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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:54 pm
by Giratina93

As I said elsewhere, we have over 156 pokemon that's been added to the already very large group. THere's triple battles, nicely powered mons, and even loads of sweet music! Plus, you get to battle the 4th generation champion from Diamond/Pearl, and apparently also the 1st generation champion of Fire red and Leaf Green. (Though I am not certain of this). The plot is somewhat the same, but there's a new twist at the end... Plus, the villans in the game are a PETA-style group of baddies... and YOU CAN CHALLENGE THE ELITE 4 in anyway possible! the fact you don't get any previous gen mons before the National Dex is sorta of a letdown, but tis alright, especially since all the 4th gen mons get new abilities via the Dream World...

Master Gira's rating for the latest mon games: 38/40.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:57 pm
by Shadow
Link in Cool Vids topic.

Eh black and white have nothing theres for me. I'm getting HG/SS and pLAtinum for the gameplay ^_^

Also I'll show you my LG team tomorrow ^w^

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:02 am
by Godzilla Forever
I'll probably pass, but it seems not bad.

Pokemon ratings: 6/10. Absolutely disgraceful to the series.
Gameplay ratings from Gira's post: 10/10. Imporvements on an already perfect formula make it the best here is, bar none.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:27 am
by Giratina93
Yeah... the mons themselves may not look too well, but the ideas that Gamefreak have yet to touch are limitless! THey could make Pokemon out of Parasaurolophus, or Crusher, or pratically anything else!

Oh, and a few minor edits of my last post.. You can't fight the 1st gen champion... the music I posted in the Cool Vids section is for the champion of 5th gen... though you can STILL fight Cynthia and her Garchomp of doom... Also, the levels for the Legendaries are the highest we've seen, bar Arceus, with them being from thr 50's to level 75, higher than almost any other legendary... Also, you can fight the Elite 4 in any order you want... Lastly, for those of you whom have done the Battle Castle in Platinum/ HG/SS, that one girl whom watches the battle from the sidelines is an Elite 4 member (I'm not certain of this as of yet,tis only rumor... ) Also, are you tired of having to head to a Pokemon Center to trade? Have no fear, since now you can trade anywhere you are, wherever it be in a cave, or right infront of that one Legendary Pokemon, all thanks to the C gear! For more details, follow the link below...

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:20 am
by Shadow
OKAI. With my LG team in front of me here it is.

I'm training up lower lvl pokemon atm so that's why my levels are a bit everywhere x3

Fearow: Lvl 77
Item: Amulet Coin
Nature: Relaxed
214 HP
181 Atk
119 Def
115 Sp Atk
128 Sp Def
189 Speed
Moveset: Mirror Move/Fly/Aerial Ace/Drill Peck.
Purpose: Flying type speed hitter, also the pokemon you use to, ya know, Fly.

Gyarados: Lvl 59
Item: Kings Rock
Nature: Calm
191 HP
156 Atk
111 Def
90 Sp Atk
161 Sp Def
148 Speed
Moveset: Surf/Hyper Beam/Dragon Dance/Hydro Pump.
Purpose: Surfer and power hitter.

Primape Lvl 58
Item: Kings Rock (Yus I have 2 ^w^)
Nature: Naive
164 HP
146 Atk
85 Def
86 Sp Atk
98 Sp Def
177 Speed
Moveset: Seismic Toss/Focus Energy/Mega Kick/Cross Chop
Purpose, Speedy little tank that dishes out the criticals without stopping.

Nidoqueen Lvl 60:
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
182 HP
139 Atk
129 Def
110 Sp Atk
130 Sp Def
128 Speed
Moveset: Cut/Strength/Crunch/Earthquake
Purpose: Half Practical Use, Half best of both worlds.

