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Skull Island RPG

Postby TyrannoTitan » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:37 am


1 ) No magic.
2 ) No killing off another player's creature without said player's permission.
3 ) No creature armies. Creatures that live in packs can live as such, but can't get unrealistic numbers to attack one creature.
4 ) No OOC only posts.
5 ) All creatures listed can be made into characters by players, but ONLY creatures from said list can be made.
6 ) Detailed, quality posts are a must. Small, useless posts will not be tolerated. Only should a post be a sentence long is when a creature is reacting to something or is responding to another creature.
7 ) Don't make the creatures sound too human. Use growl/snarl/screech/bark/hoot/click/etc for each creature, and pick one that would be realistic for said creature (EG: An insect wouldn't growl, it would click, gurgle, etc).
8 ) Realistic posts are also a must. Interspecies alliances are allowed (Keep in mind rule 3), as long as its realistic. Good examples are a Venatosaurus pack allying themselves with a V-Rex for protection, but realistically.
9 ) Creatures trying to befriend everything in sight will not be tolerated.
10 ) Skull Islanders are mainly for plots, and are safely behind the wall, which keeps the jungle life out. Interaction with them will only be during plots.

Skull Island

The Island is divided into 6 types of areas. These include Jungle, Uplands, Lowlands, Coast, Pits and Chasms, and Swamps. There are many types of these locations throughout Skull Island, and are not in one giant proportion for each.

Coast: Self explainitory, it includes the beachs and ocean, along with the small amount of land by it.
Jungle: Dense forests all over the island, they allow smaller animals safety from their larger counterparts, rivers and small streams present here aswell.
Lowlands: Basically the plains of Skull Island, inhabited by the largest of the island's creatures. Rivers and streams cut through the Lowlands and offer places for its inhabitants to drink.
Uplands: These are the large mountain ranges of Skull Island, aswell as some flat platenus where herbivores and carnivores conflict like the rest of Skull Island.
Swamps: Self explainitory aswell, they are watery lands and marshs, having the most waterways running through them, and are also inhabited by the most aquatic creatures.
Pits and Chasms: The deepest and darkness trenchs on Skull Island, any creature that falls down into the pits are victims to the horrors that inhabit it.


Coastal Creatures:

Osteodomus - "Bone House" - 4-8 Inches
Large Hermit Crab that uses skulls and sea shells like modern hermit crabs.

Lividuscutus - "Blue-black-shield" - 9-12 Inches
Herbivorous lobster with large pincers.

Tartarusaurus Saevus - "Cruel Hell-Lizard" - 20-28 Feet
Largest coastal predator, walks on all four legs with a large tail and head crests above its eyes. Fat reserves in its tail allow it to survive longer then most predators.

Peracerdon Exitialis - "Deadly Very -Sharp-Tooth" - 12-16 Feet
Raptor like predator with a long snout and large spines that go from its head to its tail. Primarily eats fish.

Aciedactylus Mandocaris - "Sharp-Edge-Fingers Devour-Crab" - 12-15 Feet
Theropod dinosaur that lives mainly near the cliffs by the coast. Has large eye crests and long forelimbs, with two nostrils. The second pair of nostrils enable it to breath with its head under water.

Nefundusaurus Acerbus - "Troublesome Abominable-Lizard" - 16-24 Feet
Another four legged creature. It resembles pre-dinosaur Postosuchus, with serveral adaptations, including a larger head, and a shorter snout, with powerful crushing jaws.

Lowlands Creatures:

Brontosaurus Baxteri - "Baxter's Thunder Lizard" - 80-120 Feet
Large sauropod that can hold its neck both high and low. Gives birth to live young.

Ligocristus Innocens - "Hoe-Crest" - 26-34 Feet
Parasaur type dinosaur, primary food for the larger predators, has a small sail on its neck.

Ferrucutus Cerastes - "Horned Iron-Hide" - 24-34 Feet
A large Ceratopsian, has horns along its frill, aswell as a nose horn. Also has a small dome on the base of its nose.

Calcarisaurus Ieiuniosus - "Hungry Spur-Lizard" - 5-7 Feet
Small Ankylosaur with spurs all over its body, protected it from many predators, large and small.

Termito'saurus Formicavoro - "Ant-Swallower" - 12-16 Feet
Large four legged insectivore with tusks and a multi-colored sail along its back. Eats only insects.

