and Black Dragons have a history of loathing that stretches back thousands and thousands of years. Nowadays, few remember the reason it started. They are taught to hate the other race at birth by their parents. However, a few still remember what caused this hatred to erupt between them...

The Red Dragons have been known for countless years as masters of fire, capable of using every aspect of heat, be it in the form of steam, fire, lava or any other form. Some are capable of summoning massive volcanoes capable of decimating cities and destroying close knit platoons of troops. Esteemed beings by nature, most of them considered themselves as royalty among other dragons, with few exceptions, oddly being the ones with more power, the wiser ones who have either learned through age or through lessons that their masters; their Teachers and Mentors, have taught them.

The Black Dragons, Necromancers by nature, are obsessed with death and the ways to cause it. the consider themselves mighty, superior beings, being capable of hurting the souls of other, weaker willed beings, as well as their formidable fighting capabilities.

Both races had been close allies on all levels, from Regular Black and Red Dragons all the way to the peak, the Emperors of both races, until one day...

2 royal dragons, a Male Black Royal and a Female Red Royal, bore a young Female which they named Celdora. The family was happy for many hundreds of years, but that would soon change...

Celdora was part of a group of other Royal Dragons, who were taught the ways of the world and their powers by the old, wise Emperor Chronos, who, despite his might and position in the Dragon World, did very little, as he had an unlimited amount of time to take care of things. He taught the dragons things they could learn nowhere else...however; the young dragons were not all friendly to each other. Celdora was treated like an outcast; a misfit unworthy of staying in the company of the other dragons, who were almost all pure Reds, Blues, Purples, Blacks, Silvers, Whites, Greens or Golds. This never happened in the company of Chronos, as they all knew that he, although considering them like a loving grandfather considers his grandchild, would punish them if they showed such behaviour. Celdora was often picked on and insulted with words such as "Hybrid" and "Cross-breed", and was always depressed, constantly wishing she could die and rid herself of the pain. This treatment and the emotions she felt as a result were destined to be the most devastating thing that would ever happen to the Dragons...

Two hundred years later, after she had fully matured, and sustained the same treatment for many years, Celdora had finally had enough. Her mind searched desperately for the cause of this...and landed on the two dragons that started it all....her Father Muertes and her mother Delebrias. she unleashed her rage in a torrent of spells and flames, overwhelming and shocking her soon to be dead parents, who were, until now, oblivious of her anger and sadness. She tortured them for two weeks, ripping into their scaly hides and burning them with her flames, acid and any other painful weapon she had at her disposal. After two long weeks of pain and suffering, she killed them, putting her claw to their necks and slitting their throats with her razor sharp talons, which were capable of rivaling those of an Imperial, as she had, surprisingly, become. She then hunted down and stealthily killed her family, until all her relatives were dead. She then flew off, under a new name, Furiana, towards the untrekked mountains in the North, and made her home in the icy peaks of the tallest mountains there...

Since then, both races have hated each other, blaming each other’s blood for the rage that caused the young Female to kill her parents and family...

In the Western Mountains, there lived a breed of dragon called the White Dragons. They were dragons gifted with the power of granting life to others. The mountains that they live in are the only mountains to have life thriving on it. They are covered with different variety of plants and wild life.

There was one white dragon named Vitae and another named Belmoria. They were the imperial rulers of the white dragons. They bore a daughter blessed with the name, Katrissia. Katrissia grew up to be a beautiful and strong white imperial dragon. She showed compassion to all and was a very obedient daughter. In fact, one would say that it was as if she was the daughter of an angel.

Katrissia decided to go exploring around the Western Mountains one day. She would fly high in the clouds, let out joyful roars and do some twirls in the air. On one of her explore days, she heard a masculine roar answer back to hers. Curious, she went to go find out who it was. Lo and behold, there was another dragon in the land, drinking from a spring located on the lower parts of the mountain. The female dragon landed and decided to watch him. To her, he was handsome, silver hued, and strong. She fell head over heels for him. When he saw her, he fell head over heels for her. The dragon’s name was Dramacus and he was an imperial silver dragon, blessed with the power to create weather. They talked to each other and stayed with each other for what seemed like hours, that is, until her father started to search for her. Saddened, Katrissia said goodbye to her new found lover and returned home.

