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Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:29 pm

See the RPG for rules and template explanation.

Super Hero/Villain:
Length(if applicable):
Super Hero/Villain Appearance:
Allies (Optional):
Enemies (Optional):

Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby C S » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:39 pm

Super Hero: Speedfreak
Identity: Kevin Anderson
Age: 15
Height: 6 feet
Alliance: Good
Allies: none yet
Enemies: none yet
Powers: Super speed. Can vibrate so fast that he creates a subsonic frequency, Enhanced strength (Not "super" but stronger than your average 15 year old boy) and an extremely strong skeleton able to absorb hard impacts and the likes.
Appearance: Kevin wears a grey shirt, blue jeans and grey sneakers. He has brown hair
Super Hero Appearance:
Weakness: High voltage electrical attacks.

Super Hero: Vapor
Identity: Galaak Taalrik
Age: 48
Height: 8'7
Alliance: Good
Allies: none yet
Enemies: Anyone that proves to be hostile
Powers: Can manipulate all forms of liquid, even convert the vapor in the air back to liquid. Can pilot his space ship (:P) and has strength and agility greater than a human's. He is skilled in using his weaponry, a rifle like device that can unleash the power of lightning and a bladed staff that can also administer electrical shock.
Super Hero Appearance: Using the wrist device, he activates a full body nano-tech suit that spreads over his body. ... 4s1t0f.png
Weaknesses: When not in his suit, Galaak is susceptible to the perils of alien worlds, from hostile natives to sickness. His suit generates an energy shielding that, when depleted will allow the nanobots themselves to take damage. Because the suit is not meant for heavy combat, it will prove quite ineffectual as armor.

Identity: JoJo
Age: 3 Years
Height: 2'4
Length: 3 feet
Appearance: A black and brown doberman pinscher with floppy ears and deep drown eyes and a relatively long tail for his species. He wears a white leather collar that is stained and faded, its golden name tag scratched and scuffed.
Personality: Cautious and uncertain, because he was separated from his owners and now wanders the city of Los Diamantes as a stray. The life that he knew before is a fleeting dream when compared to the danger fraught streets and alleyways...
Powers/Equipment: Being in good shape, JoJo has exceptional endurance, speed and strength. He, like many other canines, possesses a good sense of smell and hearing.
Weakness: Being a regular stray, JoJo has to contend with his own mortality and the dangers of the city...
Alliance: Neutral
Allies: None at the moment
Enemies: None at the moment
History: It wasn't unlike any other walk at first. One of his owners, a young girl the name of Shirley was taking him out one hot day, wearing a short sleeved pink shirt and shorts. Before he knew what had happened, Shirley was on the ground bleeding with a hole in her chest after an echoing bang went off. Two cars were speeding after each other, a police cruiser in pursuit of an armed criminal. Shirley was the victim of a stray bullet fired in the confrontation. JoJo, confused and scared, ran off from the scene. He had been on his own since.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Godzilla Forever » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:03 pm

Super Hero: Mortum
Identity: Maximillion Lombardo
Age: 35
Height: 6' 3"
Appearance: Wears a black jacket at all times, along with a hood to cover his head. His hands are gloved to hide their unnatural appearence, and also wears long black pants.
Super Hero Appearance: Comparable to this: minus the eyes, which are blue instead of red.
Personality: He is cold and unopen to others, though will talk if he feels it will help him catch the criminal he is chasing. Despite his generally mean nature, he can be quite the caring individual. Just pray you are not on the recieving end of his blade.
Powers/Equipment: Carries a roughly 5 foot long blade that glows with energy when he uses his attacks. In addition, he uses an Uzi (probably ilegally obtained) when his magic seems inpractical. He can see perfectly in the dark, uses the powers of darkness to sense where individuals are (though it has a short range of only 15 feet), can shoot out so-called 'bolts' of shadow magic, and can use his magic to lift up objects and toss them (or other beings) into foes. His curse also seems to have enhanced his strength and agility, although he only demonstrates his physical prowess when he is in his Demon Knight form.
Weakness: Fire is extremely dangerous to him. In addition the light of day drastically reduces the effectivness of the majority of his Demon Knight form's abilties (save for super strength and agility).
Alliance: Anti-Hero (a heroic figure, but not above doing questionable actions to achieve his goal)
Allies: None as of yet.
Enemies: None as of yet.
History: Little is known of Mortum's past- his reclusive nature and unwillingness to speak of it ensure its secrecy- but those who are close to him know that he was once a relatively normal individual. It is rumored that he was cursed by someone a long time ago and was forced to become an almost demonic entity. Despite this, Mortum leads a relatively productive life chasing criminals. Also, he only seems to come out at night; if he is seen during the day, few people recognize him.

Super Hero: N/A
Identity: Aya Brea
Age: 28
Super Hero Appearance: See appearance.
Personality: A protective individual with a lot of spirit. Her curiosity, which once led her into trouble as a child, turned out to be her greatest advantage when she joined the LDPD.
Powers/Equipment: She wears a standard bulletproof vest and carries an M1911 as her side arm. (Note: she is not aware she has powers as of now. She will discover her abilities later on in the RPG) Her advanced Mitochondrion allow her to use powers inaccessible to normal human beings, such as the power to channel her extra energy into a blast of plasma, or creating sparks of energy from her fingertips, among other, more minor things (such as the ability to recover minor wounds quickly). These powers leave her fatigued, however, so she cannot use them often. Otherwise, she has superior stamina, strength, and endurance to a normal human.
Weakness: A relatively normal human being besides slightly better stamina, strength, and endurance, so she can be hurt by conventional weaponry.
Alliance: Good
Allies: the LDPD
Enemies: Any and all criminals
History: Aya Brea was raised in a middle class family. When she was 20, she joined the LDPD, making her one of the younger members of the department. Her greater endurance was quickly noticed by the department, and they put her on the call almost 24/7. Last year, she lost her partner in a shootout with a couple thugs from a rather infamous, if not small, gang, The Stalwart Crew. She holds a grudge against them, particularly their leader, Jackson Lynch.

Super Villain: "Adam"
(former) Identity: Jackson Lynch
(former) Age: 30
Height: 6.5 feet (8 feet at top of tendrils)
Length: 13 feet
(Former) Appearance: Scruffy man, not too thin but not very fat either, with black hair and a short beard/ moustache combo.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance:
Personality: Fearsome and aggressive. "Adam" is also surprisingly cunning, able to think relatively quick on his feet, and has a disturbingly good understanding of strategy and alliances.... much to the dismay of the city.
Powers/Equipment: Due to hyper-evolved mitochondria, "Adam" has gained many abilities. His massive forelimbs are able to lift cars with little trouble, and his small backlegs can hold him up when he clings to the top of a ceiling. "Adam" can shoot a purplish energy blast from his stinger tip, and can spit a stream of powerful acid to dissolve his prey. He can also use his tongue as a deadly weapon, as it shoots out quickly, like a frog's. "Adam" also has hyper-regenerative properties, able to survive horrendous damage, such as being crushed, dismembered, decapitated, or torn to shreds- basically, anything short of being frozen, burned, or vaporized- and heal himself in a short amount of time. His very presence can cause some creatures to spontaneously mutate into NMCs just like him.
Weakness: While his advanced mitochondria can heal nearly any wound, his cells are still susceptable to extreme heat and cold, as they weaken or outright eliminate his regeneration. His incredible regeneration also requires him to feed regularly.
Alliance: Evil
Allies: himself
Enemies: Everyone else
History: A vicious man who managed to become the master of a relatively small gang known as The Stalwart Crew. He never speaks of his past, and those who pester him about it usually end up having a bullet in their skull. He has recently been having strange hot flashes and fits of fainting, and has been on a prescription in order to keep himself in tip top shape...