Vastosaurus Rex - "Ravager-Lizard King" - 40-50 Feet
Large theropod dinosaur related to prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex with some adaptations such as armored scales and a shorter head, aswell as modified bone structure that give it more flexibility. Young V-rexs pack together in groups of 2-4 individuals that live in the jungle.

Zeropteryx - "No-Wings" - 5-6 Feet (At Hips)
Large terror bird with colorful feathers.

Brutornis - "Heavy-Fowl" - 6-7 Feet (At Hips)
Largest terror bird on Skull Island, shorter feathers and darker coloration then its counterpart Zeropteryx.

Volucerictis - "Flying-Weasel" - 15-18 Inches (Wingspan)
Nocturnal bat like creature, has red skin and large front teeth. Also has a tail that can wrap around objects.

Pugbat Turpis Porcarius - "Foul Pig" - 2-3 Feet (Wingspan)
Nocturnal bat creature, looks like a large modern bat with almost no snout and a large mouth.

Swamp Inhabitants:

Piranhadon Titanus - "Titanis Piranha-Tooth" - 20-50 Feet
Enourmous serpent fish with a piranha like head, and large flippers near its long neck. A small sail goes down from its head to its tail. Males are much smaller then females, only growing to 20 feet. Can beach itself to allow birds to eat the parasites on its body. Largest water predator.

Scorpio-Pede Nepapede Harpagadbominus - "Grappling-Hook-Abdomen Scorpian-Feet" - 2-3 Feet
Centipede creature with a large sail-like tail with a poison stinger on the end of its tail. Herbivorous, but highly aggressive.

Malamagnus Vadum - "Big-Mouth Of-Shallow-Water" - 15-20 Feet
Large herding reptiles on four legs, they eat underwater plants and usually browse near the water to retreat from land predators. Has large teeth to rip reeds and to protect itself.

Inox Inoculopalus Edax - "Gluttonous Swamp-Dweller" - 12-18 Feet
Large amphibious, relative of modern salamanders, carnivorous with an arrow-shaped head.

Udusaur Turpis - "Ugly Wet-Lizard" - 4-6 Feet
Aquatic reptile with a long tail used to swim. Has legs on the front half of its body, and flippers near its tail. Carnivorous.

Turturcassis - "Turtle-Helmit" - 8-13 Feet
Long necked reptilian predator resembling prehistoric Plesiosaurs with feet instead of flippers. Long tail to power it through the water.

Sepulcro Sepulcrostium Malus - "Ugly Gravemouth" - 4-5 Feet
Large mouthed fish with a long tail it uses to power itself through the water. Mouth is large enough to swallow small prey whole.

Papilio Papiliomonstrus Opic - "Barbarous Butterfly-Monster" - 4-5 Feet
Large mouth fish with large fins and a large tail. Has a sail that reachs from the middle of its back to the end of its tail.

Needlemouth Acuso Cadverosus - "Ghastly Needle-Mouth" - 9-13 Feet
Aggressive Icthyosaur creature with a long crocodile like snout. Carnivore.

Ambulaquasaurus Cristarufus - "Red-Crest Water-Walk-Lizard" - 10-14 Feet
Skinny theropod that eats fish near the rivers of the swamps. Has large teeth on the front of its mouth to easily catch fish.

Jungle Creatures:

Venatosaurus Saevidicus - "Furious Hunter-Lizard" - 16-24 Feet
Large raptor creature that hunt in groups of up to 12 individuals. Only predator able to easily take down Brontosaurs. Is very intelligent.

Ventatosaurus Impavidus - "Indomitable Hunter-Lizard" - 5-8 Feet
Smaller cousin of the V. Saevidicus but just as lethal. Hunts in packs aswell.

Gaur - 5-6 Feet
Relatives of the modern bull, thought to have arrived on Skull Island the same way the humans did. Usual prey of jungle predators, but uses its horns to fend some predators off.

Foetodon Ferreus - "Cruel Stinking-Tooth" - 15-20 Feet
Large, broad bodied crocodile like reptile with a large mouth with legs out to its sides, its stomach low to the ground. Carnivorous.

Scimitodon Sagax - "Shrewed Scimitar-Tooth" - 6-9 Feet
Four legged predator with large sabar teeth used to kill prey. It has spines going along the middle of its back.

