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Native Name: Surundrakh
Environment: mostly desert-like, though with clusters of lush rainforests around the temperate zone, and immensely cold polar regions reaching in excess of -200 C
Regions: Polar, Desert and Temperate.
Polar: These regions are extremely harsh and unforgiving, occupied by ferocious Reptile-like mammals, most of them carnivorous due to the small amount of foliage to be found in those regions, the only true herbivores being small vermin that feed off the tiny shrubs growing beneath the sheets of ice, and the blubbery mammalian creatures feeding off the kelp-like plants filling the polar seas. From space, the water around the poles looks as though it were a rich blue-green shade as a result of these kelp forests. this is also the primary source of oxygen for the planet.
Desert: Over 65% of the planet is covered in desolate wasteland, some of it rocky and dry, other places filled with tall powdery sand dunes. the sand is rich in magnetic metals, making navigation through the desert impossible without knowledge in navigation using the stars. This same magnetic region also causes communication to be nearly useless. the predominant form of life in this harsh environment are small cat-like omnivores that feed off the insects and shrubs found in the less desolate areas. in the more desolate areas, large subterranean arachnids are abundant.
Temperate: The region where the Khurakriid live. forest-wrapped cities dot this area and vast industrial regions can be found spaced evenly between them, looking like massive black scabs on the green surface. this region is also honeycombed with rivers, creating numerous swamps around the areas closer to the sea. Tree-like animals are also found in this area, and contribute to the filtration of pollutants in the Surundrakhi atmosphere.

Ocean: The planet's water is split into 3 oceans, the northern polar ocean, the southern polar ocean and the Klklokhraka ocean which winds around the three main continents of the planet.
Dominant Species: Khurakra
Technology Level: Advanced
Animal Life: egg-laying thick-pelted saurian-like creatures in the polar regions, feline-like creatures in the semi-temperate regions of the Desert zones, Subterranean Arachnids in the Deep Desert regions, ape-like and bird-like creatures in the temperate zone.


Name: Khurakriidi Primacy
Leading Body: The Council of Ancients [Elder Khurakriid Lords, made up mostly of high ranking military personnel, traders and industry-chiefs]
Capital: Surundrakh
Technology Level: Very High. The Khurakriid specialise in the manufacture of weapons and armour, though they also have a reputation for producing advanced medical and stealth technology. the former of these two was catapulted to the forefront of their external trade industry as a result of discoveries on a ruined planet.
Inhabitants: Khurakra
Philosophy: The Khurakra are a pseudo-democratic race constructed around a senate known as the Council of Ancients. These elders are typically Khurakra that have been particularly beneficial to the community, and are thus elected to represent them. However, the trade and industry-based Khurakra tend to have a weighty amount of corruption in their ranks, with members using their rank and status to do 'favours' for their friends and relatives, in addition to giving voice to the opinions of minorities with the wealth to buy them out. This has caused tension within the council and sparked the possibility of an internal government change by the disgruntled majority suffering from the corruption.


Name: Khurakra [pl: Khurakriid]
Description: tall humanoid creatures with relatively slender bodies and tough leathery skin. they have narrow faces and pronounced cheek-bones, in addition to a pronounced brow and a pair of horns. The older ones tend to have two pairs. They have a distinctive pair of mandible-like secondary jaws which at one point in their evolutionary history were used to hold smaller prey in place while the large, articulate fangs framing the mouth poisoned and picked the food apart, discarding what was harmful and taking in what was of use. At this point however, their sturdy biology and evolutionary advancement have rendered these tools almost obsolete for their original purpose. They now serve the purpose of speech in their native language, which uses a series of scraping and rapid clicking sounds in additional to the speech sounds common to other races. their bodies, while slender, are powerful, with their muscle structure and motor function being considerably more effective than a similarly sized human. The average Khurakra is approximately 15 times the strength of a human being. Their predatory nature has equipped them with impressive reflexes, agility and focus, making them effective soldiers. However, that nature also makes them less than ideal diplomats and politicians. As a result, they tend not to have many allies, and are forced to associate themselves with other predatory races, them being the only ones capable of at least partially seeing that their attitude is not entirely deliberate. their long legs are digitigrade and have high ankle-joints, somewhat raptor-like in structure. the feet have six digits, two large ones pointing backwards, two pointing forwards and one diagonally forwards on either side of the forward facing pair. all of these toes end in razor sharp talons. the hands have four fingers and two thumbs each. Khurakriid tend to range from copper brown to blue-grey in colour. They're notable for being very long lived, at least as long as Krogan or Asari, with some of the Council of Ancients being as old as 1200 years old.
Diet: Carnivorous
Armament: Advanced plasma-based weaponry and resonance-technology. armour alloys are made of various condensed layers of varying materials, minimising weight and maximising strength. This in no way negates the weight of the armour, but does make it more manageable.
Natural Abilities: Brute strength surpasses human equivalent by nearly 15 times, high speed and agility, capability of leaping impressive heights.
Homeworld: Surundrakh -Khurakriidi capital planet.

