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Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

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Alias: "Talon"
Height: 6 foot
Appearance: Plain, light skinned, black haired individual with a thin beard that wraps around his jaw and under his nose. Always seen wearing old aviation goggles and a leather jacket, usually with old jeans and a t-shirt.
Weapons: A desert eagle sidearm and, in some circumstances, a bullet-proof vest.
Origin: Talon was an engineer for Intuitive Generations, a weapons manufacurer that specialized in the growing monster problem before the outbreak. He was one of the hundreds of people working on the Recon Exterminator (X series) and its predecessors. When the facility that was holding it came under siege from the mutated monstrosities, he succeeded in saving the prototype weapon from destruction, and now uses it to sate his hatred for the monsters of the world, which destroyed his career and his life...
Organization: None.
Allies: Himself and his mech.
Enemies: Monsters.

Name: Recon Exterminator X
Alias: REX
Height: 100 meters
Weight: 120,000 Tons
Appearance not to scale.
Powers: Twin machine gun-like plasma launchers mounted underneath the "hood" of its head, extremely powerful (but slow to charge) experimental railgun mounted in place of its right limb (The intensity of which can be set to non-lethal paralyzing jolts of electricity), anti-tank missiles launched from its knees and back, extremely durable space titanium armor at the cost of mobility, as well as a very powerful sensory device known as a radom, which is its sole means of sense, as there are no windows in the pilot compartment. "Jaw" of the machine can be lowered to allow the pilot to see with their own eyes. Has two metal prongs on each foot, capable of digging into the ground to root the mech in place. Limited flight capabilities.
Origin: The Recon Exterminator (X series) was developed to combat the growing monster problem, before said problem became an infestation. Its name refers to its tendency for extreme range in combat situations, usually against reconnaissance vehicles, able to pick them off before they knew the Exterminator was there. After the monster population exploded, the company that was developing the Exterminator and others like it was one of the first to be destroyed by sudden outbreak of mutated creatures. Thankfully, an engineer that worked on the project, who goes by the name of "Talon" in present times, was able to pilot the experimental mech away before it was destroyed. Talon now uses the Exterminator for his own purposes in this apocalyptic world.
Allies: Talon, its pilot.
Enemies: Due to Talon's grudge against monsters, the Exterminator is an enemy of all of them.
Strengths: Armor is resistant to heat and plasma energy.
Weaknesses: Sonic weaponry disrupts its sensory devices, and acid corrodes its usually durable armor.

Name: Subterranean Assault Walker
Alias: SAW
Height: 50 meters (laying flat)
Length: 150 meters
Weight: 140,000 Tons
Appearance: A machine with the front half of a millipede and the back half of a centipede. The back half has large, sharp prongs along its body angled downward, while the front half has many small, blade-like appendages directly underneath its body. Has a Y-shaped structure curving back on its head, as well as a pair of large mandibles. Has a two-prong tail. Plated armor on the back half, and reinforced overlapping armor on the front.
Powers: White-hot napalm-like substance sprayed from Y formation on head, very sharp mandibles with serrated interior meant for holding onto things, many blade-like limbs on the front half capable of moving up and down like a buzz saw, larger sharp limbs in the back capable of rooting it into the ground, hollow tail prongs filled with disorientating poison. Back half is made of flexible space titanium, while the front is made of reinforced overlapping space titanium, giving it flexibility in the back and durability in the front. Can root itself with its back half, allowing it to raise its front half to use its blade-like frontal limbs more effectively, as well as giving it the ability to raise its back half high above its head when the front half is grounded. Mandibles allow it to dig through the ground at a fast pace, and it was designed to withstand the extreme pressures deep beneath the Earth.
Origin: One of the anti-monster mechs created by Intuitive Generations, specifically one of the dormant machines Talon found in the abandoned facility.
Allies: Mankind.
Enemies: Any beings that threaten mankind.
Strengths: Resistant to heat and electrical energy.
Weaknesses: Sonic weaponry disrupts its systems, and acid burns through its armor.

Name: Experiment V682-A45
Alias: Concord
Height: 120 Meters
Weight: 100,000 Tons.
Pilot Synchronization:
The Concord unit and its pilot share physical and mental stimulus, making them closely linked. While some may seem this as a hindrance, it actually allows the machine to adapt to its situation. If it is wounded, the pilot feels the full extent of the injuries, and it adjusts accordingly. For example: If the unit is in grave danger, the pilot begins to feel the effects of adrenaline. The adrenaline is simulated to the unit via a large allowance of energy from the S2 engines, enhancing its combat capabilities immensely. Certain emotions of the pilot can be induced if the need arises.

S2 Engines:
The power source of the Concord is its S2 engine, located, usually, deep within its midsection. These engines generate the chaotic, pure energy known as "Mana", which is used to power the machine's many functions. Because of the energy's very primal state, the S2 engines allow the unit to change the type of energy its weapons utilize. Its wrist cannons, for example, can be changed to plasma, maser, or other such energy depending on which type is needed. Although extremely powerful, the mana is also very costly on the machine, and therefore can only run for a certain amount of time before the energy is used up.

MT Fields:
The Concord unit is equipped with an MT field, which is generated by the S2 engine. It acts as a natural barrier to protect the unit from harm. The shield itself persists constantly, protecting against weaker attacks, but the amount of power put into it can increase or decrease the amount it can protect. The Concord unit can also solidify part of the MT field so much that it can be used as a weapon, either to push enemies around or even cut through even the strongest material.

Living Metal:
The Concord unit has the ability to absorb metal material to repair its armor and mechanical functions on the field. This includes the replacement of weapons. However, this metal cannot be absorbed simply by touch, but rather must be ingested or come in contact with exposed internal organic components.

Wrist Cannons:
Twin-linked energy cannons attached to both wrists, which retract back into the unit's armor when not in use. Can fire any variety of energy through the use of the S2 engines.

Quantum Blades:
Two extendable blades deployed out of the unit's palms, they can be coated with plasma for increased effect. Maser or other such energy cannot be used to coat the blades, as it is not designed to handle such things. However, it can be used to pump electricity into a foe. The blades can be launched from their holdings, either to discharge them completely or with a space titanium wire attached.

Varied Equipment:
All of the above are standard on both units, but they are not limited to only these. Things like thrusters, pin-cushion missiles (fired from the shoulder towers, these rocket propelled blades can pierce even the strongest material), and even hand-held rifles are possible weapons for the two units.

Origin: Locked away in the Intuitive Generations facility were two experimental machine units, the Concord and the Enterprise. Each were fitted with a strange, otherworldly energy system, and a revolutionary system of piloting. Although both were very close to being finished, they were never tested, let alone active. Even after the facility was abandoned, those in charge were sure to lock the two units far enough away that they might never be found. Unfortunately for them, Talon is quite persistent. After exploring the facility for the years that followed the desolation, he eventually came across signs that something very powerful was hidden in the depths of the facility, and after months of searching, he found it. Thankfully for Jackson and himself, Intuitive Generations already had a pilot training simulator built for the future operators of the two machines...

Allies: Mankind.
Enemies: Those who wish to harm mankind.
Strengths: Very potent energy source allows for extreme defense and offense possibilities.
Weaknesses: Limited time to fight at full power, every fight is potentially lethal to pilot, strong sonic weaponry can disrupt synchronization.

Name: Kryde
Alias: Tactical Genius
Height: 70 meters
Length: 120 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Appearance: A reptilian quadruped with amphibian-esque traits, such as webbing along the spine and between the digits. Its body structure is comparable to that of a big cat, though with elongated, almost gangly front limbs, which double as dexterous arms, and a very long, very fishy-looking tail. A large, fleshy frill encompasses its neck, and its head is slightly elongated in comparison to the rest of its body, sporting a large number of pointy teeth. Although its skin color changes frequently to suit different situations, its "relaxed" state is a murky mix of green and blue.
Powers: As a master ambusher, Kryde's kit is suitably sneaky.

Skin Changer: Kryde is able to, at will, change the appearance and texture of its skin, to better blend in to different environments. This also enables it to suppress most energy emissions with a little bit of effort, further keeping it concealed.
Body Chemistry: Kryde is a fan of traps, but being an enormous reptile has its drawbacks. As a result, it can change the very nature of nearly every inch of its body, and does so with gusto. This enables it to make things not unlike biological landmines, in the form of chunks of its own flesh altered to explode on contact. Or a blob of mega-adhesive. Or an organic lightning rod. Or a sack of acid. The list goes on...
Regeneration: Due to its need for more trap-making material, Kryde is able to regrow just about anything. The larger the damage, however, the more time it takes to regenerate.
Fleet of Foot: As a small(er) monster, Kryde makes up for a lack of strength with a dose of agility. As well, the pads of its feet are designed to dampen noise - as much as possible, anyway, for something that size. This enables it to move around almost undetected, especially in the noisy environments provided by angry, rampaging monsters.
Inexplicable Transportation: Kryde is able to detect energy emissions from almost anywhere around the globe. This is used almost exclusively to detect ongoing destruction and/or fights. After singling out a target, Kryde is, after a moment of undisturbed concentration, able to appear unceremoniously at the target location. The ability results in a brief spike in ambiguous forms of energy, but otherwise barely makes a sound. As a result, Kryde has a tendency to walk out from behind buildings in places he is most unwanted.

Origin: A complete and utter mystery.
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Strengths: Kryde is all about ambush and outmaneuvering its opponent. It is very fast, and very clever; it often leads its enemy on to the point that they seem to hurt themselves more than it. Kryde's bizarre ability to transport itself over long distances, and its unnatural attraction to other monsters and their brawls, make it a very unpredictable and dangerous creature indeed.
Weaknesses: Kryde is not very durable. Although it can take a bit of punishment due to its ability to regenerate, it relies on its speed, agility, and wit to win the day. If it does get caught, it tends to fold pretty quickly. As well, its Inexplicable Transportation can be a blessing and a curse; unable to use it in a short-range fashion, and unable to use it to escape from a fight, it can easily become a death sentence against a dangerous and capable opponent.