Carver Carocarptor Interfector - "Flesh-Carver Assassin" - 25-33 Feet
Large four legged creature, slightly resembling prehistoric Gorgonopsids with long tails, they had huge teeth and bone crushing jaws. Nocturnal, with light redish skin and black markings.

Dinocanisaurus - "Terrible-Dog-Lizard" - 3-4 Feet
Armored, four legged, bulky carnivores, they have large jaws and live in packs.

Diablosaurus Rufus - "Red Devil-Lizard" - 20-25 Feet
Large hoove, rhino like creature, it has armored skin and two large horns on its nose. Small tail and has dull spikes scattered on its back.

Asperdorsus Bellator - "Rough-Back Warrior" - 36-42 Feet
Large sauropod with large bone like spikes going down its back and on the bottom of its neck. Clubbed tail used to ward off predators.

Tree-Tops Slyvaceratops - "Forest-Horned-Face" - 12-16 Feet
Four legged herbivore with a tall frill with a small nose horn. It has a striped pattern.

Atercurisaurus - "Dark-Spear-Lizard" - 16-20 Feet
Stegosaur dinosaur, resembling its prehistoric counterpart, with the exception of its tail, which has many spikes instead of just a few.

Megapede Horridus - "Bristling Giant-Feet" - 3-4 Feet
Large Centipede, resembling its modern counterpart with the exception of size. Has many subspecies.

Pits and Chasms Horror:

Weta-Rex Deinacrida - "Terrible-Cricket King" - 2-3 Feet
Large cricket with powerful jaws.

Arachno-Claw Arachnocidis - "Spider-Claw" - 4-6 Feet
Large spider like creature with large mandibles and pincers used to grab prey.

Deplector - "Reaper" - 4-8 Feet
Large scorpian like insect, minus the tail, with enourmous pincers and legs. Black coloration, carnivore.

Carnictis Sordicus - "Vile Meat-Weasel" - 7-13 Feet
Large parasite that lives in volcanic waters of the chasms. Neck extends with large mouth on end, feeds on carrion and sick animals, sometimes live prey.

Uplands Wonders:

Terapusmordax Obscenus - "Filthy Pungent-Bat" - 8-10 Feet (Wingspan)
Large bat like creature with small ears and large fangs. Has hooked claws on his feet to enable it to hang from the ceiling of caves. Carnivorous.

Bear-Croc Ursuschus Bombus - "Booming Bear-Crocodile" - 8-10 Feet
Bulky crocodile like omnivorous creature, with a large tail and bulky legs that make them low to the ground.

Arsartis Arsarticaedes Agilis - "Nimble Skilled-At-Murder" - 8-12 Feet
Speedy theropod dinosaur with long claws and strong legs. Carnivore.

Malevolusaurus Perditor - "Malicious-Lizard Destroyer" - 20-24 Feet
Relative to the sailed back reptiles before the dinosaurs, its sail is broken up by spines without a membrane inbetween with spikes on its head and nose.

Megapimatus Kong - "Big-Primate Kong" - 18-25 Feet (Tall) ***Non-Playable***
Large omnivorous primate, one of the top creatures on the island, in constant conflict with the Vrexs until the end of its species. Only one is left on the island. Not a native to Skull Island, brought to the island, some think, by the humans only a few thousand years ago. With rare breeding and small survival rates for young apes led the species to extinction, the constant fights with the Vrexs also destroying the species.

Link to more indepth descriptions about the creatures. Not all creatures listed here are allowed, so be careful.


Wingspan (If winged)

My characters...

Name: Destivus
Age: 55 Years
Species: Vastosaurus Rex
Length: 50 Feet
Height: 25 Feet
Weight: 8.5 Tons
Personality: Calm, but vicious in a fight. He enforces his rule over his territory like any other V-rex, not tolerant to any intruders, other V-rexs, packs of Ventosaurus, and other large carnivores included. To avoid conflict, he usually shows off his height and roars to give intruders a chance to back down. If they refuse, he will only then attack.
Description: A normal blueish color with a tan underside, the usual coloration of V-rexs. Numerous scares across his body show his age and experiance, having fought with many from his own species aswell as other carnivores and some lethal prey.
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Postby Anaclagon » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:41 am