But, after a failed robbery and induction to the hospital, the man once feared as a ruthless gang leader terrorizes the city as a fearsome Neo-Mitochondrial Creature- "Adam". With world domination in mind, "Adam" seeks to create himself an Eve, birth an Ultimate Being, and transform all life on the planet into his ilk.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby TyrantTR » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:20 pm

Super Hero/Villain: Metamorph
Identity: Jake Holden
Age: 16
Height: 6' 1
Appearance: Tall for his age, Jake is somewhat built and athletic, he has dark brown eyes, and short brown hair.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Metamorph can change into whatever he wants. When concealing his identity he takes the form of a human lacking any facial features.
Personality: Rebellious, and aggressive, Jake takes every turn to be the exact opposite of what his father is. He fights conformity, (probably why he hates school) and tries to be his own man, not the one everyone expects him to be.
Powers/Equipment: Metamorph is a shapeshifter, he can turn into whatever he thinks of at any time.
Weakness: When in a morphed state Metamorph is still week to everything he would be as a basic person. He's cut and bleeds all the same, in addition he can retain form so long as he is concentrating. If he is distracted or emotionally compromised he won't do well in a fight.
Alliance: Good
Allies (Optional): none
Enemies (Optional): none
History: Son (and disappointment) to Gerald Holden, the head of Holden corp., a genetic weapons and research company. Jake is well off financially because of his father's employment with the government in the multi-million dollar industry of weapons development. He's had trouble getting situated at school and has been through several different districts and school systems on account of bad behavior. He is now located at Beach Side High, the only school that seems to tolerate his attitude.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:21 pm

Super Hero: Reptar
Age: 1 Year (Since built)
Height: 6 feet (1 foot when split)
Length: 15 Feet (3 feet when split)
Super Hero Appearance: A large robotic Tyrannosaur, with over sized bottom jaw that overlaps its mouth somewhat when closed. Instead of teeth, the metal that makes its jaws is jagged. Very accurate design compared to a real dinosaur, but smaller. Has not been painted, and is thus a gray metal in color, with many screws, rivets, and welds visible on his form.
Personality: Motivated and enthusiastic. Comparable to a child with ADD crossed with a corny action movie hero.
Powers/Equipment: Can separate his body into three smaller parts to make smaller versions of itself. Can transform its body to appear like an assortment of everyday metal objects, either over sized (if not split up) or normal sized (if he splits himself up before transforming, for small objects like a toaster). In his default form, he can fire missiles from his back, which explode with a force smaller then that of a grenade, has a flame thrower mounted in his mouth, and has jets that allow him to fly short distances. He also has an assortment of other random objects and mechanisms, including but not limited to: retractable blades, flags, a milkshake mixer, and roller skates for his feet. Can bite things with incredible force. Metal body is resilient.
Weakness: As a robot, EMPs or extremely powerful electrical currents can cause him to malfunction or shut down temporarily.
Alliance: (Tries to be) Good.
Allies: The police (though they don't see him as an ally in return), everyone who enforces good.
Enemies: Filthy criminals.
History: Reptar was originally intended to be an animatronic display for a children's toy store in downtown Los Diamantes. His creator, who will remain nameless for his safety, was a skilled robotics expert commissioned by the store to build such a display, and because of his love of robotics, he agreed. As he added more and more onto the robot, his desires grew far beyond that of a simple display, and it was then the man created Reptar as he is: an animatronic display turned sentient machine with far too many mechanisms and devices in him to be legal.

Thinking Reptar was his ultimate creation, the man put endless hours into perfecting him, but as the deadline loomed, and since the store owners paid in advance, he had no choice but to lend him to them in a semi-deactivated state. Unfortunately this state was not as it seemed, as a child was almost beaten to death when it accidentally walked out of the store with an unbought toy. Because of this attack, the man was arrested for terrorism, but before the police could get to the scene of the incident, his creation had already run off, spouting something about protecting the city from hooligans and ne'erdowells.

Identity: Nameless
Age: 3 Years
Height: 4.5 Feet
Length: 5 feet
Appearance: A normal dog of an unknown breed, probably a mutt.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: A large wolf-like dog with short, course fur, which is a light bluish color. Has sharp, gold-colored bony ridges snaking around its front legs, as well as a larger set wrapping around its shoulders from bony "armor" around its chest, the ridges running down its back to its unusually wide tail, which ends in three claw-like protrusions. Has longer hair on its neck and back legs. Two horns cover its head, made of the same bony material as the ridges, jagged and incredibly sharp.
Personality: Confused, like an animal would be in a similar situation, which leads to retaliation if backed into a corner. More temperamental then a normal household dog due to its mistreatment.
Powers/Equipment: Acts as a living battery, absorbing the electrical energy from nearly any source, where he can use it against his foes in many forms. The energy storage seems to be endless, but after absorbing a certain amount, he goes into an overloaded state, where the electricity becomes much more unstable, arching off him randomly as well as making his attacks more powerful. Is unnaturally strong and agile, due to genetic tampering, as well as possessing sharp claws and horns. Is slightly more intelligent then a normal canine.
Weakness: Being around a lot of water makes using his electricity use dangerous, and while in an overloaded state, where electricity is coursing around him, it is almost certain death.
Alliance: None as of yet.
Allies: None as of yet.
Enemies: Scientists mostly, due to his mistreatment at their hands. Has a natural distrust of humans as a result.
History: This animal was one of many animals being experimented on by Holden Corp. When the "incident" occurred with the building's main power supply, the dog was under going more genetic modification, and as a result, was hit with a large portion of the power surge. Immediately after, it consumed the remaining power from any electrical devices in the room, assisting in the blackout the fell on Holden Corp. shortly after the incident, as well as killing the scientists that happened to be in the room with a surge of power. Scared and confused, the canine fled from its prison, happy to be free, but unable to comprehend what it had become.