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Name: Mecha-King Ghidorah
Alias: The Three-Headed Cyborg
Height: 150 meters
Length: N/A
Weight: 115,000 tons
Wingspan: 150 meters
Appearance: Mecha-King Ghidorah is physically almost identical to the original space dragon, but with significant cybernetic enhancements. His wings and torso are encased in layers of Space Titanium armor plating. The clublike tips of his tails have been replaced with vicious Space Titanium blades, and extra armor has been placed around his legs. This particular set of plates actually connects directly to the dragon's musculature, allowing him to move around and carry his heavy new armor with ease. Rings of ST around the base of MKG's two outside heads serve a similar purpose, enhancing the heads' reaction times. The middle head, severed during KG's battle with Spinnerax and subsequently taken away by Mechagodzilla, has been replaced with an entirely robotic version, which contains a DNA computer in place of his central brain.
Breath Weapons: MKG possesses two different breath weapons: his Gravity Beams, which are still used by the outside heads and have not changed since KG's presumed death (still powerful electric beams capable of lifting structures and enemies), and a new weapon used by his middle head: the Triple Laser Beam. This weapon is primarily made of plasma energy (similar to Horus's own mouth ray), with two coils of electricity (similar to the Gravity Beams) around it. While it lacks the versatility of the Gravity Beams, the Triple Laser Beam makes up for it with sheer damage output. As such, it is MKG's primary weapon.
Missiles: MKG is equipped with both High-Explosive Armor-Piercing (HEAP) and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) missiles. The EMP missiles are fairly standard, unlike the advanced design used by Horus, but are more than sufficient to take out most electronic systems. The HEAP missiles, on the other hand, have been scaled up to compensate for MKG's sheer size and brawn. They are significantly more powerful than basic HEAP missiles, and are exceptionally devastating in large numbers (and MKG has plenty).
Flight: MKG's wings, while still flight-capable, are primarily used as solar panels, which helps power the cyborg as well as his weapons. However, with the support of jets mounted in MKG's armored back, the cyborg can achieve flight speeds of up to Mach 2 in a straight line, or even hover in place. However, he is not agile in the air, and limits flight to getting from location to location, or to perform bombing runs.
Melee Weapons: The teeth of MKG's middle head are no less dangerous than the original's, and likely more so, considering they're made of Space Titanium. All three heads can bite with equal ferocity, and the cyborg's enhanced reflexes make his snakelike strikes lightning fast. The middle head can effectively control the outer ones like arms, using them to pick up even very heavy enemies and toss them back out into shelling range. If attacked from behind, MKG can retaliate with his tail blades, which can been sheathed in energy powered by his solar panels (yet another feature shared by Horus's own tail blade). These tails are slightly slower than MKG's heads, but somewhat more damaging to targets they hit.
Chest Beam/Shield System: If groundbound and stationary, MKG can produce a spherical energy shield around himself that blocks incoming projectiles, from missiles to beam weapons. However, it does not react to melee attacks. Certain types of energy (electricity, ice, radiation, fire, etc.) can be absorbed by the shield and redirected into a chest-mounted Energy Emitter concealed in MKG's chest armor. After absorbing enough attacks (and before overloading, of course), the Energy Emitter can fire a powerful beam of whatever energy (or even energies) the shield had previously absorbed. The beam is one of the most powerful weapons in MKG's arsenal when at full power, and can blow even the heaviest monsters off their feet in such cases. Projectiles like missiles and more exotic attacks like acid or plasma, however, cannot be absorbed by the shield; the attack is simply blocked or reduced in power.
Armor and Enhancements: Unsurprisingly, MKG's Space Titanium armor provides him with quite a bit of protection, further supported by his armored scales. However, it is also extremely heavy. DHARMA has solved this issue somewhat by giving MKG internal cybernetic implants connected to much of the outer plating. These implants enhance MKG's strength, allowing him to carry his armor without too much trouble. However, he is only slightly faster on his feet than the original King Ghidorah, and is not very agile (not that he ever was). The implants also enhance his reaction time, precision, and reflexes. As a result, MKG's aim with his weapons is exceptional, and while his melee attacks are generally rather average in terms of damage and power, they are extremely fast and very capable of countering or interrupting blows from stronger melee fighters.
Origin: After King Ghidorah's apparent death at the drills of Spinnerax, DHARMA, tracking down the rampaging monsters, collected the dragon's remains, planning to turn one of Earth's many threats into the ultimate monster hunter (specifically, he is well-equipped to fight Horus). He has turned from a planet-destroying alien into a tool to be used; Mecha-King Ghidorah is little more than a glorified armored weapons platform. However, King Ghidorah was never killed for good, and it is likely that certain external stimuli could reawaken the dormant monster...
Allies: Currently, DHARMA.
Enemies: Horus, other targets given to him.
Strengths: Mecha-King Ghidorah's armored scales and Space Titanium armor combined make the cyborg durable in close combat. Most forms of physical attack (claws, teeth, tails, even drills and blades) often slide or bounce off MKG's metal body. More specialized melee weapons, like Spinnerax's drills, can do more damage, but the cyborg is still exceptionally resistant to such attacks. However, he is still not a very good melee fighter, and can get quickly overwhelmed with too many physical blows if he can't get back out into a suitable range for his weapons (he often uses his grappling heads and tails to simply throw enemies away if they get too close). In addition, he possesses the same immunity to electricity he always had.
Weaknesses: MKG is vulnerable to acid, like the original King of Terror (though his shield can block it if he's capable of activating it), and is also strangely vulnerable to sonic blasts, which appear to disorient the cyborg and interfere with his electronic systems.

Name: Raptoran
Alias: "Raptorzilla"
Height: 2-100 meters
Length: 3-120 meters
Weight: 200 pounds-40,000 tons
Appearance: Raptoran looks like a large JP-esque Velociraptor with green scales and red, tigerlike stripes along his back, tail, and legs. He has a crest of flexible spines along the back of his head and neck, which can spring up when the monster is angry or excited. His back has small, jagged spines, not unlike those of Godzilla, albeit miniature in proportion.
Powers: Raptoran starts out small and relatively unintelligent, but as he feeds, he steadily grows in size, and depending on his meal, intelligence as well. At his max, "adult" size, Raptoran can produce a plasma beam from his maw that comes in several forms. He can spit weak green fireballs at the weakest, used mainly for harassing prey. The beam's average strength level is seen as a blue beam that is powerful enough to bowl smaller monsters over. The red beam is more powerful, used for tougher opponents. As a last resort, he can use most of his energy to form a bright-white plasma beam that can completely obliterate weaker monsters. Raptoran can eat to regain energy, but otherwise he relies on his lightning-fast speed (considered one of the fastest monsters on land) and razor sharp claws and teeth to run circles around and eviscerate his foes. He has a moderate healing factor, and is also a relatively good swimmer, though he has difficulty fighting underwater, and only uses it when he needs to travel elsewhere.
Origin: Raptoran origin is similar to that of Godzilla's in that he is a nuclear-mutated dinosaur. However, he never grew in size, and was hidden from the modern world until the Japanese found him on a nearby island, then captured him for study and sent him to Tokyo...
Allies: None as of yet.
Enemies: For now, only his human captors.
Strengths: Raptoran is as resistant to radiation as Godzilla, and nearly as resistant to heat as well.
Weaknesses: Cold energy (as it slows him down and reduces his own energy) as well as particularly powerful physical moves, primarily edged ones.

Name: Mechagodzilla
Alias: None
Height: 100 meters
Length: N/A
Weight: 120,000 tons
Appearance: Identical to the incarnation from the original GEW
Powers: Mechagodzilla has a staggering arsenal of alien weaponry:


Laser Eyes: MG can produce a yellow beam from each optical unit, and the two beams combined rival the power of Godzilla's Atomic Ray.
Missiles: MG can fire pointed missiles from his hands, knees, toes, back, shoulders, and hips. These missiles are guided, and can be manually controlled by the mech as long as they are within its sight. MG carries a wide variety of missiles, which can be exchanged internally as the need arises: freezing, incendiary, EMP, sonic stun, energy-draining (explosion drains energy from shields), acid-releasing, armor-piercing, and proximity-fuse, which explode at certain distances. All missiles are capable of piercing the hides or chassis of enemies before detonating. Thanks to scanners in its optical units, MG can figure out which missiles are best for whichever opponent it is currently facing.
Smart Laser: Mechagodzilla's chest can open up, revealing a cannon inside that can shoot up to eight red energy beams at once. Each one can move independently of the others, and they possess incredible slicing ability, able to cut through buildings, rocks, and other obstacles with ease.
Drill/Laser Hands: MG's missile fingers are pointed and surprisingly flexible, allowing him to grab foes. However, they can also close together and spin rapidly, forming lethal drills. Even while spinning, these closed drills can be enveloped in yellow energy by MG, making them deadly energy blades, which can also rapidly shoot bolts of energy at foes from a distance if necessary.
Mouth Beam: Meachgodzilla can fire a green beam from its mouth. This beam is incredibly powerful, comparable to Godzilla's Hyper Spiral Ray, but it uses large reserves of energy, and is saved for only the most dire situations. In the event of his head being removed, Mechagodzilla's AI brain is protected inside a machine in its neck, which allows the mech to function fine, albeit without its head-based weapons. However, the machine can also fire an immensely powerful scatter-shot version of the mouth beam that is incredibly inaccurate, but absolutely lethal to most monsters at close range.


Armor: Mechagodzilla's armor is pure Space Titanium, making him extremely durable. However, it is also reinforced internally with diamond, making him even tougher than would be expected without sacrificing speed.
Shield: At will, MG can produce a blue energy shield that covers its entire mechanical body. This shield absorbs almost any attack thrown at it, and redirects more powerful ones back at their source in order to conserve energy. However, MG is incapable of using jets or any form of energy/ranged weapon, and must rely solely on melee attacks. However, the shield also delivers a powerful electrical shock to anything it touches. If the shield is overloaded, MG can make the shield into a weapon: the blue field dematerializes into a shockwave of electrical energy that explodes outward in front, behind, to either side, and above/below (in certain situations) the mech for 200 meters. This blast acts like an EMP burst to other mechs, but also acts like an immense lightning storm, and is equally dangerous to organic targets.
Jets: Located in its back and feet, Mechagodzilla's jets allow the otherwise sluggish mech to fly at speeds of up to Mach 5 (Mach 20 in space).
Nanobots: Mechagodzilla's internal systems contain billions of nanobots controlled by the mech. These nanobots are capable of repairing hull breaches and restoring energy to the mech using materials MG has "consumed:" MG can absorb most artificial and organic materials through its mouth or arms, which are then contained in its body for later use. As long as it has material to break down for its nanobots, Mechagodzilla has a virtually unlimited energy source.
Hologram: Mechagodzilla can produce a hologram around its body in place of its shield, which allows the mech to impersonate any similarly-sized and shaped monster. This hologram is nearly impossible to penetrate with human scanners.

