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RPing Guide by TyrantTR

Postby The Kingpin » Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:43 pm

[Tyrant’s guide to Good RPing]

[Word replacements]
Wut hav u been up 2 these days.
Used very little in this RPG forum but is still very annoying. Do not at any moment think it is cool. You will be bashed and killed. Trust me this way of typing may be easy but it looks sloppy and will eventually lead to people accusing you of being a noob.

What would you rather here:
The dog jump over the fence.
The dog jumped over the fence.
Grammar is a constant problem here at RPGTopia. The more you read books the more you will understand certain points in grammar. This is something more easily taught in school, so at least join this forum when you have passed sixth grade.

This is rather self explanatory but I’ll give you little paragraph anyways. Vocab is one of those things that you learn when reading books. I surprised my parents when I read books higher than my level and understood every word. One time I even read a few pages in the thesaurus, to find new words that could stand for a different thing. I always enjoy it when people use better, more complicated words in their posts.

This has been said over and over again, and I can’t encourage it enough. But I’m going to give you an example of what we don’t like and what we do like.

The large creature backed away into the forest.

The hooting cry of a howler monkey pierced the quietness, accompanied by a choir of birds and little forest critters, orchestrating the jungles rhythm. The green tint of the leafs reflecting the light of the sun adding a cool natural feel to the environment. A creature, whose eyes starred vacantly at the surrounding, stepped back. It’s jaws, opening and closing, showing the purely white teeth of the beast. Each foot step backwards eased down in the soft mud. Until suddenly the beast whipped around and retreated into the vast forest. In surprise, birds flew off of their perches in the trees, leaping into the air, all that could be heard was the fluttering of their wings, and all the sound stopped, all the monkeys and birds and little forest critters stopped their chattering. And it was silent.

Which one did you like more? The first one is what I see out of all of you about 80% of the time. The second one I see about 10% of the time, and something in-between the two I see about 10% of the time. People like KP and TT, and a few others do works like the second one. A few others (who know who they are.) do stuff like the first one. I’ll leave you all with that.

This has been seen several times. I believe the member Crusher (who I believe left) showed a very small amount of originality. If I remember correctly he almost mimicked KP’s character exactly. What is the fun of having a twin? Not only is it creepy that someone looks exactly like you it is also a sign of obsession with your character. But we won’t get into that. I would like to bring attention to a certain topic of mine that kind of went wrong. The superhero RPG. Originally I thought it would be promising, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a super hero and fly around the city and stuff. Now, the topic is full of DBZ characters, a strange amount of half dragon creatures, and recently a member tried to enter as a Mario character. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that? Does the topic seem to have strayed a bit to far from it’s original intentions? Well I’d say so. I find it much better to actually think. I don’t want the character made for you, I want you to make the character. This is not an insult to the original people who posted that in the RPG so don’t take it like that. If I knew this was what was going to happen to it I would have laid down the law before everything happened.. So please, come up with your own ideas, don’t use others.

Bob fell to the ground and pounded his fist on the ground, a few tears dropped from his face and hit the ground, he began to sulk, falling over and curling up on the ground.

Did that sentence seem a little weird to you? If not read it again. How many times was ground used in that sentence? *counts* Four. Four? I’m sure we can use more words for ground than that. Always have a thesaurus handy. It helps. With a Thesaurus look how colorful this sentence could be.

Bob fell to the ground and pounded his fist onto the rough asphalt, a few tears dropped from his face and hit the floor, he began to sulk, falling over and curling up on the floor.

Well not the best but it was better yes. The same thing happens with talking.

“Hi.” Jill said.
“How are you?” Dan said.
“I hate life.” Jill said.
“Oranges.” Dan said.
“NO WAI” Jill said.

Find different things to say rather than said. Like this:

“Hi.” Jill said.
“How are you?” Dan replied.
“I hate life.” Jill commented.
“Oranges.” Dan remarked.
“NO WAI” Jill exclaimed.

[Character development]
For this, I would like to direct all of your attention to a paragraph of an old, lost Fan fiction of mine.
The lightning crackled loudly, temporarily illuminating the hall ways. She jumped a bit at the surprise, thunder rolled in next, the rumble of it all, so surprising and violent. The woman hated it. In fact she hated all sorts of noises. The tweet of the birds in the morning, the rumble of her cars engine starting up. God, it was annoying.
How much of the character did you get from that. She hates noises, she seems easy to surprise. I’ll leave the good readers to figure out more. This is what you want. No one wants to read a book that is all action and no plot. I wouldn’t. If you were reading a mystery book about dinosaurs on an island and a detective investigating strange murders caused by the dinosaurs, would you rather read about the detective and his hypothesis’ before he goes to the island, or would you want to go straight to the island. I know witch I would want. Developing characters is one of the better signs of a good RPG.

[The final Product]
If you do everything I said here than when you post it should be something as good as this:

The shriek of the creature, agonizing and painful on the ears, it’s loud roar, piercing the air. Kennedy didn’t want to look at it he looked away, covering his ears, praying that it would leave. He closed his eyes, and tried to think about happier things. Things like the beach, but when he tried he thought about other things, like this upsetting jungle. He opened his eyes, the darkness of his mind fading as he saw the jungle, the lush canopy all the way down to the dirty, wild floor, with mangled branches, and bushes being strangled by large vines. He heard another roar, and looked back. The beast was closer, its two bipedal legs shaking the earth with each step. Its eyes locked with his own. It’s cold stare freezing him, encasing him in fear. Step after step the muscle and bulk wobbling underneath its scaly skin, exposed its strength. Kennedy couldn’t understand how he was responsible, how he created this thing. How could he be so foolish? The creature took another stride forward, walking as slow and curious as possible. It lowered its head down, the spike like projections and torpedo shaped face curved down to meet him. Its mouth opened, a tongue emerged. Snaking out and moving slowly towards his face. The tongue touched his cheek. He felt sickened but yet he was still frozen. He had to move he had to… Before Kennedy knew it the tongue was off his face and the jungle was moving, he turned around, and looked down to realize he was running, sprinting out of there. The large bounding steps of the beast were heard, crushing twigs, and disturbing the forest. Bringing it to life. The creature stopped at the tree line, to large to make it in, as Kennedy kept running for a good long time. He stopped gasping for breath, the roars of outrage were still heard as the monster tried to get to him. As Kennedy turned around to walk a different way he found himself face to face with a...

“JAKE, TIME FOR DINNER!” a voice yelled through the household. “I’ll be there in a second Mom!” A boy replied pressing the pause button and putting down the controller. He got up and murmured under his breath “I was so close to beating the game too.” The child sighed and ran towards the kitchen.
"Ah yes, organised chaos. the sign of a clever but ever-busy mind. To the perpetrator, a carefully woven web of belongings and intrigue, but to the bystander? Madness!"
–William Beckett, Lore of Leyuna RPG

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