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Name: Galactic Empire
Leading Body: Sidious: Emperor.
Capital: Courscant
Technology Level: Highly Advanced- capable of producing and maintaing massive space fleets and armies that are capable of being into divided into multiple smaller groups for various purposes. Along with faster then light hyperspace travel, the Galactic Empire also fields numerous planet spanning cities.
Inhabitants: Various species, humans considered most dominant
Philosophy: A totalitarian regime under the command of the Sidious and his apprentice Revan. The Empire and its forces ensure peace and very rarely does the people have concern about external affairs. Propaganda and military glorification is a key component to the Empire. Imperials with notable military victories such as Grand Admiral Piett and Thrawn and Generals Veers are often celebrated as heroes. The people have also little care or concern about "Jedi" or "Sith". To many they are all the same just with different ideologies.
History: Once known as the Republic, the Empire was forged from a broken republic that was consumed in civil war, different ideologies and foreign invaders. The man once known as the Supreme Chancellor received emergency powers from the Senate who was desperate for a change to secure the Republic. Under his new authorization, the Chancellor modernized the military employing the use of clone soldiers of absolute loyalty and incredible military proficiency and adopted the Kuat Yard Drives for prime military construction. Taking advantage of a bold Jedi by the name of Revan, Revan broke free from the Jedi council's orders and adopted himself to be a hero of the Republic by fighting off the foreign invaders and securing the restless Republic. In turn Revan took at least a third of the Jedi Order with him and upon completion of the victories, the Chancellor reformed the Republic into the Empire and declared himself Emperor and much to the Jedi's surprise with Revan as his right hand man. The Jedi who were viewed as traitors for their neutrality and refusal to participate in the wars were slaughtered with the survivors being scattered across the galaxy. The Jedi who followed Revan followed in his example and became Sith themselves and soon the Empire thrived under its new society with Revan leading Imperial forces across the Empire to eliminate any rebels and Jedi while Sidious remained in the shadows, working on experiments and new technology with his intentions unclear..


Name: Sidious
Rank/Title: Sith Master/Emperor
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Unique Traits: Despite his "old" age his wisdom is unsurpassed in the empire. His knowledge and skill of the force make him a near unrivaled threat. While he's very much capable of combat, he simply relies on Revan to do most of the dirty work for him as the Emperor does not have time to chase down rebels and hunt Jedi.
Tech: Lightsaber
Bio: Once the Supreme Chancellor, Sidious united the Republic into the Sith Empire, declaring himself Emperor. Using his influence, the Jedi have been deemed traitors and enemies to the Republic and those who oppose his regime have been taken care off. Despite being Emperor, Sidious works to expand his influence, moving from planet to planet, plotting in secret. In fact Sidious has even left the Imperial Palace to Revan, as Sidious while recognized as the Emperor continues to mostly work in the dark...his argenda unknown

Name: Revan
Rank/Title: Dark Lord of the Sith
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Unique Traits: Once considered a prodigy of the Jedi, the Jedi turned Dark Lord is believed to be the most powerful force user on par with his master. A near unmatched duelist, pilot and military commander, Revan serves his master as the Emperor’s right hand man.
Tech: Lightsaber along with special Sith Armor capable of withstanding blaster fire. Lightweight and flexible allowing protection and speed.
Homeworld: Courscant
Bio: Born on a foreign planet of Mandolorian heritage, Revan was born to be a warrior. Found an orphan in a battlefield the boy was taken in after taking note of his incredible force potential. A brilliant, yet arrogant child prodigy, Revan rose through the ranks to become one of the youngest Jedi Knights in its history. Despite his prodigious talents, his early years in his native society left Revan highly competitive with a longing for combat and delivering justice and acknowledgement for his accomplishments and abilities despite Jedi preaching the opposite. When the Jedi refused to get involved to help save the Republic, Revan ignored his elders commands and decided to take action as he convinced a third of the Jedi order to join him to save the Republic. With his talents Revan became famous for his legendary hero status upon defeating the numerous enemies of the Republic. After numerous wars against foreign invaders and internal conflicts, Revan became convinced that the Jedi and Republic were unable to maintain stability and thus change was needed. Soon Sidious revealed himself to Revan and convinced him to take up the ways of the Sith and support the Empire to bring about a lasting peace. Revan proceeded to take up the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and with the entire backing off the Imperial military and with his ex Jedi now turned also Sith, Revan assaulted the Jedi Temple, slaughtering most of the Jedi before proceeding to hunt down what remains of the broken order. Now a master of the dark side of the force, Revan continues to secure the empire, being celebrated as a hero who brought stability despite the tight grip he has unleashed on the populace. While Revan is considered the face of the Empire and accepted as Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan answers to no one... except Darth Sidious.

Native Name: Courscant
Environment: Encumenopolis: entire surface covered by a immense planet wide city
Regions: Various districts all throughout the planet
Dominant Species: Humans
Technology Level: Highly advanced. Countless beings live among the planetwide city. Numerous space stations lay in orbit along with a massive fleet and army that resides purely for the sake of defending the planet. Various technology ensures pollution is limited and the city remains functioning at a high level.
Animal Life: None.