Origin: Mechagodzilla appears to be some sort of intergalactic exterminator created by an unknown alien race. Due to King Ghidorah's destructive tendencies, it appears that MG has been sent to track down and destroy the three-headed monster. However, MG is not particularly noble or good, and does not discriminate between a target and those who get in its way. Mechagodzilla's appearance is unusual, and far too uncanny to be a mere coincidence. It is likely that the mech's creators have seen Godzilla before, and built MG in his image...
Allies: None, other than its unknown masters. However, it will accept help where it can get it.
Enemies: King Ghidorah, others who get in its way.
Strengths: Mechagodzilla is effectively immune to radiation and nuclear energy, and also highly resistant to electricity (a useful trait against KG, and intended to protect itself from its own shield system).
Weaknesses: MG is slow on the ground, and therefore vulnerable to faster, close-combat-oriented opponents. However, its hull is only particularly vulnerable to powerful blunt blows (edged attacks usually bounce off its Space Titanium armor). Acid eats away at the armor as well, but this effect is slowed by the self-repairing nanobots. MG's main weakness, however, is its AI brain: if somehow damaged or corrupted, Mechagodzilla can turn from a focused machine into a reckless monster, smashing everything in its way and attacking those nearest to it. However, this is a worst-case scenario. Still, even at best, Mechagodzilla will forget its main directive and target and simply follow its own desires, which is usually bad for whatever civilization it happens to be among...

Name: Anguirus
Alias: Angilas, The Spiked Beast
Height: 50 meters on all fours; 100 meters on hind legs
Length: 160 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Appearance: Identical to his incarnation in Godzilla: Unleashed
Powers: Anguirus only has one form of ranged combat: his powerful lungs allow him to produce a devastating Sonic Roar after taking a deep breath. The roar can stun or even knock out monsters, and can shatter buildings. Other than this, Anguirus relies on close combat in battle. He is remarkably tenacious, even for a daikaiju, known to hold onto enemies with his vice-like jaws for as long as physically possible and fighting with every ounce of strength he can muster, often lasting significantly longer than other monsters. He is also surprisingly fast and has incredible reflexes, lending him well in battle. Anguirus is intelligent enough to use unique strategies involving his shell. An intensely defensive opponent, he will often use his spiked carapace to block enemy attacks, then quickly counterattack with his jaws, claws, horn, tail, or shell while his foe is in pain. Anguirus can also roll into a ball and tumble about as a giant, spiny wrecking machine. Anguirus can swim, but it is used only to get from place to place, and he can also burrow to a limited degree as well.
Origin: Anguirus' origin is completely unknown. However, he appears to be a heavily mutated dinosaur, like Godzilla. He is also a well-known ally of Godzilla, and has been observed fighting alongside him in many situations. However, he is less destructive than his ally, and rarely ventures into human-controlled territory of his own free will.
Allies: Godzilla and similar monsters.
Enemies: None, except those who attack him or his allies.
Strengths: Anguirus is extremely tough, especially when on all fours, which makes getting past his shell difficult. Even when attacks do hit him in more exposed areas, he is resistant to sonic-based attacks and explosive blasts.
Weaknesses: Anguirus' underbelly is vulnerable to edged attacks, and larger opponents that can repeatedly batter him often wear the monster down with ease.

Name: Arandar
Alias: The Force of Nature
Height: 40 meters on all fours, nearly 120 meters on his hind legs
Length: 100 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons
Wingspan: N/A
Appearance: Arandar is serpentine in shape, sheathed in plated scales that cover his entire body. He looks like a somewhat stretched crocodile, dull, dark blue in color. Despite the scales, Arandar's frame is lithe and nimble, and very slim for such a large creature. His four legs are strong and capable of propelling him at high speed over open terrain, or letting him raise up onto his hind legs. The limbs ends in five clawed digits on each, useful for scratching enemies or climbing. As he weaves and bends his frame, the scales will flex and expose a shimmering light beneath. This light also emanates from the beast's eyes and maw, and changes color depending on the elemental force Arandar is currently using: red, white, blue, or yellow. The tip of his long tail ends in a large pincer-shaped structure, and the outer edges of each prong are razor-sharp. A dim glow of the same colored light as the rest of Arandar rests between the two tips of the prongs, and expands if he produces energy from it.
Elemental Fury: Arandar's primary power is the ability to harness the forces of nature themselves, either offensively or defensively. This often manifests as one of four elements: fire (represented by a red glow), sheer cold (white), electricity (yellow) or wind (blue):
Fire: Arandar can spew flame from his maw as a short range blast of heat, or lob explosive fireballs from his tail like a mortar cannon at longer range. When he is harnessing fire in this manner, intense heat emanates from his body as a deterrent against other monsters, so they don't get too close.
Frost: In a similar vein, Arandar can also spray freezing cold snow and ice like a concentrated blizzard from his mouth and tail, or spit large spikes of ice at more distant targets. These spikes will pierce most surfaces they hit--as well as the hides of other monsters--as if they are made of steel, before shattering in a small blast of sheer cold and rock-hard icy shards. Arandar is chilling to the touch when harnessing such an ability, and can make melee attackers too numb and sluggish to fight effectively.
Electricity: Arandar can spit bolts of lightning from his mouth and tail from an exceptional distance, and can harness electrical forces to enhance his melee attacks as well, stunning and electrocuting his enemies at almost any range.
Wind: Concentrated blasts of air produced from either end of his body allows Arandar to slow and knock down opponents like bowling pins. At extremely close range, he can form swirling gusts to keep enemies off their feet, or even produce a sonic boom that knocks back any opponents right next to him.
Melee: Arandar will not shy away from close-range combat if pressed, but is not exceptionally strong; he prefers wearing an enemy down with a thousand cuts, rather than taking them down with a few powerful blows. As such, he uses his claws, teeth, and tail blades in hit and tun tactics (often enhanced by his elements) to repeatedly slice and dice his enemy until they're too injured to fight back. Arandar uses his speed and agility to his advantage in close combat, running circles around enemies, or merely evading their attacks until he can set up his own blows. He is exceptionally difficult to keep a grip on as well, and is adept at wriggling out of the grasp of almost any enemy.
Origin: Arandar represents the dark side of nature: he is as merciless as a wildfire, as relentless as a blizzard, as imposing as a thunderstorm, and as vicious as a hurricane. His origin is mostly unknown, though he is clearly not extraterrestrial in origin. He may simply be another mutation, but the source of his power suggests that simple radiation was not the cause, or at least, not the only one. Arandar is territorial and aggressive, attacking anything that gets in his way, and directing his fury especially to those who attempt to harm the planet itself, human or kaiju.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Any who oppose his work.
Strengths: Arandar is quick and nimble, and has an incredible array of powerful abilities he can unleash upon foes. He is versatile and adaptable, using different elements for different foes as the need arises. He is vicious and overwhelming in close combat as well, channeling his raw fury into blow after blow. Depending on the element being harnessed at the time, Arandar is also virtually immune to the effects of that particular element, until he switches to another one.
Weaknesses: Like all things of Earth, Arandar is not perfect. As a tradeoff to his natural immunities when harnessing certain elements, the monster is equally vulnerable to another element, depending on which one he is currently harnessing (fire is weak to frost, frost is weak to fire, and earth or other solid objects are resistant to electricity and wind), and it takes a couple seconds of concentration to change from one element to another. Because this is mostly unfeasible in combat, he tends to rely on his speed, which also has a drawback: despite his scales, Arandar is physically rather frail compared to most kaiju of similar size, and his attacks do not possess the raw power of many monsters and mechs. As such, sufficiently powerful blows, specifically blunt ones, can stun or heavily damage Arandar and make him vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
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Postby C S » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:32 pm

Name: Spinnerax
Alias: The Enforcer
Height: 100 meters
Length: 120 meters
Wingspan: 95 meters
Weight: 100,000 tons
Appearance: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/ ... 5ycnk4.png
Powers: Almost unrivaled speed, Spinnerax reigns supreme in the skies and space. His powerful drills are space titanium and as such can sheer through almost any substance. His visor eye can display information of targets, a white circular reticle serves as an aiming apparatus. The wasp's vision turns blood red when in combat and the targets given a golden outline, marking their positions even when they are behind obstacles. The space wasp's primary ranged attack is a ray of concentrated plasma that is fired from the horn on his head. The latent heat of the beam is great enough to break down compounds and degrade armor over time. A barbed recurved stinger is mounted on the wasp's metasoma. While it doesn't deliver venom, the sting is a painful one, especially once the barbs are pulled out of the victim's flesh. In addition to the barb, Spinnerax's metasoma is lined with relatively short yet sharp spikes.
Origin: Far beyond Earth in the void of space, strange creations loom in the vacuum. One such creation is Spinnerax, half monster, half machine. Shooting across the vast distances with incredible speed, Spinnerax makes his approach to a new world...
Allies: Horus
Enemies: Those who wish to harm life on Planet Earth
Strengths: Incredible speed and strength. Matched with extreme fighting spirit makes him a tough foe to face
Weaknesses: High concussive explosions and powerful energy beams.

Name: Jackson Stritch
Height: 6'3
Appearance: A light skinned man with dark hair. he is adorned in worn black clothing, a light T-shirt and baggy pants. His footwear, once white sneakers; are now dirtied and wrinkled. A tattered cloak hangs off his shoulders, its hood ripped off, leaving a jagged tear in the fabric behind the neck area. Stubble grows on his chin, the man not being able to shave for quite a while now. He has a small Geiger counter in his pants pocket, the topmost portion always sticking up from it. Its casing is yellow, the buttons are dull orange in color and the display is green. Makes a crackling noise when picking up radiation, the volume changing depending on the amount of exposure.
Weapons: A makeshift axe like weapon fastened from sheet metal and old wire, though the jagged blade made from battered scrap metal is short, allowing its wielder to jab into enemies they might come across and leave terrible, irregular wounds.
Allies: None at current. He wanders the streets of Japan, devastated by the monster outbreak. He constantly wonders about how he made it out alive, when many others perished.
Enemies: The monsters of the Earth and beyond. They will upsurp Humanity and plunge the world into chaos if noting is done...but how does one oppose giants with untold amounts of power?

Name: Experiment V173-A19
Alias: Enterprise
Height: 120 Meters
Weight: 100,000 Tons.
Pilot Synchronization:
The Enterprise unit and its pilot share physical and mental stimulus, making them closely linked. While some may seem this as a hindrance, it actually allows the machine to adapt to its situation. If it is wounded, the pilot feels the full extent of the injuries, and it adjusts accordingly. For example: If the unit is in grave danger, the pilot begins to feel the effects of adrenaline. The adrenaline is simulated to the unit via a large allowance of energy from the S2 engines, enhancing its combat capabilities immensely. Certain emotions of the pilot can be induced if the need arises.

