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Looking For Group

Postby Doc 42 » Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:19 pm

Hi everyone. Welcome to LFG

In this topic you can find people to play games online or otherwise (Succession games or what not.)

Ideally you should include the games name,
the game mode you intend on playing (if any,)
how many players you are looking for
a short description of why you want people and why they should join in.
Your In Game Name (ie: Nooblord 56)
Whether or not you can host online (this is to do with port forwarding. If you don't know, just say so)

The above template is really for your first time requesting people for a game, if you just want to say that your going to start up a game in a few minutes and does anyone want to join that's ok too.

This topic can be used to find fun people to play with or against. While many games can be played regardless of team mates, other games are just more fun when played with friends, for example, co-op games or games of small competing teams, such as League of Legends or Dawn of War II.

Games like Monster Hunter would also benefit, especially if needing help taking down a certain enemy (you could search for someone with experience in dealing with them).

Our main form of communication while gaming is Steam. It provides a good chat system which can be used while in pretty much any game.

Lemme start off: I'm looking for people to play Unreal Tournament 3's co-op campaign with, its a 4 man thing. Its a cool game and one I've always meant to try out properly.

Unfortunately, I can't host online due to router difficulties.
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Re: Looking For Group

Postby The Kingpin » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:11 am

I plan to look into it, but I dunno about hosting. Will have to experiment. seems I can host some games, but haven't tried UT3 [since I don't have it]
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