Golem Lvl 57
Item: Quick Claw
Nature: Quiet
173 Hp
136 Atk
180 Def
81 Sp Atk
103 Sp Def
91 Speed
Moveset: Rock Smash/Explosion/Rock Throw/Earthquake
Purpose: Rock, wither down enemies with only physical moves or uneffective sp Atks,wasting their PP allowing her to devastate them with an Earthquake. In a tight spot, simply explode in their face =D

Venusaur Lvl 60
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Careful
169 HP
122 Atk
125 def
131 Sp Atk
145 Sp Def
135 Speed
Moveset: Giga Drain/Frenzy Plant/Growth/Razor Leaf
Purpose, Drainer/ Sp Atk hitter.

Now then notes.

Sauro <--- Venusaur
Rumble <--- Golem
Niddy <--- Nidoqueen
Yeknam <--- Primape are all females

Which means Rahk <---Fearow and Outrage <---Gyarados are male =D
Abilities: Golem Has Sturdy, not Rock Head (Damnit I wanted to Double edge spam >.>)
and the others are the others x3

I'm thinking of swapping Gyarados for Lapras once I train it, or use a Dragonite/Gengar instead. With a bit of training I could show you their stats too ^_^

I use Fearow to train up little pokemon so he get's half the exp from the Chansey/Execcutors/Tangela/Machamps/Machokes/Primapes that he beats. That's why hes so high leveled. Soon, all my pokemon will be lvl 70, THEN I'm gonna take on the Elite Four. Again =D

The only things I have non strength against is Dragon Types, I suffer from a case of NO AGGRESIVE NATURES, Which means lower atk for me, but still.

I think that's all. Comments on my in game team?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:41 pm
by Giratina93
Must... resist urge... to go Smogon on your team...

First off, the natures of your guys are.... not very good. Calm Gyarados? That just ruins it for him. The Admant nature on Nidoqueen is pretty nice, but now for the movesets... Tis better to have an HM slave that does all your HM's than scatter them amongst your mons... With those HM's in your team, they wreck havok on your team's true potential. For instance, if you were to get rid of Surf on your Gyarados and replace it with Earthquake, that would make it far more devastating. Plus, those mons of yours that only use one type of move (Fearow/Primeape) are going to have a very hard time, due to their lack of flexibility/ Give Fearow Steel Wing so that it can deal with Rock/ ice types, or give Primeape Rock Slide, to help it against Flying Types. Remember, diversity in moves is key... It's needed for mons to cover their weaknesses.

Lastly, there's your problem of your team suffering from lack of diffrent types. 4 of your mons suffer from Ice weaknesses, and the only reliable guy you have to cover that is Primeape... I recommend swapping out Golem (he's too dang slow to be used pratically, plus he has 4X weakness to grass/water) for a good Fire type mon, like Ninetails or Magmar, or maybe even Moltres. If you don't, Lorelei's gonna rip ya a new one... he post-National Dex Elite 4 in 1st gen is quite fearsome, and very powerful, especially Lance...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:52 am
by Shadow
Guess what?

the internal battery in my LG is failing. It deleted the save file without me knowing.

Heres a list of a few things I had in there

My Team
Kingler /w massive attack at lvl 28 it had 87 o,O
Pinsir + Scyther
The entire Sevii Islands chain completed cept for a few things
2 Laprases
A Seadra/Magneton/Hitmonchan + Hitmonlee
2 Gyaradoses
1 Charizard + 1 Venusaur
Nidoqueen + Nidoking
2 Golems
2 Primapes
6 Legendary birds
and a helluvalot more.

I hate internal batteries. They are so stupid .-.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:01 pm
by Godzilla Forever
I sypmathize. Where'd you get the 2 laprases from though?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:14 pm
by Shadow
1 from Silph Co and the other from FR, which I've restarted to do a monotype challenge.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:51 pm
by Giratina93
I can feel your pain, Shadow... i remember the day when my Gold version's internal Battery ran out and deleated all my data... TIS FATE! I also was stupid angry when my prized Emerald version was stolen last year, 4 days after Christmas...