S2 Engines:
The power source of the Enterprise is its S2 engine, located, usually, deep within its midsection. These engines generate the chaotic, pure energy known as "Mana", which is used to power the machine's many functions. Because of the energy's very primal state, the S2 engines allow the unit to change the type of energy its weapons utilize. Its wrist cannons, for example, can be changed to plasma, maser, or other such energy depending on which type is needed. Although extremely powerful, the mana is also very costly on the machine, and therefore can only run for a certain amount of time before the energy is used up.

MT Fields:
The Enterprise unit is equipped with an MT field, which is generated by the S2 engine. It acts as a natural barrier to protect the unit from harm. The shield itself persists constantly, protecting against weaker attacks, but the amount of power put into it can increase or decrease the amount it can protect. The Enterprise unit can also solidify part of the MT field so much that it can be used as a weapon, either to push enemies around or even cut through even the strongest material.

Living Metal:
The Enterprise unit has the ability to absorb metal material to repair its armor and mechanical functions on the field. This includes the replacement of weapons. However, this metal cannot be absorbed simply by touch, but rather must be ingested or come in contact with exposed internal organic components.

Wrist Cannons:
Twin-linked energy cannons attached to both wrists, which retract back into the unit's armor when not in use. Can fire any variety of energy through the use of the S2 engines.

Quantum Blades:
Two extendable blades deployed out of the unit's palms, they can be coated with plasma for increased effect. Maser or other such energy cannot be used to coat the blades, as it is not designed to handle such things. However, it can be used to pump electricity into a foe. The blades can be launched from their holdings, either to discharge them completely or with a space titanium wire attached.

Varied Equipment:
All of the above are standard on both units, but they are not limited to only these. Things like thrusters, pin-cushion missiles (fired from the shoulder towers, these rocket propelled blades can pierce even the strongest material), and even hand-held rifles are possible weapons for the two units.

Origin: See Concord

Allies: Mankind.
Enemies: Those who wish to harm mankind.
Strengths: Very potent energy source allows for extreme defense and offense possibilities.
Weaknesses: Limited time to fight at full power, every fight is potentially lethal to pilot, strong sonic weaponry can disrupt synchronization.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby UndeadRaptor » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:20 pm

Alias: 'Hunter'
Height: 150 meters
Length: 100 meters
Weight: 10,000 pounds
Wingspan: 75 meters
Appearance: Appears as a darkish green Chinese dragon with two large horns on the top of his head, a spike at the end of his tail, and spiney-like spikes protrude from his back.
Powers: Can shred through the thickest of materials with his metal claws, can breathe fire and can cause concussions with his screech.
Origin: Comes from the astroid belt when a lone meteorite crashed into the ocean on Earth.
Allies: None
Enemies: Hostile creatures
Strengths: The ability to breath fire
Weaknesses: Most natural elements besides water and fire

Name: known mostly as 'the swarm', but are really called 'Serag'
Alias: infection
Height: 3 ft.
Length: 2 ft. (minimum), 7 ft. (average) or 18 ft. (maximum)
Weight: 200 lbs. (on average)
Wingspan: none
Appearance: Appear almost reptilian in nearly every way, looking like crocodiles mixed with prehistoric dinosaurs, having tail clubs and some even possess short, stubby horns.
Powers: can infect living organisms (which mutate into one of their own) via scratch, bite or blood contact
Origin: They originate from the same meteorite 'Hunter' grew up on, and usually ride on his back and underside, hidden thanks to similar coloring.
Allies: 'Hunter'
Enemies: All others
Strengths: Can slightly breathe fire like 'Hunter'
Weaknesses: Basically everything besides fire and water
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Iceking » Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:42 am

Alisa:God of hunger
Height:135 meters
Length:125 meters
Weight:126,000 tons
Powers:Sonic beam from mouth, claws, tail, teeth, great jumper and Sonic shield (Blocks both physical and energy attacks, though it is not used for long periods of time due to the usage of the energy).
Origin:A creature from earth's past, how exactly Sauron originated is unknown. He has recently awoken from his slumber and now mostly seeks to find himself a good food source as well as a territory.
Enemies:Any who threaten him, his territory or his food source.
Strengths:Immune to Sonic attacks and resistent to electricity
Weaknesses:Alien energy attacks and acid

Height:70 meters
Wingspan:120 meters
Weight:16,000 tons
Apperance:Identical to the Hesei Rodan.
Powers:His top speed a flight of Mach 3, Rodan is quick when in the air. In addition, when flying at his top speed, he creates sonic booms that are easily capable of causing damage to buildings. Rodan's ranged attack is a uranium heat beam fired from his mouth. For close quarters combat, he has his beak, chest spikes and foot claws to attack, although when it comes to melee combat, he prefers to get in close, attack quickly and get out of the range of physical attacks, since he isn't suited for dragged out close quarters combat.
Origin:Though his true origin isn't known, Rodan, like many other saurian monsters, seems to have survived into the modern world when most other Pterosaurs died out, seeming to be mutated not unlike monsters such as Anguirus. Rodan is another known ally of Godzilla, having assisted the monster king in many battles. Outside of aiding his allies, however, Rodan seems to prefer to live a solitary life, rarley going into human territory unless that is where an enemy is located and even then, only if the enemy is something that might be a threat to him.
Allies:Godzilla and his allies
Enemies:Any enemies of Godzilla
Strengths:Immune to heat attacks, resistant to nuclear attacks
Weaknesses:Edged attacks and freezing attacks
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Godzilla Forever » Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:47 am

Name: Kori Kahn
Alias: Lord of the North
Height: 70 meters (quadruped)
Length: 150 meters
Wingspan: 200 meters
Weight: 80,000 tons
Appearance: http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee466/Danzilla1996/IMG-10.jpg
Powers: He can send a beam of icy energy towards a foe, which can easily reach absolute zero if he focuses it in one area long enough. He may also choose to fire this attack in the form of small spheres of icy energy. He can unleash a small blast of ice in all directions that can knock opposing monsters backwards as well. He has immense strength and decent speed, and is an incredible flier. Due to his bulky form and the weight of the ice that grows on him, he can fly at about roughly Mach 1.5. Without the ice, he can fly at nearly double that- Mach 2.9. His razor sharp spikes, claws, and horn, along with his powerful tail help ward off close range opponents. His thick, icy skin is difficult to break through with conventional weaponry, and even then, should the great icy king find a cool place to rest, he can recover to near perfect condition. He has a stronger version of his icy blast that will freeze the entire area within 400 meters solid, but this is extremely tiring for Kori Kahn and can literally incapacitate him if he is too tired already.
Origin: A great ice dragon from the far north, Kori Kahn is often given respect as a fearsome god by small inuit tribes in Alaska. His exact origins are unknown, but many believe he is a relic from a time long forgotten in history that had fallen into a deep slumber for thousands, possibly millions of years.
Allies: N/A for now.
Enemies: Anyone who threatens him or his tribes.
Strengths: Immune to the effects of the cold and resilient to nuclear waste and energy.
Weaknesses: Fire is his primary weakness, and can be stunned when exposed to incredibly loud sounds.

Name: Infernus
Alias: The Smoke Clad King
Height: 100 meters
Length: 250 meters
Weight: 130,000 tons
Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/237/b/9/Mutant_Tyranno_full_by_KaijuSamurai.jpg
Powers: Infernus can spit a beam of intensely hot flames from his mouth (imagine the gravios' ranged attack from Monster Hunter), along with spitting out a stream of superheated carbon monoxide smoke and shooting multiple fireballs that explode upon making contact with something. He can make magma pour from his skin as a self defense mechanism, and uses his sharp spines and powerful jaws and tail in close combat. His head is also a powerful weapon, capable of shattering multiple layers of reinforced steel with a single hit without even being dazed. His rock-tough skin is difficult to penetrate without lasers or hitting his softer underbelly, and can heal himself by consuming magma. He is also a very good swimmer.
Origin: Bursting forth from the smoldering heart of Krakatoa upon his first appearence, Infernus appears to be a mutated Gojirasaurus akin to Godzilla. Research has concluded that the beast's ability to breath fire and smoke is due to its consumption of Thermite and Magma, which react with each other to allow it to use such an attack. However, the origin of his magma controlling powers is still a mystery. Some speculate that his exposure to magma when mutated gave him some kind of ESP-esque skill that allowed him to control the deadly substance. Either way, Infernus is known for his savage nature and fighting frenzies, so it is best to avoid conflict with him unless the attacker (or defender) is prepared for the worst.
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Horus, Damaar
Strengths: He is immune to the heat and has surprising resilience to the cold.
Weaknesses: Venom seems to lower his ability to focus and use his powers, and electric attacks mangle his senses.

Name: The Kryll
Alias: The Ravenous Horde
Height: Ranges between 8 and 10 feet (15 feet if a Praetorian or Centurion)
Length: Ranges between 16 and 20 feet (30 feet if a Praetorian or Centurion)
Weight: between 5 tons and 10 tons (17 tons if a Praetorian or Centurion)
Appearance: Huge, grasshopper-esque creatures. Their bodies are raised off of the ground, supported by four of their six legs (two large ones in back and two up front). Their front limbs are used akin to a mantids': made to grapple and rip apart their prey. Sharp mandibles are on either side of the creatures' heads, and compound eyes give them an inhuman stare when they lock on to prey. Thier exoskeletons are an ugly brown or dull green color.
Powers: They can fly at roughly the speed of a fighter jet, can spit acid, and have razor sharp claws and mandibles.
Origin: The Kryll are a seemingly mutant species of locust or mantids that migrated to where they have made themselves at home today. It is unknown what led to their horrific mutations, but it is believed that large amounts of nuclear waste left in their original habitat caused their immense growth and transformations.It has now been confirmed that they live in hives and are ruled by a single queen. The Kryll are extremely dangerous and are willing to eat anything, so are a threat to any living (or nonliving) thing that stands in their way, including members of their own species!
Allies: Other Kryll, including their queen.
Enemies: Anything that resists their feeding habits.
Strengths: Numbers. Their swarms can congregate in numbers so large that they blot out the sun. They also resist nuclear energy, due to their origins.
Weaknesses: The extreme heat and cold can cause their exoskeletons to rupture or even explode, and conventional weapons can peirce their exoskeletons relatively easily. Also, sonic attacks easily disrupt their senses, and can literally shake them apart.