Name: Khuurava
Rank/Title: Mercenary - Former Khurakriidi Special Forces
Gender: Male
Species: Khurakra
Description: a 7 foot tall Khurakra with greyish skin, fading to a paler shade of light grey along the bottom of the jaw, neck, chest and stomach, spreading likewise along the inside surfaces of the skin in a similar way to humans. He usually wears repurposed Khurakriidi Special Forces armour, modified so that it no longer shows any traces of rank or allegiance, the armour instead appearing as though it is decorated in urban camouflage. A visor slants over one eye diagonally, the blue, elongated diamond-shaped projection serving to identify critical details that may influence combat tactics [more information in the Technology section]. He tends to wear a grey cloak over his armour.
Unique Traits: Skilled in stealth and espionage, as well as close quarter combat. Also a lethal marksman. took a crash course in hacking thanks to a Quarian comrade he spent a few months with, and is capable of deactivating most common security terminals and locked doors, safes and computers. His skill folds however, when exposed to more secure locales.
Tech: Numerous tools that assist him in his typical work:
1- K.A.C. Mk III H4X P.A.R: a relatively common kind of assault rifle around the Khurakriid influenced regions of the galaxy [places trading with the Khurakriidi Primacy], known for it's moderate rate of fire, respectable damage output and phenomenal accuracy. It is best used in short bursts, Khuurava using it primarily in semi-automatic mode. It can be equipped with either a shotgun-styled plasma pulse weapon, or a small calibre plasma grenade launcher. Khuurava has the latter.
2- K.A.C. Mk II Heavy Pistol: a powerful side-arm that uses hybridised ammunition technology, using a solid round with a core loaded with a pair of highly reactive chemicals. upon being fired, a spark is triggered within the round which ignites the two reactive chemicals, causing an immense burst of heat that, within a fraction of a second, reaches extreme temperatures, in effect turning the round into a half solid-half plasma projectile. the weapon's power means that its aim is relatively mediocre over anything further than 15 metres, and it cannot be fired rapidly with any semblance of accuracy unless the target is either considerably large or within 5 metres of range.
3- Flux-Resonance Energy Blade: a straight, single edged weapon with a relatively thick blade, made from an alloy resistant to high intensity plasma, effectively making it lightsaber-proof. The weapon has an internal fusion generator that creates an 'energy-blade', a solid beam of energy between a transmitter and reciever at the tip of the blade. the power generated by the reactor gives it nearly unparalleled cutting power, and the fluctuations of the blade caused by the extremely high frequency of the energy beams produced allow it to not only cut and cauterise, but 'bite' at the wound, cutting further than the actual edge, causing considerable damage even from minor cuts. Khuurava carries two of these, one on either side, in sheaths built into his armour.
4- K.S.F. Mk II Gauss Rifle: A high powered railgun using 250 gram Depleted Uranium slugs. This weapon serves as Khuurava's sniping weapon, due to its immense range and high accuracy. The firepower allows it to punch through a fair amount of armour, should the need arise. it is equipped with a bi-pod and high powered sniper scope, in addition to urban camouflage.
5- K.S.F. EVA-M2 Destroyer: Using the science behind the human-made M-22 Eviscerator, the Destroyer is a rare and powerful weapon issued only to the most highly ranked soldiers in the Khurakriidi Special Forces. The weapon is known for it's double barrelled design and hammer-head barrel, which is linked via two rails to a motor in the centre of the weapon. This 'hammer-head' is a secondary mass accelerator, which drives the serrated shards fired by the Destroyer into hypersonic speeds. This speed causes catastrophic amounts of damage to most targets, ripping through flesh, bone and armour with relative ease. It has been described, by those put up against its cluster-fire, as 'hitting like a Widow-strength scattergun'. It can fire 20 shots per ammunition block, 10 for each barrel. When switched to slugs, the weapon fires two rounds before a reload, though the sheer power of these shots, along with the competence necessary to be awarded one of these usually means the target, regardless of what it is, will be dead in one.
6- K.S.F. GHOST Stealth Cloak: a cloak that can be worn over armour. the material of the cloak insulates the wearer and keeps heat from escaping. Additionally, it is equipped with an electron-pigmentation control module, which, through the use of electrical signals, can shift the pigments on the cloak to mirror the surroundings, creating near perfect camouflage. This technology however is energy-costly, and is typically used in situations where the wearer will remain immobile for the duration of its activation. A fail-safe exists however, which causes the pigmentation of the exterior surface of the cloak to lock on whatever its last pigment shift was. This can prove a hindrance if the wearer leaves the environment they were in however. Khuurava uses it to help conceal himself when sniping.
7- K.S.F. GOLEM Combat Cloak: An alternative to the GHOST, the GOLEM serves as an additional layer of armour and a kinetic barrier booster. it's function is sparked by sudden changes in environment, including, but not limited to heat and electricity. as such, it can also be activated at will via an electrical trigger in the wrists of Khuurava's gauntlets.
