Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

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Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

Postby Turbo Tyrannophonic » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:56 am

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The Setting:

You wanted some city to play around in? A few neighborhoods, maybe a distinct biome or two?


In this world, spanning the massive width of a single continent, civilization is divided into sectors, distinguished by their assigned letters, A through Z. Each sector contains a single modern city - appropriately named A City, B City, and so forth - with smaller, outlying settlements around them. Despite the generic naming, each sector is distinct. Except when they are not. It really depends on the sector itself, what businesses and influences took root there. It's a living, breathing world, son!

While the cities vary in size and environment, they are all large enough to warrant the title of "city" rather than "town" or "place-smaller-than-a-city". You are free to travel between them as you see fit, or stake your claim on your favorite letter. Do whatever you want, I don't care.

Super Beings/Heroes/Villains/Whatever:

The term "super being" is a bit too limited in scope to encompass everything in the RPG, as are "hero" and "villain".

Heroes, though, already have a place within the world, in the form of the Heroes Association. Because of the incredible frequency of what can only be described as super-powered freaks, humanity has decided there is a very real need for their own supply of super-powered freaks. Fight fire with fire, ya know? Heroes, as far as the Association is concerned, are beings (can even be non-human) of above-average capabilities that help fight any would-be threats of the general populace. Heroes are not required to register themselves with the Association, but many do, as it allows them to keep up-to-date on all things troublesome across the cities.

Villains, like heroes, come in many shapes and sizes. Entire organizations can be classified as villainy, or it could be an isolated freak or even an entire alien race. Villains can also not be purely evil, as heroes can not purely be good. There is a lot of gray here, but there is also a lot of black and white; some people just want to watch the world burn, and some just want to punch said people in the face on principle.

As such, neutrality does in fact exist. It is entirely your choice where you stand. You can fight some heroes, help some heroes, fight some villains, and help other villains. It's all a matter of being self-described in where you stand. That being said, though, only those who generally fight for the good of mankind (but still can be dicks about it) can be in the Heroes Association.



1: No killing other characters without the owner of said character's permission.
2: DON'T BE A **** (also known as, generic powerplaying rule).
3: Try to keep posts descriptive and worth-while. Unless its a conversation, or a short response in a fight.
6: If you level a city, it better be pretty god damn appropriate. Also, it shouldn't happen every few pages. That being said, it CAN sometimes happen. Sometimes.
7: Villains can be mass-murdering psychopaths and kill realistic amounts of people per post, just expect some kind of response in turn.
8: No one can use known superheroes/villains (Venom, Superman, Wonderwoman, etc). Ripping them off BRINGS GREAT SHAME UPON FAMILY. But if you take a character from another part of media, it must fit the style of the RPG (IE no cartoon villains like Bowser).
9: Every character must have a weakness. Every character can be beaten one way or another, but a weakness must be something that works against them. Generally this is dictated by not being a jerk.
10: Technology can be futuristic (alien space ships, robots, etc) but things like teleportation and weapons that can produce ridiculous amounts of destruction (such as something that can destroy most or all of the planet) are not allowed for obvious reasons.


Super Hero/Villain: Name of the super hero or villain. Somewhat optional, as it can be traded out with their real identity.
Identity: Their real identity. Somewhat optional, as it can be traded out with the super hero/villain name.
Length(if applicable):
Appearance: Appearance as their normal selves. Those who can't change back to their normal selves will describe what they USED to look like.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Appearance as their super selves.
Powers/Equipment: Can include one or the other depending on character, or both. Powers include super human abilities as well as special training. Equipment includes what weapons, armor, or devices they may be carrying.
Weakness: Every character must have one. Can't be something stupid like "if he gets hit on the head hard enough he will be knocked out". Must be a weakness semi-unique (players can reuse weaknesses for obvious reasons) to them.
Alliance: Hero, villain, neutral, Allegiance Only To Simians, I don't care. Just give us an idea where they stand.
Allies (Optional): If relevant to their character.
Enemies (Optional): If relevant to their character.
History (Optional): Explains their origin/backstory. Optional, can be left out if you want their history to be a mystery.
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Re: Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

Postby C S » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:43 am

The sun was high in the sky, morning closing in on noon.

The weather was pretty cold still, the grip of winter. Snow was shoveled into mounds at the sides of the roads and ice hung from the sides of buildings. It wasn't as dreary as most winter days. The sky was brilliantly blue, and the clouds were small white puffs blocked by the tall blocks of concrete, steel and glass.

The buildings closer to ground level weren't gleaming icons of progress into some uncertain and alien future. They were dreary things; gray, faded walls with chipped paint, cables spanning the alley ways and snaking along the walls to electrical boxes plastered with warning signs. Yellow triangles with black hands touching lightning. False promises of being Zeus. Next to them were the dumpsters and piles of trash bags that people were too lazy to put in the dumpsters. But those were the alleys.