Name: Kryll Queen
Alias: Matriarch of the Horde
Height: 90 meters
Length: 100 meters
Weight: 57,000 tons
Appearance: They look like enlarged Kryll, but they have a single large spike on their heads that give them a beetle like appearance. They also have pincer-like claws, a stinger, and a vibrant green exoskeleton.
Powers: They can spit acid and fly at jet fighter speeds like their children, have immense strength, sharp claws, and powerful mandibles. However, they can also shoot beams of nuclear energy from their beetle like horns and have a stinger full of a deadly neurotoxin. The neurotoxin can paralyze prey at small doses and can outright kill them if the stinger is allowed to inject enough of the deadly venom.
Origin: It is unknown how the Kryll Queens grew to be so luch larger than their bretheren, but it is believed that they may have recieved an even larger dose of radiation than the rest of them. Their ravenous hunger and constant production of eggs ensures that the horde will live as long as they are attached to their egg sacks. They may be harmless whilst laying eggs, but if they decide to head out themselves....

Formerly, it was believed there was only one queen, and a single colony. However, recently, scientists believe they may have found other nests... some even bigger than the previously discovered one.....
Allies: The Kryll.
Enemies: Anyone who threatens their children.
Strengths: They are immune to nuclear energy and radiation, and resist acid.
Weaknesses: The cold affects them greatly (though she is a bit less susceptible to fire), and they can be stunned by sonic attacks.

Name: Bagorah (DEAD)
Alias: Red Death
Height: 60 meters (quadruped)
Length: 120 meters
Weight: 25,000 tons
Wingspan: 200 meters
Appearance: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs29/PRE/f/2009/249/0/4/Godzilla_Neo___BAGORAH_by_KaijuSamurai.jpg
Powers: Bagorah can atain flight speeds up to roughly mach 2. It has incredible agility while in the air, and can move decievingly quick while on the ground. In addition, it has a powerful screech that can be used to locate foes that are normally invisible, and can be focused as a weapon to blast foes back and stun them from the attack's concussive force and sheer decibal level. In addition, his bite can drain a foe's energy, feeding the bat's ravenous hunger for a while if he isn't able to kill it to eat it conventionally.
Origin: Bagorah is actually a space creature, often traveling between planets in search of food in large swarms. This particular specimen was separated from its group and ended up stranded on earth. Alone, the brute was forced to make do with the resources it can find on the surface of the planet, often attacking and eating elephants, hippos, whales, humans, and even other, smaller kaiju when it gets an opportuity. It must be on the hunt constantly due to its lightning fast metabolism.
Allies: N/A.
Enemies: Anything that can provide decent substenance for it.
Strengths: Lightning quick speed, immunity to acid and venom.
Weaknesses: Fire inflicts heavy damage to the beast, and its metabolism is slowed down tremendously in even the mildest cold conditions. In addition, the beast isn't very hardy and, ironically enough, he is easily stunned by sonic attacks.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby The Kingpin » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:47 pm

Name: Horus
Alias: The Sentinel
Height: 60 metres on all fours, 100 metres when on hind legs
Length: 140 metres
Weight: 100,000 tons
Wingspan: 200 metres
Appearance: Click Here

The dominant colour of Horus is black. the spikes covering his whole body are filled with grooves glowing brightly with golden white light. the frill on his head is covered in plates, the top-most of these, extending behind the glowing golden nasal horn, gradually fading from the whitish gold of the horn, to black, covered in golden white glowing grooves, like the rest of the spikes on his body. his 'beak's tip is pure black, though further up his face and jaw grooves begin to appear, like the rest of the body. his chest scales likewise, are filled with small grooves, glowing from the energy within the beast. the axe-tail's grooves are much more numerous than elsewhere, reaching the point that the edges seem to glow pure white. the sharpened edges of his claws also glow in this way. his wing bones are covered in large, flat, overlapping scales (see pic), light glowing between the gaps of these scales, in a similar way to the grooves on the claws, spikes and scales covering the rest of the Dragon's body. the 'finger bones' of the wings are blade-like in nature, flat, strong and extremely sharp. when the wings are closed, these finger bones overlap, forming a blade-like edge which can be used as an extra weapon in emergencies. the wing membranes are black, though they are covered with angular, feather-like patterns, which glow alternatingly between royal blue and golden white, wing spots being made up of plain blue rings over a black background. his chest is adorned with a circular, indestructible case, the centre of which is transparent, though no weaker than the material framing it, beneath which is a silver indentation, glowing bluish white grooves decorating it. below the back of the wings are a series of 10 powerful jets, 5 on either side, which the Dragon uses in combat to enhance it's natural speed.



Plasma Beam: Standard Breath Weapon. immense kinetic force, capable of knocking very large objects over or blowing them off the ground if needed, or simply burning right through them if the target cannot be forced over. Can be amplified with solar energy(see below) to multiply it's strength to nearly 5 times normal
Energy Receptors: Located in claws and edge of axe tail. doubles cutting ability.
Nose Horn: two weapons.
A) Electrical Discharge: Very high Voltage. Can zap an unprepared monster into unconsciousness, or otherwise immobilise them for a short period of time. takes time to charge. contact-weapon unless fully charged.
B) Energy Blade: Used via collected solar energy. comparable to Destroyah's plasma blade in application. directed optically to prevent wasting energy as would occur through swinging of head.
Missile Silos: 4 types of missiles: EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), HEAP (High Explosive Armour Piercing), CRACK (CRyogenic Armour Crippling Kinetic) and HESTER (High Explosive Space Titanium & Energy Receptor-tipped) missiles, which are very highly penetrative to any surfaces exposed to them, including space titanium, which, if thin enough, can be penetrated in a single shot. internal mechanisms direct the rockets to launch bays along it's back and on it's chest, allowing for forward firing when needed. description for Special Missile (HESTER and CRACK) behaviour available if requested.


Flight Speed: Mach 2 Maximum. Mach 0.8 Cruising speed.
Mobility: Highly agile and mobile on the ground. capable though not proficient swimmer. avoids the water.
Strength: Capable of lifting roughly 2 times his own weight. Causes rapid fatigue.
Space Titanium Nano-Weave: Skeleton and scales infused with Space-titanium particles, forming a nano-weave, being weaker than true Space Titanium plating, but with the benefit of higher mobility than would be possible otherwise
Cloaked Wireless Connection: Enables anonymous internet access, contact with other mechs and cyborgs, and access to any unprotected digital information.
Cybernetic Enhancement: Modification of structure allows him to store information more efficiently and manipulate the information he acquires into various uses. vital organs and vital mechanics encased in a Space Titanium shell in the torso, being the only true Space Titanium plating in the Dragon, in order to prevent fatal injury from all but the most powerful attacks.
Fusion Reactor: Responsible for production of all non organic equipment, including self repair, though even organic healing can be achieved, albeit considerably slower than mechanical self repair. requires only sufficient matter to fuel the repairs. can consume any material to satisfy this need.
Solar Panels: Positioned at various points across his body, these High Efficiency panels absorb solar and thermal energy to compensate for the natural ability that was lost during the modification process, retaining Horus' ability to exploit the sun. in addition to absorbing energy, they can be used to expel it.
Eye of Horus: Given 15 minutes of peace, Horus can draw on his natural affinity towards the Earth, allowing him to pinpoint the location of any being on the planet at that moment.

Origin: In the earliest days of Earth, long before Dinosaurs walked the earth, a massive beast arrived, it's original home long since destroyed. Having found a new home similar to it's old one, it swore an oath to itself never to let the same fate strike it. For aeons, the creature defended the Earth fiercely, destroying any who dared pose a threat to the planet. With the appearance of man, a new difficulty arose. Their intelligence meant they would be capable of both great good, and great evil. The dragon strove to educate what he saw to be the most advanced of mankind, in order to protect the world from destruction. Several thousand years ago, this Dragon was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as Horus, the solar god, guardian and protector of Egypt. shrines had been built, statues of his likeness in human form built in his honour. Several centuries later, his signs, hints and appearances having left a permanent mark in mankind, spread through the Egyptians' trade and empire, implanting in Early civilisation a love for the Earth. the Dragon finally went into hibernation, his purpose of ensuring the Earth's protection for now fulfilled. what he awoke to were horrors beyond any he could imagine. As the Earth fell into turmoil at the hands of a selfish, heartless Mankind. But before he could wake, a corporation known as DHARMA discovered his last resting place: A gigantic Hidden Tomb beneath the Temple of Horus, a Massive Statue of an anthropomorphic Horus, unlike any of the ones that had been found before, standing above the entrance to the caverns in which the massive Dragon slept. Gleeful at the power they had the potential to wield, DHARMA took Horus as he slumbered, using large amounts of tranquillisers to prevent him from awakening, subsequently equipping Monster Experiment Structures they had used to learn of the nature of other monsters, to store the Dragon. They then proceeded to change him, twisting his form into something that was not all flesh, nor all machine, their hopes being to turn him into a weapon to surpass any other. under them, the Dragon suffered severe treatment, put through countless painful operations to try and improve his combat capability, the Dragon feeling, but unable to move due to the amount of sedatives they used to control him. And here....is where the story of Horus....begins anew....

Allies: All who have Earth's interests in mind
Enemies: All who may harm the Earth
Strengths: Immune to atomic/thermal attacks (Due to the infusion of Space-Titanium with his body at a cellular level, and the Thermal energy panels)
Weaknesses: Acid (Again, due to the cellular structure of his body containing space titanium), Sonic attacks

Name: Damaar
Alias: The Warlord
Height: 75 metres tall
Length: 140 metres long
Weight: 180,000 tons
Wingspan: 200 metres across
Appearance: Link
A large, blackened, bipedal beast wrapped in armoured plates. His strange armour seems to churn constantly, appearing almost like liquid mercury in it's ever-shifting nature, though being completely solid. His arms are equipped with 7 claws, though 2 of these are almost vestigial and serve more technical purpose than the 5 larger ones. the entire armoured surface of the beast is connected to it semi-organically, making it, in essence, a living machine. it's body beneath the armour is just as powerful, and the armour only serves to double the beast's protection and help control and direct the power he has already absorbed over the aeons. His sheer physical strength allows him to maintain respectable speed in spite of this. He lacks internal organs, a living machine in that sense, though does not operate through any form of program, instead running on arcane energy fuelled through a blend of life force and thermal energy, thus his thirst for more. His secondary arms are made up of large jagged talons, acting like blades, shimmering with energy. His wings can retract and conceal the membrane [which is very hard and sharp in it's own right], becoming additional fighting limbs. the tail makes up a large portion of his length, and is completely covered in armour, shaped in such a way that it allows high flexibility. the grooves between and beneath the plates are usually dark, but when using his massive store of energy they light up, giving the appearance that Damaar is practically overflowing with restrained energy, outlining the plates. Runes also light up across his form in this state. the face of the beast is cast in shadow most of the time, though his eyes glow a chilling shade of blood red, and white energy seems to flow from his nose and between his fangs like a luminescent cloud. the same can be said for each of the pointed tips of his talons and spikes when in combat.



