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Postby Hopeflower » Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:57 pm

Ruby stretched as best as she was able to without kicking one of her siblings and got to her feet. She checked over each of her packmates carefully, giving each of the younger raptors an affectionate, almost motherly nuzzle. She'd taken it upon herself to teach them and raise them as best as she could, and so far they seemed as happy and fit as any other raptors their age. Then she turned her attention to Fatalis, and was surprised to see him already awake. After yesterday, she'd expected him to sleep a while longer. Her intelligent gaze took in the bruise, trying to judge how long it would take to heal, even as she murmured a "good morning", not wanting to wake anyone else just yet. They deserved their rest.

Thorn's lithe body weaved skillfully amongst the vegetation, his clawed feet barely making any noticable sound as he set them down as lightly and carefully as he could. He'd already spotted his target - a young Leptoceratops that had wandered too far from its herd while munching on the still dew-covered foliage. This early, it should still be tired enough to make it an easy kill. Thorn slowly lowered himself into a sprint-ready position, feeling the muscles in his legs twitching in anticipation of the chase.

Selena found her gaze resting on the sleeping youngster as she chewed on her compy. To have survived for this long, blind - it was incredible. Amazing, in fact, that the pale raptor hadn't been picked off by a larger predator. But then....Selena remembered hearing how even animals who had only lost one eye had ended up with their other senses heightened. maybe that was Rose's trick - she was just so sensitive to everything that she'd learned how to survive by trusting her instincts.
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