The sidewalk was almost pleasant, kept clear of most litter, trash cans spaced out at reasonable distances, a few benches outside of the stores. It was on this block that Hiime appeared, pushing against the glass door of the store with his back, holding a large clear plastic bag, which in itself had a large paper bag contained within, full of delicious, swiftly prepared foodstuffs from an Asian themed restaurant that wasn't much of a restaurant considering there weren't any places to sit down and eat at inside.

Semantics that meant nothing to a hungry man who was buying to last him the whole day, of course. He reached his van parked outside of the restaurant with the typical stylized neon sign out front and fumbled his keys out of his pocket and managed to get the door open, the bag tucked underneath an arm. Once the obstacle was out of the way, Hiime put the bag in the passenger seat and buckled it up because safety was important.

With his food accounted for and protected by straps of fabric and metal clips, Hiime slumped into the driver's seat and pulled the door shut. He took off his leather gloves and tossed them onto the dashboard, then got to work shimmying out of his puffy jacket. It was a dark blue thing that made the man look at least twice his size, with a frilled hood lined with fake fur.

Keys went into the ignition, foot went on the accelerator, and the silvery, boxy van pulled off from the curb. Traffic was spare on the road today.

It couldn't be because of some crazy happening going on elsewhere.

That would be silly.

Except not.
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Re: Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

Postby Turbo Tyrannophonic » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:18 am

Life in Z City was ordinary.

Painfully so.

Despite the nature of the world in which they lived, the city, much like its sister cities elsewhere, was skilled at maintaining the status quo. Citizens went to work, or they didn't. Life was varied, but ordinary. An ordinary existence in an extraordinary world. One that many had learned to value, for a very long time.

Because such times were often fleeting.

Somewhere within the depths of Z City, in the heart of its downtown area, the valve of a fire hydrant burst open, spilling its highly pressurized contents into the street beyond. An unusual occurrence, but one that was not unheard of. Perhaps the cold weather was the cause?

The situation quickly moved from unusual to alarming when the pool of water began to writhe and coalesce. First, a stumpy, featureless lump of pure water, about the size of a man, rose from the pool, as if surfacing from some unseen depths. The lump continued to rise, but instead of growing its body, the water around it began to form spindly, spider-like limbs, allowing it to tower over the street corner from which it had emerged. As the entity reached its maximum height - about ten feet - the pool ceased to be; all of the water that had been spilled from the hydrant had been used in the creature's formation. By all logic, the hydrant should continue to spew its contents until shut off; but, against all logic, it grew still, as if satisfied with the life it had birthed.

Slowly, the watery being, on its watery, stilt-like legs, moved down the street. Coming in contact with the snow piled along the sidewalks, the fluffy white mess disappeared in a matter of seconds with but a ripple across the entity's surface. As more of the snow was removed, the liquid monstrosity grew in all regards; width, weight, height. The snow was not a very good source for it, but its effect was growing rapidly.

Not a soul had witnessed its emergence into the world, but its presence would not remain unknown for long.
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Re: Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

Postby C S » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:31 am

A little snow falls and everyone clears off the street.

At least, that was what Hiime thought as he drove down the oddly deserted city. There were a few parked cars, but the roadways that carved up the cityscape were without other drivers. He realized that there weren't any pedestrians, either. No one to jaywalk and disregard the traffic lights and jaywalk and-- why were there popped hydrants?

Red hydrants, on snow-less stretches of pavement, missing their covers. All trace of moisture was gone, though, and there was not a soul around. The buildings were empty.

"Son of a *****," Hiime deadpanned. This again.

The city only got so barren when things were afoot.

"I swore I'd see the signs next time this **** was acting up!"
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Re: Super Hero RPG - Steel Ball Run

Postby slashmaster101 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:41 pm

Cold air whispering around corners, frosty breath painting glass and a noticeable lack of people were usual occurrences during the winter season in N city, especially at the city zoo, where the exhibits, for the most part, remained empty as the more tempature sensitive exotic inhabitants were cooped up in heated containment pens, supervised mostly by camaras and a skeleton crew of keepers. One of the said "skeleton" crew was a young man by the name of Jacob, who by all appearences, was completely unremarkable, the clothes that he wore (faded pair of blue jeans and brown hoodie) were well used and stained in places and he was of average height. The only noticeable features were the slightly chubby bits and his eyes, which were a deep blue which seemed to take in everything around him, though they were almost constantly half lidded, the fight against drowsiness seemingly in vain. Jake worked as maintenence and had just finished some repairs on a cage door that was constantly getting stuck. Taking note of a nearby clock, jake grunted and headed towards the break room for lunch, the lack of activity in the zoo letting him slack of a bit...

As the young man walked down the corridor he passed several doors which led to small observation areas within various enclosures Jake pausing and smiling at one door in particular, a deep forest green one labeled "Crocodile", behind the carefully locked door lived the zoos most prized reptilian asset, a 20 foot long male Saltwater croc, know as Gustave and Jake couldn't remember a time that he wasn't enraptured withe the big croc. Shaking his head of any current thoughts that didn't pertain to work, the maintenence man continued down the hall humming a tune, unaware of the security camaras following his every move
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