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Re: Space E-war Reloaded

Postby The Kingpin » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:51 pm

As the team was dropped off, scanners in the walls emitted faint bars of light, only visible due to the cloud of dust kicked up from their landing and the Phantom's entry. A small holographic screen materialised not far from them, giving a diagnostic readout of each of the team members, including a 360 degree map of their physical characteristics, their weapons, and data relating to the technology they carried with them, from weapons and shields to support items and communication devices. Down the middle of the chamber was a rail, a pair of long platforms settled on them; undoubtedly part of a massive transportation system, as the rails split in two and disappeared into tunnels on opposite sides of the chamber...
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Re: Space E-war Reloaded

Postby Anaclagon » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:20 am

It was dangerous to be out alone on a planet such as this, especially in the desert setting but the individual who travelled in it was not an ordinary man. Time had passed since he had left his men behind, communication was at a zero. While the soldiers he left had the luxury of more supplies and access to technology, the Sith did not. It was his intention to travel alone the entire time but to his luck, things had yet to work out. The speeder bike raced through the sands, moving impressively fast despite it was being used for more of a cruise. There was nothing of interest as of yet, nothing but waves of sand that extended for miles. Soon enough the figure slowed his machine to a pause, another break. He had travelled light, carrying a few supplies, enough to last him a day or two. The robbed Sith used this opportunity to drink some water as he surveyed the area using a pair of binoculars… so far nothing until a gut feeling urged him to intensify the focus and after time what appeared to be a town was off in the distance. "Go there." Something again inside urged to push forward, investigate. The man mounted his speeder and accelerated towards his target. From his appearance one would assume he was just a mere straggler, something he hoping he came off as. Determined strong eyes were kept forward as he became more anxious, he was on to something.

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