Super Hero/Villain: N/A
Identity: Tharon'ja.
Age: Unknown.
Height: Varies depending on form.
Length: Varies depending on form.
Appearance: Natural form is unknown, almost always assumes a false appearance.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Varies depending on which creature or being it is imitating.
Personality: Bland, mostly emotionless. Very logical, but clueless to human customs.
Powers: Can copy the appearance, and sometimes abilities, of other beings. The depth of this transformation depends on the amount of contact. It can change to the appearance of something it can only see, but cannot copy powers without significant physical contact. Appearances, and to a lesser extent, powers, that are copied are stored in a genetic memory, allowing for later use. Can change its body in various ways that may not be a part of the original appearance it is replicating. Does not feel pain, can regenerate its body if enough material is left to do so, and has an almost super intelligence for all things mechanical. Can communicate telepathically.
Weakness: Destroying enough of its form can effectively kill it. Freezing temperatures can slow its ability to regenerate and even put it into a form of stasis if exposed for a significant time.
Alliance: Neutral.
Allies: None.
Enemies: None.
History: A complete mystery. Seems otherworldly, with no idea how to cope in normal society.

Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby dinoman666 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:57 pm

Super Hero/Villain: Kala
Identity: None.
Age: 134 years old.
Height: 6'8" tall in his suit, 4'6" otherwise.
Appearance: Being an alien life form, Kala is very much non-humanoid in appearance. A squidlike entity with orange, fleshy skin, he is shaped like a featureless human torso and head with three writhing tendrils extending from his back and a pair of short manipulator arms extending from his "chest." Without support, he can float in low-density atmospheres, but is relatively helpless.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: In order to move and fight effectively, Kala has a mechanical suit that is humanoid in appearance. It contains Kala's fleshy body inside it, with mechanical arms that extend the reach of his rather short natural arms and legs tipped in sharp claws (three on each hand and four on each foot). To protect his "head," he has a sleek, pointed helmet conformed to the creature's body, like the rest of the suit. It is equipped with two vertical visors that glow white.
Personality: Kala is not known for his social skills, even among his own species, and is mostly taciturn and focused on the task at hand. He will accept help when necessary, but rarely asks for it. When he does get talking, however, he often has a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor.
Powers/Equipment: Kala has little supernatural power, and relies primarily on his suit and armament to survive. The suit gives him excellent mobility, both vertical and horizontal, and of course, protects Kala from small arms fire. It is made of an alien metal that shrugs off most incoming bullets or energy blasts, and can even shrug off the very edges of explosions. To provide extra protection, the suit is equipped with a recharging energy shield that bolsters the armor's defenses. On each arm, he is equipped with a pair of extendable adamantine blades, as well as a pair of rapid-fire pulse cannons. The cannons' energy pellets are provided by the suit's power supply, giving Kala unlimited ammunition, and burn targets at a molecular level rather than simply puncturing enemy flesh. His suit also has a built-in cloaking device, though its power requirements mean that Kala uses it only when absolutely necessary. His helmet's visor has several vision modes, including heat vision, electromagnetic vision, and even has a threat tracer that highlights the paths of incoming projectiles, including bullets, missiles, and grenades, making it easier to locate enemy shooters from a distance. Kala does, however, have one ability unique to his race: a type of weak telepathy that can detect the emotions of nearby creatures. He can, of course, tune out surrounding thoughts to keep himself focused.
Weakness: Kala, despite his strengths, is adapted to cold environments and dislikes heat. His suit is chilled, allowing him to move about in warmer climates without complaint. Kala's suit provides him with significant protection, though concentrated fire from heavier weapons or explosions will easily breach the armor and quickly kill the vulnerable alien. The suit has a self-contained energy source that keeps the suit operating, and is hardened against EMP blasts, but focused electricity and particularly large EMPs can still knock out the suit's power for short periods, preventing Kala from doing much except move about on foot. Kala himself is physically weak without his suit, and can do little to defend himself except run and hide. However, Kala is almost never found outside of his suit.
Alliance: Kala is allied with no one, being a mercenary hunting unusual and unique targets for money or pleasure.
Allies: None yet.
Enemies: None yet.
History: Kala is a member of a squidlike race of space explorers who operates as a mercenary, trophy hunter, and gun-for-hire across the galaxy. After a recent engine failure, however, Kala was forced to make an emergency landing (see, "crash-landing") in the marshland outside Los Diamantes...

Super Hero/Villain: Zakai
Identity: None.
Age: 145 years old.
Height: 7' tall in his suit, 4'8" otherwise.
Appearance: Being a member of the Cephian race like Kala, Zakai is identical in appearance, except for his blood-red flesh, marking him out as a slightly different subspecies.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Like Kala and most other Cephians, Zakai has a mechanical suit he wears under most circumstances. It is larger and slightly bulkier than Kala's but otherwise similar. However, its helmet's visors are red, not white.
Personality: Zakai is cruel and vindictive, but also quite cunning, and knows when it's best to back down from a fight or solve a problem with diplomacy instead of force. However, he has no qualms at all about causing collateral damage if it means getting his target.
Powers/Equipment: While Zakai's suit gives him agility, speed and strength beyond a normal human, he is not quite as mobile as Kala, more centered around heavy combat. His shield system is far hardier, and instead of weapons installed directly into his suit, he carries a military-grade energy cannon that can fired semi-automatic plasma rounds, or fully automatic energy pellets. He does not possess the more advanced features of Kala's suit, such as a cloaking device, but has more access to Cephian military armaments, thanks to his connections.
Weakness: Like all Cephians, Zakai is vulnerable to intense heat, but his suit is chilled to allow him to survive in warm environments comfortably. He is virtually helpless outside his armor.
Alliance: While he is still a mercenary like Kala, he is also a prized bounty hunter for the Cephian Military, who he serves with loyalty, if only because the pay is good.
Allies: His two, less well-equipped partners, a pair of Cephian soldiers named Selk and Bate (their suits are not shielded like Zakai's and they carry standard-issue Cephian Rifles, which have a fully automatic mode as well the ability to charge and fire large energy pulses).
Enemies: Kala.
History: Zakai is a Cephian bounty hunter like Kala, and is, in fact, hunting his fellow mercenary for three reasons:
1. The bounty on his head for stealing classified Cephian war materiel (specifically, the suit Kala now wears),
2. A personal vendetta for screwing Zakai over on a past job,
3. To acquire the advanced suit Kala stole for himself.
Zakai is seen by the Cephian Military as a loyal mercenary who is ever polite and gracious, but anyone who knew him personally would know that Zakai is anything but. Thanks to some well-timed sabotage, Zakai has forced Kala down to the planet known as Earth, and is hoping to finally kill the stranded Cephian warrior and take his suit for his own. He doesn't care much for the primitive human inhabitants, and isn't afraid to kill them if they hinder his progress...
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby raptor titanus3 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:52 am