8- K.S.F. Mk V Combat Armour: Standard issue armour for the Khurakriidi Special Forces, the Mk V is made to provide moderate protection and high mobility, allowing the Khurakriidi soldiers to make maximum use of their natural agility and reflexes. The boots of this armour are magnetized at will, enabling soldiers to function even in zero gravity environments. they are also supported by hydraulics, enabling the soldiers to jump higher, kick harder, and even use their feet for more articulate purposes, with more strength than they can naturally. Khuurava's armour is tinted grey and decorated in hexagonal urban camouflage, an improvement over the common rectangular camouflage detailing due to its less predictable and less obvious angles. It is, like most modern armours, equipped with a kinetic barrier that can absorb a moderate amount of firepower before being disabled. An added advantage is that the armour is equipped with nanites which, provided they are stocked with charger packs of energy and a liquid form of the armour's base materials [located on the back of the armour, between the shoulders], can repair damage done to the armour. Khuurava keeps a large supply of these onboard the ship at all times, as they are relatively rare outside of Primacy space...
9- The Marauder: Khuurava's personal ship. It is fairly large, at approximately 182 metres, or 600 feet, is furnished with one full sized living suite that serves as the Captain's quarters, and 4 officer's quarters of reasonable size. Additionally, it has two general crew's quarters capable of housing 8 people each. Despite the vast living quarters for the crew, the ship is completely automated, requiring no attention from a crew, and is linked to Khuurava's own DNA, making it highly secure. The ship is armed with 12 high powered plasma autocannons, 8 ion cannons and a single immensely powerful Ionic Rail Cannon. It is additionally armed with internal rocket bays housing EMP and Focused Plasma Missiles, the latter of which being the modern incarnation of the Shaped Charge common in military use in various military forces across the galaxy prior to the weaponisation of plasma. The ship is also equipped with high capacity radiation sinks and anti-sensor technology, to help reduce the risk of detection. It is armed with powerful cyber-warfare systems that both defend the ship from attack and attack close proximity threats sufficiently vulnerable to it. The ship is powered by a powerful military-grade fusion reactor, capable of powering the ship for well over half a century of constant travel without refuelling. The Marauder's warp drive is also military-grade, granting the ship unrivalled speed for it's class, which, tandem with the guns, means that Khuurava can outrun whatever he can't outgun. Khuurava's private quarters are well secured, with turrets built into the ceiling, ready to extend from concealed panels if ever a threat makes it onto the ship. The ship's primary failsafe systems are also located here, giving him full control over the ship regardless of what may happen beyond the door of his chamber. The door is made up of diagonally parted Duratanium [heavily reinforced steel-tungsten-titanium alloy] plates capable of holding off heavy plasma rifle fire and even some railgun shots before being penetrated. Within, the chamber is furnished with impressive amenities for a military grade ship, ranging from a queen sized bed, a desk on which Khuurava organises his plans and contracts, and a weapon armoury hidden behind the large holovision panel on the wall. Within the armoury is a host of weapons of various kinds, including spare parts for most of them, allowing him to replace damaged parts whenever required. It additionally contains various mementos from particularly challenging foes, placed in a display case that is well sealed, with seemingly no way of opening it. The ship has a state of the art automated medical bay capable of tending to most injuries, including surgical procedures. Within it is a Cellular Reconstruction Unit, or CRU tank; a large tank capable of stabilising and repairing all but the most grievously wounded occupants. It is programmed with a genetic map of most of the most common species in the galaxy, and has a full DNA Blueprint for Khuurava, allowing it to perfectly repair any injury he may sustain, though the time it takes to do so varies depending on the injury itself.
Homeworld: Surundrakh
Bio: A former soldier in the Khurakriidi Special Forces, he was honourably discharged after 50 years of service, leaving him free to do with his life what he willed. Unfortunately, he found little for him in the soft life of a civilian, and decided to put his military training to use, putting what savings he had into getting himself a vessel and leaving his home planet. His skills soon proved valuable, and less than a year later, he has found himself with a healthy income and reputation as a mercenary. He does the jobs most are too weak or soft to do, ranging from security to espionage to assassination, supplementing it with the occasional smuggling run when times are hard. One of his most recent jobs cost him his last comrade, a Quarian with a knack for hacking. He has already visited a number of planets, and worked in a variety of environments, the Khurakriidi being no stranger to hardship thanks to his life in the tough environment of his home planet.