As for my team, due to the fact I cannot remember the mons I used on those versions, I'll have to use my Soulsilver Team, so if you don't understand something, then jsut ask me...

lv. 67 Gyarados (Admant Nature) {Life Orb}
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

It sets up on one turn, then proceeds to tear eveything apart with ease.... Nothing can stand up to it... it saved my hide during the Lance battle...

lv. 66 Kingdra (Lonely) {Expert Belt}
Dragon Dance
my main surfer, plus it's attacks are only resisted by two (out of the 493 mons of the 1st 4 gens) pokemon, thsoe two being Shedinja and Empoleon... not to shabby for a seahorse, eh?

lv. 66 Meganium (Naughty) {Leftovers}
Razor Leaf
Body SLam

He sets up the sceens, and then begins the para-haxing with Body Slam... Razor Leaf's just there for extra damage.

Lv. 67 Salamance (Quiet) {Expert Belt}
Dragon Dance

The most feared Mence set out there. It has no counters, and it rips everything apart. Red jsut didn't see it coming...

Lv. 68 Machamp (Hardy) {No item)
Rock Climb
Cross Chop
Stone Edge
Thunder Punch

I wish I had a No- Guard Machamp... it would make my life so much easier.... add to the fact that this Machamp's nature is worthless, and it makes it abit unwieldy... Still has good type coverage though, and is abit bulky.

Lv. 67 Snorlax (Lonely) {Sitrus Berry}
Brick Break
Belly Drum

It sets up, rests, then it proceeds to crush everything completely... This thing is my main wall.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:34 pm
by Godzilla Forever
Wow. You're team's pretty tough.... but can it beat my level 97 blaziken?!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:48 am
by Giratina93
Quality of th emon beats the quantity of it's levels... My Mence in particular could rip your Blaziken apart with a single Earthquake, after it's gotten up a DD or two... That, and as far as I know, most Blazikens are physically oriented, which means an intimidate from Mence just makes Blaziken borderline worthless, especially with Infernape doing that the chicken does twice as good, and then some...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:38 am
by Shadow
And then of course you have the Sp Atk and Speed Based Charizard which can learn Dragon Claw. Intimidate = not so useful. Dragon Claw = Super Effective against your Salamence.

If you don't mind, I'd like to point out some weaknesses in your team ^_^

You have anything faster than Machamp can take it down with a High Sp Atk and a powerful Move. I.E Solarbeam or Fire Blast. Or you could just do what I did and Drill Peck it to Death.

Kingdra + Ice Beam + Sp Atk + Salamence = Dead Salamence. Just sayin.

Or you could use the uber fast Pikachu's/Raichus that I keep seeing.

Or you could use a RockSlide yourself ^_^

Anything with Levitate/Flying Type negates one of your Mences most powerful moves, and if It has a Sp Def of at least 150-250 (Around Lvl 65) then a Fire Blast won't kill it.

so we have so far.

Ice Beam
Rock Slide
Fast Dragon Claw
Fake Out + Dragon Claw

High Atk and Speed like Fearows Drill peck of around the same level,
A strong Sp Atk Move by for instance, Charizard.
Any Psychic Move
Ghost pokemon. Only Thunderpunch can do anything. Granted, it will do lots of damage, but if the ghost has high Sp Def, it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
Atk lowering moves. (Intimidate/Growl/Charm etc etc)
OHKO moves

Dragon Moves.
OHKO moves.

If it puts up Light Screen First, Drill Peck it.
If it puts up Barrier First, Flamethrower it.
if it has both screens up, either wither it's PP away or simply sap it's energy.
If it has neither up, then use any, if it has both up, use a Bug Move.

Rock Slide
Poison it.
Fake Out, Setting your plan back a turn.
Bite it, the flinching will also prevent the plan from working so well.
OHKO move.

Lack of a chesto Berry or Sleep Talk makes this guy a sitting duck when he sleeps. Cross Chop it. Burn it, Freeze it, Paraylze it, Put it to sleep. when it's
A: taking continual damage (Burn)
B:Wasting turns (Parylze,Freeze,Sleep)
You can unleash hell with ANY physical move. Cross Chop, Drill Peck,
Really though, you should only use the status moves when it's ran outm of Rests.