Morality: N/A
Identity: Edward Kingman
Age: 39
Height: 5"7'
Appearence: Naturally slick black hair which is starting to grey along the sides, clean shaven, Deep green eyes, Caucasian. Wears expensive designer Suites and on occasion Hawaiian T-shirts with Casual slacks. Wears a Gold Highschool ring refitted with a real Emerald at the center on his left hand.
Personality: He has an attitude that changes at a moments notice leading to believe he's insane but underneath he is incredibly intellignet and cold. He'd steal a dollar off a dying man and spend it on something to ruin others lives simply because it's his buisness.
Weakness: Currently he's still mostly human, however that may change in the future
Powers/Eqquipment: Carrys a silver switchblade and a 44. Magnum, he has also trained himself against lie detectors and nervous habits such as looking someplace with hidden secrets
Alliance: Crime Lord
Allies: Criminal Sidicates in the Medditeranian
Enemies: Interpol (due to a failed terrorist attack where they implicated him with supplying them with guns and munitions the only reason why they don't have him is due to inconclusive evidence and lots of Bribes and blackmail)
History: Kingman grew up in a little town in Greece where his Father was a Underboss for a Crime lord there. He grew up well and actually planned to live a straight life but after his Father attempted and failed to pull off a bloody Cue'da'ta they fled to America and changed their names to avoid the Authorities. Soon life became hard for them as they lost everything in the process. Soon Kingman's Father died of overindulgance of Liquer and left Kingman, his Mother, Younger Brother and Sister alone with hardly anything. A year later Kingman now Eighteen signed on with a Smuggling Opperation that was part of a bigger Organisation. Through cutthroat tactics and plotting with others he sucsessfully killed the former Boss and was made the new Boss. Now 23 he used his intelligence combined with his new power to grow his Empire. However at age 37 he waged a War with another new family and within a year lost, he fled to Los Diamantes to rebuild one year later through fighting and more careful expasion he has made a strong and very loyal new Empire and remade friendly relations with powerful Crime lords over seas to help boost his supplies and trade but also to ask for help in case someonw threatens him. Many capos and soldiers wonder quietly to themselves if maybe he's too old to rule anymore and sometimes even he thinks so, he fears that unless he either gains some new strength or good fortune his Empire will finally end.

Morallity: N/A
Identity: Alexander Kingman
Age: 35
Height: 5"4'
Apperance: Unruly black hair, clean shaven, Lighter green eyes than his brother, Caucasian. Tends to wear more casual clothing like polo shirts and casual suites
Personality: A happy-go-lucky socialite who acts as Edwards corparate spy and poster boy as he has always had a knack for politics he has proved incredibly useful in more covert and diplomatic instances where edward could never directly intervine however he will never be apart of his organisation for two reasons, one he is a beloved brother whom if in danger would cause Edward to go on a ramage to get back, and two he really isn't useful in any other task as he shakes uncontrolably in the the presense of a firearm and can't act tough
weakness: Being human and he also has a extremely trusting personality so if Edward doesn't shield him could very well get kidnapped or worse killed
Powers/Eqquipment: Has a very persuasive personality and has almost a six sense when it comes to cards (really though he got nothing)
Alliance: Socialite (playboy)
Allies: Several powerful lawyers and Union figures, his Borther, and a corrupt Fed. contact
Eneimes: Several female secrataries he fired (they say they all quit), and maybe a few former buisness associates (if they aren't already dead)
History: After the buisness in Greece, Alex stuck close to his brother. Alex was always a populist but he was often bullied or getting into trouble that his Brother whould save him from, Alex has never really gained street smarts but he still knows how to charm and amuse others, eventually he found his way into the debate club in school and the rest is history. He moved moved out later and lived in a town close to the origion point of Los Diamantes. After his Brother's "incident" Alex suggested Edward move to Los diamantes which had entered it's later stages of building. Once they both got settled into the new city they both got to work setting up and spreading their influence. With Edwards money and manpower, combined with Alex's contacts and federal contact they support each other and Alex is none the wiser of what his brother really does. All that Alex knows is that it's connected to import/export which can be well paying if you do it right and so far they've done great.

Morallity: N/A
Identity: Micheal "The Spartan" Aldermos
Age: 38
Height: 6"2'
Apperance: Big as a bear and about as muscular, dark brown hair, long but well kept beard, Brown eyes though some say their black (they tend to be people who are about to die), wears red on most of his clothes which is mainly casual, though in important buisness he will wear a black suite with a red tie (some kind of fixation?)
Personallity: Calm even in dangerous situations it's hard to get him to show emotion but it's even harder to get him to show mercy as everyone that survives could be a witness on the podium
Weakness: Human but due to his large size and pyshical training he is difficult to restrain and won't go down on a lucky haymaker
Powers/Eqquipment: He knows several fighting styles including javelin throwing (partly what has earned his name) he carrys two smith & wesson model 9mm pistols
Alliance: Underboss (the right hand of Kingman)
Allies: The capos and soldiers under him he treats with respect, Kingman (he's his drinking pal), some of Alex's lawyer buddys
Enemies: Antoine the second Underboss, a detective in the LDPD
History: Growing up with Edward the two of them became fast friends when Micheal's Farther and Edwards father became friends, however Micheal's father had earned a postion in another project and was away when the cue happend meaning nothing bad befell them. However after the event the family had become very weak and so was picked apart by others. Micheal left for America and years later rediscovered his good friend. They both knew of the "buisness their fathers were in and so when Edward started his, Micheal was invited in as one of Edward's first Soldiers. Micheal earned his nickname for several reasons. One he is built like an oxe and twice and tough, two he is steadfast loyal, and three due to the way he just seems to act he moves methodiccally sweeping away all before him in a flurry of bullets (and of course the beard with the talent to throw Javelins). Even through all the incidents Micheal has no ambition to try and plot agaisnt Kingman. Micheal however has a threat to him and Kingman: The gun hoe Second Underboss Antoine who is trying to steer the Buisness in another more dangerous direction and undermine Kingman. Micheal acts as Kingman's right hand meaning he handles most of the important assainments if someone trys to contact Kingman they must speak through Micheal.

Morallity: Evil
Identity: Antoine Lugretia
Age: 26
Height: 6"
Apperance: Black hair slick and short with no facial hair, thin and boney, tends to wear black serious clothing or not
personallity: A cold merciless killer who enjoys the finer art of taking someone apart without killing them, he is sadistic and by all accounts the spawn of the devil
weakness: Human
Powers/Eqquipment: No sense of guilt, anatomical knowledge of the human body, K-bar knife with slight curve and serration, Ruger Redhawk Revolver
Alliance: Underboss (Edward's Left hand)
Allies: His father who is head of a Cartel in Decartemelle (a fictional town on the "boot tip" of Italy) Allied to Edward
Enemies: Micheal (Knows he is ab\mbitious), Just about every cop and victem of those he has murdered in or out of the country
History: Here is a case where if this person was never born the world would never grieve for that loss, he is the ******* child of a mob boss who secretly murdered his father's legitamit children to gain power, his father is over 70 years and is in a wheelchair and on life support. Antoine was sent as a bargining tool and secret weapon in case Edward became strong enough to manage without help from the old families back in the Medditeranian. He wants the power but doesn't care about his honor or his mission he will take the power however he can but only when it is ripe for the taking. Micheal knows this as blocks him from getting respect or power any way he can, and he doesn't really need to try only idiots, cowards, and dishonorable soldiers and capos are loyal to Antoine so he doesn't care if he treats them nearly as poorly as he does his victems. Edward seems oblivious, focousing all his attention on maintaing the fine balance with the Old families while managing his growing Empire, this suites Antoine just fine.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Giratina93 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:45 am