Name: Urdnot 'Patriarch' Kharss
Rank/Title: Former Ruler of Omega - Advisor to Aria T'Loak
Gender: Male
Species: Krogan
Description: A Krogan with dark brown and tan scales, and piercing yellow eyes. some battlescars show on the Krogan's body, though most are hidden under the armour, with the exception of a few jagged scars across his face.
Unique Traits: An exceptional warrior and tactician, Kharss's centuries of experience have made him a war machine whose skill is almost unrivalled, though his defeat by Aria some centuries ago have concealed this power from most, leading to the preconception that he is weak and no longer capable of fighting.
Immensely powerful shields: The Kinetic barriers protecting the Patriarch are incredibly strong
Krogan Dreadnought Armour: The phrase 'they don't make them like they used to' holds true for this armour. Custom built to order based on blueprints Kharss found of armour used by the elite warriors of the Krogan during the Krogan rebellions, this armour set uses all the best of the old innovations, combined with the best that modern technology has to offer. The result is a suit of armour so powerful that the wearer is almost unstoppable. Combined with the powerful kinetic barriers protecting him, Kharss is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, capable of soaking up huge amounts of damage with little effect on his performance.

M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol: The obvious choice for a former mercenary of his power, this Carnifex is armed with several weapon mods, including incendiary ammunition and a kinetic buffer to help stabilise the gun when fired, allowing for impressive accuracy in spite of the recoil.

Mk. VII Barbarian Heavy Shotgun: The most powerful weapon in Kharss's arsenal, the Mk. VII is the end result of a long line of powerful shotguns made specifically for Krogan. It uses compressed ferrous slugs armed with an internal proximity explosive, which detonates after either penetrating a target's armour, or suffering severe damage [as would happen on impact with a kinetic barrier] blowing the round into jagged, super-dense shards capable of causing immense damage to armour. The addition of a plutonium weapon mod means that the caustic effects of a round has made it a fatal weapon against most opponents, whose shields are weakened by the round during and after impact, leaving almost nothing once the explosive detonates. The prohibitively expensive firing system has resulted in it being rarely found throughout the galaxy.

Mattock Assault Rifle: a semi-automatic assault rifle capable of dishing out a considerable amount of damage. This particular model has been modified to be capable of firing 30 rounds before requiring a reload

Homeworld: Garvug

Bio: Kharss was, at one time in his life, the pride of Clan Urdnot, a powerful warrior and commander, feared for his brutal and ferocious tactics and combat skills, becoming, in and of himself, a reason not to wage war against the clan. He became famed for his heartless combat tactics, slaughtering even those that surrendered, simply on the grounds that they had marched into battle in the first place. The few that survived were often dealt crippling blows that left them useless to their clans, both in combat and otherwise. The death-toll of Clans opposing Urdnot rose to terrifying heights throughout his time amongst their ranks, and it wasn't long before he became the Battlemaster of the Clan, directly below the Clan Chief. However, after nearly a century of fighting and service in the name of the Clan, the cyclical lifestyle of peace, betrayal, war and truce had grown tiresome and repetitive, and he sought to find a lifestyle less predictable than that which had been shown to him on Garvug. With that in mind, he took to the stars, taking on a job as a mercenary, through which he gained a considerable amount of wealth and reputation, eventually becoming one of the most feared Mercenaries in the Terminus systems, and, though to a slightly lesser degree, the entirety of the galaxy. Throughout that time he had amassed himself a large number of powerful connections, a wide range of contacts and experience in coercion, intimidation and negotiation, in addition to gaining further experience in such skills as interrogation and torture, learning to manage both his allies and his enemies in such a way that he was always the one to benefit in any arrangement. Eventually however, the constant travelling and service of others grew annoying, and he had decided that it was perhaps time to retire from the Mercenary life. His infamy had made him the subject of tiresome scrutiny in Citadel space and most of the planets within their reach, leaving him the ideal option of going to Omega, where such scrutiny and judgement wasn't directed at it's populace.