OOc: couldnt help it, I loved these guys and T-rexes >_<

Name: Tyrant
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Spiecies: Vastatosaurs Rex
Length: 50ft
height: 25ft
Weight: 8.6 Tons
Personality: As his name suggest, Tyrant truly is a Tyrant in Skull Island. Large, very strong, fierce, aggressive and ruthless and lives alone in a vast territory. He does take threats very seriously and hardly back’s down out of a fight. Still he is smart and prefers to his intimidation to a challenger instead of just randomly killing others but there is do doubt that he is very territorial. To allies he will look out for them and show his loyalty when he can.
Description: Skull Island is a harsh world filled with dangers…because of this Tyrant has grown up, constantly fighting to survive. Through the years of his he has honed his skills of combat because a dominant force. He has fought constantly fought other V-rexes for territory and to rise higher in the Skull Island Hierarchy. At a younger age he had once fought a young Megaprimutus Kong in a long hard fought battle. Victory was achieved but his scars form the battle still show today. He seeks to become the most dominant predator on the island..
History: Tyrant was a tyrant in the nest as he grew up...he cared for his brothers and sisters as they grew up. His father however disappeared and his mother was killed by a pack of raptors. As his pack grew up, they battled other ventosaurs as they did their best to try and keep their parents territory. However aggression and hostility became common as they grew up split them apart. Tyrant kept the territory driving out all of the hostiles as he grew up having to defend a large territory by himself...after years of constant battle with others he finally acheieved a point where he was unchallenged for his territory and soon the territory expanded as other v-rexes challengers were driven out or defeated...
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Postby C S » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:50 am

Name: Screen
Age: 45
Species: Foetodon
Length: 20 ft
Height: 4 ft
Weight: 4 tons
Wingspan (If has winged):
Personality: Oppurtunistic and selfish
Description: A beige scaled footon with black at the tip of his back scales. He has yellow eyes and teeth that are gnarled, some bend out and are visable hen his mouth is closed
History: One of the loswest life forms on the islands, he would easily stab you in the back to bennifit him self.

The crocodile creature sat in wait in the shallow, brown water. He was waiting for something, anything to get in striking distance, wh was 2 feet infron ot him, right where the swamp has a slight clearing near the mouth of a river. He let a hiss, Screen submerging himself completely to avoid scaring off prey.
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Re: Skull Island RPG

Postby Raptor Llama » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:09 am

Name: Red Scale
Age: 30 yrs.
Species: Venatosaurus Saevidicus
Length: 20 ft.
Height: 14 ft.
Weight: 1/2 ton
Personality: Calm and very at ease, a loner for now, slightly interested in joining a pack.
Description: your average Venatosaurus from the game.
History: He was born into the world, then simply survived. He hasen't done much in his life, and dosen't really care much for anything, living this way. Now he just wanders in the jungle and kills to eat.

A bush moved slightly. Then it went pack to normal. Then it rattled again. Then out of it came a Gaur, eating a leaf. Red scale silently advanced. He moved softly, without much sound. The Gaur looked around, then continued eating. Red Scale advanced through the bushes slowly, then ran out into a leap and digged his claw into the Gaur's neck, popping an artiery and killing it instintly. He was lucky; if his claw didn't hit that preciese spot, he would have more of a struggle. Then he viciously ripped at the leg meat as he ate his kill...
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:13 am

Destivus lumbered through the lowlands, scanning his territory for any sign of intruders. He sniffed the air, a growl rumbling in his throat as he stared off in the distance, smelling something. Destivus lumbered off toward the source of the scent, thinking it was an intruder in his territory. Keeping to a small patch of trees on the vast plains, he peered out, seeing a herd of Brontosaurs moving into the area. Destivus bared his teeth. This herd returned to his territory yearly, and when they came it only brought annoyance for him. He had to be extra careful on his patrols, not wanting to be hit by the sauropod's tails, or to cause a stampede, which only scares more managable prey. Destivus grunted, his nostrils flaring as he lumbered off in search of prey...