Intimidate only reduces Atk by 1 point. Hyper Cutter prevents it.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:16 pm
by Godzilla Forever
^ Holy ****...... that's a lotta planning......

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:36 am
by Giratina93
Too bad all that planning is for naught!

Yeah, you Fearow comes in on my Meganium... but then what do I do? switch out to Mence, whom makes your Fearow worthless... as you swap your Fearow out to restore it's attack stat, I have Mence DD, so whatever mon you send in gets Outraged... cue an all-mence sweep... It also helps that Mence was BANNED from competitive gameplay due to just how powerful it is... atleast, it was banned in 4th gen...

Actually, Dragon Claw's a physical move in 4th gen... so it can't one-hit KO Mence... plus, Charizard's all the way at the bottom of NU, due to Stealth Rocks...

Pikacu and Raichu are also in NU, due to their frailty... Priority Moves are their downfall...

Snorlax doesn't need Sleep talk or a Chesto Berry to be a monster... just give it the two turns of rest it needs, and it'll tear stuff apart.

Also, most Kingdra don't use Ice Beam, due to a DD'd Outrage doing just as much damage as an Ice Beam to most things bar flying Dragon Types... plus, Mence outspeeds Kingrda...

So yeah, my team's got their weaknesses covered by not only the other team members, but also by their own moves... Oh, and Gyarados's Earthquake> any Electric types...

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:00 am
by Godzilla Forever
You forget about grass types, Gira........

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:16 am
by Shadow
Not having any 4th Gen games, forgive me for these. And G4E: Gyarados is Flying Water. Grass wil do normal damage AND e owned by Ice Fang.

I recall. Sleep and Confusion can last 1, 3 or 6 turns. Not 2;

Oh and Gira. If Fearow survives your Outrage. and Uses Mirror Move. Bye bye Salamence.

Charizard and Pikachu and Raichu I woudn't know about, so no comment there.

Give one of your team Rain Dance, and Kingra will outspeed everything bar another Kingdra.

Meganium gets owned by a Megahorn from say, a Herracross. High Attack, particularly if it's been EV trained.
BTW Gira. I noticed in your past 2 replies to my posts, you sound like you think I'm new to pokemon. I'm not. just an FYI.

Just though of this nao. Zapdos. or Moltres. Ice Beam would FLOOR Mence. and Thunderbolt = Dead Gyarados. Zapdos has High Speed and Sp Atk.

Re: Official Pokemon game topic.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:10 am
by Giratina93
Fearow, survive an Outrage? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Rest lasts for two turns (Three in Gen 5), so it's all good.

Grass has so many weaknesses, it's not gonna be hard to take down any Tangrowths or Venusaurs that come my way...

YEah, Meganium does get boned... Tis a shame it's NU...

The thing on Rain Dance, I know only too well. Ive seen Kingdra operate veyr well in the land of the overpowered beasts (Ubers) due to Kyogre giving infinite rain. SO many slain teams.. all due to Kingdra, Kabutops, and Ludicolo.

Both Moltres and Zapdos suffer from Stealth Rocks, and normally, Both Mence and Gyara would carry moves to hep them with Ice/Electric types...

Now, for the main reason for this post... Black and White hasbeen confirmed to be released in America on March 6... Much earlier than normal... But oh well... Sazandora FTW!

Re: Official Pokemon game topic.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:05 am
by Giratina93
Bumpity bump bump!

... I have nothing to say to what I am about to put below this text... other than WHAT THE HELL, TROLLFREAK?!?! KYUREM LOOKS LIKE GARBAGE NOW!


On a side note, new pokemon game going to be released in Japan on june of this year... sniff... My alternate form's more awesome than these... abominations...

Don't believe me ? ... version-2/

Re: Official Pokemon game topic.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:49 am
by Godzilla Forever
I think the darker one looks cool. *shrugs* I dunno. Maybe I just have low standards.