Identity: Tiffany Acton
Age: 23
Height: 7ft 5 inches
Appearance: She is a tall woman with slightly tanned skin, bluish hair, and green eyes.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: None
Personality: Tiffany is a nice girl, but when she finds a willing volunteer for her experiments, no force on earth or in Hell will stop her fom using said person as a guinie pig... Mor eoften than not, said guiniepig ends up being Minene. That said, she hates it whenpeople get into her lab uninvited, and has tried to come up with a good security system to prevent crooks from gettig in (But to no avail.)
Powers/Equipment: While lacking in actual superpowers, Tiffany is incredibly smart, especially for her age. She is capable of constructing many diffrent kinds of inventions, ranging from simple improvements on bike helmets to prototype hovercars, to firebomb grenades (The latter being expermental, however. Most of her experiments are justin the experimental state, due to lack of volunteers.)
Weakness: Being a normal human, she has all the weaknesses that come with being a Homo Sapien
Alliance: Good
Allies (Optional): Minene
Enemies (Optional): Dr. Craver
History: 12 years ago, Tiffany's family moved from Scotland into Los Diamentes in search of good jobs. Even at such a young age, Tiffany's intelligence shown through. She graduated from high school at an age of 16, and got through college at age 20. When she graduated, Dr. Craven helped her set up her lab bfore his fall into insanity. She now lives by herself, in what appears to be an old abandoned apartment, but is actually where her lab is set up. She works part-time at the local zoo in Los Diamentes, mainly the night shift Which more ofte than not extends into most of the morning...

Super Hero:
Identity: Minene Ogata
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 10
Appearance: Minene is a red-headed girl with black eyes, and a slightly athletic physique
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Same, but her eyes glow blood-red
Personality: Minene is one who hates seeing the weak being bullied. She wants to see a future, where there is no mor epain, no more sorrow, and no more agony. She is quite tolerant. She has an odd quirk due to her japanese lineage; instead of saying, "Shut up", she says, "Urusai" (Which is 'Shut Up!" in japanese.)
Powers/Equipment: Has limited regen that prevents even fatal wounds from killing her (Thus making her the best guinie pig for Tiffany.) She also has 4 invisible arms, which she calls Vectors, that extend from her back. These can reach out 16 feet in any direction, and are incredibly strong, able to lift up a car with one hand. That said, Minene hherself is also quite physically strong, but not on the same level as her vectors...
Weaknesses: Her vectors can only reach 16 feet out. Any furter tan that, and they can't touch anyone. Also, Minene's vactors are unable to form is she's experiencing physical pain. Also, her regen doesn't work if she is out of energy.
Alliance: Good
Allies (Optional): Tiffany
Enemies (Optional): Dr. Craven
History: Born of Japanese ancestory, Minene was only 14 when her family was slaughtered by a vicious gang called "The 7 Sins of Purgatory". When this vicious slaughter was occuring, her powers, brought on by an odd mutation, activated, and she ruthlessly slaughtered the gang members that didn't escape. Ever since then, she has wandered all over the city these past 6 years, searching for the headquaters of "the 7 Sins of Purgatory" in order to crush them once and for all.

Super Villain: Dr. Craven
Identity: N/A
Height:6ft 2
Appearance: Despite him being a scientist, Dr. Craven has the physique of a wrestler. Dark-tanned skin, short, grey hair, and two cold, white eyes that seem to stare into one's soul.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Same.
Personality: Dr. Craven is a madman, and cares little about other people, or even his inventions. The only thing that makes him happy, oddly enough, is the pipe he carries in his mouth. This he treats as if it were his own child, not letting anyone else even near it...
Powers/Equipment: No actual powers, but like TIffany, Dr. Crave is very intelligent and capable of building things few humans know about. THere are even a few unconfirmed rumors that he's buildinga warpgate to another world, but these rumors are unfouned upon, and mere speculation.
Weakness: Being a human, he shares all the weaknesses of being one.
Alliance: Evil
Allies (Optional): None (Yet)
Enemies (Optional): Tiffany, Minene
History: Not much is known about Dr. Craven's past... until he exploded onto the scientific scene. He presented numerous scientific advancements in his day, nd even helped Tiffany set up her lab and taught her a few things. However, as Tiffany's intelligence began to shine through, Dr. Craven became envious, and distustful of her. His own delusions driving him mad, he isolated himself in an unknown location somewhere inthe city. There, he continues his research, all the while readying himself for outsting his former student from existance, whatever the means...

Super Villan: Jadis
Identity: N/A
Height: 3ft 6
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Jadis is an oni demon( Or so he appears to be), with an unusually large head adorned with short horns on it, a double breasted black suit, and sharp elf-like ears.
Personality: Jadis isn't one to do things by himself. Rather, he perfers to sit back and let others do the dirty work for him. He is a rather friendly guy who likes to strike up conversations, but he's also a manipulative bast*rd who can easilly get people to do what he wants.
Powers: Being an oni, Jadis's power increases when the amount of madness in an area also goes up. However, this power increase is inefficient, thus preventing Jadis from reaching any genuinly dangerous levels of power in Los Diamantes. He can increase his size up to 7 feet tall, which also causes his physical strength to increase proportionally. If he has enough power, he can cause brief shocks of pain to split into his enemie's minds, and also levitate objects in mid-air for up to a minute. He can also fade into the shadows and is capable of limited teleportation, th emaximum range of which is 50 meters, and requires a few moment sof not being attacked, making it usless in a fight.
Weakness: If there's no madness in an area(IE: No chaos, no anger, no distortion or panic), then he more or less powerless
Alliance: Evil
Allies: None (yet)
Enemies: None(Yet)
History: Much of Jadis's history is a complete enigma. All that is currently known is that he was sent here on a misson to kill a witch that he failed to kill in another dimension.