Postby C S » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:13 am

Screen smealt blood near by. He moved out of the water. If who ever made a kill was scared off by him, Screen would be the happiest creature on the island for the moment. The croc saw a raptor like creature and roared, flashing his gnarled teeth
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Postby Anaclagon » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:23 am

Tyrant eyed the herd of ligocristus by a water in the jungle. He seemed to match perfectly with his enviroment as he began to advance slowly..step by step...despite his massive size he seemd to move easily through the jungle unknowingly. The massive Rex unleashed a snarl, his enormus evolved jaws were primed ready to strike. A direct bite from these much stronger jaws of that of a Tyrannosaurs would almost gurantee an instant death. As a large male found himself closest towards this Ravenger Lizard King, Tyrant prepared to charge.

After several moments, Tyrant ripped his way out of the trees, unleashing a massive terrifying roar. His massive talons stepped through the soil of the island as he moved faster as the herd began to panic as they began to flee out of the forest. In fear, the male Tyrant stumbled, tripping on his own feet as he continued to run but a massive armored skull closed in towards behind him. The male turned to look as the Rex caught up and soon a massive head bash smashed the herbivore into the ground.

Snarling Tyrant sank his jaws towards the throat of the creature, death was instant as the Rex shook his prey violenty as his teeth crushed through bone and sliced its way through muscles and blood vessels. Tyrant unleashed a statisfied growl as he then stood at his full height and unleashed a booming terrifying roar before he hungrily ripped into his meal. Chunks of meal were swallowed as the herd had no choice but to head for the open plains..these water hole was off limits..

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Postby TyrannoTitan » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:41 am

OOC: Just a random note, I thank you guys for picking creatures other then Vrexs. Anaclagon, I'm not saying its bad that you made a Vrex, it actually is good to have a few player controlled ones. I'm just glad people are being more open minded.

Destivus turned his massive head, scenting the air as he did, blocking the foul smell of the Brontosaurs, now focussed on another scent. He lumbered on, nearing the scent, now in the middle of the vast plains. Destivus saw the source of the strange scent, moving through the tall grass skillfully. Venatosaurs, a small group of them. The V-rex bared his massive teeth, charging forward as the earth began to shake around the Venatosaurs, alerting them immediatly of his presense. But stealth wasn't his motive now, he wanted to scare them out of his territory. Even though his kind dwarfed the speedy predators, he knew the foolishness of taking on a pack head on, many scars proving that point. Destivus roared as slowed himself to a stop, the Venatosaurs now turned around, arms outstretched, hissing angrily with their mouths opened. Destivus roared as loud as he could, slamming his foot on the ground to intimidate the predators. It worked, the raptors jumping back, expecting an attack, their tails raised defensively. Destivus roared angrily once more, not about to speak with the intruders. It was take the hint or face death. After a few more tense minutes filled with hissing and roaring, the speedy predators backing off slowly before turning around and running off. Destivus snorted, following after them, making sure they were leaving...

Postby Legendary Elite » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:48 am

Name: Deathfang
Age: 20 Years
Species: Venatosaurus Saevidicus
Length: 20 Feet
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: Unknown
Personality: A very cunning and ferocious raptor that prefers to work together if necessary but otherwise is comfortable with hunting prey alone. He is gentle to his own kind however but considers the Venatosaurs Impavidus weaker than him. He's very fond of a female Venatosaurus in particuliar by the name of Slashspite.
Description: Has an unusual sage colour compared to most Venatosaurus which have a lighter colour usually. His eyes are dark green and has a few scars made by creatures he's killed before. Other than that he's average as any Venatosaurus Saevidicus is. He has the same coloured underbelly as all Venatosaurs though so there isn't so much distinction between him and other pack members.
History(Optional): In the past his family has been a very successful pack, only choosing those who have been outcasts or in need of help and turning them into fine hunters and warriors. One day however, as they were hunting across the chasms, a group of Arachno-Claws attacked them (they weren't a group but the Arachno-Claws were hunting in that area at the time). Deathfang and his family fled toward the coastal areas with a few of the pack becoming lunch to the spiders and unfortunately a Tartarusaurus ambushed them. The pack was a small one and so no matter how large they were, they met their deaths within a few moments and only Deathfang escaped in the attack, realizing they had no chance. The event traumatizes him at night but hunting is the one drive that keeps him from going insane. Now Deathfang hunts on his own but does help out other packs and wishes to create his own pack. Lately he's tagged along with another pack with Slashspite, a female who Slashspite really has an affection towards but the leader of the pack is a cruel one.

