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Shadowblade's Profile Topic

Postby Shadowblade360X » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:21 pm

Nativename: zeloro

environment:like Earth environment but sorta different

regions:Dragonea,salamanderus,Catuliss,Wolfeus these are the 4 main regions each with different species Dragonea inhabitants are Dragons Salamanderus

inhabitants are Salamanders Catuliss inhabitants are cats and Wolfeus inhabitants are wolfs.

dominate:None well all It might fit as in because they all have alliance

Technology level: Very high we have invented laser technology on our planet and we power our robots and machines by Plasma energy we also have ships space ships planes drones tanks cars trains all that jazz (um did I just type that)

Animal life:we have lots of undiscovered animals we have lots of animals of monsters some people say.

Species name:we have the Salamandeons the wolfeons the felines and Dragons.

Description:I am mostly talking about the salamandeons because its the main species the other species make a very minor appearance
the Salamandeons are salamanders that are big as humans and are salamanders but can stand up up on two they come in many colors they ware little hoods and over sized rain jackets so you cant really see there hands.

Diet:omnivores can eat poison because they can produce poison like some salamanders do

armament:sort of like normal human soldiers excepted with higher technology so mostly like the guns ammo in now ether lasers or plasma and the all wield plasma hammers

natural ability's: like um I think all salamanders you cut off a limb it grows back if it is shot or got its head cut off its dead oh I forgot to say the had bat like wings.

History:these salamanders came from planet earth but since a lot of nuclear war was happening they mutated there DNA and they have collected parts of technology and grew smart too smart for there own good and was advanced enough to make a space ship and fly they did not know there other ability's when they where mutated


Leading body:Queen Salamandea


Technology level:we have robots and soldiers to keep at our defenses but we don't like having war sometimes but some races out there just want our hide.

Independents: Salamandeons

philosophy:we like being with the queen sometimes if we didn't have her we wouldn't be here at space or this planet it was just our luck to be mutated instead of dying we our peaceful we thank the queen and the gods for getting us here.


Rank:Second in commanded



description:I am a salamander with black skin with light blue spots I were a hood that is yellow with a blue star on it meaning second in command and a over sized yellow rain jacket I have two holes in the rain jacket for my wings.

Unique ability's:I can stretch my body longer that others I can release poison out of my body and blend in with other races.

Technology:I have a legendary hammer from the queen herself and I have a wide variety of plasma guns I have a lightsaber and plasma shield.

Homeworld:was Earth now Zeloro

Bio:I love to dance and I am a brave yet hot-headed guy I am Queen Salamandea's son and I love fighting and i am somewhat lazy
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