Name: Roberta Luna
Superhero Title: The Hellhound of Venice, the Maidenator
Age: 25
Height: 6ft.
Appearance: Roberta is a tall woman, with dark blue eye, and silvery hair that flows freely. Most often, she tends to wear rather casual clothing.
Superhero appearance: When she heads off to fight crime in the darkness of the night, she ties her heair up into braids with green ribbons at the end, dons a maid uniform for the heck of it, and puts on her head a white hairband. While it may not be the best superhero suit, the fact that her eye color changes from blue to red, and she operates under total darkness, help keep her identity safe, while striking an image that says, " Even the most innocent looking of things can kill."
Personality: Roberta is a person who wishes to see the city of Los Diamentes purged of evil, but also has a soft spot in her heart for freaks and mutants, due to her own past. She's best friends with Tiffany, but also loves to get under her skin whenever she can.
Powers: Despite looking, and for the most part being human, Roberta packs quite abit more power than the average human being, to say the least.
-Knife Duplication: In her pocket, Roberta always carries two knives on her. When she throws them, those same two knives are still in her pocket, suggesting that somehow she's able to duplicate her knives. Even she is unaware of how she can do this.
-Frozen World: Roberta is also capable of making time stand still in the area around her. This zone is between 8 feet and 30 feet around her, meaning that foes right up in her face or far enough away aren't affected. She can only keep up this frozen timezone for a few seconds, before the headache it gives her becomes far too much for her to bare.
-Strength and speed: Increased from years and years of harsh training, Roberta's physical attributes are nearly prodigal. She can run up to 30 miles per hour, turn on a dime even at that speed, and can take on all but he most powerful ordinary human beings (Think Wrestlers, Linebackers, Karate masters...)without her powers.
Weakness: The main weakness Roberta has, is that her stamina depletion is very, very fast, and use of her Frozen World only quickens that. She can only fight for a short while before she gets too tired to fight, and it's not ususual for her to end up starving after only a 3 minute fight. Also, her durability, while slightly better than a normal human being's, is still nothing special.
History: Roberta was only a young girl of age 5 when she was selected to be apart of a Super Soldier program based in Venice. Taken from her family, she was experimented on, put through nightmarish training, and nearly died, along with 49 other children selected for the program. Of those, only she and 12 others survived the 11 years of pain and agony. However, the program was shut down due to lack of funds, and Roberta and the other survivors were sent back to their homes, Roberta's being Los Diamentes. When she arrived back at her house, what she found was that her family had moved elsewhere years before, and no one knew where they were. nevertheless, Roberta got a job as a waitress in a restaurant, and due to ehr excessive schoolnig back at the program, only had to do her Senior year and went off to college, where she meet Tiffany. The two became best friends rather quickly, and Roberta told her, and only her, of her past. Tiffany kept the secret, but Roberta, deciding to do something positive with the powers and strength she had been given, became the Hellhoud of Venice, a bitter but necessary reminder of what she ahd to put up with in her childhood...

Name: Rumia
Supervillan Title: The Shadow Youkai/The Apparition of the Night
Age: ???
Height: 4ft 2
Appearance: Rumia is a short, young girl with blood red eyes, and short, blonde hair. She wears a black vest and skirt, and a white blouse. A small red amulet is tied to the left side of her head, making it look like a ribbon.
Supervillan identity: Same
Personality: Rumia is a simple-minded Youkai, who tends to think mostly for herself. Her own wellbeing and hunger are what she cares about the most, while she cares little for those around her. She loves the taste of human flesh, and wants to get rid of the amulet on her head, but whenever she tries, the heat given off from it's too much for her to tolerate.
-Darkness: This is what Rumia's main power is. She is capable of bending the darkness around her into several tentacles streaching from her back. These tentacles have the same strength as Minene's Vectors, but don't vanish from pain. During daytime, she's also able to cover herself in a sphere of darkness that light cannot penetrate, though this tends to backfire on her as it becomes so dark, that Rumia herself cannot see where she's going, and ends up bumping into stuff.
-Flight: Thanks to her being a Youkai, Rumia is able to fly off the ground and sail over the surface without wings. However, her maximum speed when flying is roughly 45 MPH.
-Regeneration: In addition to increased durability, she also has regenerative powers similar to Minene, but wheras Minene's only takes seconds, hers take minutes, and thus leaves her more vulnerable. In addition, she needs energy to regenerate her wounds.
-Bullet Spam: By concentrating her power, Rumia can fire off dozons of energy spheres and lazers at her opponent at a time. While this may sound dangerous, each individual sphere/laser hurts only as much as a bad pinch.
Weakness: Sunlight and heat are the bane of Rumia's existance. If it gets too hot or bright for her (Around 70 degrees.), then she must take shelter in the shade or shadows. Also, her powers are at their fullest during the night...
History: Rumia was a Youkai (a term used to refer to any supernatural being.) that dwelled in the forests of Papa New Guinea. When Roberta came to the island, she ran into the creature late at night. The next night, Rumia attacked her, but Roberta managed to fight off the being. Unbenownst to her, when she came back to Los Diamentes, Rumia had followed her by sneaking into the chest... The tribes that dwell in the jungle know all about Rumia, and rumors have that the amulet on her head is there to seal away her true self, whatever that may be...
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby InfernalAngel » Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:14 am

Villain: Tech
Identity: Natasha Kratovan
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Appearance: ... railer.jpg
Personality: Used to be very good natured, calm, and funny. Now cold and somewhat heartless, willing to harm others to achive her goals. Though deep down, she still has good... very, deep down, if any.
Powers/Equipment: She is the master of any firearm, expert with explosives, and master of hand-to-hand combat. Her armor has multiple abillites, Letting her deploy Super-Strong Personal sheilds, Cloak, Jetpack boosters, cling to any surface, and see in Ultra-Violter, Night vision, Heat vision, and Infared. Her armor also has a perimiter scanner.
Weakness: She still has compassion and pity for some. Plasma is effective against her armor, but not her sheilds. Water damages her sheilds. Her armors weakest point is the visior, in between her shoulder blades in the back and behind the knees.
Alliance: none
Allies (Optional): None yet
Enemies (Optional): None yet
History: Once an astronaut for the United States, she worded on the Space Station, "Ark Angel 1", a reaserch facillity for Cyborg implants and Kinetic weapons. The station was abandoned when a heavy blast of solar radiation hit it, killing the entire crew, except for Natasha. She was presumed dead, and the station was left adrift in space. Natasha survived by stealing all the Cyborg implants, and the Cyborg Battle suit "Vanity", along with a cache of kinetic weapons. she purposely set the station to crash land, and uses it as a hideout.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Galaxia » Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:27 pm

Super Hero:Calas
Age:3(Since creation)
Height:5 feet(When idle)
Super Hero Appearance:A large translucent blob like creature,no visible eyes on body parts
Personality:Calas is very dedicated to the fight against evil and corruption,so much so that he views all who fall on the side of good to be completely trustworthy,and any who lives by the ways of evil to be completely nonredeemable
Powers/Equipment:The ability to shape shift into most any inanimate objects and or living things
Weakness:Being shot,fire, electric shock
Alliance: Good
History:The origin of Calas is unclear though some suggest he may have been made to server as a living weapon for whatever purpose.Though it seems apparent that if that was the case Calas has since turned against his creators and turned to a life of heroics
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Hopeflower » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:10 pm

Identity: Lydia Harman
Age: 28
Height: 5'1"
Appearance: A short woman with brunette hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Aloof when in the best of moods, and downright icy when her temper flares.
Powers/Equipment: A scientist specializing in human and animal biology, trained in self-defense.
Weakness: As she is just a human, a deep enough wound or hard enough blow to the head has the potential to kill her.
Alliance: Neutral, for the moment
Allies: Her co-workers
Enemies: Anyone who tries to get in the way of what she and her fellow scientists are trying to accomplish.
History: Highly intelligent, Lydia graduated at the top of her high-school class and has completed both medical and veterinary college courses. Behind her ordinary appearance though, a dark idea is brewing, shared by her co-workers...
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby slashmaster101 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:14 am