Name: Brutus
Age: 42
Species: Vastatosaurus Rex
Length: 45 Feet (14 metres)
Height: 17 Feet
Weight: 8.5 Tonnes
Personality: Savage and ruthless to any who crosses his path. Rarely is he gentle to others of his own kind and prefers to keep to his own territory but does like to explore places he has not seen before. He will always overpower his enemy before starting to deliver considerable damage to them. He does have a soft side and will be generous towards the females and does respect other Vastatosaurs for trying to fight him off.
Description: Blue and Black like all Vastatosaurs with scars covering his thick scales and bite marks from other Vastatosaurs. His eyes are a gray colour, showing mystery to his brutality and that there is more to him than meets the eye.
History(Optional): Brutus was part of a pack of younger Vastatosaurs when he was younger. However a Nefundusaurus attacked them, however, with great effort, Brutus defeated the Nefundusaurus but his pack had been eaten alive and only he was the sole survivor. Now he spends his days scaring off other Vastatosaurus and as much as he hates to do so when he could be off doing other things, he believes it's necessary.

Name: Slashspite
Age: 18 Years
Species: Venatosaurus Saevidicus
Length: 18 Feet
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: Unknown
Personality: Peaceful most of the time but ferocious in battle and when locked in combat with another Venatosaurus. She has a curious behaviour to her and though not playful and mostly quiet, she will happily spar with one of her own.
Description: Slashspite has mostly blue stripes that cover her body with multiple spots on the underbelly including large blotches. The rest of her body is green with red underbelly.
History(Optional): Her past involves a time where she was separated by her mother and father by a Vastatosaur that chased them. Eventually she was found running from Arachno-Claws and quickly was defended by another pack of Venatosaurs who adopted her. She now wants to find her family and won't rest until she meets them again.

Brutus stormed across the Lowlands keeping an eye out for signs of other Vastatosaurs that dared to enter his territory. Today though, he was hungry and it was going to be Brontosaurus that would be his main course. Possibly a child or two would satisfy him. He continued through until he reached a nice stretch of grass where the herds of Ligocristus were on the move and soon enough a herd of Brontosaurs entered the clearing and prepared to graze on the lower shrubs. Today would be a fine day for hunting, Brutus knew this and was well aware that with this herd would other predators be following not far away. Brutus licked his scaly lips and wet them before waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike...
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Postby Anaclagon » Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:16 am

Tyrant ripped off the last chunk of meat off as he swallowed. Tyrant unleashed a mild roar but still fierce enough to scare things in the area. Thristy, The massive V-rex walked over towards the water hole nearby. Bending his head towards the water hole, the Rex drank as he much as needed to before he pulled his large head up and scanned the area, sniffing the air in case there was intruders in the area. Turning around the V-Rex headed towards out of the jungle and headed for the open plains as he looked around where herds of herbivores began to do their business. Tyrant looked towards as he snarled and walked elsewhere in his vast territory.

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Postby Iceking » Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:26 am

Name:emerald fin
Length:20 feet
height:1 foot
weight:2 tons
personality:stealthy, isn't fussy about what prey that is in his power to catch and patient.
Description:His fins are green colored while his body is grey with two brown stripes running from his head to his tail on each side.
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Postby dinoman666 » Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:16 pm

Name: Interfectus
Age: 35
Length: 30 feet
Height: 9 feet
Weight: 200 pounds
Personality: He is very calm and clear-minded, preferring to reason before having to fight.
Description: His skin is a tan-orange color, and his thick hide is laced with scars. He lacks a mate, but seems perfectly fine without one.
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Postby Zephyr » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:45 pm

Name: Ripjaw
Age: 22
Species: Venatosaurus Saevidicus
Length: 24ft
Height: 14ft
Weight: 1 ton
Personality: Vicious and aggresive likes to be and tries to be the "top dog"
Description: Ash colored skin with several orange stripes going down on its sides. Scar on side of his lower jaw.
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Postby C S » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:48 pm

Screen moved akwardly on the land, looking like he was doing push ups with each step he took. When he saw the venatosaur in the distance, he cahrged, using his frontr legs to force him foward. His jaws were open. The ventatosaur roared and jumped up, landing on Screen. The crocodillian hissed and swatted it with his tail. When the raptor fall onto its side, Screen bit into it's stomach and shook rappidly, ripping out the inestines and puncturing the important organ around the bite. While the raptor squirmed, bleeding to death, Screen moved to the kill, a juvinile Tartarusauous. The crocodile dug into the flesh, chewing an snarling greedily.
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Postby Anaclagon » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:03 pm

