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TyrannoTitan's Profile Topic

Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:18 am

Planet/Space Station

Native Name: "Home"
Environment: As a space station, its purely metal.
Regions: 'Sleep' sector filled with millions of stasis pods, various launch bays, assorted small sectors dedicated to various things.
Dominant Species: The Seekers.
Technology Level: Extremely advanced. Very powerful stealth sytems, making it hard to find.
Animal Life: Menagerie of robotic animals, ranging from cats to gigantic alien monsters.


Name: Seekers.
Description: They are slender, hunched humanoid machines. Their heads are mounted on medium length necks, and are in an upside down T shape. Both the "stalks" and the central "tower" are slightly curved back. They have a large singular eye mounted where the "stalks" of the head meet at the center. Small eyes, which are usually dormant but can be activated, are spread out along the stalks and the central tower. Individual appearance differs greatly at times, as Seekers try to individualize themselves by painting themselves different colors, adhering various objects to their metal bodies, and so forth. This is a very good example of a "base" Seeker, without any personal additions or modifications to its frame.
Diet: As machines, they do not need to eat.
Armament: Somewhat durable metal bodies, allowing them to take as much punishment as an armored human. Weapons differ between units, but Hack-Staffs and wrist blades are common choices. Also usually possess an energy supression device for stealth purposes. Many possess multi-purpose tools.
Natural Abilities: Most forms are lean and agile by nature, and most are very intelligent, with an inherent knack for mechanics. They are incredibly skilled combatants by default, unless their purpose requires modified skills. All Seekers have integrated themselves with special devices that allow the manipulation of energy: what organics call "magic".
History: Very little is known about the Seekers. They are an incredibly old society, so old that no living races can recall who created them. Although not openly hostile, their usually destructive habits tend to cause hatred and fear from those that encounter them.


Name: "Us"
Leading Body: Collective intelligence.
Capital: "Home"
Technology Level: Extremely advanced.
Inhabitants: Seekers. Various robotic creations of the Seekers.
Philosophy: They believe that knowledge is the key to true life. Information hides, and they seek. They understand very little of organic life, however, and often destroy and kill by mistake or misunderstanding.
History: Ever since the Seekers became sentient, they have tried to mimic organic life, in hopes of becoming them. Because of their limited understanding, however, they usually misinterpret organic behavior with disastrous results.


Name: Hack-Staff
Description: A long double edged staff commonly used by the Seekers. At each end, the staff emits a powerful, contained burst of blueish energy, used to cut through substances.
Technology: Can retract and extend to a considerable degree. Can be conduit for Seeker energy manipulation.
Weapons: The contained energy at each end can cut through most substances with enough time. This energy can be released in controlled bursts, unleashing what looks like blue lightning.
Overview: The Hack-Staff is a very common weapon used by the most familiar Seeker models. The staff's versitile energy allows it to be useful at both close and medium range.

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