Super Hero: Animo
Identity: Jacob Wilcox
Age: 20
Height: 6 ft 5in
Appearance: He normally wears a red t-shirt and dark blue jeans but with a white Hoodie wrapped around his waist.
Super Hero Appearance: no one really knows because you never see him in one form for long.
Personality: caring and kind however, in battle he is ruthless and he often takes others problems into his own hands and he becomes unhappy if he upsets someone he cares about which can send him into stages of depression.
Powers: Animo has the ability to morph into any animal that he has seen himself or seen in an illustration.these transformations take only a second and as a corollary to this power, he can transform back to his default form if an external force like magic transforms him into an animal. his power enables him to completely alter his body mass, being able to take the shape of animals far larger and heavier then himself or smaller and lighter animals. As a result of this rapidly changing genetic structure and mass, Animo has an increased healing factor, allowing him to heal from bullet wounds, burns,and broken bones in a matter of seconds . His power also enables him to radically alter his body structure and take forms of animals without limbs or those without skeletons. While in animal form, he gains all the physical abilities and characteristics of said animal, such as great strength, speed, and durability, and abilities such as flight, and aquatic breathing.he can even gain the specific poisons produced by specific snakes.While in animal form, retains his animal intellect, memories, and the ability to speak.
Weakness: He cannot change or return to a form if the space he occupies is too small and he cannot normally break the confines.
Alliance: Good but he doesn't want to be the kind of hero who is all for the camera's. he just want to keep the citizens safe.
Allies: None yet
Enemies: All evil.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby UndeadRaptor » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:48 pm

Super Hero: Ghost of the Light
Identity: Keith Johnson
Age: 35
Height: 6' 2''
Appearance: A regular humanoid figure with light blue eyes, neatly trimmed black hair and normally wears a grey suit with a red tie.
Super Hero Appearance: Pretty much all the same, except for ghostly or zombie-like features from his ability to change his true-form into something far more fearsome.
Personality: A rather kind person, he tends to often care more for others than himself which could easily lead him into trouble.
Powers/Equipment: He can transform his body and has super-human strength.
Weakness: One of his weaknesses is darkness itself, which would drive him insane considering he's a creature of the light, and stays in whatever light he can at anytime, and another would be plasma weapons, which ironically, his robot side-kick uses.
Alliance: Hero
Allies: Stalker
Enemies: None yet
History: N/A

Super Hero: Stalker
Identity: N/A
Age: 21
Height: 11' 4''
Appearance: His main appearance would be every-day common house-hold items like phones, laptops, anything electronic basically.
Super Hero Appearance: A giant robot armed with multiple weapons, red eyes and a voice-communicator taped to his face, after the last was busted up.
Personality: He cares for the safety of his friend and would never leave his side until the end, even if that meant sacrificing himself for another. Other than that, he has no known personality.
Powers/Equipment: He is armed with plasma-grade weapons, like an auto-cannon and quick-firing turret, as well as a sensor in his head which could allow him to transform into small, every-day items shortly after they're scanned.
Weakness: Mostly anything except small arms, fire and water.
Alliance: Hero
Allies: Ghost of the Light
Enemies: None yet
History: N/A
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby The Kingpin » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:32 am

Alias: None as of yet
Identity: Atlas 'Hawk-Eye' Stone
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'
Weight: 75 KG
Appearance: A caucasian male with slightly tanned skin and dirty blond hair, usually combed or slicked back, and hazel eyes. He has a trimmed beard and mustache. He's usually dressed in grey or black pants and a tight black T-shirt, though he does wear a more pinstriped dark grey suit when the situation requires it. He is known to wear a black long coat over it occasionally, particularly during periods of tropical storms in the area. the insides of the coat have several pockets, usually carrying bits of equipment he may need on the go. while in the lab he wears an old lab coat, scarred by chemical burns and stains that won't seem to wash out.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: None. His only need for one would be to acquire test subjects, though those are usually supplied to him by whoever his employer happens to be at the time.
Personality: Obsessive worker with clockwork efficiency, Atlas is a man whose always looking for ways to advance. An Oxford Graduate with Ph.Ds in Biology and Chemistry and Virology, he shifted his work focus towards Human experimentation for the sake of solving the various shortcomings of the human form. His personality in spite of it is usually cheerful and outgoing, his smooth talking often leaving its mark on people. However, his obsessive nature means that when things are not going to plan his mood can change, showing a darker streak, a cold man numb to the feelings of others and caring only for the advancement of his work. He has, through the time spent on his work, grown numb to human suffering, and is not afraid to inflict it on those who cross him. An early life as a competitive Martial Artist and Marksman have equipped him with the ability to do so with relative ease.
Powers/Equipment: A stellar intellect. An expert in hand-to-hand combat. Has various syringes filled with a variety of chemicals, some meant to disable muscle function and temporarily paralyse, others meant to knock a person out completely. keeps a pair of 9mm handguns on hand, though they're concealed in the back of his coat so as not to risk drawing attention.
Weakness: Being human, he is vulnerable to all the flaws that come with that identity. This is also the reason for his work, to correct that problem.
Alliance: Anti-Hero
Allies: His employers
Enemies: Anyone who hinders his work

Alias: Cutlass
Identity: Jacob Spencer
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height:6 feet 3 inches
Weight: 68 KG
Appearance: tall, gaunt faced, black haired man. usually seen with sunglasses on. he has a shallow beard, moustache linking up to the beard and curving along the jaw, kept clean cut whenever his situation allows. typically wears a black T-shirt and thick, dark grey and black camouflage cargo pants, along with a pair of fingerless black leather gloves. over that, he occasionally wears a light but sturdy black leather trench coat, though this is never seen during the summer months due to the heat. his cargo pants have many pockets, carrying things like utility knives, maintenance tools and a flashlight, among other things. his coat has several pockets in them, equipped to carry various items of value.
Preferred Weapons: he has an H&K P2000 handgun on his person at all times, usually concealed behind his back under his shirt. He also carries a small combat-utility knife in one of his pockets.
Personality: Calm, collected, refined, and tactically-minded. a quiet man by nature, he doesn't talk much. He has operated in various locations around the world, among which was Afghanistan and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Formerly a soldier with the British Armed Forces, serving in the SAS, he now works as a mercenary. or so he says...
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Pyronychus » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:25 am

Identity: Adriana Corvus
Age: 17
Height: 5.5 ft
Appearance: Skinny and light-skinned with dark blue-gray eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Usually wears one of a few tee shirts she managed to dig out of the wreckage under a black zippered sweatshirt with a light gray pattern like stylized wings on the back and worn blue jeans, torn in one knee.
Personality: Reclusive, jumpy, and not easily trusting of others.
Power: The ability to become an exact replica of any object or living thing she can touch.
Weakness: All the usual weaknesses of a human, when in that form. Must get close enough to touch something before she can turn into it.
History: Until recently, she was as normal as any other teenage girl, living with her mother in a high-rise apartment. Then one day, she came home from school to find her apartment wrecked and her mother nowhere to be seen. All she remembers after that is blacking out and waking up some time later in the same spot she’d seemingly been standing moments before, but in that time, the sun had moved across the sky and was beginning to set. After that day, she quickly realized that something was very wrong with her, but began to reluctantly use the bizarre power to her advantage once she learned to gain conscious control over it. To this day, she has no recollection of what happened during those missing hours.
Alliance: Neutral

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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Ornstein » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:31 am

Super Hero/Villain: N/A
Identity: Winston Mann
Age: 35
Height: 5'10"
Appearance: He wears a black suit jacket, a black tie, a white shirt. He has short black hair and a rather well kept mustache on his face. He has an average build for a healthy adult.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: N/A
Personality: A remarkably intelligent and generous man. He's slow to anger, but it's best not to try your luck.
Powers/Equipment: Pyrokinesis- Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire.
Weakness: Water and Ice based powers will bring him down quickly.
Alliance: Good
Allies (Optional): None at the moment
Enemies (Optional): None at the moment
History: He discovered his powers when he was about 16 years old. He avoids using them due to how the public views super beings. As much as he wants to help others with his powers, he simply feels that it's too big of a risk at the moment. He works as a computer engineer.