Limbs: Each and every one of them is a lethal weapon in it's own right. Each talon, claw and spike is maddeningly sharp, and constantly resonating at a high frequency, giving it an almost saw-like nature even when stationary. combined with the sheer power behind these limbs, this means it can carve through just about anything. This is his primary means of close range combat. His wings are particularly dangerous. These limbs are incredibly powerful in spite of their slender appearance, and can rotate almost 360 degrees on it's axis, allowing the limbs to point in any direction and thus, swing and stab in any direction.

Ion Beam: Long range 'breath' weapon. Usually used at range to soften a target while Damaar closes in to engage in close quarters.

Adhesive explosive: A sticky bomb in a sense, this semi-solid weapon is an alternative 'breath' weapon, being fired in a jet that can fill in cracks and openings and explode with devastating effect via ionisation. Medium range weapon.

Energy Drain: Damaar's most dangerous weapon is the ability to drain the life and energy right out of his foes. He uses his large talons on his secondary arms and wings to do so, impaling the target and draining them. If not stopped quickly, he can and will kill using this ability. Damaar also feeds off the life force and thermal energy of his surroundings, getting stronger the more he absorbs. As a result, A field of death seems to surround the beast, the earth going grey and dry, trees drooping and cracking, everything within range turning to dust over time. This works to a lesser degree on combatants. Monsters will feel the effects of exhaustion more swiftly than they would usually, when fighting Damaar. This field is initially transparent, but once his surroundings begin to decay, a blackish, dust-like cloud forms around him as a result of drained debris being caught up in the energy currents, often giving him a smoky aura. This can also be used as a pulse, speeding up the process very rapidly and simultaneously obliterating most of what's within it's reach, pulling in whatever isn't destroyed in the resulting vacuum.


Strength: Being highly melee biased, Damaar is extremely powerful, capable of lifting as much as 3 times his own weight if need be, though this is close to the limit of his abilities. He can deal with his own weight and up to twice that amount, comfortably.

Thrusters: powerful thrusters on his back can be used to hover or, if he has absorbed enough energy and has completed his purpose on a planet, launch himself out of the gravitational pull of a planet, leaving him to drift in space until he finds an asteroid to latch on to or a planet to target next.


Speed: Damaar's extremely powerful limbs allow him to move fairly swiftly in spite of his size.

Forcefield: A barrier is generated around Damaar when faced with an attacker that uses long ranged weapons too fast for him to dodge. this barrier can be used to redirect or stop an incoming projectile. vertical vent-like openings appear along his arms and legs when using this ability.

Shield: His left arm is equipped with large shield, which he uses when clashing with a similarly powerful melee opponent. it can be twisted so that it lines up with the arm itself, in situations where deploying the shield may impede mobility.

Allies: None
Enemies: Anything and everything that comes between him and power.
Strengths: Thermal energy, nuclear radiation
Weaknesses: Ice and electric attacks
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Giratina93 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:54 pm

Name: Blight
Alias: The Dragon Lord
Height: 40 meters on all fours, 110 meters when on hind legs.
Length: 160 meters.
Weight: 90,000 tonnes
Wingspan: 210 meters
Appearance: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/ ... mbeyit.jpg (Obviously not THAT large.)
Powers: Blight, ike most dragons, is able to unleash a stream of fire at his enemies from his mouth. He is able capable of emitting a poisonous cloud of gases from his mouth, and is capable of spitting out globs of acid onto foes. When combined with fireballs, these blobs of acid explode with trememnous force. Blight can also fly at Mach 3, has a semi-decent form of regeneration, and, during flight, lightning strikes down from the tips of his wings at anything he wants to hit. Also, he can fom a kinetic sphere of energy and send it flying at an opponent. Should this sphere hit, it can easilly knock even the largest of Kaiju off their feet. Blight also has a somewat tough hide, claws sharp enough to tear through most Monster's hides, and a powerful bite.
Origin: Millenia ago, the ancient dragon Blight came to earth from a faraway planet. Little is kown of his origin, except that hi species is not of this galaxy. When the dragon Blight came to earth, he came in order to wipe out the local population to make way for his species to settle on the planet. However, while he was entering the atmosphere, an asteroid collided with him, causing him to crash into the ocean, unconcious. There he slept for 1000 years, recovering his strength... till now.
Allies: none
Enemies: Those who threaten him
Strengths: Immune to fire and resists poison
Weakness: Blight is rather weak to electricity and ice.

Name: Bagan
Alias: None
Height: 120 meters
Length: 130 meters
Weight: 120,000 tonnes
Appearance: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... /Bagan.jpg
Powers: Bagan can fire a beam of plasma from his mouth. He can also create cloud of static electricity, which not only can disrupt electrical systems, but also cause plasma in the form of large diamonds to rain down upon the enemy, which causes extreme pain and damage. His hide is incredibly durable, able to withstand being in the mantle of the earth, and he has regenerative powers rivaling those of Heisei Godzilla. When he enters into a dormant state of rest, he can incase himself in a cocoon of sorts, which isn'tt all that durable, but is strong enough to ward off most attackers. Also has very sharp claws, and horns to boot.
History: Bagan was once the "Diety protector" of several isolated villages in a remote valley in South America. He was revered as a god, while he protected the villages from attacks from the few giant monsters in the area. Then, about 500 years ago, something happened, something that caused him to abandon his duty to protect the villages and to go out and test his strength. He went after the monsters that harrased the villages, to assert himself as rulerof not just the villages, but of the neighboring lands. After slaying all of them, he went into a deep slumber somewhere in North America, ready to take up one day and to assert himself as the ruler of the Earth.
Allies: None
Enemies: Damaar, Horus.
Strengths: He is immune to fire, and blunt attacks do little to his hide.
Weaknesses: Intense soundwaves cause intense pain to Bagan, and acid is lethal to him if he can't get it off fast enough.

Name: Squama
Alias: None
Height: 100 meters (When reared up)
Length: 300 meters
Weight: 215,000 tonnes
Appearance: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/ ... 5gm088.jpg (Again, not really that big.)
-Iron Coils: The muscles of Squama, like any constrictor, are very powerful, and when he wraps himsefl around a victim, death is almost certain. Although he doesn't break bones, the pressure of the coils can cause blood clots and rupture blood vessels, and can suffocate the victim to death.
-Powerful Bite: Despite being a constrictor, Squama's bite force in remarkable for a snake. his fangs, well over a dozon feet long, can pierce through the toughest of armor, and even though he has no venom, this bite is usually foollowed up by the constricting, and even if the foe can escape, Squama's serrated fangs contain deadly viruses that can cause infections.
-Scales as tenfold shields: Like any snake, Squama's scales are notoriously hard. Slicing and stabbing attacks are unable to pierce his hide, though his underbelly is more frail, and concussive attacks aren't affected by the scales.
-Digging: Moving through the crust is rather easy for Squama. Using his head, he can carve tunnels and move through the ground at rapid speeds.
-Prehensile Tail:With his absence of ranged attacks, the snake's tail comes in handy, being able to wrap around nearby objects and hurl them at his foes.
History: Back over 500 years ago, Squama, whose origins are virtually unknown, ruled the ocean, and was the inspiration for tales of sea serpents. Few could match him in power, until he ran into, and was defeated by Bagan. The ancient diety's Diamond Storm proved too great for Squama to take on, and he retreated. Humilitated, he sealed himself up in the island of Tahiti, waiting for the day he would get revenge on Bagan...
Allies: None
Enemies: Bagan
Strengths: Squama is highly resistant to heat, and piercing attacks
Weaknesses: Electricity, Acid, and Ice are all things that Squama's scales cannot take very well, and neither are explosions.

Name: Gulodus
Alias: The walking stomach
Height: 135 meters (When reared up)
Weight: 170,000 tones
Length: 105 meters (standing upright and tail fully stretched out)

Description: Image

Courtesy of HayesAJones,

Personality: A simple-minded creature, Gulodus simply wishes to enjoy eating and sleeping. He has a playful, almost curious nature, but in the heat of battle, the bear-armadillo kaiju is a fearsome wrecking ball of destruction.


-Claws and fangs: Gulodus's claws and fangs are razor sharp and designed to tear through rocks and metal in the search for underground insects. In battle, this translates to Gulodus being very fearsome at close quarters.

-Elastic spear tongue: A tongue designed to pierce through even the toughest of insect husks means that most armor bar the toughest are going to get stabbed through. The tongue has a reach of over 60 meters, and is sticky as well. Skull analysis of Gulodus reveals that the length of the tongue is only because it wraps around the back of the skull and into a side opening leading to the nostrils.

-Paralytic Vomit: Sometimes, what Gulodus eats doesn't agree with his stomach. He can vomit up his stomach acids and lob it upon his foe. The stomach enzymes cause brief paralysis, leaving them vulnerable to other attacks

-Rolling around: Due to the structure of his armor, Gulodus can wrap himself up into a ball. With a hide meant to protect him from most harm, he can smash into foes while wrapped up. He can roll to the side, backwards, forwards, or bounce around like this.

-Durable Hide: Gulodus's hide is thick and tough, similar to a honey badgers. Pain is heavily dulled to him, so anything along the flanks and the back won't do much. The armadillo armor on him only helps him further, giving him protection in those areas.

Strengths: Fire and piercing attacks

Weaknesses: Ice and water, as well as sonic based attacks.

Name: Novetris Squama

Aliases: Hunter from Hell
Height: 130 meters (When reared back)
Length: 390 meters
Wingspan: 250 meters
Mass: 180,000 tonnnes
Alignment: Evil

Description: A serpentine demon from the depths of Hell, Novetris has the upper body and head of a humanoid figure, but that's as close to human as it gets. 6 muscular arms with claws at the end jut out of his side, the fists covered in eternal fire. His maw is filled with razor-sharp fangs, and has white splotches of scales around his eyes, while the rest of his coloration is darkish-green, aside from the grey underside.

Info: Very little is known about the demon called Novetris, aside from the fact he comes from the depths of the Underworld. Whatever his purpose is up here, means death to those in his way.

Personality: Brutal and nightmarish, Novetris takes no pity on those around him. If he so desires something, he does what he wants to get it done, especially if it means murder. Despite his hulking appearance, he is also a tactician, and knows the ways of war...

