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Name: Ecliptor
Gender: Male
"Species": Seeker
Unique Traits: Ecliptor possesses much utility in his clawed hands, where the tips of the claws can split apart and reveal many miniature appendages branching off from small metal rods, which can form many kinds of tools. One may call this the ultimate Swiss army knife. In addition, his frame has been modified so that he can achieve magnetic grips in his hands and feet, allowing him to scale metal surfaces with ease. Another installation was a short range jet pack of sorts. It rises up from his back and uses his standard kinetic pulse energy as a source of forward propulsion. While it is most effective maneuvering in space without a ship, the jet pack can be used to assist Ecliptor in jumping higher and farther while on a planet along with dashing across small distances.
Tech: A high powered rifle that fires a single shell at a time with immense force. Ecliptor constantly corrects his aim when using the rifle, calculating trajectories and compensating for factors such as wind and gravity. His artificial vision can outmatch even the keenest of organic vision, meaning that if he wanted to; Ecliptor could snipe targets well out of normal range of his gun. His secondary means of attack are very sharp blades that can be deployed from his arms, allowing for speedy melee assaults. These blades along with a Seeker's passive stealth systems mean sneak attacks are almost always fatal.
Homeworld: "Home", the Seeker station.
Bio: A Seeker is a light weight robot adept at sneaking and indirect combat. Ecliptor makes use of this innate stealth very infrequently. Ecliptor is a speedy combatant that fights head on most of the time in a seemingly suicidal manner. His boldness hides a hidden guile however. A strategic thinker, Ecliptor will face down unfavorable odds and surmount them with his tactics for the sake of pursuing his objectives. Among his fellow Seekers, Ecliptor is an inquisitive and docile being. Against his enemies and targets, he is ruthless and brash and uncaring to any plight he may put them through.
"Saturn was NOT a Single Lady." - Unknown
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