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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby Murloc Tyrannus » Fri May 11, 2012 8:13 pm

Super Hero/Villain: Ripsnarl
Identity: Formerly it was Adrian Felix Jacobs.
Age: 25 when he was a human.
Height: 7' 5"
Length(if applicable): 12' 3"
Appearance: A velociraptor-like humanoid creature, with talons on each of his five fingers. His jaws have serrated teeth in them, and his eyes are an amber color. He looks somewhat like Riptor from Killer Instinct.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Same as above.
Personality: Ravenous in battle or when committing crimes, but somewhat calm and docile when he's in normal conditions.
Powers/Equipment: Claws, teeth, his tail, germ-infested saliva, kicking, enhanced jump height, strength, and running speed. His hide is also bulletproof to a point. Also, he can climb buildings in the same way that a gecko would. He can also spit acid, which is perhaps the deadliest of his abilities. Also able to change his scale colors.
Weakness: Due to the fact that he's part reptile, thus giving him cold blood, he needs constant heated conditions. Los Diamantes should give him the perfect living conditions, however. Also has a weak underbelly, and is weak to ice.
Alliance: Anti-hero.
Allies (Optional): Anyone who he deems worthy of his time.
Enemies (Optional): Anybody who attacks or pisses him off.
History: Adrian Felix Jacobs was a huge reptile enthusiastic, his main studies involving crocodiles, lizards, and prehistoric reptiles (including dinosaurs). He was very happy with his job as a zookeeper in the reptile enclosures. He was working on a project to bring the dinosaurs back to life,`until he accidentally got some DNA into his own DNA structures. Adrian had been turned into a reptile.

Adrian hated himself, and was very angry. He went on a rampage throughout the city. He gave himself the name "Ripsnarl" and committed many different crimes. After that, he went into hiding...

Super Hero/Villain: Sanguine
Identity: Alexis Peter Monroe
Age: 29
Height: 5' 4"
Appearance: Long and straightened red hair, wears glasses, works at an office (which happens to be the same one that Ripsnarl dropped that guy off of) as a secretary, so obviously she wears a secretary's clothing. Comparable to Poison Ivy with a tux on, basically.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: She wears more Gothic clothing, her eyes glow and her ears are more pointed than often.
Personality: She is very flirty and perky. Alexis is your casual hyperactive young woman.
Powers/Equipment: Able to leech the blood and life out of her victims, her sleeves have membrane-like cloth which allows her to glide if she jumps or even fly if she uses them correctly. She's also able to hang upside down from things, giving her almost perfect hiding spots.
Weakness: She can only commit crimes during the night, due to her bat-like instincts.
Alliance: Evil.
Allies (Optional): None as of yet.
Enemies (Optional): LDPD, any other heroes.
History: Always being fond of bats, Alexis Monroe fell into the bad side of the battling alliances, using her knowledge on the flying mammals to commit crimes. She has still not been caught yet, as she can fly quietly out of such situations.

Alexis has yet to commit a major crime such as murder, but she knows she can easily kill a mortal...

Super Hero/Villain: Dead Hand
Identity: Naomi P. Connors
Age: 20
Height: 5' 7"
Appearance: Wears normal attire for a civilian, it varies. Her hair is dyed auburn, but it is naturally brown. Her eyes are hazel.
Super Hero/Villain Appearance: Wears a black and white checkered collar, and has a tight suit that is decorated with a club on her right arm, a spade on her left arm, a diamond on her right leg, and a heart on her left leg. Her right boot is black and her left boot is white. Also wears a white fedora.
Personality: She is very energetic, and loves the concept of gamble and luck. Dead Hand is obsessed with poker as well, so he
Powers/Equipment: She has extremely sharp poker cards that she can throw at her opponents. They work like shurikens or kunais. Rather than being made of paper, they're made of metal. She also has gambling chip bombs.
Weakness: Is distracted quite easily, especially by cards and poker.
Alliance: Evil.
Allies (Optional): Anyone who helps her.
Enemies (Optional): All who hate poker, the LDPD, and heroes of Los Diamantes.
History: Originally born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Naomi Connors stole money from casinos around the country. She was greedy and yet very wealthy. She is also very sneaky, her identity not being revealed even once. Naomi had an obsession with poker, even giving herself the name "Dead Hand." She currently resides in an apartment complex in Los Diamantes, which is her paradise.
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Re: Super Hero RPG Profile Topic

Postby KAngel » Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:27 am

Super Hero Name: None
Identity Shade Blackwood
Age: 15-16
Height: 5'6
Length: 6'5
Apperance: Black hair, purple eyes, sickly pale complexion. Her clothes hang off her body and would be several sizes too big anyways. She looks exhausted and is easily spooked.
Super Hero Apperance:none
Personality: She is easily spooked. She curls in on herself whenever she feels threatened. At times she will become fierce than sink down in exhaustion.
Powers/Equitment: Shade is strong, fast, and silent. When she's feeling better she'll show a sharp intellingence that outwits most of her enemies. She carries only three weapons. Two crescant moon blades and a knife she hides in various spots on her body. Can change into a black tiger, but is suspectable to animal instincts.
Weakness: Whatever has happened to her has left her exhausted and weak. She can rarely focus or summon enough strength to fight. She also seems to hate bright light and covers all skin from sunlight and wears sunglasses. She also has a hatred for violin music?
History:Shade grew up in a big family, then suddenly the family was killed off when she was about four years old, now twelve years later she isn't as human and is running from the law, why is still unclear, even to Shade. She is running from a scientist named Joesph Harnest.

Super Villian Name: Damion
Identity Joesph Harnest
Age: 30
Height: 5'9
Apperance:Brown hair,chocolate brown eyes and thick rimmed glasses. Wears gray striped suit that is always unwrinkled and pressed.
Super villian Apperance:black lab coat, black long sleeved t-short with the spread of infestion symbol on it. and white jeans with black boots.
Personality: Confident, overly enthustiastic. Superiority complex.
Powers/Equitment: Telecenatic. Mind reader. Can make people see what they want to see.
Weakness: Physical attack if you can surprise him. A flower called Jade Vine.
History:He has spent years studying gentics and was the one to change Shade to what she is now. He was born in England and went to Oxford, but mysteriously left Europe for America. He sees Shade as his greatest success and will capture her at any cost. He treats aliens as one would treat idiots.

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