Ever since she met Dramacus, she couldn’t keep him out of her mind. He would always be there, his silver scales and his dashing eyes. She knew that she was in love with this dragon, and yet she knew she couldn’t be with him, for the white dragons couldn’t cross breed with dragons of a different species. They wanted to keep the blood line pure. Katrissia loathed this rule. She tried her best to keep her love for the imperial silver dragon secret from her parents and the other white dragons.

Unfortunately, her love couldn’t be kept secret for long. When her parents found out that she was with child, they shunned her and kicked her out of the Western Mountain Kingdom to fend for herself…

At the end of the mountains, where the cliffs hit the sea, lie the singing caves.

Massive caves half full with water that stretches in under the land. In them, the blue dragons have made their homes.

Local villages along the shores hated the dragons, because they ate so much fish. Then one day, a blue royal dragon interrupted some fishing boats out at sea. It got to the fish first and used magic to help catch them.

Angry, the fishermen attacked the dragon. It wasn't expecting the attack and it didn't have much chance to put up a fight.

In revenge, the blue emperor along with 20 other dragons all flew out to sea and with their combined magic caused a huge tidal wave to sweep inland. The wave crushed all the coastal villages and created a large number of lagoons in land.

Then the dragons flew over the destruction they had created and killed any survivors.

Since then the only fishing boats that sail near the singing caves have never competed with a dragon for fish.

It also encouraged Salazaar to construct his navy, which polices the seas.
The blues have a heavy distrust for the humans and have sunk many ships in their time.

Green Dragons have always been a peaceful race, very intuned with nature. they considered themselves guardians of all things natural. as such, they have had many clashes with the Industrialists and Demons. one of their leaders, Acacius, thought of a way to stop the damage being done to nature in a peaceful way. he, along with a few other Royal Green Dragons, would make massive plantations within the Industrialist and Demonic territories, to give them a fuel to use, with the condition that they must regrow every tree they fell. for 30 years, they did as the Green Dragons asked...but then...they began to ignore the Deal made between them...trees were cut down, but not regrown. soon, the armies of the Demonic and Industrial empires started to march again, armed to the teeth with new weapons, and began their quest for the map to the mythical Silverling Falls and the Legendary Stone of Power once more...

The Purple Dragons have been known for thousands of years as the mightiest Psychic beings alive, capable of reading minds, causing illusions that boggle the mind, teleporting, bending whole cities worth of buildings to bow to their might, as well as many other things. many of the known psychic gypsies who claim to read the future also claim to have been Purple Dragons, or worship them, although it is usually a false claim, as such actions or things wouldn't grant them mind reading and future predicting abilities. The Purple Dragons live in the southern mountains, and live alone or in isolated groups, connected by telepathy and teleportation. their power lies in the ability to create images in their enemies minds that they are greater and more powerful than they really are.

an age old Purple Dragon by the name of Calabria, used her magic many times to attract the attention of her enemies to certain spots, to prepare ambushes. but one day, such a trick would be the start of the worst event in her life...

she had 2 young daughters, the children of her dead husband, Marinayus. she had a group of orcs who had been pursuing her through the mountains, trying to get her children for their demon masters, to try and use them to manipulate her into serving them. she set up a trap, making an illusion of her two young daughters. however, as the orcs came close, her daughters became curious of the illusion, going up to it and trying to communicate with them. before Calabria could do anything, the Orcs leapt onto the youngsters, and took them prisoner, and held them at knife point until they reached Beliar's throne in the Wastlands of Angor. when Calabria tried to teleport there, she found herself stuck at the edge of the Wastelands. it appeared Beliar had some very powerful magic in his control...
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