Sid Meiers' Game Disscusion

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Sid Meiers' Game Disscusion

Postby raptor titanus3 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:39 pm

I first became a fan of Firaxis and Sid Meiers after getting the 2004 edition of Sid Meiers: Pirates (Theres an older one, much older) Though ment for younger players I was one at the time and once in a great while I return to the game and mess around, but after learning about the game's developer I started to find more Sid Meier's games in my house, my dad's old copy of Alpha Centari, Civilization III which I had never realized was a Firaxis game, and a few others from way back I can't remember now. Now X-COM: Enemy Unknown is on my Steam pre-order list, I wonder how many others have had the oppurtunity to play his games and I'd like to hear your thoughts on Firaxis' newest endevor; X-COM. The game itself looks like a well-developed, carefully constructed, and highly detailed effort by Firaxis as X-COM is one of their oldest titles. As said in a developer commentary the newest rendition isn't a remake, but rather a re-imgagining of the Series. While I have never played any of the X-COM series I have heard of it before, but its age prevented me from gaining too much interest to look more closely than simply viewing trailer and seeing a game more based off of the Blockbuster Independence Day. However it was fun and popular so it didn't really need to be anything more. When worthwhile Developers return to the roots of their Success they treat it with more respect and desire to make a great game, rather than a cash cow. From my first views this is how I feel about Firaxis' work on X-COM. Its the same with their Civilization series, I remember playing the third game then trying to fourth and seeing all the differences, the big jump to well detailed 3d models, improved managment and new issues to fight. And in their fifth iteration they make sutble changes that prevent the game from simply being a graphic overhall of the old game.
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Re: Sid Meiers' Game Disscusion

Postby InfernalAngel » Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:55 am

I love civ games! Gods and Kings for Civ 5 adds a great time! :P
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