Sith Military

Sith Trooper: Nicknamed Storm Troopers, they are the basic standard infantry throughout the Empire. Each individual trooper is a clone from an elite bounty hunter making each soldier an accurate and effective soldier. With elite training and the use of advanced weapons and armor, Imperial Storm Troopers are a match for any infantry throughout the galaxy.

Dark Trooper: A massive humanoid droid that boasts impressive firepower and shielding. They act as shock troops and often serve along regular infantry. Their awe inspiring presence make them comparable to walking tanks. They once were 3 phases but the first has been gradually removed from service due to being an older design. While the most commons are the Phase 2 Dark Troopers, the Phase 3 Dark Troopers are very powerful adversaries and are often nicknamed walking tanks due to their incredible firepower and armor.

Sith Commandos: While capable of serving in the front lines they are more used for behind enemy line missions or infiltration. They usually serve as scouts but while impressive, they lay beneath the ARC Trooper in every way. Sith Commandos often take less riskier missions then the ARC Troopers.

ARC Troopers: The best of the best. Usually found working in small teams, they are capable of any situation that arises, armed with the best weaponry and most advanced tech. They even are capable of developing their own personality and name. Upon reaching a certain amount of experience and accolades, they can be admitted to the Alpha Class ARC Trooper, the Captains of the ARC Trooper Elite.

Alpha Class Arc Trooper: The ARC Troopers in this class are considered the most deadliest soldiers in the Empire even on par with Sith Knights. These veteran soldiers are rarely used and are considered last resorts or reserved for the most important of missions. They even serve as bodyguards to those of the highest status. While capable of working in teams, they often lead regular ARC Troopers into combat.

Sith Order: The current Sith Order consists of Darth Sidious as Sith Master and Darth Revan has Dark Lord of the Sith. Underneath them consists of around few hundred former Jedi who converted to the Sith with Revan. Most of the order consists are equivalents of Jedi Knights possessing great skills with a lightsaber and force powers.

War Machines:

Speeder: basic military speeder armed with light blasters and the ability to travel at high speeds. Often used by soldiers as quick means of transportation

AT-ST: Walkers used for light opposition. They are usually are capable of dealing with most infantry and light resistance.

Repulser Tanks: Basic standard tanks with heavy cannon and duel blasters. They act as the swift moving-hard hitting military vehicles that do most of the heavy fighting

Juggernauts: Massive multi wheeled like tank used for heavy fighting and transportation.

AT-AT: The most powerful land war machine of the Empire. It's armed with heavy firepower and strong defenses rendering most defenses useless.


TIE Fighter: Basic star fighter that relies on speed and numbers.

TIE Bomber: Armed with all sorts of various weaponry, these heavy bombers are capable of unleashing devastating payloads. With sufficient cover and appropriate numbers, even the largest of warships can crumble.

TIE Interceptor: More advanced Star Fighter that possesses even greater shield and firepower

TIE Phantoms: Star fighters with a cloaking device often used for missions deep behind enemy lines. Their only defense is their cloaking device and their speed.

TIE Defender: The most advanced Imperial star fighters due advanced shielding and firepower. Very rarely used and only used in the most extreme situations.

X-Wing: While most of the Empire had considered the switch to the TIE series, there are forces in the Imperial military that rely on the X-Wings. While not as fast or as cheap, these shielded and powerful star fighters are an all around-perfect balanced star fighter with the best pilots capable of matching even TIE Defenders.

Tartan Class Cruiser: Small cruisers that armed with weaponry designed for destroying enemy star fighters.

Acclamtors Class: While considered small and powerful, they act mainly as transport ships but still pack quite the punch.

Venator Class: The original "Star Destroyers". While they are an older model, they are still effective warships, acting as solitary hunters throughout Imperial space. While your Imperial Class is larger and slightly more powerful, Venators are capable of carrying larger fleets of star fighters.

Victory Class: Powerful warships dealing with most enemy vessels. It is an all around ship that posses strong firepower and capacity to transport soldiers and supplies

Imperial Class: Known as the Star Destroyers, they arguably the most famous vessel in the Empire renowned for their incredible firepower. When combined in large numbers, a fleet of Star Destroyers is considered to be near unstoppable as the combined firepower and strong shielding ensure only the strongest of enemy fleets can match them. Due to their cost, they are only used in the toughest situations.

Allegiance Star Destroyers: Nicknamed Imperial Class III Star Destroyers, they look very similar to your typical Imperial Class SDs but they are larger from 1600 meters to 2200 meters. With additional size comes improved firepower and defensive capability. They are often used to patrol the areas Imperials seem most valuable though in times of war, they are often the leading warships in battles.

Sovereign Class: Very rare and often used by the most prestigious of fleet commanders, these rare vessels are armed with incredible firepower. Because of their immense size and firepower, they are rarely wasted on regular threats and only used in mass military operations that require a near unstoppable warship.

Executor Class: The most powerful star vessels in the Empire with practically unmatched firepower, shielding and size. Only the highest ranking Imperial officers such as Grand Admirals are given such a prestige of having one as their personal warship. The number of these that exist is extremely low but should even one appear in a battle, very little forces can withstand an Executor Class led Imperial fleet Despite the notoriety of the Executor Class, rumors of a capital ship far larger and more powerful then the Executor exists..

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