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Modding question

Postby Anaclagon » Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:08 am

Hey I know this is a random question but has anyone tried modding with mac games?

I've been trying to get some mods to work with my Star Wars Empire at War game and while initially the mods will work... the game crashes at random moments. No mod seems to work and any saves I have become corrupted because everytime I try to load them, the game will crash.

Upon each crash I'm shown some sort of Problem Report that provides problem details yet I don't understand any of it all because none of it is really clear...

My computer clearly has the above needed requirements plus the game has worked perfectly well before the use of mods. I've also played other games such as Rome Total War and Empire Total War on my mac and they've worked perfect as well..

Anyone got any ideas? suggestions?

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Re: Modding question

Postby Turbo Tyrannophonic » Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:34 pm

No idea, haven't owned a Mac myself, but I've heard they are far more temperamental toward mods than PC equivalents.

Then again, many mods on many different games are sometimes obnoxiously difficult to install, and can cause crashes if installed improperly.

Your best bet would likely to search the infinite wastes of Google for someone who had a similar problem. It sucks, but it might be your only option.
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