Powers & Abilities:
-Poisonous smog: Novetris can belch out billows of poisonous gasses from his maw. These gasses are not only highly flammable, but also can erode steel away and turn flesh into rotting death.

-Coils of steel: The scales of Novetris are incredibly hard and lined with massive muscle, This gives his coils a horrifying amount of power, and allows him to easily crush most smaller foes to death, while also splicing their hide apart with his shark-like scales.

-Flaming pillar: Fire spews out of his maw, with such force that it can level a monster of Heisei Godzilla's size onto the floor. the flames also can easily burn, thus causing far worse damage as well.

Strengths: Acid is highly innefective against his hide, and flames only make him stronger.

Weaknesses: Due to his cold blooded nature, he despises the cold, and water and ice are lethal to him in high amounts.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Galaxia » Fri May 13, 2011 4:58 pm

Name: Gidantria
Alias:The great burrower
Height:80 meters
Length:120 meters
Weight:100,000 Tons
Appearance:That of the Mongolian death worm only much larger
Powers:Great spikes and spines that run all across his hide,to tear into the skin of all but the toughest of foes,however it is hard to collide in just the right way to get them to be used at their best
Origin:Many millions of years ago a race of giant worms "swam" through the earth as if it was water this once successful species died out in a mass extinction long forgotten,Gidantria manged to survive,going into hibernation for millennia but current events have awoken him from his ancient slumber and now intends to explore this unfamiliar world....
Allies:Those that do not threaten him or the planet he once called home
Enemies:Those that attack first or seem like a threat or make a maddening amount of noise
Strengths: The ability to jump from the earth like a fish from water and ram into foes
Weaknesses:Slowness in attacking compared to other monsters
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby slashmaster101 » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:42 pm

Name: Baguri
Alias: Komodo, Meg
Height: 300ft
Length: 500ft
Weight: 200 tons
Appearance: http://madmls.files.wordpress.com/2011/ ... ctures.jpg
Powers: poisonous bite, breathes fire and has teeth, claws and tail
Origin: nuclear radiation gave meg his girth and fire breathing ability's
Allies: None
Enemies: Anything that threatens him
Strengths: is immune to acid and poison
Weaknesses:weak to electrical attacks and not very good in cold conditions.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Spiketopus ಠ,ಠ » Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:00 pm

Name: Kasai Yogan
Alias: The Bloody Hunter, The Forgotten One
Height: 115 meters
Length: 140 meters
Weight: 60, 000 tons
Appearance: http://kingcaesar09.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4pevub
- Bloody Hell/Bloodrage: Having a fire breath ability, Kasai can set off her own blood on fire, making her look like a living torch, then launch herself at her enemies. This can also be used as traps; if some of her blood has been shed on the ground, she can still set it on fire when an unsuspecting foe is nearby (or manipulate it). Slamming into enemies while she's ablaze like this will create a powerful concussive force, often sending enemies flying.
- Lava Spikes: Yogan can shoot spikes from the tip of her tail, which will plant themselves into an enemy's flesh until she decides to make them either explode with strong concussive forces or melt into what seems to be molten lava.
- Bloody Weaponry: Kasai can turn any of her limbs into a bloody appendage and morph them into any weapon - the blood will then harden - to fight.
- Flamethrower: KKY can shoot fire from her mouth, though she doesn't use it often (mostly to inflict even more damage/pain to an enemy that is wounded with open wounds).
- Hemokinesis: Ketsueki has the incredible, somewhat otherwordly ability to manipulate blood. This allows her to do many things, such as:
*Turning herself into a blood puddle: Since she can turn any of her limbs into a bloody appendage, Kaisai can also turn her whole body into a bloody puddle. This allows her to travel underground or get herself behind enemies. *** I won't use it in combat, just for this RPG. Was planning to use it only for countering attacks once in a while, but KP said I should not. Snowball effect, y'know. ***
*Turning any of her limbs into a bloody appendage/weapon: See above.
*Make herself a nice bloody coat of armor: While not unbreakable, Kasai can make herself bleed until her whole body is covered in blood, then make that blood harden to cover herself in bloody armor. Obviously, this allows her to become more resistant to attacks and hurt more with her attacks.
*Heal her wounds.
** It should be noted that Kasai Yogan cannot manipulate other monsters' blood, because it doesn't have the same properties as hers which allow her hemokinesis to work. **
- Super Strength: Ketsueki Kasai Yogan can easily lift up any monster twice her size and throw them a relatively fair distance far.
Origin: Kasai Yogan was a Kaiju created on a distant planet to wage war, but ended up fighting for the good of the world as a guardian after her own creators locked her up in an underground prison, where she suffered for days until she broke free. There she turned against her creators but was later tossed into outer space via a cluster probe. Only recently, the probe has been sighted approaching Earth at high speed...
Allies: Good monsters.
Enemies: Evil monsters.
-Heat Resistance: Kasai is obviously utterly immune to fire/heat-based attacks. Attacking her with such attacks is useless.
-Thick armor and spines: Kasai has a lot of spikes which protect her from most close-ranged/melee attacks. Her armor (the ridged parts, covered in thicker scales) also tends to deflect bullets/projectiles.
- Cold-based and electrical attacks.

Edit: Made a few edits to the bio. Hopefully she is less overpowered nao.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Murloc Tyrannus » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:32 am

Name: Karasu-Z2 or Ravenova
Alias: The Deviate Raven, Queen of Space, Empress of Void
Height: 112 meters
Length: 123 meters
Weight: 783 tons
Wingspan: 210 meters
Appearance: Image
Similar to this, but replace the red with this color.

-Peck: Ravenova's weakest and most basic attack. Self explanatory.
-Slash: She swipes the foe with her talons.
-Swoop: Ravenova flies upwards, and then divebombs the enemy from above with her talons. It's deadly when it hits the face or neck of a monster, and has been known to rip apart aircraft carriers.
-Corvus Beam: The bird fires a beam at her attacker. It isn't as devastating as Godzilla's, and not as large either, but it can still do some damage.
-Meteorite Storm: Ravenova summons a storm of meteorites.
-Firestorm: She calls forth a tornado of purple fire, which increases in size as it picks up more things.
-Enraged Galaxy: Her feathers work like flashbang grenades releasing a blinding flash that temporarily impairs vision.
-Burning Planetoid: This attack is her deadliest and most destructive. She calls forth a planetoid (in other words, a small planet) from space, which crashes into the planet she's currently on. This is close to being never used, as it may kill Ravenova herself during the process.

Origin: The Giant Claw's DNA was used in testing on a raven. After it was injected, the raven escaped into a nuclear testing area, and this hellish avian was born.
Allies: None
Enemies: Anything that threatens her safety or her nest.
Strengths: Talons that can pry open titanium ships, and pierce Kaiju hide. She can also reach speeds of mach 3.5.
Weaknesses: Hollow bones are easy to damage, weak to fire. Also, if wet, she has difficulties flying.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Doc 42 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:33 pm

Name: The steel giant
Alias: 'Titan'
Height: 160m
Weight: 350,000 tonnes
Appearance: A huge mechanised humanoid covered in gun metal grey armoured plating. Head is shaped like a helmet with a single glowing eye in it's centre. The circular barrel of a plasma projector sticks out of his forehead. On the top of his head there is an open air observation deck. This can be sealed off by the a visor like armoured plate on the back of his head if needed.
His chest is bulky and made of several square sections which can be opened up. There are many hangers and bunkers sticking out of his back and waist.
Much of Titan's upperbody is marked with areas of patchwork armor inconsistent with the rest of the machine, these are the results of hasty repairs conducted by his crew. Titan's entire right arm was fabricated out of materials scavanged on earth.

His chest is mounted on to his waist through a huge servo, allowing him to swivel around 360 degrees. There are bunkers on both sides of his shins. His forearms are much thicker than the rest of his arm, with bunkers running along their inward facing sides.

Mounted on his left arm is a large cannon like weapon extending past his hand, over his wrist

Crew: Titan is crewed by thousands of Dantans. Datans are bipedal, hunched aliens with powerful hind legs. They wear powered armour and often carry advanced weaponry. They live aboard titan, control his weapons and movement actuators and carry out repairs.


Plasma projector: Mounted on his forehead is a powerful plasma projector. This weapon siphons off some of the plasma from Titan's engines and releases it in the form of a powerful beam, using kinetic and thermal energy to pummel and burn enemies.

Gamma cannon: The weapon on his left arm is capable of releasing extremely powerful bursts of kinetic energy, firing molten slugs at his foes. These slugs often disintegrate on impact, releasing huge amounts of energy into the target area.

Gravity gun: There is a glowing dial embedded into the palm of his right arm. The dial burns with a constantly spinning super fluid which Titan can use to create temporary gravity fields, capable of grabbing and throwing objects.

Brute force: While titan is quite slow to move around, he can manoeuvre. his upper turret very precisely and can swing his arms with tremendous force.

Net Launcher: As part of the repairs made to Titans right arm, a makeshift net launcher was cobbled together, to make up for the loss of the Electro-Spear. The pneumatic launcher can also fire landing craft, if makeshift boarding vessels are required, but only if no net is loaded into the launcher. The net itself is comprised of huge steel cables wound together, making it very resilient and heavy.

Electro-spear -DESTROYED-: Titan's spear is a powerful weapon. It also has it's own crew and serves as a boarding device as well as a direct weapon. Titan can run powerful electric currents through the spear to stun enemies.

Marines: Many of Titan's crew are competent soldiers and can aid him in battle by boarding the enemy or through direct fire. They can also combat enemy infiltration.

Origin: Titan was one of the many invasion mechs built by the Dantans. They were constructed over 100 years ago and launched at the homeworld of the Dantan's most hated enemies, the Mirada. It was to be a desperate mission to end the war once and for all.

Unfortunately Titan missed and landed on the wrong planet, Earth.

Allies: The Dantans.
Enemies: The Mirada, Mankind (accidentally)
Strengths: Tough armor, ability to repair on the move, very large
Weaknesses: Slow to move, incapable of flight, limited versatility.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Kiryu Gwangi » Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:28 am

Name: Sharra
Alias: Grizzly Lizard
Height: 95 meters
Weight: 67,000 tons
Appearance: http://kiryu2012.deviantart.com/#/d5f2g83
His fur is like a grizzly's, his stripes are orange, and his spots are black.
Powers: Sharra can unleash a liquid-like stream of flames from his mouth. These flames are boiling hot and can engulf and shove back monsters. His teeth and claws are very strong, and his physical strength allows him to strike and bite with great power. He also tends to fight like a bear, making his attacks more brutal.
Origin: Sharra is a species of synapsid that has survived into modern times. Sharra is surprisingly related to black bears and grizzlies, and behaves as such.
Allies: Only those that help him.
Enemies: Those who threaten him or his home.
Strengths: Resistant to fire and cold.
Weakness: Electricity works well on him, and he is especially damaged by acid.

