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Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Turbo Tyrannophonic » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:56 am

See the RPG for rules and template explanation.

Super Hero/Villain:
Length(if applicable):
Super Hero/Villain Appearance:
Allies (Optional):
Enemies (Optional):
History (Optional):
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby C S » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:19 am

Super Hero: Dollar Van

Identity: Hiime Coulton

Age: 29

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Wears any number of regular outfits because he is a regular guy, y'know? Other than that he's a 29 year old Hispanic with some sharp-ass sideburns yo.

Super Hero Appearance: See above. He might get some kind of stupid jumpsuit thing, looking like some kind of jetfighter pilot but he drives a van so.

Personality: When you're born into a world such as this, weird **** isn't weird, just as long as they don't give you ****, right? That is to say, does not take ****. From anything. Gonna hit things with a stick if they do. Or his van.

Powers/Equipment: If not taking **** from anything isn't a power, then having a license must be. Because he can drive a van and run things over unless they are some lame immortal metal thing.

Weakness: Aside from being a regular dude, I guess damaging the van to the point that it can't run anymore would suck. Would make him have to stop and repair it, assuming it wasn't blown up.

Alliance: Dude drives a van.

Allies: He's nice enough, I'm sure he'll make some friends.

Enemies: Those who give him ****.

History: At sixteen he got a license. Life went on, he finished schooling, got a job and now drives a van. His family is on the other side of the continent to where he is, sector Z. A lone van driver in a crazy world, Hiime does not take **** but you've probably got that by now so ADVENTURE.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Turbo Tyrannophonic » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:37 am

Super Hero: DDR (Detailed Defense Robot)
Identity: Jean
Age: 24
Height: 6'7"
Appearance: Before his transformation, he looked like an ordinary young man; black hair, blue eyes, modest build. Often found wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Super Hero Appearance: 98% of Jean's body is now made of metal. As such, he looks more like a robot than a man, which warranted the Association to name him as they did, even though, technically, he is a cyborg. His body is a flat, dark gray in color, with a build that looks very similar to that of a flesh-and-blood human, albeit one that is muscular and well-trained. Although his face (with the exception of his eyes, ears, and nose, which are cybernetic) and brain are all that remains of his flesh, his head is almost always encompassed by a retractable, round, almost featureless helm with three glowing eye-ports. While his body is very durable in its own right, his helm is made of a special alloy that gives it considerable - but not infinite - durability.

Personality: Jean is generally laid back - almost to a fault - but is serious about his job as a hero, and is an active participant in the Association as a result. In other words, he has a strong sense of justice. And a strange, varied taste in music.

Powers/Equipment: Jean's body is mostly metal, giving him some degree of superhuman durability, strength, speed, etc. His arms and legs can transform to form various weapons and equipment, as well. His weaponry, however, is based around one thing: his music. Whatever he may be doing - outside of conversation, of course - Jean will be blasting his music for all to hear. Speakers on his shoulders, ribs, forearms, forelegs, and feet have a variety of uses, even if its nothing more than playing the music he has selected. As a result, his forte is sonic-based attacks; essentially, weaponizing his music. In addition to this, Jean's own fighting capabilities change depending on the song, or even what part of the song is on. If the song is very fast paced, his speed increases. If the song is very dramatic, he gets a strength boost. This also plays into...

Weakness: When the song reaches a slow part during a fight, it can heavily impact Jean's performance. As well, if you manage to damage or disable his music completely - the control system of which is located in his helm, constantly feeding him music, even if his speakers are broken and the battlefield is music-less - he will be up **** creek without a paddle, to put it bluntly.

Alliance: Heroes, all looking to help keep innocents safe.
Allies: Heroes Association, other heroes.
Enemies: Anyone the Association points him at.

History: Jean is a genius. A lazy, lazy, morally just, lazy, genius. His body, mostly mechanical? He did that, with the help of robots he designed. In order to fund his research, Jean used his massive intellect to create various products and advances in science. As a result, he's set for life. Despite this, Jean lives in a modest apartment in Z City, in a fairly standard neighborhood. Despite his less than glamorous living, Jean used his fortune to establish repair sites - manned by automated robots - all across the continent, hidden from public view. This has saved his life on many occasions; after a fierce battle, no matter which city he may be in, he can retreat to a repair station and get his body fixed up in no time. Fighting as a hero is about the only thing that gives Jean pleasure anymore, and is about the only thing he is serious about. However, his relaxed behavior frequently brings him into squabbles with the Hero Association, and the other, more disciplined heroes they employ.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby slashmaster101 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:39 pm

Super Hero:Changling
Identity: Jacob
Age: 18
Height: 6 foot
Appearance: Normally can just blend into a crowd, wearing unremarkable clothing, normally consisting of a pair of scuffed boots,old jeans and a tattered brown sweatshirt. Not in the best physical shape, he nonetheless is relatively strong.
Super Hero Appearance: Due to his powers, Jacob doesn't actually have a get up or anything special that he wears when he is on assignment or undertaking a job.
Personality: A bit of a loner, Jacob shys away for close relationships partially because he doesn't want anyone close to him hurt and partly because he is not a people person.
Powers/Equipment: "Changling" can shipshape into any known animal alive and a few extinct species as well. While in the form of another creature, he retains his knowledge, and can tape into that animals instincts, and senses. He can also communicate with other animals and humans while he is out of human form. For this reason he is valued as a spy and infiltrator.The rapid changing of forms also accelerates his body's natural healing factor, able to survive many wounds that would be near fatal to regular living things.
Weakness:"Changling" cannot change into certain forms while in enclosed spaces and he can't change at all if he is bound at the risk of losing limbs... most importantly his head, being the one part of his being he never loses when he shifts. Although his healing factor is very effective, changing forms rapidly quickly tires him out.
Alliance: Heroes association
Allies: Any one on the side of good
Enemies: Those that harm the innocent.

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