His peace didn't last long however. At the time, the station was under the control of a Turian crime lord known as Tallus. He was known as a galaxy wide smuggling lord and leader of one of the largest Mercenary groups in the galaxy, before the Blue Suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack appeared. The protection money charged by his organisation on Omega was steep, often crippling the populace. His web of connections gave him a vast knowledge of the events occurring not only on Omega, but across the galaxy [which has rarely ever been surpassed]. He knew of Kharss, and had been told that protection money had never been taken from him, the only one to ever try it getting dismembered and strewn across the street in front of the apartment complex Kharss occupied. Tallus soon began to hear news of what seemed to be increasing boldness by the Krogan, walking into the more dangerous parts of the station known to be patrolled by Tallus's men, as well as a small smuggling operation the Krogan operated. Tallus perceived it as a threat, and a challenge, eventually ordering a hit on the Krogan on one of his business runs. It backfired catastrophically. Tallus had barely had the chance to hear of the failed hit before the doors of the Afterlife were opened, blood dripping off the hydraulic doors and pooling on the floor, the Krogan bouncer having been completely gutted with a shotgun shell, his remains sliding down the steps and leaving a large pool of blood in the street. The ensuing firefight went on for just over an hour, as Kharss annihilated Tallus's most powerful soldiers as though they were nothing, carving a horrifying swathe of destruction and death through the club until he reached the VIP lounge, and duking it out with Tallus himself. By the end of the fight, the Turian had had both legs smashed to gravel-sized chunks, one arm dislocated, and his spine smashed in three places, the barely living Turian being held up by the neck out of the VIP lounge's window overlooking the club. crushing it in-hand, the Krogan dropped the lifeless corpse to the club floor below, soon taking over the entire station, as Tallus's mercenary and smuggling empire disintegrated, the remains eventually forming the Eclipse and Blood Pack.

Kharss's eventual fall from power came several centuries later, after a young Asari named Aria arrived at the station, seemingly seeking work as a dancer. She had, however, proven to be a powerful asset, soon rising to the rank of lieutenant in Kharss's organisation, proving herself to be skilled in public relations as well as a good fighter. Eventually however, Kharss began to see signs that she was not entirely under his command, and after confronting her, saw that she was indeed stealing his empire out from under him. When the hostility began, many of Kharss's men left his side, not wanting to lose the ample benefits they gained from helping out Aria and the other Asari she led, and, growing bold, Aria challenged Kharss himself in a one on one battle in the Afterlife itself. The battle went on for several hours, and the Afterlife was almost unrecognisable in the aftermath. the two fought ferociously until both were barely alive, but while Aria was armed with biotics that allowed her to fight even when she was bodily weakened, Kharss had had nearly half the bones in his body shattered, and one of his hearts crushed, the Krogan finally conceding to the Asari, the power changing hands once more. However, this wasn't the end of his role on Omega. In spite of his defeat, there was no doubt that he was an immensely powerful warrior and negotiator, knowing the inner workings of Omega better than anyone else. Aria saw use in this, and decided to keep him alive as an 'advisor', as well as a trophy. She nicknamed him 'Patriarch', intended to be derogatory, and the name soon erased all memory of his real name to any but those old enough to have witnessed his days as ruler. Eventually however, both Aria and most of the others on Omega came to respect the alias and the Krogan it represented, and though he doesn't seem to hold any power, Aria and the few old enough to remember his days as ruler of Omega know that he is not entirely powerless. His wealth had allowed him to make a full recovery, and it is only through lack of motivation that he has not departed on some other venture. After all, he is still afforded all the comforts he had as ruler of Omega, and in his age, his bloodlust has dimmed enough that a life of peace and luxury doesn't seem so bad. What reason would he have to leave all that behind?
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