Name: Kynigos
Alias: None
Height: 100 meters
Weight: 50,000 tons
Wingspan: 95 meters
Appearance: He has a humanoid shape, with human-like legs and arms. However, his skin is dragon hide, he sports lion, tiger, and dragon tails, and has functioning dragon wings. His right arm has tiger skin and fur, his left arm having lion skin and fur, and his feet are dragon-like and sport talons. He has a pair of dragon horns atop his head, and his face is mismatched. The left side of his face is a dragon face with a fiery orange eye and slit pupil, his left side is a lion face with a golden eye, and his muzzle is shaped like a Tyrannosaur's, but has tiger features. He also has many scars, bites, and burns across his body, and has the teeth of many different carnivores.
Origin: Kynigos was once human, but as an infant he was bitten on the skull by a tiger, not only causing him to become obsessed with fighting carnivores, but also making him completely. Throughout his life, Kynigos has been fighting many different carnivores, tearing off their parts and attaching them to himself. The DNA from the carnivore parts he attached caused him to mutate into the abomination he is now, and he is always on the hunt for combat.
Powers: His dragon wings enable him flight, and his jaws can exert thousands of tons of force. His fists are his greatest weapons, though, being able to break through all but the thickest of armor. To further augment his punching power, Kynigos has his own custom made gauntlets, which are actually dragon skulls that can send smaller monsters flying.
Allies: None
Enemies: Any type of carnivore
Strengths: Immune to fire and pain and can shrug off blunt force trauma
Weakness: Slicing/piercing attacks can work well on him, and powerful enough explosions can prove devastating
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby Mr. DNA » Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:15 pm

Name: Argentinean Axejaw
Height: 85 meters
Length: 210 meters
Weight: 50 000 tons
Appearance: Top Center http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/ ... 6ebv9p.jpg


-Axejaw: The Axejaw's trademark ability and namesake. To compensate for a rather weak bite force, this kaiju has developed an upper jaw that narrows into a jagged, axe-like blade where the teeth would normally be. The lower jaws are able widen at an amazing 160 degree angle, and by swinging its skull like an executioner's axe, the monster can destroy flesh and armor alike with terrifying ease! The Axejaw has an extremely flexible neck, allowing for horizontal strikes as well as vertical. Due to the heavy and dense skull of the monster, this weapon is excellent for bypassing tough armor.

-Horns and Skull: The Axejaw's skull is thick and dense, covered by smooth, armor-like skin, harder than steel. Its neck is muscular and flexible; its spine reinforced. Like a pachycephalosaur, this kaiju can execute brutal rams and headbutts. The razor-like horns further aid in damage, slicing into flesh like organic katanas.

-Legs: This kaiju's legs are very strong. A sprinter by nature, the Axejaw can outrun many other land-based kaiju, and also aid in kicks and rams.

-Mace Tail: The jagged armor tipping the Axejaw's tail can be used as a sharp and heavy mace-like weapon.

-Spiky Armor: Argentinean Axejaws are protected by a lightweight, leathery armor that covers their backside. This lightweight defence has proved very effective at stopping sharp weapons, much like an organic chain mail. Short spikes adorn the armor, further protecting the Axejaw from potential attackers.

Origin: Once a proud species of South American kaiju, this Axejaw is the last of his kind. He's a predator, preying on creatures of similar size. Human-sized prey doesn't interest him, and he has never been known to attack cities, earning him a fairly clean record among the militaries of the world.
Allies: NA
Enemies: Prey
Strengths: Armor is VERY resistant against sharp weapons. Thick skull can withstand immense impacts.
Weaknesses: Underbelly is less armoured. Susceptible to extreme cold.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby HayesAJones » Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:52 am

Name: Kedos Croder
Alias: Demon of the Deep, Storm Bringer, Big Blue, Blue Death, Addonson
Height: 83 meters
Length: 178 meters
Weight: 56,408 tons
Wingspan: N/A
Appearance: Ah-like so.
Powers: His main ability is that of hydrokinesis. The dragon can manipulate water with a mere thought. Besides the obvious and straightforward uses of this power, Kedos can also conjure weapons from his body due to the water that saturates his scaly hide and generate swirling rainstorms that can stretch four kilometers around the blue behemoth. The Demon of the Deep is quite formidable on the physical side as well. His body is protected by spiny, sharklike denticle armor that concentrates around his belly, forming layered plates and negating the mythical weakness of a dragon's soft stomach. These thin, serrated scales can also be fanned out, turning the drake's sleek, smooth hide into a deathly carpet of hooked spines. The forearms of the undersea brute are the most jagged and are stained scarlet by the blood of a thousand foes- the famed “Crimson Shields” of Kedos Croder. These spiny pallets of toothy spines can catch melee blows and scattered beams- the heat of which are most nullified by the drake's waterlogged hide anyway. Despite not being particularly fast, even falling on the slow side, Kedos is a solidly built, strong monster that excels at grappling and counters. His large, bottom heavy form makes him difficult to knock over and his raw muscle allows him to redirect the weight of charging foes onto his skewering claws or retractable teeth. Being a sea dragon, Kedos is, quite obviously, a capable swimmer and can exist underwater for extended periods of time due to his gills and resistance to changes in temperature and pressure. There is no corner of the oceans not accessible to the Blue Death.
Origin: Born in the Arctic ocean to Addon Blackbiter and Wraif Venator in 1289, Kedos was a prodigal son to the sea dragon race, slaying assassins and conquering rivals as soon as he was capable of fighting. Though his power made him arrogant, he never felt pain over it. His strength was too great for other drake to overcome and he eventual found a mate and equal in the cunning dragoness Taigrin Peraetor- a creature as cruel and devious as he was loud and boisterous. Together, they terrorized the men who braved the oceans or lived on the coats and- although he was then only a third of his current height and a fraction of the weight- they were still to large to face reckoning for it. They were like gods to men and they reveled in it. But they underestimated the gall of men, creatures willing to kill gods when they felt great enough of an offense. Many decades into Kedos's life, when he was in his prime and Taigrin was heavily pregnant, a great band of seafaring warriors crept into the couple's lair. Having waited until Kedos was away hunting, they fell upon Taigrin while she slept. Weakened and weary due to her pregnancy, the mate of Kedos was slaughtered under a hundred swords and spears before being cut open and having her young hauled from her stomach. The warriors cast the unborn younglings upon pointed stones to be consumed by gulls, but soon panicked when they realized that they had the blood of both the Blue Death's mate and young on their hands. Fleeing, the warriors sought sanctuary in a nearby monastery. It would not save them. Demolishing the monastery and killing everyone within it, the grief-maddened drake went on a three day rampage that climaxed with the interference of a god- Kharbios, one of five physical god that protected the planet and the elemental guardian of water. Though the timeless serpent dwarfed him in size and eclipsed his power by severalfold, he also pitied the mortal dragon. Kharbios was the most warlike of the Five and sympathized with drakes more than man, but his divine duty prevented him for taking no action. He underestimated the rage in the drake's soul though. Driven by grief, hatred, and madness, the sea dragon- who blamed Kharbios for not taking action and stopping the death of his mate and young- killed the god in his hesitation and ate his heart, stealing his powers, size, and immortality in order to wage war on all men. Even with Taigrin's killers gone, his rage was not extinguished, and would not be for two-hundred years. His angry evaporated after two straight centuries of death and destruction, he grieving drake finally fell silent and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic to sleep away his pain. Awakened in the modern day by the activity of other giant creatures, the old drake now seeks to assert his dominance and reclaim the oceans- a watery kingdom which he believes is rightfully his.
Allies: Few.
Enemies: Most.
Strengths: Immense will, armored hide, resilient against thermal damage and all but immune to extreme colds due to his thick skin and northern origin.
Weaknesses: Though his pride gives him an unbreakable will, it also makes him easy to provoke and highly prone to doing foolish things in response to mockery or criticism. His arrogance is without doubt his greatest weakness, but it is not his only one. The old drake is also vulnerable to electrical discharges and is not as well armored across his back and tail as his belly. His gills and lateral line provide vulnerabilities as well, causing the dragon great pain when attacked, while his scarred eyes make it difficult for him to track rapid movement or see attacks coming from a distance.
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Re: Godzilla E-war: The Return Profile Topic

Postby saurus172 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:03 pm

Name: Pachylophos
Alias: Gorgia
Height: 82 meters when walking on all fours, 120 meters when standing on his hind legs
Length: 245 meters
Weight: 183,650 tons
Appearance: Much like a therizinosaur, but much bulkier, with shorter and thicker claws, and as his name says in Greek/Latin(thick crest) he has a mace like crest at the back of his skull.
Powers: Brute strength and agility, using his claws as swords, slicing open his opponents like butter and his maced head as a heavy weapon, knocking opponents stunned long enough to slash.
Origin: Millions of years ago, near the end of the Cretaceous, Gorgia was the leader to a herd of therizinosaurs, currently fighting off a family of tarbosaurs. As the herd managed to get the tyrannosaurs to leave, an alien ship neared the Mongolian landscape. Seeing the herd of odd looking creatures scare the menacing looking beasts away, they decided to abduct one and do all sort of experiments to learn its power and grow an army. They chose Gorgia, taking him and through all manner of experiments, they created the army they had envisioned, leaving the original creation in suspended animation for millions of years. But something went wrong in the ship, waking Gorgia from his millennia slumber. He caused a rampage, ultimately causing the ship and himself plummeting into the Indonesian waters. He survived and swam to shore, sending man and beasts scattering from the island chain. Now he heads toward Tokyo, heading toward the scent of many mutants, wanting any form of company.
Allies: None, so far.
Enemies: None, so far as far as monsters, but he hates anything tiny and humanoid, like humans and the aliens that experimented on him.
Strengths: Immune to all but the most severe of thermal attacks, his thick leathery hide covered in feathers has a dense layer of thermal regulating fat, helping to adjust to the current temperature around him, keeping himself either warm or cool depending on the situation. He is resistant to most nuclear attacks, the experiments helping with that, but it doesn't stop the major attacks, quick leave minor wounds.
Weakness: Though powerful and fast, he often misses where he is aiming for, due to his nearsightedness. Sonic attacks also do terrible damage to his senses, disorientating him and knocking him off his feet and onto the ground for several minutes, leaving his thermal regulating body open to attack, easily able to be overheated or frozen as he is disoriented.
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