Tyrant stayed in the jungle for a few more moments moments as a pack of ventosaurs fleed as soon as he made his apperance. Tyrant made a mild roar to make sure they were truely off as the ventosaurs had no intentions on having a fight with a V-Rex at the moment. The V-Rex snarled as he looked around through the jungle before he decided to take his leave of the jungle. The large Rex followed a river from the jungle out into the wide open plains. Tyrant followed the river as he left his footprints out in the ground as he survayed his vast territory as herds did their business in the open plains, eating, sleeping on drinking on any nother nearby water sources. The Rex decided to head for the border as he began to look around making his apperance known to those within his sight with a mild roar. His eyes were narrowed, this was typical behavior as he looked around snarling at anything near him..

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Postby TyrannoTitan » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:44 pm

Destivus was once again heading back to the middle of his territory, having seen the intruders leave. With that done, the V-rex was now searching for food, his eyes scanning the plains as he scented the air, the loud sounds of the Brontosaurs in the distance. Destivus's head stopped, his eyes locked on the creature ahead. A Termito, eating from a mound of termites. The Vrex snorted in pleasure, stalking the creature, despite being in the open plains. As long as it's back was turned, he could get close enough without having his footfalls give away his position. Just as Destivus took the last step, the sailed creature's head sprang up, jolting around for the source of the noise. The Vrex knew he wasn't going to get any farther. Thundering forward, Destivus ran toward the frightened insectivore with his mouth open, the Termito turning around and bolting toward the nearest patch of trees, toward the jungle. Destivus pursued, not about to let his prey go free so soon, slowly but surely gaining on the Termito, his long strides easily matching its speed. Soon he was along side with it, his bone crushing jaws slamming shut on its back, the Termito screeching in pain as it was lifted from the ground and thrown a few feet, hitting hard against the ground, its spine broken, among other bones from the fall. Destivus slowed himself to a stop, actually passing the corpse, turning around to walk back to his meal. The Vrex ripped eagerly into the flesh, having not eaten since the day before...

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Screen smealt more blood. Fresh. The crocodile left it's half eaten morsel and the dead venatosaur to make use of the oppurtunity, hissing to scare of the small millipedes that crawled on the trees. Screen's beige scales getting dirty scraping acroos the mud and leaf litter.
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Postby Anaclagon » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:14 pm

Tyrant headed for his border and began marking it as he walked across, eyeing any enemies that may have been trying to enter. So far now but the ventosaur pack from earlier was starting to get on its nerves...they was a rather medium sized group but they were still deadly and they were keeping on eye on him as if they were going to attack him from behind or attack one of the herbivores in the area for food. It did not matter but Tyrant felt like going after them...attacking head on was a stupid idea but if he did things correctly and played smart he would stay fine considering is armor thick skin.

The massive V-Rex stopped as he sniffed the air, he thought about expanding his territory a bit, maybe a bit more jungle for that female and those hatchlings...but thats if they come in the first place. Considering the border fine, Tyrant turned east planning on checking the eastern border and then he would through his territory planning to head for the center or at least close by..Eventually those rapotrs where going to have to be dealt with...

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Postby C S » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:31 pm

Screen stopped walking. He heard the leaves rustle. Some small venatosaurs ran out, juvinile. He charge one of the small creatures, biting onto it and shaking the creature until it's bones snapped. The foetodon chewed ferociously, the tail of the creature hanfing limp from his mouth. He saw the rest of them retreat back to where they came. Screen ran after them, the dismembered tail of the ventaosaur laid on the jungle floor.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:50 pm

Destivus lifted his massive head, blood covering his jaws, the carcass now almost completely stripped of the flesh. A scent came to him...of another bull V-rex. Destivus barred his teeth. The nearest V-rex to him, its territory next to his. Though he had never confronted it, it annoyed him to catch the scent on every patrol, thinking of an intruder. At least they respected eachother's boundries. Destivus glanced around, sniffed the air once more, knowing the corpse would attract predators, the perfect way to find intruders. The Vrex lumbered over to a small patch of trees, laying down in the shade as he watched the kill from the distance...


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